Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Paint the Hut July 18. 8am

Hello everyone,

As you know, we will have a workday at the hut on Saturday. The main job will be to repaint the outside of the hut (concrete block, not wood, as some wood repair is needed), doors and shutters, and repaint the graffiti-affected areas of the Lions Club building.
I hope you can attend. We will begin at 8.

I need people to bring:

* Trimmers and clippers to cut back holly bushes.
* Chainsaw on a long pole or saw on a long pole to trim branches, as much as possible, that overhang hut roof.
* Paint trays, rollers and brushes.
* Scrapers and sanders to prep wood.
* Ladders and step ladders (I'm getting a scaffold to paint the chimney from)
* Wear old clothes and boots. Recommend hat, safety glasses and gloves.
* Bring water bottle to refill at hut, as it will be hot.

Any thoughts or questions, email me or call me.

Ian Thompson


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