Sunday, July 29, 2012

Troop News

The trip this weekend at Oak Mountain was one of our best for completing the wilderness survival merit Thanks to all the leaders who attended,  the subject was covered in more detail than ever...there were about 30 total in attendance......the weather held, though warm..and the meals were well prepared by the boys.

Congratulations to Mr. Stocks for picking up his CDL for driving the bus.

The Troop schedule mentioned in earlier memos still stands for coming  Troop activities.....

Thanks to Mr. Stocks, all of the Summer camp merit badge standings are posted on the Web site and on the side door of the Hut .  The Scout needs to complete any incompletes  as quickly as possible in order to finish off the badge.

Put Dr. Frank Nelson in yours and the family's prayers...He was not able to make the trip this weekend due to a stroke with one of his carotid arteries being partially blocked.. his sister states that he will need more surgery during the coming week with hopes of overcoming some right arm paralysis and some speech difficulty.  As we know, Frank is a solid building block in the Troop, active in the City of Hoover and two universities, and an Eagle Scout, whose contributions to the Troop's success is long and strong.

There will be a short quartermasters take down (this can  be handled by the PLC, so quartermasters need not attend)  for two tents starting at 7:00 PM, July 30th, followed the PLC and the Troop Committee meeting at 8:00 PM.

As earlier mentioned, S and S Hardy, and M Gunn will be traveling to the National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) with about 100 other OA Members of the Coosa Lodge (Greater Alabama Council)  to compete in ceremony competition as  well as attend training.  This  National Confernece occurs every two years and is attended by over 7000 Order of the Arrow members throughout the country at the University of Michigan at Lancing. They will return next Saturday evening.  Two years ago it was attended by K Berry, J Ng, P Kidd, J Kunka.

Thanks for all you support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s

                                               "Delivering the Promise"

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wilderness Survival campout

This weekend, the boys will need everything they usually need on a campout....trail clothes, cup, knife, spoon, and fork:  they will sleep Friday night in a tent and Saturday in a lean-to of their building choice...they can use Troop plastic  drop cloths we keep for the tents or they can bring a plastic blue type of tarp of their choosing to fashion into a lean-to and ground cloth

..Hammocks,  as usual,  will not be permitted.

They should be prepared for the weather.....don't think much rain is expected..but show knows.

Leaders will sleep in Troop tents or personal tents both nights.

The patrol will provide Saturday's breakfast and lunch..the troop will provide supper..

They need to be at the Hut Friday,  July 27, at 5:00 PM to depart..we should return between 10:00 AM on Sunday, July 29, or earlier from Oak Mountain State Park..we will be in the Boy Scout Primitive camp site # 2  Friday evening through Sunday morning.

The boys will be earning the Wilderness Survival merit badge. The instructor is Dr. Frank Nelson , who though using the merit badge book as a guide, gives the practical, common sense approach to survival in all conditions.

The cost of the trip is $20.00 per person for food, fuel, and camp fees...don't forget to complete the BSA consent form located on the Troop Website.

YiS  Dan s                   "Delivering the Promise"

Monday, July 23, 2012

Troop News

There was a full house for a meeting tonight.  Thanks to Mr and Mrs
Griggs for inviting him, we heard Hoover SRO Officer John Barnes speak
to "Bullying" as it applies to individuals,  groups, personally, in and
out of school,  and on the computer.

He was followed by Dr. Frank Nelson who spoke to the up and coming
wilderness survival merit badge we will be having/earning this  weekend
at Oak Mountain State Park, which thanks to Mr. Branin was reserved
(primitive site #2) for the Troop just before departing on the
Yellowstone trip.

There will be about 30 youth and leaders on the trip this weekend; the
cost remains at $20.00 per person; and,  we will meet at the Hut at
6:30 PM this Thursday, July 26th,  to pack our gear on the Frank Tank
for the weekend.  We will ,meet at the Hut at 5:00 PM on Friday, July
27th to depart for the trip (uniform is the Troop red "t"Shirt, BSA
shorts or long trousers, BSA belt, And BSA socks) he can change into
trail clothes when he gets there.  We will return between 10:00 and
11:00 AM on Sunday, July 29th.

There will be a PLC. (patrol leaders conference) and Committee meeting
on July 30th  at the regular time (6:30 and 8:00 PM).  Patrol and Troop
Quartermasters should also arrive at 6:30 PM to assist with the
equipment take down and storage.

S and S Hardy, and M Gunn will depart (July 29) for the
National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) where they will represent
the Troop and the Nunne-Hi Chapter of the Coosa Lodge in ceremony
competition..they will return Saturday, August 4.  The Coosa Lodge will
be the second largest contingent at the Conference of about 7,000 Order
of the Arrow members from all over the country attending for the week
of activities at the University of Michigan in Lancing.  They will
arrive on a chartered bus and stay in the college residences during the
week while taking meals in the dining halls.

The Monday meeting on August 6, will have a guest speaker as well as
serve as meal preparation time and a white water briefing for the
August 10-12 trip, arranged by Mr. Branin, for the Ocoee and Nantahalla
rafting trips that weekend (more information to follow).

August 13 will be the usual gear take down and storage as well as the
PLC and
Troop Committee meetings at 6:30 and 8:00 PM.

August 20th will be a regular meeting with Dr. David Dyson serving as a
guest speaker with the subject  of "Planning for Life."

The Council's annual "Top Gun" competition will take place on August
25th.  Several of our Scouts were named as high rifle and archery
shooters at this year's summer camp enabling them to participate.

August 27th will be a regular meeting with a member of the FBI, Agent
Ashley Curry, serving as guest speaker.

There will be no meeting on September 3 due to the Labor Day Holiday.

The  September Order of the Arrow Ordeal will be on September 7-9,
2012. Troop Scouts who were tapped out this summer at camp should
strongly consider going...more information will be provided as well as
looked up on the Coosa 50 web site:

We need a program for the September 10 meeting along with taking time
for meal preparation for the Troop Rappelling trip to Bucks Pocket in
North Alabama.  Please call me for ideas.  We will also need a speaker
or program for the September 24th meeting.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s                                 "Delivering the Promise"

Troop News

Thanks again to all the planning, preparation, improvising, adapting,
and overcoming by Mr. Doug Hardy, the Troop's "Trip of a Life Time"
crew,  to the Yellowstone National Park and return from over  a two
week period reached  the Hut around 4:30 PM yesterday, July 21.

Highlights of the trip included the Louisville Slugger factory, the
St Louis Arch, the National Badlands Park, Mt. Rushmore,  the Crazy
Horse  monument, the National Yellowstone Park (all four compass points
and two hikes), the Denver Mint, and the Dodge City Kansas, Boot Hill
guns slingers, saloon,  and variety show.

Thanks also to Mr. Paul Young for hauling the trailer and for all the
parents and leaders who attended as well.  Pictures will be posted on
the Troop web site.

Other than the BSA high adventure trips, this was a successful
precedent for the Troop, and the work Mr. Hardy took in it's complete
planning and execution is noteworthy of his hard work and dedication to
the Troop in making it work.....Thanks also to his wife Paula and the
boys..Scott and Sam for their assisting up to the time we left.

There will be a regular meeting tomorrow (July 23)  at the Hut at the
regular time in the class B uniform.  The Program will be "Bullying,"
as  arranged as  a special guest speaker by Mr. Griggs.

Those attending the Wilderness Survival merit badge campout this coming
weekend (July 27-29) are required to be at the meeting on July 23 for a
program by Dr. Frank Nelson, a headcount for numbers, meal preparation,
  and the cost for the trip to the Oak Mountain primitive campsites( at
this time $20.00 for fuel, meals, and park entry fees).

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance....

YiS.  Dan s                                        "Delivering the