Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer Camp

Summer camp is just around the corner.....there are several items we need to cover:

If you and the Scout haven't read over or go through the Summer Camp Guide posted on the Troop Web Site, you should do that if you have any questions....There is a great deal of information that will answer a good number of questions you may have,  especially if this is his first time.  There is other similar information located in Troop handouts given at Troop orientations in the past.

If you haven't been to Camp Sequoyah before, there are maps posted in the above Camp Guide, plus the Troop Guide.

If you are a leader coming up with us the initial day, make sure you put your personal gear  on the Frank Tank before we leave as only one car at a time will be allowed in the camp site ( Boone's Place and Raccoon Hollow)...they are strict about this.  This way you can join the boys when we initially drive into camp and have your gear when we unload.We will split the Scouts and leaders between the two camp sites.

No square steamer or hard ridged boxes are allowed as there is not enough room in the Tank for transportation for every one attending (54 Scouts and Leaders)...regular ruck sacks work....

He needs to bring a coat hanger for his Class A shirt, as he will wear it and the rest of the uniform only at campfires, Vespers, and the evening meal or as designated..his sash and Troop neckerchief  are not required,  otherwise dress will be casual.  He should bring his underarm deodorant, tooth brush, at least five pair of socks, if he wears them during the day, same for other personal clothes for the five days he will be there...rain suits will be required as it will probably rain during the week.

When you bring his medications (if any) put them in   a plastic baggie  with his name marked on the outside of the bag . Go to page 9 of the Camp Guide and make a copy of the prescription medication format and fill it out in detail for the medics at camp...All medications have to be in the original containers and not generic pill boxes to avoid confusion by the staff.  They are strict about this.   Make sure all parts of the BSA Medical form is filled out in detail,  and given to Mr. Simon as soon as possible...all details that are required should be double checked,  particularly signatures, or they will call from camp  and require a fax to complete it at camp....

He can get a camp card (credit card) for summer camp by looking at the Summer Camp Guide  or email for information at He will need some spending money in camp for miscellaneous items he may want from the Camp cream..cold al ...We will also stop at McDonalds on the way back for breakfast/lunch.

Merit Badges:  Have him look at pages 23-24 in the Summer Camp Guide and look at requirements he will have to do at home and turn in later..if he can bring that requirement to camp beforehand, the instructor will be able to pass him off, rather than contacting Mr. Stocks after camp for badge completion....

Try to visit him on Wednesday night (parents night) if you may arrive anytime after 4:00PM..he will meet you at the parking lot to help carry his supper down to the campsite...unless due to an impairment,  visitors  are asked to walk as there is little room for parking at the camp site.  Dress for the weather...umbrellas if showers are  forecast.  You can leave snacks with him when your depart. He will assist you back to the parking lot.

Swim Test...coming up as previously mentioned..otherwise he and swimming leaders will have to take the test when we get there.

He can only wear closed toe shoes in open toed sandles except at the swimming area.

He should bring insect repellant.

No hammocks will be permitted at camp.

If a Troop Patrol Leader or Troop   or patrol quartermaster,  he needs to be at the Hut at 6:30 PM to load our Troop gear on June 6 (Thursday) It takes about an hour or so and uniform is not required.

He should arrive at the Hut at 11:30AM, Sunday, June 9  with all his gear in his red Troop T Shirt and uniform...don't forget pack the tan shirt in his gear bag...We will leave on the Bus at the Hut at 12:00 Noon  on June 9 in order to arrive at 1:30PM to register in camp and settle in. He will only need his Tan BSA shirt when we go to supper that night at the dining hall.

We will leave Camp early as possible  in order to get back to the Hut before 1:00PM, Saturday June 15.

If you still need to pay the Scout's or a leader's annual Troop registration fee, please arrange with Mr. Elmore to do so.

We will cover these  and other points at the June 3 meeting.  

YiS Dan s                                 "Delivering the Promise"

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Reunion, Memorial Day activites

Thanks to Mr Crabtree, and those who were there to assist, we had the best Troop Re-Union in recent memory tonight....There were nearly fifty or more  Scouts, leaders, and parents in attendance..we began at about 6:00 PM and locked the doors after cleaning up at about 8:45...thanks to Mr. Crabtree,  soft drinks and Bar B Q were present adding to the camaraderie and esprit.....

There was a spread of experience present from the late 60's through the present with a great sense of humor, passing on  indelible  memories, and a trip through the past  spoken by all.....

For those making donations, thank you for passing on the legacy for a strong Troop.

We are still slim on attendance for this coming Saturday and Sunday Memorial Day activities....if the Scout and leader/parents can make it, the numbers would be appreciated for representing the Troop, the BSA, and the Veterans who will be recognized with flags (National Cemetery) and recognition at the Liberty Park Memorial.

Thanks and advance for you support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS  Dan s                           "Delivering the Promise"

Friday, May 10, 2013

Troop News

Congratulations to Eagle Scouts E Kidd and J Berry and their families for successfully completing their final Eagle Board last night at the Vulcan District Eagle Boards of Review.    Thanks also to Mr. Chris  Morrow, serving as the Troop's  Eagle Guide, for the time, effort, and assistance in assuring the Troop process is ongoing and successful.  Thanks also to Mr. Greg Stocks, Troop Advancement  Chair,  for assuring the continuity in the Troop's advancement process making these moments as successful as the are.

There are several members of the Troop, both active and inactive members who serve on these Boards....Mr. Mark Branin, Mrs. Cathy  Kidd, Mr. Stephen Smith, Mr. Wes Smith, Mr. Randy Watts, Mr. Richard Griffith, and Mr. Win Jones.  They meet usually once or twice a month with other Board members in the District for reviewing the initial proposals and final completions of Eagle projects.  Their work adds a great deal of depth to the Troop in preparing the Scouts for their projects based on their knowledge and experience of sitting on the Boards and reviewing all the projects presented by the Scouts/candidates.   New members are always welcome and encouraged  to join the Boards as assist in the process while adding depth to our leadership ranks.

Friday, May 10th....Since the Troop gear from last weekend's camp out was still too wet last Monday to take down and pack, it was decided at the PLC and Troop Committee to take it all down tonight (May 10) ....Please come by and help and/or drop you son off at the Hut for about an hour  or so starting at 6:00PM tonight to assist with the take down and storage of equipment.  The more who assist the quicker we we be completed. As always numbers make a difference. Uniform not required.

Saturday May 11th... Troop Yard Sale....current weather forecasts are indicating rain in the morning....however..since we are not sure whether it will be a plan stopper,   we will continue to plan on having the Troop Yard Sale as planned over the past several weeks.....

At this time,  Mr. Camp will be on the site (more than 17 families have pre-registered) an will make that determination and announce the contingency plan..either for a later time or a later date. Thanks again to Mr. Camp for coordinating, planning, and assuring the sale's success.   As we know, the purpose of the sale is to assist you cleaning house,  and more,  to increase the Troop's operation's budget.  Please check your emails for any further information.

Moms...on behalf of the Troop Committee,  have a relaxing,  well earned Mother's day this Sunday.  Thanks for making the Troop as strong as it is with all your leadership, support, and assistance.

YiS Dan s                                         "Delivering the Promise"