Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Troop News

Congratulations to A Childs, Z Hamley, T Brownbridge, and J Jacobs and their families for becoming new members of the Troop tonight and for joining the Dragon Patrol. As we know P Hinkle and G King joined earlier in the month and are attending regularly.

We had an excellent program tonight with two experienced Alabama Power crew and management members who spoke to the Scouts regarding the importance of the Eagle, the potential for jobs in the field, and as importantly different aspects of life saving and life preserving techniques and procedures involving high voltage situations found in the normal experience of the field.

If the Scout is coming on the backpacking trip this weekend, he needs to be at the Hut this Thursday night (5/7) with all his gear. He may return home with it or leave it at the hut for loading on Friday (5/8).

For those not going on the trip, F Hutchens is still asking for assistance for his Eagle Project at the Open Air Farm in Bluff Park from 8:00 AM until about 3:00 PM Saturday (5/9).

The cost for the trip is $30.00 for fuel and meals. If the Scouts choose, we will stop at a McDonalds on the way back and we should return before Noon.

If the Scout has been in the Troop for more than two years and has not backpacked, it is recommended that he take the effort and enjoy the experience.

The recent request by Dr. Brewer for assistance (5/20 and 5/27) in setting and picking up flags is a good, high profile service project for us wearing the khaki BSA shirt. If the Scout and leaders can assist with this, please make the effort and give him a call for planning purposes. The Troop is normally asked to participate in Memorial Day activities (5/25) at the Alabama Veteran's Memorial at the Liberty Park exit. If asked this year, we will make the announcement for Scouts and leaders to assist.

On Monday, 5/11, we will take down Troop gear and have a Patrol Leaders Meeting ( 7:00PM) and Committee meeting at 8:00 PM.


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