Friday, December 18, 2009

Tree Sales ended, Tree Lot Take down Sunday 1pm

Since there are only four trees left on the lot. We will go ahead an suspend Saturday's sales and just return on Sunday, at 1:00 PM to take the lot down...On behalf of Dr. Tracy Hamilton..thanks for making this a most successful tree sales year with all the individual effort by everyone in making it work....See you Sunday afternoon...
YiS Dan S "Delivering the Promise"

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shelby District Merit Badge Day

These classes fill very fast so especially if you want an eagle class pick one TODAY!
go to
click on enter registration system
scroll to 8th event down and click on Shelby Merit badge day

This will bring up all classes available and pre-requisites. Also look to see if seats are available,if there is a zero there the class is full.
Email me with your 1st and 2nd classes
I need your name
Parents phone
Session 1 choice
Session 2 choice

The date is January 23rd all day. Cost $10. More info to follow I just need your choices ASAP. You can always cancel but you can't delay so if you think you might want to do this don't wait. Am I getting the point across?? :0) Call or email with questions. I will send you an email back when I have your son registered as confirmation.

Cathy Kidd

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Troop News

Last night's Christmas party was one of best and the use of real gifts, with the exception of those who didn't get the word about not bringing gag gifts, worked well..Good idea on the PLC's part.

Welcome again to F Crabtree and his Dad (Patrick) and Mom (Samatha) for joining the Troop.

We have done very well with Lot..but we need to keep going for the last trees...remember all the trees on the lot either go into our operations fund or into a lake somewhere....our motto remains "no one leaves without one." The lot take down will be this coming
Sunday at 1:00 PM..Everyone should attend and we can be out of there in an hour....Make sure the Scout is there to contribute.

Thanks to all the Scouts and Families who took the extra time and effort this year to sell wreaths...that effort really got us over the top for our operating budget and all our sales in general. Thanks especially to Dr. Tracy Hamilton for not only serving as our Committee Chairman. but for all the work and coordination for the annual tree and wreath sales...Thanks again to Mrs. Eggers for stepping up[ to coordinating our Pop Corn Sales this year which exceeded last year's numbers. And not forgetting Mr. Bert Oliver for stepping up to the Troop Treasurer's position and managing tree funds each night from the Lot with a final report of our budget.

December 17th is the Order of the Arrow Christmas party as explained on a recent message. Encourage attendance. This is usually a great time for all.

There will be no more meetings/Troop activities until January once the Tree lot is down.

January 3 is the Eagle Court of Honor for J Ellis and X Quo...please encourage the old sanctuary of the Bluff Park United Methodist Church..starting at 1:00 PM.

January 9 is the Annual Planning Conference for the Troop...the Scout needs to be there for input particuarly for program planning..want to see Venturing there to plan also, maybe their own trips and activities..need Venture dad's this year to help with this since the Venture crews are claiming repetition.....we will still be planning basics for the youngest and middle age Scouts, but need Dads/Leaders for ideas for Venturing Crews this year.

The APC starts at 8:00 AM next to the kitchen/gym in the Bluff Park UMC on Valley. We will have lunch for them and will go to the Golden Corral or Ci Ci's pizza for dinner: Cost $10.00 (cash or check made out to Trp 21)) per person for the day (meals). We will stay the night in the youth area and will be out of the Church at 8:00 AM Sunday.......Uniform is class A. w/o sash or neckerchief....Can change into casual clothes when we return from dinner for the evening. Will need a sleeping bag and pillow...Will need one Dad/Leader to stay the night with the Scoutmaster.

January 11 Troop Committee to approve APC and set up annual calendar of events (Troop Agenda)

Jan 16 and 17 Trip to Chattanooga for Racoon Mountain ovenight cave trip and activities during the afternoon of the 16th. Return between Noon and 1:00 PM on the 17th. Cost $38.00 entry fee per person... Lunch and dinner at fast food restaurants at he Scouts expense and $10.00 for fuel costs if we just take the bus. $15.00 for fuel costs if we haul a trailer for carrying bikes if they want to bike the Chicamaugua National Military Park.

January 25 Make up Troop pictures with Mr. Dean Snow and Troop program.

February 1st Guest speaker /Camporee Planning subject to PLC recommendations

February 8th Guest Speaker/ Camporee Planning subject to PLC recommendations

February 15th Guest Speaker/ Camporee Planning subject to PLC recommendations

February 27: Troop Leadership Training ( Junior Leadership Trainin-Troop level) from 8:00 PM to 3:00 PM )Tentative until approved by the APC . This the BSA progam for basic leadership for all Troop Scouts who have not received it and is required in order to be a patrol leader and Senior Patrol leader in the Troop. Noprmally, this is an annual activity for us.

Norther Tier payments are still due to Mr. Young.

Please mail your check or personally give it to Mr. Frost for annual registration fees for next year.. The cost is $30.00 per Scout and $15.00 per leader. Have you planned for his attending summer camp this year (June 6-12). If not, they are offering the annual National Youth Leadership Training (1 Week) he can sign up for (Newanden Challenge), or he can get his Lifeguard certification at summer camp, or he can work a summer camp as a Counselor in Training or a full time Counselor in camp ( include room and board as well as renumeration) . Finally..please don't forget to plan on getting his annual BSA physical form filled out for 2010..same for active leaders for activities with the Troop.

Thanks for all your support this year. See you at the Lot take down...and behalf of Dr. Hamilton and the entire congregation of the Bluff Park United Methodist Church..Have Merry Christmas and the Happiest New Year ever!

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Troop News

The meeting Monday night with Mr. Kyle Allison and Joe Meadows as speakers was excellent in subject matter and the presentations. Thanks to Mr. Bolding for arranging Mr
Allison's presentation and for Mr. Meadows making an extemporaneous appearance.

Change Three: Since we were not able to find overnight quarters availability at Pensacola NAS, we have made reservation for the Troop at the Raccoon Mountain Wild Cave Tour. We will leave early Saturday Morning on the January 16th (we will decide what we will do during the day in Chattanooga at the December 14th meeting), then return late Sunday Morning to Birmingham, (or as determined by the December 14th meeting). We have made reservations with the cave.

Congratulations to R Blackburn for recently completing the requirements for Eagle. And to J Kunka passing all the requirments also just recently. J Ellis and X Quo are about to announce their Eagle Court of Honor on January 3, 2010 at the BPUMC. A Byrd and N Madison are getting close. Unless you are planning to be out of town, the Scout needs to plan on attending to get a good idea an Eagle Court Ceremony whic one day in the immediate future, he'll have his own. Thanks to Mr. Harbin and Mr. Frost especially, for all their work in making all these advancements possible.

The Christmas party next Monday (December 14) should be attended by all Scouts. The Senior and the PLC have decided that the Scouts should bring a gift oriented toward Scouting (Nalgene bottles or whatever you could use for backpacking or any other trip), ranging somewhere between $5.00 to no more than $15.00, under the Dirty Santa mode, but no gag gifts. The Senior will be calling all the patrol leaders to remind them what each patrol is responsible for providing in terms of refreshments for the party. All Scouts are expected to bring a wrapped gift to make the party work. He will also arrange for the Christmas tree. If the Scouts want to roll the hut, they need to bring a roll of TP.

We need to pay our annual dues to Mr. Frost so the Troop can earn its annual Quality Troop Award patch as we do each year. Likewise for the District Centennial Quality Award Patch. The cost is $30.00 per Scout, $15.00 per leader. Remember, as a leader you must be registered to participate in Troop activities and attend training as soon as possible to meet District and BSA requirements.....All leaders attending trips also are required to have an annual physical on the BSA physical form located on our web site. This in mandatory for all Scouts. Please mail a check to his home (Troop Roster on Troop Web Site) or leave it in the advancement mail box at the Hut. If you are not active in uniform, you should still be registered so you can be a Committee member or merit badge counselor for the Troop also. Our preference is that one parent from each family be registered with the Scout to assure we can meet all our needs down the road.

Mr. Young needs your next $150 for our Northern Tier Trip this summer, three days ago. Please mail him the check or assure he receives it at the Christmas party.

The Council is beginning to push Friends of Scouting for 2010. We will talk more to that in the future..but for now if you can talk a business into contributing to FOS by attending the American Values Luncheon during March 2, 2010, the Troop and the Hoover area (Vulcan District) will get credit for it. Pack 321 and Troop 21 will make a concerted effort to work that direction. Forms are available at the Hut.

January 28, 2010 Vulcan District Awards Banquet

February 19th Winter Camporee at Tanneyhill. Special events such as knife and Hatchet throwing for the Older Scouts with more to be announced. We need to erect our Monkey bridge this year.

March 6, 2010 ....University of Scouting at the University of Alabama, Huntsville...good many leader two year certifications required for all our activities.

There will be no January, 2010 Round Table due to the Holidays.

The Council is looking for a Round Table Commission since Mr. Walter Rush has stepped down from the position. Interested? Call Mr. Brent Pritchard.

Troop Christmas Tree Lot take down: 1:00 PM December 20th. We will need everyone to pitch in to make this a one hour project.

See you the Christmas Party. Thanks for all your continued support and encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Monday, December 07, 2009

Troop News

Want to thank Mrs. Cindy Berry for setting the Troop up for the Troop for it's trip to Sanford to pass out Tree Lot Leaflets to Basketball attendees suring the December 5th game.
Thanks also to Mr and Mrs Hardy along with Sam and Scott, and Mrs Eggers along with I Eggers, J Taylor, L Young, and J Berry for attending with us.

At the meeting tomorrow, december 7, we will have two guest speakers: the first, thanks to Mr. Bolding, will be Mr. Kyle Allison of the Alabama Power Company speaking to their assessment and response to an impending or emergency in the State, Jefferson County, and Birmingham. The second will be Mr. Joe Meadow a Troop 21 alumnus, a Iraq war veteran, and the Branch Manager for TJC Morgan in Birmingham speaking personal success and leadership.

Remember, the Sharks need to come early to the meeting to elect their leaders for next several months, since they were not present at the elections day in October.

Families with Scout shirts and trousers that have been outgrown, are welcome to donate them to the Troop as experienced uniforms for use by the new Scouts when the arrive in the Spring.

The Council is again putting on thier annual "Winter Blast," at Camp Comer from December 27-31, 2009. The Cost is $130.00 and more information is available on the Council web site (
They are offering more than 40 merit badges, COPE, snow sports, if it snows, Sequoyah caverns for the wild cave tour (Cost of some events are extra).

The January trip this year will be over the Martin Luther King Holiday Weekend. We will be heading to Pensecola for the US. Navy Flight Museum. We will stay in government billets and eat in the Naval Base mess halls.

The Council is partnering with the Salvation Army to collect canned food and non-perishable good and items items. If your family would care to contribute, please bgring them in a plastic shopping bag to the Troop Christmas Party on December 14 and we will arrange to take them to the main collection point. If we gather fifty pounds or more those contributing can earn a specially produce patch for the occasion.

The Council is announcing two $3000.00 Scholarships for Eagles attending up to four years of college. It is referred to as the James T. Stephens Eagle Scout Scholarship on the Council Web site ( Eagles are also eligible for Scholarships at the National Eagle Scout Association (

The Vulcan District has formally announced the annual Advance o Rama. It will be held on April 10, 2010 at the Canterbury UMC. They will be offering more than thirty merit badges with more information at . The Shelby County Merit badge day should also be announce shortly for the month of February. Mrs. Kidd will have more information as it comes up.

The 2009 Vulcan District Awards will be held Thursday, January 28, 2010 at the Trinity United Methodist Church in Homewood. The program highlights District Cub Scout Progress Awards and Boy Scout Progress Troop and individual leader awards, including the District Award of Merit, Scoutmasters Award of Merit, i
Scouting..Vale La Pena! Service Award, Scout leader's Training Awards, Scoutmaster's key(s), and Venturing Advisor's Keys.

Any of our leaders who have been keeping personal progress records for some of the above shoulde be mailed or sent as a pdf to

The Council is again having it's annual American Values Luncheon on March 2, 2010 at the BJCC. Its purpose is to raise money and public exposure for Scouting the Birmingham Commuity with our own emphasis as a Troop on Hoover /Bluff Park Businesses.

As we know, we are well past our "over the hill" heading down hill now for our tree sales. The trees remaining on the Lot is our operating budget for 2010 so the motto for the remaining two weeks should be "no one leaves without one." On behalf of Dr. Hamilton, thanks for all the effort on everyone's part for making the sales as successful as they are.

Thanks for all your support. Please keep encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Friday, December 04, 2009

Mr. Strunk's computer

Just want to let you know Mr. Strunk's desktop just crashed. He is bringing it in to the shop.

He wants me to tell you if you need to contact him, call him direct instead of email as he will be out of pocket electronically for a while.

Dear Santa, our scoutmaster needs a new laptop!

Mr. Ng

Troop News

Thanks to Dr. Hamilton, Mr. Branin, Mr. Hardy and Sam, Mrs. Eggers and Issac, the Christmas Wreaths that were delivered yesterday were separated into family orders and are in the Hut. If you didn't pick them up tonight you can get them Saturday Morning before we leave for Samford, or pick them up at the Monday night meeting. Please try to arrive before the meeting so we can clear the Hut opf boxes and put the tables back against the wall.

At the Round Table tonight, there was discussion of the new Scout Handbook that has recently been published. If your son is working out of the old edition handbook, he may continue using those requirements until he completes the current rank he is working on. Then he must move to the new edition. If he is a life Scout coming up on Eagle, he shouldn't need the new Quide. If he is a Star coming up on Life, it looks like he needs the new book. "Troop Webmaster and " Leave No Trace Trainer" have been added as two new leadership positions he can assume as a Star and Life Scout.

The new handbook is well written, organized, and will serve him well to have. The cost is less than $10.00 at the Scout Service Center.

The Vulcan District merit badge "Advance O Rama is set for April 10, 2010. The Shelby District merit badge day is usally in February and is announced and coordinated by Mrs. Cathy Kidd..both of these are usually good for two merit badges each.

Mark your calendars also for the second week in June for summer camp at Camp Sequoyah (June 6-12, 2010.

If he doesn't feel he needs to go, have him go and complete the Lifeguard certification, attend the National Leadership Training instead this coming Spring, and/or work at camp as a Counselor in Training or a Counselor earning room, board, and leadership skills.

If your son plans on earning his Eagle, he becomes eligible for scholarships starting from $1,000 to $48,000 once he enrolls in the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA). If qualified they can apply as seniors in High School to college juniors. See information at:

We will have guest speaker for the December 7 meeting with a possibility of two.

We need a strong showing for the Saturday distribution of leaflets at the Samford Basketball game. Please encourage attendance. Remember we leave in the bus from the Hut at 11:30 AM and plan to return around 3:30 PM.

Mr. Oliver indicates that we are about 1/2 through the trees, or we have just about paid out the cost for them, making all you see on the lot our operating budget for the year. Thanks for all your support in making it work as smoothly as it does.

YiS Dan s "Keeping the Promise"