Sunday, November 30, 2008

Donations needed for X. Guo-Xue Eagle Project

Hello everyone,

I just got my Eagle project approved a few weeks ago. My eagle project will be building 3 picnic tables for Bluff Park Baptist Church, which is a just off of Sanders Rd near the Scout Hut.

I plan on doing this project within the next month or two. I will need $386 (although I think I can ask Lowe's for a discount) dollars to buy the supplies and materials for this project.

I am asking all of you for donations. Some off you have already donated, (thanks!) and I have total of $40 now. I would greatly appreciate any amount you are willing to give - $5, $10 or any amount you want. You can give me the donation at tomorrow’s meeting or the next meeting.

Thank you all very much.

X Guo-Xue

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tree Lot set up

What to bring:
1) Work gloves to help with setting up the scaffolding and light wiring....
2) A pair of pliers with wire cutting edges to cut the wire to fasten the wooden planks to the scaffolding
3) A Trailer to help haul our gear from the hut...if you bring one please go the the hut so we can start loading the gear at the hut we will use at the tree lot...
4) Dress for the weather....

Normally, we will be set up with the first crew ready to work at noon.....
Please plan to be there at 8am Friday Nov 28...we need all the help we can get to complete the set up as quickly as possible.

Thanks for all your support...

Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Additional Seabase crew

Hello Troop,

Some of you have already signed up in one of the two crews that going to Seabase May 27 - June 2, 2009. Due to the school schedule of some of the scouts, we have reserved an additional crew leaving May 29 - June 4, 2009

Any of the scouts complete 7th grade or age 14 by end of May next year will be eligible to go. If you have not signed up yet and want to go, please email or call me ASAP. We have to make the initial deposit to Seabase very soon. Any adult leaders are welcome too.

Please let me know which date you can go May 27 or May 29. We may have to swap some of the crew members for prior crews around. I need your headcount asap before we advertise to the district and invite other scouts from other troops to join.

Single crew fee is $5400, it has 6-8 crew members. $5400/8 amounted to @$675. Your deposit is ONLY $100 now. The $675 is ONLY fee to Seabase, this does NOT include travel expense. We have not finalized the travel arrangement yet, however, there are many options that can make it work depending on what the individual crew wants. If you have any question, please let me, Mr. Griffith or Mr. Strunk know.


Mr. Ng

Correction : Participants must be Fourteen (14) years old by September 1 of the year of participation for all programs except SCUBA. SCUBA program participants must be fourteen (14) years old by date of attendance. Participants attending any adventure after September 1st must be fourteen (14) years old by date of attendance. AGE REQUIREMENTS FOR SEA BASE CANNOT BE RELAXED. PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST OR EXPECT EXCEPTIONS! All youth participants are required to present proof of age before participating in our programs. (Appropriate ID includes one of the following:
1. School photo ID and copy of birth certificate.
2. Passport
3. Valid state issued ID.) Those individuals who do not meet the minimum age requirements will be sent home. No exceptions. Prevent a tragedy by adhering to the age policy and by bringing proper proof of age.

Full Eligibility Requirement, click the following link

100th Year of Scouting Video

In case you are not aware, 2010 is the 100th Anniversary of Scouting in the United Sates. BSA National has produced an excellent video that will be used to promote Scout ing during this celebration. Here is an advanced viewing. It is well worth the watch….


Dean Snow

Kidd's Eagle Court of Honor, Tree Sales instruction

On behalf of the Troop Committee, our Charter Organization, the Bluff Park United Methodist Church, all the Scouts, their parents and leaders, have happy Thanksgiving Holiday....

Please don't forget that P Kidd's Eagle Court is this Sunday, Nov 30, starting at 1:00 PM. If you haven't attended an Eagle Court before, it is key to the Scout understanding what the goal for all his work culminates in. Uniform is Class A plus, that is, the Troop neckerchief and merit badge sash. Scouts should start arriving at 12:45 to begin gathering as a group for seating. The location is the old Sanctuary of the Bluff Park United Methodist Church, facing 733 Valley Street, 35226.

We need a good turnout for the Tree lot starting at 8:30 AM Friday, November 28th to make sure we are up and running Friday afternoon and for the first weekend, The more we have on hand helping out, the quicker we go home.

Thanks to Mr. Young we have about 600 Troop 21 Tree Lot leaflets printed and will be available at the Lot Friday. We need all the Scouts and their families to distribute the leaflets through their churches, neighborhoods, stores, or other dispersal areas as to attract new customers and remind our regulars that we are open. Please help out with this as to maximize our sales. We need a few families with other Scouts to particularly deliver the leaflets down in the Oxmoor Valley area where there are hundreds of new homes and condominiums. It is important not to put the leaflet in a mailbox as it is to tape it to it or drop it in a newspaper tube or door. In or out of uniform will be acceptable for the distribution.

We also need some moms or dads to pick up a couple of Troop tree sale signs or banners and put them at some major close by intersections and watch them for a couple of hours, then return them to the lot to attract new customers, especially during the first weekend of sales to attract new customers.
Any other media to advertise our lot will be appreciated.

Finally, congratulations again to Mr. Turner, Mr. Lepianka, Mr. Gunn, Mr. Oliver, and Mr. Eggers for their attending the District's Outdoor Leaders Training (OLS) this last weekend, for earning their "Trained" tab and the Polar Bear Patch (17degrees).

Here is a copy of the lot rules this year:

Christmas Tree Lot Rules 2008 Sign in on the sign in sheet to get credit for your tour. If you can’t make your tour, leaders and Scouts must find a replacement and call another Scout or leader on the day you were supposed to be there and say who is taking your place. Scouts may only use the bathroom in the Church. They should bring their snacks with them and tell a leader when they are leaving to use the bath room in the Church Running and playing in the Church is not permitted. Only Leaders are permitted to20use the electric chain saws or the large drill. Please check the oil level in the chain saw to assure it is visible and not low….please add as required…whenever required… When opening, please lock the padlocks to the lock on the Frank Tank Door Latch and lock the padlock to the Trailers on the lock latch also…otherwise they get misplaced Please put all trash in the trash bags. Put tree stumps stump cuts in another bag for kindling on campouts. If the trash bag is full, toss them in the dumpster behind the Church and put up a new one. Please keep the Frank Tank and the Troop Trailer neat at all times. Last Leader out for the evening, assures all gear, all articles are picked up and places them in Trailer and the Frank Tank, then and turns off the lights, turns out the main power switches, and locks the Trailer and the Frank Tank…. We will be selling pop corn this year at the lot..if weather permits, set up the table with samples and prices, then if any sales, put them in the pop corn box to keep them separate from the tree sales. We will keep the pop corn in a separate trailer. Call Dr. Tracy Hamilton, Call Mr. Dan Strunk, Mrs. Mary Lou Kunka or Mr. Wes Smith if you have any problems. Their phone numbers are posted inside the frank tank. Someone will be around to pick up the sales for the day, if not, take all but twenty dollars in change home with you and call Mrs. Kunka the next day. Put the money boxes out of sight in the cabinet when you leave.

Thanks for all your support this year in helping and contributing to make Troop Tree sales as successful as we usually are. As you know, wreath and trees constitute our annual operations budget each year in order to support all that we are as a troop. Popcorn sales are a successful way for the Scout to assist the family in supporting Troop trips and activities as all the profits turned from his sales are returned directly to him (30% of his total sales).

YiS Dan S

"Delivering the Promise"

Monday, November 24, 2008

Golden Age Games June 1-5, 2009


See the message below from Peter Bosworth. A service opportunity is available next year to help host the Golden Age Games, a sports competition among our Veterans. This looks like a great way to support our city, our veterans, and help promote Scouting.


January Ski Trip

During the planning conference the troop voted to go skiing Jan 17-19. The plan is to go to Sugar Mt in North Carolina- we will leave on Sat, ski on Sun, and return on Mon (MLK day).

Cost: It will depend on the number going on the trip, and the cost of gas. The rock bottom cost for this trip is:30 peo = $140 20 peo = $160

This Includes: - transportation on our bus-all meals except lunch on the slopes-2 nights of accommodations-equipment- skis, boots, polls-ski lesson-lift ticket

I also need a copy of your insurance card. We keep talking about this trip during the regular scout meetings and there seems to be excitement for this fun trip. In order to keep this trip on schedule I need an e-mail response from you by Sunday 11/30:

1) I am going
2) I am NOT going
3) I don’t know yet

Mr. Young

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Troop News & upcoming events

We had a well turned out Patrol leaders Conference and a very well turned out Quartermasters tent take down and storage on the 17th. Thanks for encouraging attendance...

The trees as earlier announced will be in at 1:30 this Sunday November 23. We need both the Scout and the Dad there to help unload to make this easy (about 450 trees) and so that we may leave early.

The lot will be set up on Friday November 28 starting at 8:00AM at the usual location on the property south of the Bluff Park United Methodist Church where the bus and Frank Tank are usually parked. Mr. Smith will pick up the scaffolding on Friday (11/21) in the Frank Tank and the Marquis on November 28th. We will need some trailers to get all our gear and ladder from the hut on the 28th to bring over to the hut also.

Please plan on attending with your son to make this easy also. We are usually out of there by 10:00 AM. Don’t forget that we will have to put out and watch some Tree signs this year at least during the first weekend..that means sitting in a car, heater on, and watching them in case the sign snatcher is about.

Please plan on helping with this as we need to attract new customers. Someone was talking about making flyers to spread out in all the neighborhoods with the Scouts, where you live, and down in the Oxmoor Valley. Please give this some thought also....will talk to it this Monday at the Troop meeting.

Weekend of November 21-23: Mr. Turner, Mr. Lepianka, Mr. Gunn, Mr. Oliver, and Mr. Eggers attend the District's Out-door Leadership Training Program offered by the Council and earn their "Trained" tab and maybe the polar bear patch.

Monday (Nov 24)..should be able to pick up pop corn orders at the Scout Service Center and will put in the hut for pick ups by families..will notify by email Monday afternoon.

Monday, November 24 Meeting: Salesmanship merit badge by Mr. Hardy and a sideshow of skits by Mr. Madison and Venture II on how to sell trees at the lot, and how not to sell them also....good merit badge and good showmanship. Lot rules will also be discussed with other questions as they arise. Mr. Oliver does the Scout Master Minute (SMM).

Sunday November 30th: at 1:00PM at the old Sanctuary of the Bluff Park United Methodist Church....Class A plus uniform. If you or the Scout hasn’t attended an Eagle Court, make sure he does in order to see what we are about at the Eagle presentation. Should be over in about an hour to an hour and a half.

Monday Dec 1: Meeting. We will leave from the Hut at 7:00 PM to visit the third largest, working, "O" Scale model Rail Road in the United State right here in Hoover. Quite extensive and an award winner many times over. Will return at about 8:15 PM

Monday Dec 8: A guest speaker from downtown Birmingham followed by Mr. Wes Smith talking to the Music merit badge. Mrs. Kidd will give the SMM.

Monday Dec 15: Troop Christmas Party. Refreshments compliments of the Troop. gag gifts but no expensive item from all (Dirty Santa theme) should be over in an hour an 1/2.

December 20 Tree Lot take down...the more the quicker as usual..please encourage attendance by leaders and Scouts.......

December 22 and 29 No meeting.....Merry Christmas and a Happy new year during the Holidays....

January 3 : Troop Annual Planning Conference: 8:30 Sat through 8:00 Sunday Morn (Jan 4) . Troop plans out 2009...have an idea for camping...try to be there....will push special programs for Venture I and II to keep up their interests and give anticipation to the younger ones...please encourage attendance.

Jan 12 Prep meeting for Ski Trip and Guest Speaker from Hoover or Birmingham

Jan 17-19 Ski and snow boarding Trip... shortly...there will be a memo published requiring a "final commitment date" for who is going by a commitment to Mr. Young for the funds and reservations. More details to follow quickly from Mr. Young...the cost will vary on the numbers attending for food and fuel ranging anywhere from 140 to 160.00.

This has been one of our best years..let’s make 2009 our best yet.....

Thanks for all your support...

Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Trees arrive Sunday 1:30pm

Dr. Hamilton has arranged for the trees to be in on this Sunday at 1:30 PM....

we will need all the help we can get to make this easy and take very little time..please plan on being there with the Scout to help out at the Bluff Park United Methodist Church on Valley in the South parking lot where the bus and Frank tank are parked.


dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shiloh Trip recap

Greetings from Bluff Park, AL. This past weekend the fox patrol finished their BSA 2nd Class requirements! Friday after work sixty-four scouts and leaders from Troop 21 traveled to Shiloh National Park in TN. Saturday morning each of the four patrols went on individual hikes. Our orienteering crew of 13 boys and leaders covered the 10 mile Shiloh Military Trail. The older venture crew hiked the 20 mile Confederate Army Trail. We finished just before dark.

After a quick breakfast the fox patrol started at 08:00. We found and answered the questions from our first 21 monuments traveling the eastern section from south to north. We took a :45 minute lunch break at the Visitor Center next to the National Cemetery. During the afternoon, we traveled north to south covering Shiloh's western section.

The Battle of Shiloh was the turning point in the civil wars western campaign in April of 1862. With Pittsburg landing on the Tennessee river and the intersection of the north-south, east-west railroads, this ground was vital to troop and equipment transport.

One of the 42 monuments we located during our course was the Wisconsin State monument erected in 1905 by the Wisconsin Shiloh Monument Commission. It tells the story of 1 states sacrifice for the preservation and perpetuity of the Union. The men of the 14th, 16th and 18th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantries fought and died during the 6 & 7 of April. Seventy-nine killed, 345 wounded, 203 missing; 627 total.

The day was overcast and cool early. The sun came out about an hour before lunch. During lunch the cold front moved back in with a :30 minute downpour just as we got under cover. When we started back the rain stopped, but the clouds and cold weather stayed. In the deep woods, we had hail two seperate times and the cold rain come back just before we finished in Seay field where the battle began early on the 5th of April. The weather cleared almost as soon as we got back to camp.

Saturday night we had two seperate hugh campfires to warm up and dry out. Dinner was excellent. That night we also retired a US Flag. It was an awesome day.

Mark Lepianka

Monday, November 17, 2008

Veteran's Day Parade, Shiloh, Committee Meeting, OLS

We had more than 16 participants, including the WEBELOS march in the Veterans Day parade with us. After a lunch at CiC's Pizza we marched in the parade with the Troop bus and Frank Tank in tow. Great experience for the boys for Veteran recognition in the Nation's biggest and oldest parade on Veteran's day. Thanks for your support in getting them there and making the day possible.

The Shiloh trip was one of our best yet despite the Friday and Saturday weather for some extra character building...We had over sixty in attendance and seven WEBELOS I and II families from Pack 321. Want to thank Captain Gandy and Mr. Morris along with Mr. Scott and Mr. Griffith for assisting in the WEBELOS coordination. Mr. Frost's attendance lists made accounting easy and were it not for Mr. Smith and the advance party of he and Mr. Turner, Mr. Gun and Max, Mr. Clark and John, Mr. Graham, Mr. Davis and Elliott, and Mr. Eggers, the set up when we got there has not ever been better, Thanks to Mr. Smith picking up and cooking all the meals with Mr. Plyler, Mr. Graham, and Mr.Clark assisting, all the meals were all laid out and excellent, particularly the lunch of hot dogs and soup and the dinner of roast and vegetables. Thanks to Mr. Madison everything was packed and repacked and as we speak drying out.

The large canvas shell we purchased last year came in handy this year with the two pop up shelters, with a recommendation of purchasing sides for the large canvas next fiscal year (2009) to keep the rain and cold from the meal areas for Shiloh, the winter camporee, and summer camp.

Finally, thanks to Mr. Frost and Dr. Hamilton for bringing in the late crew. Pictures, thanks to Mr. Simon are on the Troop Web site.

We need to see a good turnout of all Troop Quartermaster, patrol quartermasters, and others, along with Leaders to take down and pack up the 34 tents we hung in the Hut last night after the Trip...please encourage attendance, especially if you son was on the trip to get us out of there in about an hour or less starting at 6:30 PM tonight (11/17).

The Outdoor Leadership Course will be this weekend and several of our Leaders are attending (Mr. Turner, Mr. Egger, Mr. Gunn, and Mr. Lepianka). Mr. Snow, the Course Director, needs one or two experienced leaders to serve as patrol guides for this training. It will start on Friday (11/21) evening (staff arrives at 4:30 PM on Friday). I will have room for one if you want to ride with me. If you are interested, and are a graduate of a previous SMLS and OLS and or Wood Badge, call me ...this helps in earning the BSA District award, as well as making the staff stronger and well rounded in experience.

We are having a Patrol Leader's Conference (PLC) tonight, right after the tent take down and gear and equipment storage. All Scouts who are patrol leaders, assistant patrol leaders, and Troop Scribe need to be there to participate; this includes the Asst Senior Patrol Leaders and any others who want to participate in planning out the next two months of Troop activities. The Scout's position, elected or appointed, in the Troop was listed on the last Court of Honor attachment..and is still probably there. Thanks for your support in encouraging attendance and providing him his transportation in making this work.

Welcome again to the Gibbs and Yarbrough families to the Troop..please join us at the Troop Committee Meeting tonight after the Troop PLC at 8:00 PM for you introduction, welcoming, and input for our continue success as a Troop.

Finally, a special thanks to Mr. David Lanier and Mr. Doug Graham for attending the annual Shiloh trip. Their being Eagle Scouts and long experience in the Troop as their sons earned Eagle, really benefits us now by their taking the time to passing the legacy, serving as advisors and leaders, and for the continuity that affords us the strengths that we have as a Troop in the Council.

There are a great many things coming up in the next few weeks...pop corns sales wrapped up (the Eggers family and Davis family have earned a total of more than $150.00 in personal profits), the wreaths are coming in, Christmas trees need to be unloaded (to be announced), the lot has to be set up (TBA but usually the day after Thanksgiving for the first day of sales also)
trees need to be sold, the OA and Troop Christmas parties are coming, and don't forget that January 3 is the Troop's Annual Planning Conference for our 2009 activities.

At the Troop Annual Planning conference this year, Venture 1 and II, will plan out their own program for both trips and meetings to encourage better attendance. There will have to be more leader participation to support the program. We will combine these, where possible with the rest of the Troop, and come up with a plan to make it all work....make sure the Scout attends to contribute to the Troop for what they want to do.

If your son is a Life Scout he needs to be thinking of a Project with Mr. Harbin rather than sitting around and thinking about it. Time is flying by and it doesn't slow down.

Thanks to Mrs. Eggers for her "best yet" minutes to each committee meeting and to Mrs. Kidd for manicuring the Hut's grounds.

All those who need to still pay the cost for the Trip should do so tonight....if not, please mail a check to Mrs. Mary Lou Kunka Also, if you need a check for the fuel for Shiloh, thanks again for driving...please come by tonight (11/17) to collect it so we can clear the books.

Want a once in a life time experience? More fun than you have ever had? Meet more exciting people? Well then, pick up you CDL to drive our bus. Get all the answers from our most recent graduates: Mr. Young and Dr. will really help us out and give us that depth we always need.

Please check the attached Troop roster for accuracy and reply if changes are required.

Thanks for all your support....


Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shiloh Trip

Want to thank Mr. Madison for an excellent program last night about Shiloh and for Mr. Griffith's comments.

If your son is coming to Shiloh and he wasn't at the meeting last night...I need a response from you now (today) in order to assure he has a tent to sleep in. We are pre-assigning them tents as we did at the White water trip for the early party to avoid the confusion when we get there at night. We also need to assure the persons assigned to trails are correct and everyone has a place.
So far I have heard from:

Z Harbin and Mr. Harbin (both going)A Byrd Christopher and Mr. Griffith (both going)Drew and Mr. Yarbrough (both going)
Dr. Hamilton: I need an exact number and name of your late crew.
The fees for this trip is as follows:
$12.00 Meals
$4.00 camping fee
$2.00 Park Fee
$20.00 for fuel
$38.00 per person

This will cover gas for the early party vehicles,one follow on vehicle for the Main Party, and one or two vehicles for the late party. We will collect the fees as usual before we leave (prefer a check). Mr. Smith will collect the fees for the early party. Dr. Hamilton and Mr. Frost for the late parties.

Trail leaders: Mr. Strunk will pay the National Park fees for the Troop.
WEBELOS: If you are driving up in your own car, then the fee is just $18.00.

So far the early party includes Mr. Smith, Mr. Turner, Mr. Gunn and his son M Gunn, Mr. Eggers, Mr. Clark and his sons S Clark and J Clark, Mr. Davis, and Mr. Griffith.

Finally...if your son is assigned as quartermaster, he has to be at the Hut on this Thursday night (uniform not required) at 6:30 PM to help load. This coming six months Scout assignments are on the Court of Honor handout...If he is not sure...he needs to call the patrol leader.

As announced, it is reported that it may be cold up at Shiloh...please make sure he leaves the house dressed for it..that includes a rain suit. gloves..pull over knit or polyester cap..gloves..long underwear...etc.. Come rain or shine, we'll walk the trails. Uniform for the Trip is the tan shirt, green trousers or shorts, scout socks, and scout belt. He also has to wear the uniform on the trail. less scout socks replaced by wool or hiking socks with polyproplene liners to prevent blisters. If he is a first year scout (Foxes) and D Yarbrough and E Gibbs, they need to bring their compass as they will be doing the compass trail (#4).

Please don't forget to go to the Troop web site and make a copy of the Troop consent form to fill out for you son for the Shiloh trip. This include WEBELOS.
Troop Website
Consent Form :

This save a lot of time when we sign in Friday evening to leave.

Thanks for all your Support..

Dan S "Delivering the Promise"

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Veteran's Day Parade, Shiloh

For those of you who missed the 2008 Encampment at the Talledega Raceway, we can only say that 10,000 was a lot of Scouts and Cubs in one place...they literally used the entire area for all the camping requirments..sorry we didn't take a bus load for the day, but there were a great many of our troops there from our own area camping.....something to think about for the next one in the next rwo years or so....

There is a plan posted earlier on the Troop Blog Site for the Veteran's day parade (Tuesday Nov 11)...We are going to need a definte head count for that also at the Meeting on Monday Nov 10..If he is not present and he doesn't reply to this email that he will be present, we will just assume he is not going to be in the parade with us. we wioll take this count at the Nov 10 meeting. The cost is $7.00 for lunch. We are taking the bus and meet at 10:30 at the Hut. We will need a leader to drive the Frank Tank in the parade also....

Remember we need a definite count for Shiloh on Nov 10 for this coming weekend (Nov 14-15-16) so we can number crunch the cost for fuel. Same for those who can make the early party... If the Scout cannot at the meeting for some reason but plans on being on the Shiloh trip, leaders as well, I need a reply to this email....if we don't hear from him/you and you are not there at the meeting to be counted and receive your trail won't be counted for the trip...same for WEBELOS....thanks for all your support...

Finally, thanks to Mr. Clark and his sons Paul, John, and Seth, we have a load of Oak fire wood loaded on the Frank Tank. Please drop your son off for the meeting at 6:45 PM on Monday Nov 10 so he can help us unload and stack it.


Dan S "Delivering the Promise"

Friday, November 07, 2008

Summer Camp Merit Badge Incomplete list

Parents & Scouts,

The following links show the Summer Camp Merit Badge_Incompletes list recorded by Mr. Frost. It is password protected. Scouts should try their best to finish off the pending requirements.


Mr. Ng

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Veteran's Day ceremony pictures

Pictures of our unit participating in their observance for the upcoming Veteran’s Day at Hoover Library

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Popcorn, Roundtable, Shiloh trip, Winter Blast

Popcorn sales results are due to the Hut to me on this coming Monday(November 10) for the District..unless you want more time. They want theirs in on November 12. We have Popcorn at the hut that we will distribute rather than wait for a pick-up time later....

We have the Round Table on Thursday, November 6 if you would like to attend to pick up on District business. 6:30 to about 8:00 at Briarwood Presbyterian.

We will do a head count this coming Monday night and a program for Shiloh (November 10) This is required for all going for the headcount, trail assignments, and other information.. We still need help with people volunteering for the early party leaving on Friday morning and for leaders not walking a trail to help Mr. Smith with meal preparation.

Council's Winter Blast, an opportunity for merit badges at Camp Jackson on Dec 27-31. We have had Scouts go in the past and they have enjoyed the program

Monday, November 03, 2008

Troop News

The Troop Court of Honor last Monday was one of our best attended and most informative in the past six months. All of the merit badges earned at summer camp were awarded along with the rank earned since the last Court in October. Thanks to Mr. Frost for all his work in making that happen.

Want to thank all of the attendees at the CPR certification at the Hut on October 25. That keeps us up in certifications for up coming trips: attending were Mr. Kunka , Mr. and Mrs. Eggers and Issac, Mr. Frost and M. Frost.

We received many compliments by the Staff and visitors for the representation and work by the leaders and Scouts who attended the Moss Rock Festival this last weekend : Mr. Richard Griffith, Mr. Lepianka, Mr. Yarbrough, D Yarbrough, J and K Berry, and J Clark....especially C Griffith for staying as late as 7:00 PM and helping the artist pack and load their gear.

Mr. Young needs a head count for the January 09 Ski trip, as he talked to at the Court of Honor. The trips success will as usual depend on the numbers attending to keep the fuel costs down.
Mr. Griffith is still announcing for the May - June 09 High Adventure Sea Base Trip and needs to cement his numbers also as announced at the Court of Honor also.

The meeting tonight (Nov 3) will feature a special guest speaker: Mr. Carroll Duncan. Captain Duncan is a World War II Air Corps veteran who flew a P-38 Fighter on intelligence and reconnaissance missions in the European Theater. He is an excellent speaker and story teller.

The meeting next Monday night, November 10, is required by all persons attending the Shiloh Trip. Mr. Madison will serve as our guest speaker, and if we have time once counted and organized, we will show the newest DVD about the Western Campaigns and the Battle of Shiloh, which the Troop has never seen before. We still need leaders to volunteer to go on the early party with Mr. Smith for reserving our space and the set up for the weekend. We also need leaders to assist with preparing lunch and supper for all the Scouts, Leaders, and our guest WEBELOS.

Got your wreath orders in yet? Remember our goal was six per family to support our Christmas Tree sales, especially during a slow year.

Got your pop corn orders in yet? Remember all that the Scout sells, the 30% profit goes back to him for any thing he wishes to use it for. This gives families another opportunity to help with the cost of trips and other scouting activities.

Looked at the Christmas Tree schedule on the Troop Webb site yet to iron out any conflicts? Remember the Scout and a parent are expected to be there as scheduled to sell trees. conflicts are worked out through swaps, then notify the shift leader of the change.

Make time to be with us on unloading Christmas trees and setting up the Tree lot pretty soon and as announced by Dr. Hamilton.

Got a life Scout? Keeping questioning his about his Eagle Project and staying active on trips and meetings...the clock is running.....

Want to have even more fun on trips...need a better reason to justify your going on the trips...want to feel like the sock on the foot when your on the way...well, then talk to Mr. Young and Dr. Hamilton about getting your CDL to drive the Troop bus...we always need drivers and our current number is lower than it has ever been.

For those of you who can...we will see you at the Vulcan District Round Table this coming Thursday night at Briarwood Presbyterian Church off of Acton Road starting from 6:30 PM for an hour or so....

Please set January 3 on your family schedule for the Scout to attend our Annual Planning Conference beginning at 8:30 AM Sat January 3. It will last all day and night. He needs to be picked up at 8:00 AM or sooner on January 4. This is the weekend that the Scouts and attending leaders set the Troop activity Schedule for 2009 (other than the ski Trip in Janaury 09). Venture I And Venture II need to attend as they will be creating their own agenda for trips and meetings in 09 to increase attendance. We will combine as much as possible. Leaders are encouraged to attend to add depth and realism to trip projections and feasibility based on attendance.....

Thanks for all your support...


Dan s "Delivering the Promise"