Saturday, August 18, 2012

J Clark Eagle Project

The project is to build two permanent benches, one two sided and one single sided, for the Shades Mountain Baptist Church soccer field.

There will be two workdays on Saturdays to complete this project.

1.  Saturday, August 25th  Time: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM  Location: 3550 Atvonn Drive Hoover 35226
        Lunch will be provided.   Tools Needed:  drills, circular saws, tape measures  
        After all wood is cut for the project, swimming will be available.

2.  Saturday, September 8th  Time:  9:00 AM - 4:00 PM  Location: Shades Mountain Baptist Church 2017 Columbiana Road
                 Vestavia Hills, AL 35216  Soccer Field Pavilion.   Lunch will be provided
           Tools Needed:drills, circular saws, tape measures, 1 post hole digger, 1 wheel barrow,  3 -4 Extension chords, Socket
                                     Wrenches & Sockets,  Levels, Shovels

Water will be provided on each work day.

Donations are being accepted for this project.

Please make checks out to troop 21 and put J Clark eagle project in memo section of check.

Your in Christ,

J  Clark

Troop News

TODAY'S EAGLE PROJECT:   C Hutchen's Eagle project, at the Shades Mountain Elementary School, though temporarily put off  from 8:00 AM until  3:00 PM due to weather had excellent attendance of more than forty Scouts and leaders, with most of the greater requirements met for completion of the project.    Hot dogs and chips topped off the evening.  Pictures will be posted the Troop Web site by Mr. Simon.

RAPPELLING TRIP:  The Troop rappelling trip to Buck's  Pocket State Park is still on but we will shift the dates FROM  the weekend of September 14 (13-15)    TO   the weekend of September 22 (21-23)  as described in the last newsletter (August 15) making reference to a possible change if required.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s                                "Delivering the Promise"

Friday, August 17, 2012

Both the PLC and Committee Meetings were well attended on Monday, August 13.
Thanks again to Mr. Branin and the early party for setting up the camp at Gee State Park before we arrived Friday night for the white water rafting trips.

 There were about thirty four present for the trip..Mr. Elmore taking the Venture down the Ocoee and the remainder floating down the Nantahala.  Venture combined their efforts and had dinner, fully dressed hot dogs, for all,  giving us more time than usual before it got dark.  We left in a record time the next morning heading for the Hut.  The weather during the entire trip was excellent.  Pictures of the float will be inserted on the Troop web site.

18 August   Corry Hutchen's Eagle Proect at the Shades Mountain Elementary School  8:00 AM until about Noon with Pizza at the conclusion.  These proects are the culmination of the trail to Eagle and should be attended by Scouts heading that way to better understand the project process and to help out the candidate towards it's conclusion.  Attendance is also service hours and counts as activities for rank advancement.  Work clothes, work gloves, dressing for the weather and a water bottle.

20 August  regular meeting with guest speaker, Mr. David Dyson,  presenting a program designed for younger people based on "Planning for Life."

25 August "Top Gun"  The Council's annual competition for the  highest scoring shooters in rifle and archery at Summer camp.  Competition also includes skeet.

26 August S Hardy's Eagle Court in the old Sanctuary of the Bluff Park United Methodist Church . beginning at 2:00 PM with a reception following.  The Eagle  Court marks the culmination of Sam's nearly five years of working toward Eagle.  Like regular Courts of Honor, Eagle Courts are a family affair for the  celebration of obtaining the Eagle rank.

27 August  Regular meeting with guest Speaker, Senior FBI Agent, Ashley Currie, discussing career opportunities in the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies.  Scoutmaster's minute: Mr. Hill

3 September  No meeting due to the Labor Day holiday

7-9 September   Order of the Arrow Ordeal at Camp Comer , Ft. Payne , AL .   Those Scouts and Leaders tapped out this summer for being members of the OA should go to:     and register to attend. We will need to know who is going by the August 20th meeting  to work up transportation to and from the camp.  We will depart from the Hut at 4:30PM.  More information will be given out on the 20th at the meeting regarding what to bring. There were seven scouts and two leaders tapped out giving us a total of more than 15 possible  attendees from the Troop.

9 September  There will be a parents/leaders meeting at 3:00 PM in the Family Room, facing the gym, in the Bluff Park United Methodist Church for an hour or so to discuss Troop business and coming recommended change to streamline Troop operations for the immediate future.  Since discussion will include financial and scheduling considerations, as many who can attend, should.  The meeting will last for about an hour or so.


w/the change 10 September  Regular meeting with guest speakers  S and S Hardy covering the Indian Lore Merit badge.  Scoutmaster's minute: Mr. Crabtree

w/the change:    17 September:  Regular meeting with  guest speaker Casey Fannon (physical fitness and nutrition), with patrol  work roster and meal planning for the 21-23 Troop trip to Bucks' Pocket State Park for rappelling.Scoutmaster's Minute: Mr. Griggs.

20 September Pack gear for trip at 6:30 PM, uniform not required.

21-23 September  Rappelling trip to Buck's Pocket State Park

24 September  PLC and Troop Committee Meeting.

Mrs. Eggers, the Popcorn Colonel for the Troop, attended an annual District/Council meeting regarding Popcorn sales and the Troop....remember  all the sales that the Scout does, except for Vulcan District costs, go back to the Scout to save for Troop trips and high adventure.  He shouldn't pass this opportunity up in order to assist in meeting expenses requirements in the Troop.

Vulcan District News  (August 14 Meeting):

SMLT September 22 at Canteberry UMC, Mountain Brook

NOTE    (If you are an active adult with us, and will register in order to come on trips with the Troop, it is a requirement for you to complete Youth Protection (on line) and attend the SMLT and OLS courses listed below either in the Fall or the Spring. You will need these courses to register this coming December for 2013 with the Troop.)

OLS  October 12-14 (Location to be announced)

Vulcan District Awards Banquet January 31, 2013

Vulcan District Camporee:  Weekend of February 16, 2013

University of Scouting , March 2, 2013 at Jefferson State Jr College

Vulcan Advance O Rama  exact date  to be announced for April,  2013

SMLT March 9, 2013 Canteberry UMC
OLS April 5-7 (Location to be announced)

March 7, 2013  American Values Luncheon (Friends of Scouting)

According to the operations Director, there are numerous Eagle Scout Projects just waiting to be done at the Red Mountain Park...Scouts just need to call for a appointment.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s                           "Delivering the Promise"

Monday, August 13, 2012

C Hutchens Eagle Project this Saturday

Dear Troop 21,

I'm happy to announce that my Eagle Project is nearing the last steps
for completion! Thanks to everyone for their donations and support for
making all of this possible.

For my project, I have designed and created educational signs
identifying trees.  They tell interesting facts about certain species
of trees.   We will erect approximately twenty signs on the Blue Ridge
Nature Trail that is located at Shades Mountain Elementary School.  
These signs will benefit the teachers and students at the elementary
school and anyone in the community that wants to walk the Blue Ridge
Nature Trail.

A large portion of the project has already been completed.  I have
worked extensively with the trail coordinator and botanist Mrs. Kibelka
to select the species of trees to be included in this project.  In
addition, the text and graphics for each sign has been selected/written
and sent to the printer.   During an initial work day with scouts we
were able to assemble all the sign posts.

With your help, we can complete the final stage of the work next
Saturday, August 18th.  This will be an excellent opportunity for
scouts needing service hours or troop participation for rank

I hope you can come out and help a bit.  Lunch will be served!  Here
are the details:

Saturday, August 18th
8:00 AM to Noon -Lunch Included

The Playground directly adjacent to Shades Mountian Elementary School
(Link for Driving Directions)

Items To Bring:
Work Gloves
Shovel (If you have one.)
Appetite for Lunch (I hope you have one.)

Thanks and look forward to see you there!

C Hutchens

Troop News

The campout this weekend at Gee State Park and the trip down the
Nantahala and Ocee Rivers was one of our best.  Thanks to all the
leaders who assisted in making it as successful as it was.  The weather
turned out to be mild and sunny.

We have about fifteen tents to take down and pack up tonight from the
campout....All the Scouts who were on the campout should be there
tonight to assist in taking them down or re-hanging them if still
wet..we should have this done in less than forty minutes..uniform not
required..this is normally a quartermaster responsibility but very few
hands went up to be present at the last formation before we left

The Troop PLC (patrol leaders conference) will start around 7:00 PM
followed by the Troop Committee
Meeting at 8:00 PM tonight. All patrol leaders, asst patrol leaders
need to attend.

Some topics will be Eagle court dates,  a request for change to the
September dates for rappelling by the instructor/staff, and other up
and coming Troop business.

Haven't attended recently?   Tonight would be  good time.  Your input
is important and often adds the depth and perspective required.

YiS  Dan S                           "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Whitewater Trip

An excellent meeting tonight with Dr. Tracy Hamilton as the guest
speaker with his chemistry show.

The NOAC crew, S and St Hardy and M Gunn returned after a
weekend from attending the National Order of the Arrow Conference at
Michigan State University at Lancing.  They competed in ceremonial
competition for the Pre Ordeal phase of the OA Ordeal.  Two other teams
also competed from the Chapter.  There were more than 7,000 Scouts at
the Conference, with the Alabama contingent being the second largest in
size attending (105 of the Coosa Lodge).

The total fee per person for the Nantahala white water trip this coming
weekend is $65.00 per person; the fee for the Ocoee is $120.00 per
person.  Quartermasters will meet this Thursday at 6:30 PM to pack our
gear (uniform not required),  and we will meet at the Hut at 5:00 PM on
Friday to leave for Gee State Park (red Troop t shirt, Scout socks,
Scout belt and Scout short or long trousers.  The early (Advance) party
will also meet at the Hut at 6:30 PM on Thursday and will meet on
Friday at 8:15 AM to depart for the early arrival and set up at Gee
State Park.  Uniform for advance party is also red Troop T shirts and
other parts of the uniform.

When parents drop off their son on Friday, they must come in the Hut to
sign the Nantahala/Ocoee Rafting Consent Form and turn in the BSA
consent form along with the paying fee for the trip.

We will return between 1 and 2PM on Sunday, stopping for a lunch at

Thanks for your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan S                              "Delivering the Promise"

What to bring to Whitewater Rafting

We didn't cover what is required for the trip at the meeting last

Red T shirt uniform to and from the site on the bus as usual for
travel.  This applies to all leaders as well who will be on the trip.
Uniform consists of the Troop shirt, Scout shorts or long trousers,
Scout socks, and Scout belt.

He will dress in river clothes when he gets up on Saturday morning:
swimming trunks, t shirt, and sneakers or river style /boat shoes that
won't come off his feet in turbulent water or walking on rocks and
rought terrain.  Rubber slip ons,  poorly made keiva type shoes won't

He will get on the boat with these clothes..he may want to bring a rain
jacket if he gets cold on the's not usually necessary..or he
can wear a long sleeve shirt on the river instead..but he going to get
wet in the raft.

He needs a quart water bottle on the raft as he will be on it for
two-three hours and will get thirsty on the way down. it should have a
rope on it so he can tie it to the raft as not to lose it.  He may
bring a bailer, or a half of a water/milk jug to bail his raft and
spray water other rafts (this should also be tied in with rope so he
won't lose it.)

He will have lunch at the ready site before he gets on the raft (Troop
lunch).  He will need some cash to stop at McDonalds for lunch on the
way back.

When he is completed the trip on the raft, he will need dry clothes to
change into on the bus so he won't have to sit in a wet bathing suit
and shirt on the two-three hour drive back to camp.

He may want to have some small cash to buy a soft drink or ice cream
bar and souvenier when he gets of the raft at the gift store.....He
will keep that on the bus during the rafting trip.

Thanks for all your support for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan S                              "Delivering the Promise"