Friday, March 28, 2014

Troop News

Thanks to Mr. Chris Morrow, the old Hut thermostat is replaced with a working model. It is set for 50 degrees for heat .If you use the Hut during cool weather and need heat, set it to what you need, then set it back to 50 when you are done.

Thanks to Mr. Kok, we will be re-keying the Hut and property on a master key basis. Current key holders will be contacted with the changes and replacement keys in the next few weeks or sooner.

The recent OA weekend at Camp Comer had more than 700 Cubs, leaders, and Scouts in attendance..ten or our own attended. Pictures of activities will be posted by Mr. Simon. Thanks to the leaders and Scouts who made the trip.

The rest of March and April are scheduled as busy by looking at the Troop calendar.

Everyone, and especially Troop patrol leaders, ast patrol leaders, Troop and Patrol quartermasters, and as many as possible who attended the rappelling trip need to be at the Hut this Monday, March 31st at 6:30 PM, uniform not required, to pack and store Troop tentage from the trip. It should take about 30-40 minutes. A Patrol leaders Planning Conference (PLC) will follow from 7:00 PM, lasting less than an hour.

Thanks to Mr. Estes and Mr. Simon, we are getting summer camp merit badge choices and fees collected. Remember, an annual BSA medical form/physical is required for leaders and Scouts who will be attending camp. Physical forms are kept throughout the year by the Troop for all trips in case medical attention is required. Make sure you have all parts required for summer camp complete as well as the required Medication form (s) if applicable and found in the Summer Camp Guide. The BSA Medical form is found on the Troop web site. All leaders and Scouts attending trips w/the Troop are required to have an updated form including a copy of the family insurance card (s) attached in case of an emergency medical situation.

The new Scouts and their families will be oriented this Thursday night (April 4) at 6:30 PM. There will be a make up at the same time on Friday April 5.

Thursday, April 3 6:30 PM at the Hut..New Scout Orientation with WEBELOS and parents ( There will be Make up on April 4 at 6:30 PM..if you cannot attend the April 3 ScoutMaster to be present and attend on April 4) These meetings arerequired for orienting the Scouts and family of the Troop's organization/policies'procedures.

Saturday, April 5-6 New Scout Campout; Oak Mountain State Park..New Scouts w/parent(s) and Troop guides/leaders...There is usually about five or more veteran Scouts attending with a parent/s always , we will need Scouts and leaders to assist as guides with this trip. Call the Scoutmaster if you will be attending in order to have a headcount for meals.. We will be staying in the usual primitive camping site at Oak Mountain State Park....Attending Scouts can earn their service hours if required for rank advancement and fullfull Troop Guide and Den Leader requirments by being present and assisting in this weekend program.

We will meet on Saturday, April 5, at 7:30 AM at the Hut, prepare and load camping gear, stop at the Piggly Wiggly for meals, camp at Oak Mountain primitive site with introduction to the Scout and Tenderfoot ranks and other, and pre-summer camp requirements. Make sure the Scout is dressed for the weather.

We will return to Hut at 9:00-10:00 AM on Sunday.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Webelos Crossover

We had an excellent trip this weekend...We had a full day of rappelling all of the older Scouts having an opportunity for the Australian style and all more rappelling than time in the past..Thanks to all the leaders who were present to make the trip as successful as it was.

The rain didn't hit us until 1:45 AM Sunday and lasted until we departed at about 7:45 AM.

Monday March 17...WEBELOS Cross Over...We need a good turnout of Scouts/leaders to Welcome the WEBELOs into the Troop at the Reid Crotty Fellowship Hall in the BPUMC on Valley. The expression: We were there for you," applies for the Troop...

Please drop him off at the Valley Street entrance/parking Lot of the Church at 6:45 PM in the Khaki shirt/Troop Neckerchief and sash for ceremony starting just before 7:00 PM. Our own Scouts will be performing the ceremony for the actual cross over.

You can pick him up at 7:30-7:45 PM where you dropped him..or come inside for the ceremony. We won't be using the bus to pick him up and drop him off at the Hut with the bus. Thanks in advance for supporting this by encouraging his attendance.

Out of popular demand, we will have a Troop Committee meeting at 8:00 PM in the fireside room facing the gymnasium to plan out some changes/plans for the next few weeks.. Haven't attend a Troop committee meeting recently? Come and join us Monday.

More to follow in the next day or so.

Thanks for your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan

Monday, March 10, 2014

Troop News

We had a good turnout for the meeting tonight...Hoover City Council President Jack Wright covered several areas of importance, including earning the Eagle rank...the presentation followed by a head count and meal planning for the rappelling trip this coming week.

The cost for the Trip is $50.00 per person...if you are not rappelling, the cost is just $25.00 for leaders....unless he has an injury, the Scouts are expected to rappel during the day. The course encourages self confidence.

Each patrol should bring meals for Saturday's breakfast, Saturday's supper, and Sunday's breakfast...Saturday's lunch and cobbler Saturday night will be provided by Troop.

For the new Scouts families: the Troop has a family plan for trip costs: two Scouts or one Scout and a leader pay the regular fee for for each... A parent with two Scouts is just a payment for two persons. We base this on most families having one son and a parent on the trip. Philmont and other high adventure trips don't apply.

All patrol leaders, ast patrol leaders, troop and patrol leaders meet at the Hut at 6:30 on Thursday, March 13, uniform not required, gather and load gear..the process takes about an hour or so.

We will meet at the Hut at 5:00 PM Friday March 14 at the hut, dressed for cool weather, eat dinner before he gets there or bring it with him, and bring his flash light in his day pack or pocket since he will need it to set up his tent when we arrive. Uniform on the bus is the red Troop t shirt, Scout trousers/shorts, Scout socks, and Scout belt. Any hat is optional.

Mr. Estes announced that summer camp payments are still due as well as 2014 BSA medical forms. You can mail him a check or give it to him at a meeting...

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Troop News

Congratulations to N Bolding for earning his Eagle rank at his Eagle Board of Review tonight.

Congratulations again to the following Scouts for their recent rank advancement we mentioned Monday night at the meeting:

E Kidd Gold Palm
N Brown 2nd Class 11/18/2013 1st Class 02/24/2014
J Carter 1st and 2nd Class 11/22/2013
J DiNella Life 11/18/2013
M Jones 2nd Class 1/04/2014
B Chaney Life 12/01/201
C Thompson Life 12/01/2013

Thanks to Mr. WillIam Kok for serving as the guest speaker, covereing the second phase of the corporate security world as a career with this time explaining in details in locking mechanisms used in the industry on a daily basis....we also had a preview, thanks to Mr. Ian Thompson, about our guest speaker in May..Michael Thompson, a ranking PGA professional who attributes his success to his Eagle rank.

We announced that the Lions Hut in the Park above the Hut has been turned over to the Troop for storage and vending (at the annual Bluff Park Art show) ...we will be cleaning and refurbishing it to meet our needs and talking to it's use to generate funds.

March and April are going to be busy months:

Saturday March 8: If you have not registered, you may still do so with Mrs. Lewis , for the Second Annual Troop Yard Sale at the BPUMC. The fee is $25.00..the rest is the Scout's for coming expenses to help the family out..there will be drawings from all the local merchants and it is being advertised in the local papers. We will have tables available from the Hut and a crew will present Friday night to watch any early set ups...the event will start at 8:00AM and be complete at 2:00PM with pick up of all remaining you may wish to contribute

Monday March 10: Regular meeting, Guest Speaker is Mr. Jack Wright, President of the Hoover City Council. The Scouts will also plan their meals for the coming rappelling trip to Bucks Pocket State Park (March 14-16) The fee is $50.00 per person covering fuel, meals, park fees, and fees for rappelling expertise (Mr. Vander Hill and assistant(s).

As mentioned in a recent memo to the Troop today, Mrs. Brownbridge is representing the Troop for the sale of GAC Scout Cards recommend by the Council regarding their sale and purpose for the Troop.

Thursday, March 13....all troop and patrol quartermasters, patrol leaders and assistant patrol leaders need to be present at 6:30 PM to gather and load gear for the trip. Uniform not required...this usually takes an hour or so.

Scouts should dress for the weather for the trip. Hiking boots or substantial shoes for rappelling with long pants or jeans....long sleeve shirt is preferable for rappelling and if cool weather. Travel is the khaki BSA shirt, Scout trousers, socks, and belt. We will meet at the Hut at 5:00PM on Friday March 14. He should eat before leaving or pack a dinner meal on the road..

We will make a fuel stop on the way up at a gas station and stop at a McDonalds on the return for lunch. We will be staying in the primitive BSA area...the Troop provides the Scouts w/tents...

Scouts/leaders may bring a hammock with the 1 inch or more enviro straps for the trees....leaders bringing personal tents should bring/use only the one-two person style, as is always the case on our trips, since space is limited on the site where we will be camping.....We should return to the Hut at about 2:00 PM or sooner on Sunday, March 16.

Monday, March 17 The Troop meets a the Hut at 6:45 PM for a bus trip to the Reid Crotty Fellowship Hall at the BPUMC for the WEBELO Cross over....Uniform is Class A w/Neckerchief and Sash to greet the new WEBELOs and their parents entering the Troop. Parents can pick the Scout up between 7:30 and 7:45 PM...the Troop's OA team will perform at the Cross over and the entire Troop will welcome the new WEBELOS and their parents in as members.

March 21-23 Order of the Arrow Pow Wow at Camp Comer...

Monday March 24 No meeting due to Spring Break

Monday, March 31 Patrol leaders, assistant patrol leaders, Troop quartermasters, patrol quartermasters meet at the Hut at 6:30 PM to take down and store camping gear from rappelling trip. Patrol leaders conference (PLC) starts at 7:00 PM...Troop Committee Meeting starts at 8:00PM Uniform not required.

Thursday, April 3 6:30 PM at the Hut..New Scout Orientation with WEBELOS and parents ( Make up on April 4 at 6:30 PM)

Saturday, April 5-6 New Scout Campout; Oak Mountain State Park..New Scouts w/parent(s) and Troop guides/leaders...There is usually about five or more Scouts attending with a parent/s always , we will need Scouts and leaders to assist as guides with this trip.

We will meet on Saturday at 7:30 AM at the Hut, prepare and load camping gear, stop at the Piggly Wiggly for meals, camp at Oak Mountain primitive site with introduction to the Scout and Tenderfoot ranks and other, and pre-summer camp requirements.

Return to Hut at 9:00-10:00 AM on Sunday.

Monday, April 7 Regular meeting Back Packing preparation/demo/meal planning.

Thursday, April 10 meet at Hut for preparing/ loading back packing gear.

April 11-13 Back packing Location TBA at March 31 PLC

Monday, April 14 Back packing gear take down and storage. PLC and Troop Committee Meeting following at 7:00 and 8:00PM.

Monday, April 21 Order of the Arrow and Troop Elections

Monday, April 28 Troop Court of Honor at BPUMC Reid Crotty Fellowship Hall Details and agenda TBA at PLC.

YiS Dan s

"Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Troop News

As a reminder..there won't be a Troop meeting Monday, December 30th, due to the Holidays....

Except for the Christmas tree stands, all of the sales gear has been stored at the Hut....we will announce a date and time for the storing stands....

....thanks again to all who participated for wrapping up the season as well as we did.

This coming weekend ( January 4-5) is our Troop annual planning conference wherein the Scouts and attending leaders will set the pace and determine our activities in 2014...

As this is a Troop planning conference..all Scouts are expected to attend for their input and their vote for activities...attending leaders can add depth with innovative and challenging ideas for the boys to consider. The uniform is the Scout tan shirt, Scout trousers, socks, and belt. He should dress for the weather if we leave the building.

We will traditionally start 8:30 AM in the class room adjacent to the kitchen and auditorium in the BPUMC...but we need several Scouts and leaders to arrive at 8:00 AM to unload our gear from the Frank Tank by the south entrance of the parking lot across from the playground.

Planning Troop goals and activities will usually take most of the morning with breaks in between. The Troop will provide coffee for the leaders and breakfast snacks for all.

At about mid-morning, we will need a couple of leaders to pick up the rest of what we will need for lunch from the grocery dogs/PBJ sandwiches/soup.

Following lunch, we will start afternoon activities:

....Skill sets and activities planned by Mr. Horn with assisting leaders:

These will include:

Knot tying
Tent setup
Opening ceremony
First aid
Flag folding & etiquette

Maybe pancake toss & tomahawk throwing

....the annual Youth Protection course for the Scouts will be given by COL Kidd just after lunch before the activities begin for the Scouts.

....During the Scout activities, a Youth Protection course for those leaders who need the update (this is two year requirement) will be available with COL Kidd, in the BPUMC fireside family room across from the auditorium and following that,

.....the Merit Badge Counselor training for those Leaders/parents who are assisting with merit badges in the Troop (this is an annual requirement) will be available with COL Kidd.

Members of the Troop Committee can gain certification requirements (once only) by going to and taking the course (Troop Committee Challenge) on the internet, giving a copy of the same to Mrs Kidd for the Troop records.

We will have a Troop Committee meeting beginning as close as possible to 4:30 PM to approve the planned 2014 agenda and to discuss other Troop business, including an evaluation and plans for next Christmas tree sales in 2015.

After the above activities, we will depart for dinner in the bus and personal autos at the Golden Corral in Hoover...Scouts 12 and under should bring $6.00 for the meal (includes drink and tax, but not the gratuity). Leaders and Scouts 13 and older should bring 15.00 for the meal (includes drink and tax, but not the gratuity).

When we return from dinner, all Scouts should be present for a short discussion on Troop leadership. This is required if they are elected leaders for the up and coming six months.

Finally, thanks to Mr. Branin for arranging a Troop Philmont trip coming up during the summer of 2015, Mr. Simon and veteran Scouts of the 2013 Philmont trip will give an initial audio and media presentation on Philmont resembling the last briefing given by SM Beckwith about Northern Tier so Scouts/parents can begin preparation for the trip regarding physical fitness and equipment. The presentation will last about an hour or so.

Scouts will have free time for the remainder of the evening. They will need their sleeping gear for the ovenight stay.. I will need one leader to be present w/me until we depart Sunday morning.

All Scouts will have to depart no later than 8:00 AM Sunday, January 5.

Thanks for your continued support and for encouraging regular attendance in assuring 2014 will be our best year yet in meeting the purpose and goals of the Scouting program...

YiS Dan s

"Delivering the Promise"

Monday, December 16, 2013

Troop News

Thanks to all the hard work and persistence on the part of all, this has been one of our best year for the two lots...and the best in recent memory for tree sales.

The Ross lot was officially closed today, thanks to all those who assisted and all that gear is packed in our Church Lot trailers...The generator is lighting the Church lot at this time and all the church lot scaffolding has been taken down and stored for return in the Troop trailer.

We still have ten or so trees on the lot and we will have to light them with the generator....

If you were assigned to Ross lot, please pull the rest of your tree sales assignment at the Church lot with the Church Lot parrents/leaders/Scout assigned...we need to sell the last ten tree (that represents a minimum of $ 600 for our budget).

Parents should release the Scouts from the Lot tomorrow so they can attend the Christmas party.

We will make a final decision tomorrow night as to the next few days on the the lot and the time and date for it's final clean up. Ross lot personnel will make sure the generator is cranked and turned off from their experience with it.

All patrols are responsible for bringing snacks and drinks to the Christmas party tomorrow night..if your son is the patrol leader, he is responsible for assuring all who need to conrtibute are advised of that. This was discussed by them at the last Patrol Leader's Conference (PLC). Previous emails break down gifting and drinks/snacks.

YiS Dan S

Friday, November 29, 2013

Troop News

Thanks to all those who set up both lots today..Thanks especially to Mr. Morris for taking the time and effort to patch up the large white shelter blown over two nights's staked  down and operational again.

Thanks especially again to the Youngs for the initiative and follow through and all who supported and buillt the spiked tree stands and combination of scaffolding at the Church lot. The lots have never looked better with more trees drilled and standing alone for shopping.

Both lots were set up today and all signage posted throughout the community...If you had a tree sign for your yard last year, please make sure it is up this year.

All the equipment  that should be secured has sufficient hardware in the form of internal and external locks and chain is in place.    Please make sure all wreaths/sprays/ garlands and other materials are  locked up when securing the lots.  We've had theft in the past once the lots are secured for the evenings.

The lighted marquee in front of the Korean Church will be powered up this Saturday..make sure it plugged in at dusk and turned off (unplugged) when the lot shuts down.

All the trees currently on the ground have to be drilled, then as space opens placed on the tree stands....when not selling trees, the Scouts and leaders need to be drilling the trees for quick set ups for especially busy times.....

String from the trees should be bagged and/or cutting/trimmings from the trees  should be tied with tree string in bunches for easy sales to customers...Customers are invited to take their own tree cuttings,, but should pay the cost for those taken from other trees as listed on the pricing handouts...Scouts should hand the customer the handout when they arrive on the lot so the customer can see what items are being offered and all their prices.

The cash register for the Ross lot will be powered up Saturday.  A roster and  tree sales assignment sheets should be in the lot note book(s) for for reference....

leaders should know who is on their team before they show up on the lot, and have that phone number to check them if they don't or see who they swapped with...this weekend and for the days and weekend ahead will be fast moving and each team member will be counted upon to be present to assist with the staffing on each lot.

Thanks again for all your efforts and time in making our sales as successful as they are.

YiS Dan s