Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Troop News

We had a good turn out for the equipment take down, the PLC, and the Troop Committee Meeting..If you were there, thanks for your support and input. Thanks again to all the leaders who were present in making the Shiloh trip as strong as it was.

There are no activities planned for the Troop this weekend except for the Troop Christmas Trees coming in this Sunday (November 18..and the current arrival time is 3:00 PM.. if the time is called it we will email it out or call by phone through the patrols network..We will need maximum support from all families on this to make it easy and quick for all.

The meeting on Monday, November 19th will take place at the Hoover City Hall for those Scouts who need the merit badge requirement for the Cit in the Community. We will pick the Scouts up from the Hut in the Bus at a time to be announced by Mr. Stocks (in the next day or so). Uniform will be Class A + : Khaki shirt, Troop neckerchief, BSA Trousers/shorts, socks, and belt. We should return in about an hour or so. If he has made the visit already he need not attend the City Hall meeting but should come to the hut to help, along with Leaders, who can assist, should meet at the Hut at the time we leave for City Hall to assist with getting gear from the attic in preparation for Christmas Trees sales. Uniform for those not going to City Hall, is Class A.

Saturday, November 23: All members of the Troop, and as many leaders as possible, should be present at the Troop Lot (north side of the BPUMC where we sold last year, to assist in setting up the tree lot for sales this holiday season. Dress for the weather. We will be setting it up come in the rain or sunshine.

(New Business) On the Monday before a trip, the agenda will include a twenty minute review/refresher on Scouting fundamentals staffed by older Scouts. Mr. Kyle Horn will serve as the adult advisor for the Scout/leader staff to assure the program stays viable and planned at the following PLC. The remainder of the evening, after the refresher portion, will be dedicated to trip and meal preparations for the trip.

November 26: Review session on Scout basics, inclusive of knots for tying trees to cars, Christmas tree sales, lot protocols, Sales pitch techniques, and rules.

December 3: Mountain High Retailer Guest speaker, Indian Lore Merit badge (JASM Sam hardy and Max Gunn)

December 10: Troop Annual Christmas Party; Format will be the "dirty" Santa with details for the Scouts on December 3 (as explained by the Senior Patrol Leader) The following patrols will bring the following refreshments as decided on Dec 3 also:

Venture: Soft Drinks

Phoenix: Chips and Dip

Crocs: cookies/cake

Eagles: Cake/cookies

Scorpions: Chips and Dip

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Troop News

One of our best trips to Shiloh this weekend with about 80 Scouts and leaders..thanks particularly to all the leaders who participated and made it work..thanks to Mr. Gunn and the advance party there were no tentage issues and our site was as strong as always...thanks to Mr. Hanke all the Trails were assigned and accounted for...thanks to Mr. Presley, Mr. Madison, and Mr. Clark meals were accessible with an dinner, thanks to Mr.Presley's barbeque,  that like past roast beef stews, set a new precedent....Thanks to Mr. Simon the trip pictures are on the Troop Web Site.

Despite the forecast for rain tomorrow, the Troop has decided to still participate in the Birmingham Veteran's Day parade tomorrow.  Since it is a school holiday as many Scouts a possible should plan on attending.

The uniform is khaki shirt with the Troop Neckerchief, merit badge sash, BSA trousers or shorts, belt and socks.

We will meet at the Hut beginning at 8:00 AM Monday, November 12, in Class A's to take down tents and other quartermaster activities.   At 10:30 AM we will take the bus to the Hoover Golden Corral folunch...Each person should bring enough cash for the meal (buffet) and gratuity  ( I think the cost is about $10:00 for the Scout for the buffet.

We will depart the Corral  for the parade at 12:30 or so to arrive a 1:00 PM and should return around 3:30 PM or sooner. The Scout should dress for the weather.

We will have remainder of the Quartermasters report at 6:30 to complete the tent and equipment storage (uniform not required), the the Troop Patrol Leader's conference at 7:00 PM, followed by the Troop Committee meeting at 8:00PM.

YiS Dan Strunk                  "Delivering the Promise"

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Troop News

Make sure your clock is set an hour back for day light savings time yesterday.

EAGLE `PROJECTS  The two Eagle projects, Stephen Lewis and Jordan Taylor,  made good progress this weekend and will add information as assistance in needed and scheduled in the immediate future.

ORDER OF THE ARROW  The Order of the Arrow group, consisting of Mr Hutchens, myself,  F Hutchens., E Kidd, S Hardy, S Hardy, J Elmore., H Elmore., and N Bolding returned from the November Ordeal at Camp Westmoreland: congratulations to J McKeeny for completing his candidacy for the Ordeal.

TROOP UNIFORM:  The uniform for all Troop meetings until next April,  or as announced,  will be the Khaki shirt, BSA trousers/shorts, BSA belt, and BSA socks.

MONDAY NIGHT'S MEETING (November 4)  All going on the Shiloh Trip this coming weekend (9-11) need to attend for  a final  head count and other trip information.

 If the Scout or leader cannot be present,  they have to make sure the patrol leader knows  whether they are going or not so we can assure tentage and meals will be provided. Personal tents are welcome but we have to know in advance who will have them.

The cost for the Trip is $38.00 per person covering the  (2) Porto-lets, camping fees, park fees, meals, and fuel bus, Frank Tank, and personal car drivers.

We are expecting 80 or more Scouts and leaders, on both the advance party and the main body.  You are welcome to bring your vehicle rather than riding the bus:  With the exception of WEBELOS who usually drive their own vehicles,  if because of numbers of Scouts and space on the bus, and if assigned Scouts/leaders to ride with you,  the Troop will cover  fuel.   As usual, we will minimize the number of vehicles as much as possible.

WEATHER:  dress and be prepared for whatever is forecast for middle Tennessee:  Rain or cold do not keep the Scouts from hiking...(they projected a sunny weekend this last weekend for Tennessee,  but  it rained and thunder stormed  for three hours Saturday night).   Even it it is sunny, a warm jacket is usually needed for the evening once it gets dark and early morning before the Trail begins...HE WILL NEED TO BRING ONE OR TWO QUART SIZED WATER BOTTLES AND A DAY PACK (AS IN SCHOOL) FOR  USE IN CARRYING  ANY GEAR HE MAY BRING ( WARM JACKET AND A TWO PIECE RAIN JACKET)/SNACKS).  ONE OF THE GROUP LEADERS SHOULD BRING AN AMOUNT OF DUCT TAPE IN CASE OF A HOT SPOT OR BLISTER ON THE TRAIL).

We will be stopping for fuel on the way up and for fuel  (snack) and lunch (McDonalds)  on the way back.  he may want a souvenier from the gift shop in the Park also (usually not).

If  you will be  hiking Trail 4 (Scorpions)  make sure you bring a compass, and if you like,  a  hand held GPS, as a backup..but the trail is a !st Class and Second Class requirement  (use of the map and  compass)   and orienteering requirement unless he completed it on the recent Pinhoti trail hiking trip.

As stated earlier, most of the trails for the Scorpions and older are 10-14 miles (generally flat terrain) so be sure he wears hiking  sock liners and wool socks to prevent blisters.Regular socks normally don't prevent blisters.  As usual,  WEBELOS will be hiking the two short version Indian Mound and Introductory Military Trails for the entire day.  In Shiloh tradition, the leaders will prepare meals and serve all meals for the trip.  Trail participants are recommended to bring snacks for the hike along w/their water bottles, a ball point pen to write on an answer sheet, and other mentioned gear.

A leader in the group of hikers should also bring a clipboard to write on when answering trail question along the way.

We will have a guest speaker tomorrow at the meeting ( Bluff Park resident Jeff Black and former member of the Troop)  is a civil war period re-enactor and was  played a part in  the movie they will be showing at the visitor center at the Park.  We will introduce the WEBELOS and talk again to trail essentials, as well as Mr. Hanke assuring you and the Scout know what trail all are hiking on the trip.

Thanks for your Support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS  Dan S                    "Delivering the Promise"

Friday, November 02, 2012

Tree Sales Assignment

Tree sales assignment is posted. You should know the password. Every family should work 3 times.
If you don't see your name and/or not assigned 3 times, let me know.


Name in RED is the shift leader, call your shift member a day or two ahead of time to make sure they can be there.

If you have any time conflict, find the shift you think you can swap with and start calling or email the members in that shift. You can swap your shift with others from the Church lot with the Ross Bridge lot and vice versa. Let the shift leaders (of both shifts, swap from and swap to) know you swap ahead of time.

Since we are split between two lots, Church and Ross Bridge, we are spreading out thin. Please make sure  parents stay if at all possible. Assigned scout attendence is paramount.  Don't wear scout uniform when you work.

The Ross Bridge shift night shift ends at 7:30pm instead of 8pm, this is needed for you to bring the money back to the Church lot before their shift close at 8pm.

The assignment is a pre-assigned (fixed) schedule, those are your shifts that also means if you are free, you are welcome to go to any of the tree lot to help out even if you are not assigned to work that shift.