Sunday, July 28, 2013

Troop News

A reminder that we will have the Troop Summer Court of Honor on  Monday July 29, as first announced below (July 22 Troop Newsletter)  with information on the host patrol  and pot luck dinner request for the meal.  Host patrol is the Crocodiles who should arrive at 6:00 PM for the set up.  We will be in our usual place at the BPUMC in the Reid Crotty Fellowship Hall.

The trip this weekend was our most successful to the Grimes Canoe base...the weather was perfect,  we were introduced to an new route, South instead of the normal Sorth approach,  with much more running river and less wide, slower  stretches..the new overnight camp site was level and with more than enough room with a park w/trees appearance.  We ended up with twenty-four scouts and leaders, with all earning the 25 mile overnight patch

Thanks to the leaders who attended, we had an uneventful trips to and from with no issues on the river we weren't able to over come...

Everyone who attended the Grimes trip  is asked to be at the Hut at 6:30 PM, Thursday night ( August 1),  for the gear and equipment take down and storage as we will have our Court of Honor on  Monday (July 29) and  a normal meeting on the following Monday, (August 5)  in preparation for the annual white water rafting trip on the Nantahalla and Ocoee rivers.

Please Remember,  if a leaders or Scout is going on the white water rafting trip, attendance is required at the August 5 meeting for a final headcount, meal planning, white water planning information...attending Scouts and leaders must have passed the annual BSA swim test in order to participate and sign the required white water consent forms before departure on Friday, August 9, 5:00 PM.

Patrol Leaders, Ast Patrol Leaders, patrol and Troop Quartermasters need to be at the Hut on August 8th to prepare and load Troop equipment for the white water trip...It takes about an hour to an hour an 1/2..uniform not required.

There will be a PLC  (7:00 PM) and Troop Committee meeting (8:00 PM) on  Monday, August 12, after gear take-down and storage starting at 6:30 PM,  uniform not required.

remember that N Bolding is having his Eagle project work days August 1, 2, and 3 for those who can help....this includes Scouts and indicated on an earlier email to the Troop...he needs, as all do, donations,  tall ladders, and the other equipment as noted to make it work......

S Lewis and C Griffith will have their Eagle Court on Sunday, August 4, in the old Sanctuary of the Bluff Park United Methodist Church at an announced (to be) time...

If you haven't taken a look at the Philmont trip yet, Mr. Simon has nearly completed posting all of the pictures on the Troop web site....

Eagle projects and Eagle Courts are what we are all about, so please encourage attendance.

Thanks for all your support in making our program as successful as we are.

YiS Dan s                                   "Delivering the Promise"


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