Monday, June 01, 2015

J Branin Eagle Project

I have scheduled a work day for my Eagle project for Saturday, June 6.

I will be replacing the gravel with brick pavers in the walking path at the Alabama Veterans Memorial at Liberty Park. I will be starting work at 8 AM and can use help from the troop. Please bring shovels, hoes, dirt rakes, wheel barrows and work gloves. We will be working until the project is complete, 8 til ?. Lunch and water/cool aid will be provided.

I am still accepting donations to help pay for the materials.


J Branin

Troop News

We had well attended meeting tonight covering summer camp basics. On Thursday, 6/4/15, all patrol leaders, Troop and patrol quartermasters need to be present at the Hut at 6:30 PM for loading gear into the Frank Tank and Trailer. Uniform not required. We will need extra leaders present to assist in packing and loading the large white Troop canopy/cover presently in the Lions Club building.

We will meet at the Hut at 10:30 AM Sunday (6/7), for loading personal gear and heading out to camp. We won't be stopping for lunch enroute to camp, so the Scout should pack a lunch since we will not be eating until 5:00 pm at camp. We will not have breakfast at camp Saturday (6/13) when we leave early in the AM, so he should bring money for breakfast at McDonalds on the way home with an expectation time between 11-12AM.

If you have any questions, before we leave, please don't hesitate to call.

Troop News

Just a reminder that the meeting tonight is required for all those who will be attending summer camp, especially new Scouts and a parent. as the Scouts, with leader comments, will be talking to camp requirements and what we will be doing there for the week. Additional "what to bring to camp" information is in the Troop Guide, the new Scout handouts, the "Camp Guide (2015)" found on the Troop web site, and other locations on the web site that we have used and added to over the past years.

As reminded last night in an email by Mr. Brown, we have to have all the incomplete details on all the required forms tonight as he listed for completion. Over the years the requirements, especially the medical form requirements, are strictly enforced by the camp.

We ( all Troop leadership including all quartermasters) will be coming in this Thursday night (6/4/15) at 6:30 PM to load all our Troop gear for the trip. It normally lasts an hour or so and the uniform is not required. We will meet at the hut with all his personal gear on Sunday (6/7/15) for the final loading and departure for camp. We will not be stopping enroute, so he should eat or pack a lunch for the trip to Camp Sequoyah. (The Scout) will expect a parent or another parent to bring him his dinner Wednesday night (4-10:00pm) during visiting hours as the dining hall will not be open. He will need breakfast money for a stop at McDonalds on the way back on Sunday.

The first crew made it back from Sea Base last week and they will be highlighting the trip tonight for the Scouts with a more detailed program/with pictures to be scheduled at a Troop meeting this summer. Mr. Simon has posted about 3000 pictures of the first crew on the Troop web site. Take the time to look at them and plan on sending the Scout on the next trip we take, be it Sea Base, Philmont, or Northern Tier. The second Sea base crew is on the way back also (due 6/2/15).

Thanks to the continued efforts of Mr. Branin, the Troop Philmont Crews will be heading to New Mexico June 28th, returning on the 14th of July.

A busy summer for us...

As noted on the Troop calendar, we are scheduled for canoeing at Grimes Canoe Base (Tn) (July) (Friday AM-Sunday) and the Nantahala and the Ocoee Rivers for white water rafting in August (Friday PM-Sunday).

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

Please make sure you are making a copy of or forwarding this email to your son for his information and planning calendar. It is always discovered at meetings that many of the Scouts are not being informed of Troop trips/activities/service opportunities through their patrol leaders, especially if they were absent at a meeting when the activity was announced.