Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bluff Park Art Show this Saturday

There were a great deal of Scouts who were not present at the meeting last night for one reason or another, especially the older Scouts. It is expected that all Scouts, unless they are out of town, will be at the Bluff Park Art Show some time during the day to support this annual activity. We need the most help between Noon and 5:00 PM.

If they couldn't be there last night, they can still assist on Saturday unless they have a definite reason not to be there...thanks for you support. The uniform is Brown shirt, Scout shorts or long pants, and belt. The Cumberland Caverns trip was canceled due to not enough Scouts wanting to participate. We will have a Wilderness survival camp out that weekend at Oak Mountain State Park with details to follow..the cost will be under $25.00.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Changes in Caving trip, Wilderness Surivial instead

A busy weekend if you attended the Order of the Arrow Fall Fellowship Weekend, and earlier for our Nunne-Hi Chapter meeting at Briarwood Presbyterian Scout Meeting Place.

Please encourage attendance tonight for a good turnout for our Troop elections. We will also do our Troop Scheduling for the Bluff Park Annual Art Show this weekend...we are asking that all active leaders and all Scouts come either for the afternoon or morning periods, or all day if you can to help out. Need help for our set up starting at 6:00 AM, then from 9:00 to Noon and particularly from Noon to 5:00 PM for closing....we will sign up for these tonight at the Hut.

Since attendance at the cave is going to be too low to keep the price down for those who want to go (70.00) we are going to instead sell doing "Wilderness Survival," a merit badge and basic survival techniques that weekend instead of going to TN. In the cave's place, if they ones who want to will, we will go to Oak Mountain State Park for the weekend (Fri-Sun) and earn the merit badge.....Dr. Frank Nelson will be the facilitator if Mr. Branin can get us a reservation..if not then to Tanner Hill, or DeSoto State Park...If we go to Oak Mountain, the cost will be 25.00 or so. inclusive of all. the farther out, the more of course for fuel, with DeSoto the more expensive depending on fuel...So we will see tonight when the reports are in and the hands go up.

We will be having guest speaker on Oct 6 and 13, and Dr. Nelson, do they want to go on the weekend for the merit badge will speak both days on Wilderness Survival.

Mr. Buddy Hawkins will be here tonight for a few to show/tell the boys how easy it is to sell popcorn....his son Charles set records when they were in 321 selling popcorn in the area. Remember, though we will be selling popcorn for the Troop at the Art Show and at the Tree lot, we promised the boys that all they sold individually from their homes, the profit cut normally going to the Troop (35%) will be theirs to keep for Scouting trips or whatever they choose to use it for as incentive to sell.Wreath sales are also now going on..we set the goal of six per family in the past, please try to do that again to assure our operating budget for 09 is where it should be. We will also make some funds at the Art Show as we normally do which contributes to our budget.

On Trees...remember the start selling the day after Thanksgiving, so watch for the announce and to be posted troop schedule. We are going to have to use some extra help on putting our tree signs up, in high population/traffic points in the community, then watching them, to prevent them from getting stolen the first week to attract new buyers other than our regular customers that will ask some time above and beyond the normal lot work...

Please encourage attendance tonight to take care of what we just talked to...


Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Caving Reservation

So far we have a count as follows for the Cumberland Caverns Trip:
Venture :DE
Grizzlies :DH,ZK,MP
Hawks : BD
Indians: JC
Penquins: SC & Dad, SH, LG
Foxes: SH & Dad, DL & Dad, AT & Dad, MG & Dad
Leaders : Mr. Strunk

13 Scouts 6 Leaders, 19 total

Cost for 20 $65.00 for entry fee and fuel Bus and one vehicle
Cost for 25 $60.00 for entry fee and fuel Bus and one vehicle

A final count will be made Monday night (9/29) at the regular meeting for a go and how much, or a no go.

This trip was voted on by the 35 Scouts and five leaders who were present at the January planning conference, 08. To date the boys have made no suggestions for an alternative trip, or raised hands to suggestions to an alternative trip at this time for the same dates.

If your son and a parent/leader is going on the trip, but not listed above, or if listed above, but not going, please reply to this email. If listed, attendance is will expected for reservation purposes...

Thanks for all your support....


Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Popcorn Sales

This coming week we will pick up a supply of pop corn from the Scout Service Center in the smaller troop trailer and sell the pop corn from the trailer at the bluff Park art show and the annual Christmas tree sales at the tree lot. The Troop will collect thirty-five percent of the total. What we don't sell we will return to the Service Center. The sixty-five percent we do sell will be returned to the GAC for the BSA and for further distribution overseas to the US Forces stationed in the current war zones. We will pick up signs for sales at the service center also.

Regarding personal pop corn sales: More than fifteen boys raised their hands to make individual sales of pop corn when asked by District Reps if they wanted to sell popcorn at the meeting when the Mayor visited us.

Those wishing to individually sell pop cornt can pick up the order forms and signs from the Hut and begin taking orders.... When the pop corn is ready for pick up from the orders, we will make arrangements to pick it up for the boys to make distribution to the ordering points....Remember.....at the meeting, when the Mayor was present, I stated that all the 35 percent profit the personal sales gerearte will be returned directly to the Scout to save for trips or anything else he wants to spend it on as a way of incentive. Paying for trips has always been an issue, particularly with growing costs today, and allowing the Scout to sell all the popcorn he can to make all he can for trips throughout the year or to high adventure should help the family out. It is a good way to practice salesmanship and began the process or enhance his current progress toward financial independence (as well as earning credit for and working on the Personal Management and Sales merit badges also)

The Troop as you know, depends heavily and directly on tree sales, wreath sales, and water, ice cream, and now pop corn sales for our annual budget...We think continued marketing diversity will permit us to stay ahead of the curve, and our head above the waves, regarding growing troop expenses to maintain the legacy and integrity of the Troop in terms of assuring we have funding on hand for the requirements as they arise.

Your usual support and encouragement in making this all happen is always appreciated by the Scouts in keeping the Troop as strong as it has always been in the future....Thanks for your support...


Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Upcoming Events for next few months

We had a good turnout for the PLC..The greatest question at this time is who is coming on the Cave Trip to Cumberland Caverns ,TN

If we go with 25 the cost is $60.00 for fuel and the entrance fee to the cave. If more than 25 go the cost will be less by prorating the fuel. If less than 25 go, the trip will cost more than $60.00....the cave entry fee is $35.00 includes breakfast on Sunday, but the Scout will be on his own for fast food (supper on Sat night and lunch or a snack on Sunday afternoon).

We will leave around Noon from the hut (10/18) in our traveling uniform, arrive at the cave before 5:00 PM..change into cave clothes, enter the cave and come out at about 8:30 AM Sunday (10/19). a previous newsletter described our options during past years at better fuel rates.

The patrol leader of each patrol was supposed to call each member to see who was coming to the cave trip, including any leaders, to be at the meeting this coming Monday for Troop elections and scheduling the Bluff Park Art Show duty roster, and whether they wanted to sell pop corn to earn the profits for themselves this year. The Patrol leaders were supposed to call B Garrett to report to me the numbers after 9:30 PM 9/22 or 9/23. We will have to make reservations for the cave ten days before we arrive.

Other subjects: there is an eight by four metal work station at the Hut that was contributed by Mr. Berry for the Scouts. It is too big for the space in the Hut, if you have room for this in your home please arrange to take it next Monday.

There is a Order of the Arrow Meeting at Briarwood Presbyterian at 6:30 PM this thursday Sept 25. All members are invited to attend (Nunnehi Chapter). The meeting is in the Meeting Building near the rear of the Main Buildings.

Want CPR certification? We will do it in the Hut on October 25th at 8:30 at the Hut for two hours or less. Call the Scoutmaster for a reservation.Make sure he attends the meeting this coming Monday as we will have Troop elections and schedule the Art Show (October 4) an all day event which he should be there all or part of the day to help out. Need leaders in uniform also...we will be lifting trash, setting up the BPUMChurch Cookie sales tarp and tables, securing art in the Community Center Building, and selling ice cream, wreaths, and water for the Troops operations budget. Dr. Hamilton will be passing out Wreath sales agenda this coming Monday also. They will be due at the Court of Honor on October 27. Each family should count on selling six wreaths or similar products for us to have a good year in 09. Wreaths can be mailed to family members out of state, to friends, or acquaintences, and loved ones as well as hand delivered by yourselves in town.

Christmas tree sales are also coming up. We usually set up the day after thanksgiving to begin sales. The Scout and a family member (parent) will all be scheduled for two-three, or four times at the lot. Christmas tree sales serve as our primary source of Troop Operations throughout the coming year (vehicle maintenance, building utilities, operations funding) We may be selling pop corn at the Art Show, Moss Rock festival, and tree sales for troop operations also.Life Scouts: Miss Pam Conville is looking for Eagle projects at the Bluff Park Elementary School: email her at pconville@hoover.k12.al.us...Also, have you called the Southern Musueum of Flight, the Oak Mountain State Park Ranger, Hoover Park and Recreation Board/Ranger, Birmingham Zoo, Birmingham Bontanical Gardens, your Pastor at your Church, Reverend Reid Crotty at the BPUM Church, Barbers Sports Center, to name a few that are waiting for potential projects to be assigned....

All of the next meetings should be attended:

29 September: Troop elections/Bluff Park Art Show scheduling. Mr Young Scout Master's Minute (SMM)

4 October Bluff Park Art Show Scouts and Leaders required part or all of the day

6 October two guest speakers arranged by Mr. Griffith and the requirements for the Physical Fitness merit Badge. SMM Mr. Hardy

13 October guest speaker(s) plus a merit badge, SMM Mr. Branin

Moss Rock Festival Support will be announced Oct 16 Quartermaster night (6:30 PM to 7:30 PM) if required

Oct 18-19 Cumberland Cavern (if scheduled)Oct 20 Patrol Leaders Conference(PLC)/Committee Meeting

Oct 25 CPR 8:30 - 10-30 AM by reservation with SM

October 27 Court of Honor at the Bluff Park United Methodist Church. This is a family affair with the Scout in the Class A uniform uniform with merit badge sash and troop neckerchief. Meal is pot luck with each family bringing and entre plus a side dish determined by the PLC. All merit badges from summer camp will be awarded along with all rank advancement since last April, 08. More details plus an agenda to follow. Normally begins at 6:30 PM with the Host partol arriving at 6:00PM for the set up in the Reid Crotty Fellowship Hall.November 3 Meeting

November 7-9 Talledega NASCAR campout for the Greater Alabama Council. We won't be attending this as we will be going to Shiloh for our regular trip. Scout are invited to attend...if enough show an interest we can take the bus for a fuel fee per person with the cost for all day entry being $10.00 per person. we will ask for a headcount at the November 3 meeting.

November 10 Meeting

November 11 Scouts will march in Vetern's Day Parade in Downtown Bham with bus and Frank Tank

Mr. Young is still planning for a Troop Ski Trip to Sugar Mountain in January for less than $150.00. The Date will be announced for January 09. Remember, Mr. Griffith is still planning the high adventure trip to the Forida Sea Base in Islamoralda, Fla during the last part of May and first part of June. By reservation only. Also, as a final projection, we are looking at Northern Tier at Ely Canoe base in Minnesota for 2010 (canoeing). Have a career motivating subject interesting speaker for the Scouts? Please talk to bringing him or her in at a meeting night once planned and coordinated at the PLC the Monday following each trip. "Variety is still the spice of life."

Thanks for all your support.


Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Monday, September 22, 2008

Silver Comet & upcoming events

Good news and bad news. The bad news was that less than twenty people (ten scouts and nine leaders) came on the Silver Comet Trail trip; the good news was that the weather was great, the food was super, and it was one of best and most fun trips to an new site for camping and biking we've been on, and along with that, since we couldn't pull two trailers this time, we were able to get all the bikes with us in the one, on Mr. Debalsi's truck and Mr. Berry's car.

We rode two groups: One for the fifty file trip and the second for the twenty six mile trip with everyone completing them. Those who came on the Chief Latiega trail earlier in the year with us all improved this time regarding speed and endurance, and A Banal pushed through the "wall" easily. The campsite, James H.(Sloppy) Floyd State Park, just north of Rome, GA, was basic overlooking a lake and offered Adirondacks in place of tents.

The trail we covered was in great part all new since and the Comet will officially be joined to the Chief Latiega trail in a ceremony next week at a site on the trail shown in picture on the Web Site Mr. Simon will publish in the next day or so.

Want to again thank Mr. Lanier for making the trip possible by selecting the campsite and staying abreast of the trail, and for all the adults who took the time to assure our numbers and presence for the trip's success.

Finally, E Gibbs and his Dad, Charles, accompanied us to the Comet as guest of the Troop for their anticipated joining in the immediate future.

Please read the last email published on the Troop blog about the October trip to Cumberland Caverns.

We have a big Order of the Arrow weekend (Fall Fellowship) coming up this weekend for members (Sept 26-27-28) but they will not be having an ordeal for new members or a Brotherhood ceremony for regular members. It is a fun packed weekend with good food and activities. Those Scouts who were tapped out at summer camp and did not attend the two ordeal weekends recently, should plan on attending the May, 09 ordeal to seal their membership. We also have a Chapter Meeting this coming Thursday Night (25th) at the usual meeting room at the Briarwood Presbyterian Church starting at the same time for about an hour. Call P Kidd or K Berry (Chapter representatives) for details. Try to be there. We need the support and its fun.

We will be having guest speakers at our coming meetings, and are about to get busy with other activities and trips...

As we know, the Troop serves as the "Service Troop" for the annual Bluff Park Art show...We need Scouts and leaders to help out with this event to assure its success. It is scheduled for the first weekend in October (October 4). Except for cutting up BAR-B-Q Friday night (10:00-11:30PM as announced) , and bring over tables from the Bluff Park United Methodist Church , we help set up the Bluff Park United Methodist Church Cookie sales tarp early Saturday morn, pick up the trash for the entire event during the day, help out in the Community Center Building by protecting art, and also sell water (provided by Mr. Lanier and WoodsFruiticher) and Ice Cream (provided by Goodies) if provided. Usually the activities end before 5:00 PM. All Scouts and as many leaders as possible are expected to help. The Boys will schedule this at the Troop meeting on September 29.

September 29 is also Troop Elections night for the next six months leadership position. Please make sure he attends.

We also help out at the Moss Rock Festival in Hoover (during October)..The times and dates for that weekend will also be announced at meeting and on our Web Site.

Finally, but not least, don't forget that the Annual Shiloh (National Military Park) Trip is coming in November. It success depends on numbers attending and the weather. The weather is never a problem...numbers are...We will need leaders to go on the early party with Mr. Frost to set up and reserve our camp site at Shiloh, TN. They usually leave in the late morning. The more that attend the easier and more fun it is..so please look at your schedules now and make time for us in November 14-15-16 for our best trips of the year. Mr. Gilbert and Mr. Smith will coordinate the meals preparation and they also need assistance with that. This is the only trip during the year that the Scouts don't have to prepare meals.

Sorry for your reading so much, but.......

The Troop, through its annual budget, provides Kool-Aid for lunch and supper meal on trips. The Scouts can bring milk and orange juice for breakfast, but the Troop will not pay for other beverages for supper or lunch, such a Milo’s ice tea, Gatorade, or any carbonated beverages (Coke..Pepsi.etc..it's too expensive and the bulk uses up too much ice chest space. It has always been this way for these reasons....also please remember...the cost of a meal per Scout or leader is about $3.00 per person per meal. Please try to keep it within those bounds...to keep our costs down but food plentiful and economical...the exception is if the boys want to pay the extra themselves.

Thanks in advance to Mr. Branin for taking the bus down for its annual bus inspection at Transportation South today.

Like any other herd, pack, or flock ..we succeed best with high numbers...please encourage attendance...

New leaders....please try to attend the up and coming training with the district and give the boys the depth they need in our Scouting program.

Thanks for all your usual support....

YiS Dan S "Delivering the Promise"

Thursday, September 18, 2008

SMLST Training

SMLST is basic training for all leaders just entering Scouting and who will be active with the Troop working with the Scouts. SMLST will be held on October 11th at the Canterbury Scout Building and on Nov. 21-23 at Camp Sequoyah.

The October 11 course (Scoutmaster/Leadership Training Fundamentals) is just one day and in a class room environment, The November 21-23 is an outdoor camping scenario Outdoor Leadership) which closely represents an ideal Scout campout plus classes (everyone is assigned to a patrol).

If you attend both courses you can wear the "Trained" tab on your uniform. or you can do one now and one later but they are best worked with the SMLST first, the OS second the same time of the year.

The courses are very well done and will bring you abreast quickly about what the boy led troop concept is all about. Plus you meet a great group of persons that you will see later down the trail..finally, your attendance assist the Troop with our annual quality unit certification. You can use troop gear for the outdoor program....

Call me for questions...Dan Strunk...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Caving Trip

If you have taken a look at our schedule for next month..our trip is scheduled for Cumberland Caverns....we have been there many times before..It is a great deal of fun in a commercial cave with the overnight trip permitting a special spelunking for the boys for about two hours. We normally arrive there at 4:30 PM and spend the night in the cave, returning around lunch on Sunday.

The cost is $35.00 per person to get in the cave. It is 250 Miles or less to get there or 500 miles round trip. If we have 25 or more Scouts the gas will cost a minimum of $25.00 for the bus and a follow on car if we can get one. We won't need the trailer or the frank tank for baggage if that's all we do is the cave...we will carry all our overnight clothes on the bus. This doesn't include anything else we do on the way up there (meals) and on the way back (meals). Sometimes in the past we have gone biking in Chattanooga to the battlefield there during the day before the cave, we have gone to lookout mountain for the day before the cave, or we have gone straight to the cave leaving in the early afternoon to get there at 4:30 PM. Depends on what the boys want to do at the PLC.

The cave trip consists of the big tour of the cavern then the boys and leaders who want go on side trips spelunking adventures for about 2-three hours before we turn in for the night. I believe they give us breakfast in the AM.

We are going to discuss all of this at the PLC, so make sure if your son is supposed to be there as a patrol leader, that he is...J Berry has taken A Elders place with no other changes that I know of. Troop positions are listed on the last court of honor print out and may be listed on the troop website:

Ast Sr Patrol Leader J Ellis and K Berry,
Hawks: M Frost,
Penguins: S Hardy,
Venture: B Garrett,
Grizzlies: L Young,
Foxes : D Lepianka

If they cannot be there the assistant needs to be called to represent them. Uniform is not required for the PLC (Patrol leaders Conference).

For us....we are talking a minimum of $70.00 with gas with a minimum of 25 persons and spending the night in the cave. Attendance has been less than average for some reason recently and taking less than 25 will really start hiking the cost of this trip up past $70.00 which is a great deal of money. Naturally, the more that come the less the cost will be.

So.....ask your son and check your own calendar to make sure we have some leaders, if he is planning on coming to the planned cave trip so we can get a head count and make reservations ten days before we get there, or it will cost $5.00 more per person I am going to ask the boys this question this coming Monday at the PLC for a number count by Tuesday night from all the patrols. If we can't get a minimum of 25 persons, I am not sure we need to go and need to plan something else for that weekend that they will attend to keep our costs down. This trip was planned last January by the 35 boys and leaders in attendance with an approval by all..but that was January.

There are several options open, and may be possible, to us that will be discussed Monday night: Backpacking, wilderness survival, shooting sports, maybe rappelling ....maybe ..maybe depending on what the boys want to do.....

I am going to stress again the importance of attendance to keep our costs within family reach..the less that come..the more it costs us...

There are a great deal of activities coming up in the next two months that the boys will be talking to...I would like a good turnout at the committee meeting at 8:00 PM Monday (Sept 22) to see what we can support for the boys..please join us...

YiS Dan S "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Troop News

Thanks to Mr. Berry and Mr. Lanier, the presentation for the biking trip to the Silver Comet this coming weekend was well covered. Despite poor attendance by the patrols, the meeting went very well and meals were planned.

Want to welcome E Gibbs and his family, his dad Charles and his Mom Lisa and his younger brother on their visit to the Troop and possible attendance on the trip this weekend.

As we didn't have a quorum, no decision was made about popcorn sales. At this time, we probably won't go down that road this year.Owing to low numbers on the coming trip, the cost is $58.00 per person. Everyone coming is required to bring their bike on Thursday night (9/18) for a pre-trip check out starting at 6:30 PM. They can leave it at the Hut overnight if we don't load it on the trailer. We will also load our gear Thursday night for departure on Friday. Remember, though the trail is asphalt with a 2 per cent grade or less, his bike needs to be in good running shape as he will be doing a minimum of 20-25 miles with the older faster group doing more than fifty. He needs a bike with a minimum of 26 " wheels for the distance.

He needs to bring a day pack, to carry his lunch and one or two water bottles, sun protection, and rain gear in case of inclement weather. His medical form should be updated from summer camp. If he said he was coming on the trip Monday night meeting....he is expected to be there Thursday....

We are still having problems with some of the boys being out of uniform for meetings....the uniform is red t shirt or a scouting t shirt, Scout shorts, Scout socks, and Scout belt. On the bus, the uniform is required as just stated but the red t shirt is required instead of any scout t shirt. Please make sure he dressed in the uniform before you drop him off, or if rushed he can change in the back of the Hut when he arrives for meeting or trips.

Despite "kicking a dead horse," the Troop will only perform at its best and meet the goals set out for us when the majority of all the boys are present..otherwise those on the trip pay more and combine patrols rather than working as anticipated with their assigned patrol. The same applies for attendance at meetings. Please help out with this.

Sufficient adult leadership is also required to make it easier and more economical in the long run. Please think about attendance, training, and obtaining a CDL to make this work.


Dan Strunk "Delivering the Promise"


Monday, September 15, 2008

P. Kidd at Eagle Board of Review

OA, Bike Prep at troop Meeting Monday

Congratulations to P Kidd for his Eagle Board of Review today, 9/11/08 and for Mr. Harbin for assuring it did.Also thanks to P Kidd, K and J Berry, and J Kunka for the contributions they made at the Order of the Arrow Ordeal this last weekend at Camp Comer. Congratulations also for K and J Berry obtaining their Brotherhood.

Remember, if the Scout is coming on the Silver Comet Trail this next weekend, he needs to be at the meeting this coming Monday so we can get a good head count, add some final details for trip planning, and come up with a cost based on numbers attending.

YiS Dan s

"Delivering the Promise"

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