Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Troop News

Both the  Patrol Leaders Conference (PLC)  and the Troop  Committee Meeting were well attended. Thanks for your support and for encouraging attendance.

After a discussion of summer camp the following was discussed:

There are 32 slots available to the Troop  for the Philmont  2013 trip.   So far. we have that number plus some extra (2).

A non-reimbursable fee of $150.00 "per person" has to be mailed by July 1 to Philmont.  Please send the amount ($150.00)  to Mr. Branin  at his address: 534 O'Neal Drive, Hoover, 35226 or give it to him in person or during the meeting on Monday, June 25th.   He has to have it postmarked by July 1.... If he doesn't receive the amount by the 25th we will assume you have changed your mind about going. He will ask for $150 per month after that until the fee is paid, including meals and transportation to and from Philmont.   If we have over 32, we will place two or more on stand-by in case of drop outs.  

June 20  Sea Base Crew Departs Bham 

June 25  Program: Theater Merit Badge: Mrs. Griggs  Scoutmaster's minute (SMM)  Dr. Bolding

June 26 Sea Base Crew returns

July  2  No Troop Meeting due to 4th of July Holiday

July 7  Yellowstone crew departs  Bham

July 9  Program:  Aviation Merit Badge (Part 1): Mr. Bennett  SMM Mr. Hutchens

July 16  Program:  Aviation Merit Badge (Part II)   Mr. Bennett  SMM Mr. Presley

July 22  Yellowstone crew returns to Bham

July 23  Program: Bullying: Mrs. Griggs  Meal Prep for water sports trip  SMM Mr. Gunn

July 26 Quartermaster night for water sports trip

July 27-29  Water Sports Trip to Lake Smith (Nelm's family Property)

July 29  Troop members depart for National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) at U of Michigan: D  Strunk, S Hardy, S Hardy, and M Gunn.

July 30  PLC Committee Meeting and gear storage from water sports property

August 4  NOAC Crew returns

August 6  (Court of Honor cancelled)    There were no other dates available for the Court of Honor at the Church for August, so we will have the next Court scheduled as listed on October 29

August 6  Prep for White Water trip to the Ocoee and Nantahalla...Meal planning  by Scouts for trip..Dr. Rusty Brantley is SMM

August 8  Quartermaster night to load Troop gear

August 10-12  White water trip to Ocoee and Nantahalla

August 13  PLC Committee Meeting and stowing gear

August 20  Special Guest Speaker, David Dyson on " Planning for Life"  SMM Nevin Cox

August 25  Council's  Top Gun at Camp Sequoyah

Thanks in advance for your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS  Dan S                            "Delivering the Promise"

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Troop News

Except for more walking this year back and forth to the camp sites (Frontier and Boiling Springs), we had one of our best annual camps in years....52 Scouts and 13 Leaders

All of the Scorpions earned their Scout and Tenderfoot rank along with the Fingerprinting, Emergency Preparedness, First Aid,  and Swimming merit badges....There were four Scouts that did not complete the Swimming merit badge as they remained classified as beginners.  They can either wait until next year at camp or they can complete the badge with a Lifeguard signing them off at a local pool.

The following Scouts earned the following ranks with Troop Boards of Reviews:

D  Cullwell: Star
A  Cullwell: Star
A  Kong: Second and First Class
J  Luker: Star
H  Elmore:Life
G  Yarboro...working
C  Brownbridge..working

Merit Badge results for all Scouts will be published by Mr. Stacy Cole w/Mr. Simon on the Troop website so the Scout can work on their completion, as required.

The Troop had more spirit than ever (as always) and set the pace for the other 250 other Scouts in a regular manner in and out of the Dining Hall.  Meals were by and large better than in the past, with some very good and better that most.  The Troop Skit on the final camp/council fire used the entire Troop as participants thanks to Ideas from the Venture Patrol.

We had three mile swimmers:

Mr. Charles Hanke,  G  Camp, and G  Davis

J Luker and S Hardy both earned lifeguard status and certification (first time in over ten years)

S Hardy, M Frost, J Kunka, and J Elliott served as camp staff members.

J Dinella , G Yarboro,  E Davis, and BBennett were recognized as high shooters in Rifle, Shotgun, and Archery and were invited to the Council's Top Gun competition the last weekend in August at Camp Sequoyah.

N Bolding, N Ng, and E Davis won  overall second place in competition for orienteering (team)

B Bennett recognized for taking second place in the Camp "Iron Man" marathon, taking 34 minutes to run 2.2 miles, after swimming a quartermile in the lake, then canoeing the last half mile in a canoe....first time for the Troop in over 15 years.  S Hardy, G  Davis, and E Davis placed fourth as a marathon team.

Dr. Rusty Brantley,  for the first time for the Troop in more than ten years,   tied for first place in leader "hand made" golfing over a 1/2 mile course through the camp terrain.

The Troop won:

 Second place for the Troop entrance way competition (first time in more than twenty years).

 The Camp Spirit keeping with all the preceding years attended.

and was  awarded the Commissioner's overall award for campsite cleanliness and appearance.

Except for Sunday night,  the weather held throughout the week... and no Scouts went home early  on Wednesday night..that thanks to all the support of all the leaders attending, made the week one of our best ever with anticipation with a better time next year.

Mr. Simon claims to have taken more that 3000 pictures, and along with his and other Dad's who also took pictures, they will be posted on the web site soon.

Monday night, June 18 is a quartermaster night, starting at 6:30 PM at the Hut for Troop and patrol quartermasters...uniform not required.  Following the storing of gear, there will be Patrol leaders Conference beginning at 7:00 PM.including all patrol leaders and Asst Patrol leaders, as well a Asst Senior Patrol Leaders.

Parents and Scouts who participated in the Butt/Rib/pie sales should bring their ice chest to the Hut Sunday or Monday morning with their names on it, locking them in the gated rear area of the Hut.

If you can we could use some help in loading them from the warehouse on West Valley/Valley. We will meet at the Hut at 3:00 Pm with the Frank tank to  go get them for picking the same up at the Hut then or in the early evening...Thanks again to Mr. Cox for making this happen.

The BSA Sea Base crew will leave from the airport on Wednesday for the their trip  for sailing in the Florida Keys, returning the following week.

There will be a Troop Committee Meeting On Monday, June 18th at 8:00 PM following the PLC.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

Yours in Scouting..Dan s                       "Delivering the Promise"

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Summer Camp notes

  Several issues usually come up each year at summer camp that are overlooked by the boys (and leaders):  

The Camp requires closed toed foot wear everywhere except the water front and they enforce the rule regularly.... it's not an issue in our campsite....that just means he has to wear his sneakers or closed toed shoes all of the time with or w/out socks when he wanders to and from the camp site and the waterfront.

Hammocks are not permitted in prevent barking the is strictly enforced.

It doesn't hurt to wear some type of ear plug when he swims..though the lake water itself is not the issue.

He should bring an extra pair of glasses and wear glasses restraints as not to lose them during some activities.

He needs his Scout Book in order to be signed off  for rank advancement and/or in order to have a Scoutmaster's Conference or Board of Review.

Unless he is taking water front merit badges,with a lot of sun exposure,  sun protection is only minimal..the camp is well shaded and heat has never been a problem for us..except in making sure he stays hydrated by drinking regular amounts of water..which the leaders stress each day.

Athletes foot has never been an issue for us.

We can't over emphasize putting his medications, if he takes any on a daily basis, in a ziplock bag with his name on it (magic marker of inclosed paper ID) along with page 41 in the Summer Camp Guide (Troop Web Site) explaining the dosage or other peculiarities the medics, and our own leaders need to know about. The bag has to be turned into the Medic Hut when we get there and he will be taken there by a leader whenever the medication is required (usually around meal times or as directed).

New Scouts: 

 We will be staying in BSA tents, set on a wooden platform.   The tents  are always in excellent shape..but..if it is going to rain on a regular basis, and he may have a small leak in the roof (rare) he should bring a  $1.00 or so painter's plastic drop cloth to put over his bunk and gear if he needs it..otherwise it is not an issue.

Flash light...he will need one, either a headlamp, or a type that he can hold between his teeth while he work with his hands. He will also need it to walk to and fro in the dark if required.  There is no electricity in the camp site and the troop lanterns stay in the patrol area under the patrol by the tarp/picnic table

Don't forget a toothbrush and underarm deodorant.

One pair of green Scout socks is not enough if it is going to be wet.  Two pair should be on hand to rotate through the week.

They sell ice cream/candy/soda and souvenirs in the camp store.  He will need some spending money...but not a great deal.

Again...Remember Wednesday night is parent's night.  There will be a big campfire for the family along with the Order of the Arrow Tap Out for those Scouts and leaders chosen this year.  Bring his favorite meal, fast food, and have a picnic with him in the camp area or a spot of his choosing..take a tour of the camp with him, and don't entertain his thoughts of going home with you in case he is a little homesick.....He be home in two nights anyway.  If you are not sure of the way, ride with another parent(s). the map in the Troop Guide to camp is straight forward.  

Normally, you should arrive anytime after 4:00PM and he will meet you in the parking lot to walk you down to the camp site with your your travel light..if you will need to ride..the staff will have to authorize your driving the vehicle. If you can't make the trip, just have another parent bring his meal for him as the dining hall will not be open for supper. Watch the weather forecast for rain..and if so, be prepared for it..the roads in camp are not paved, so wear the appropriate foot wear.

Camp is a great adventure, a lot of fun,  and the only time of the year when we gather as a group in terms of esprit and camaraderie. We will be one of the largest Troops there, if not the largest, and certainly the most spirited as the boys usually are. We will have more leaders present than any time before.... Rain and some adversity only add to the experience.   As we say everyday : "don't happy......."

YiS Dan s                                       "Delivering the Promise"

Friday, June 08, 2012

Troop News

We had a good turnout for the loading of gear for camp tonight and were completed at 7:15 PM..

We will meet at 10:30 AM, this Sunday, June 10,  at the Hut (red Troop T shirts, Scout shorts, Scout Belt, and Scout socks) to pack personal gear ( steam trunks or plastic storage boxes)  and head out to camp (we won't  be stopping for a meal or a snack, so he needs to bring his lunch or eat before he gets there)..his supper will be at camp at about 5:00 PM.  If the boys choose, we will stop for brunch/lunch on the return trip,  returning to the Hut before Noon on June 16.

Remember, if you can't visit on Wednesday night (June 13),  assure  some one or another family brings him his favorite fast food for his meal Wednesday night  at camp. You can arrive anytime after 4:00 PM and he will meet you in the Parking Lot to walk you down to the camp site with your meal and other items.  Transportation by vehicle will be with permission only by the staff at the parking lot if transportation assistance is necessary with your car.  We will be in Frontier Place and Boiling Springs camp sites (next to each other and found on the Summer Camp guide on the Troop Web Site and in our Troop 21 Guide) (down past the Camp rappelling and climbing tower).  Please dress for   weather conditions  in case of rain/wet unpaved road conditions.

Thanks to Mr. Bennett and Mr. and Mrs Griggs, we have the following evenings covered for programs on the June 25th, July 9th, July 16th, and July 23rd...more details will be announced after the PLC and Committee meeting on Monday June 18th following summer camp.  We will continue to have the programs on these dates, even though the Sea Base Crews and Wyoming Trip crew are gone.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s                               "Delivering the Promise"