Sunday, August 25, 2013

Troop News

There will be a regular meeting Monday August 26 at 7:00 PM  at the Hut..

Mrs. Eggers (Troop's Popcorn Colonel)  will talk to the Scouts of the importance of Council Popcorn sales and the opportunity for the Scouts selling the popcorn to use that commission for Troop activities. The 35% commission adds up for assisting with annual fees the Scouts normally pay.

At the meeting, Mr. Paul Young will introduce Mr. Sam Cartner, owner of the South Carolina company which supplies the Troop our  annual Christmas trees, as well as outline the strategy this year of  the Troop Tree sales at the BPUMC and Ross Bridge lots.

Thanks to the all day work and coordination by Mr. Pat Morris and all the Scouts and leaders who came out Saturday morning, the wood pile in front of the Hut was converted into a wood bin and the "jungle" behind the hut was cleared for the first time in known memory.  All this work was over due is assuring our annual supply of campfire fuel is available for future trips and in preparation for the Annual Bluff Park Art Show normally occupied by the pre-school children during the day of the event.

Members of the  Troop (Mr. Hutchen, P Hutchen,  and F Hutchen) also assisted with the Council's annual "Top Gun" event at Camp Sequoyah where more than 80 Scouts and their accompanying parent(s) spent the day competing in rifle, archery, and shotgun competition.  This was the 21st year for the event which invites all the highest scoring scouts who participated in summer camp  rifle and archery merit badges to compete against  one another from both Comer and Sequoyah who attended over the summer.  Skeet competition to all was also available thanks to the Education Officer of the Alabama Game, Wildlife, and Fisheries.  The highest scoring Scouts of each category won a trophy and the distinguished, red "Top gun" Base ball cap...

There is going to be a Scout  "Dutch oven cook off" competition on September was announced in the last Council's Digital Eagle email newsletter recently, but the location and times were not listed.   We will have more information on this at the meeting on the 26th.

Attached is a list of normally taken back packing items/gear that Mr. Alan Jones (Sea Serpents) summarized from past Troop handouts/guides for the up and coming Walls of Jericho back packing trip we will be taking during the weekend of September 21st.   There will be more of this information passed on at Troop meetings before we leave for North Alabama for the trip.

Going to the High Adventure Norther Tier canoe trip with us during the summer of 2104?  Please get your first payment to Mr. Cox as previously scheduled.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Work day at Hut

As advertised we will have a workday at the Scout Hut on Saturday 8.24.13 from 9AM till 3PM (rain or shine). We have rented a log splitter and will have a general clean-up of the grounds in preparation of the upcoming Bluff Park Art Show. Please remember to bring - gloves - safety goggles - boots - long pants - Nalgene water bottles - rakes - limb trimmers - wheel barrows Cold cut sandwiches/chips/cookies will be provided for lunch We could REALLY use some of the older scouts there for heavy lifting and guidance. Leaders, we welcome you too. Rakes, limb trimmers and wheel barrows would be appreciated.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Troop News

We had strong attendance at both the PLC and Troop Committee meetings last night...thanks for your support and for encouraging attendance.

Star Scout B Chaney, Troop Librarian, after conducting a thorough inventory of Troop merit badge books in the Library, made a full, detailed report to the Committee and is asking that all Scouts and former scouts (families) who have Scout merit badge books at home, that they are no longer using, to bring them in so they can be counted and re-issued for those who need them....

Monday, August 19 Regular meeting with a guest speaker. Mr. Jamie Barrett, career professional with the Birmingham Traffic Engineering Department will speak to the career and any associated merit badges. He will be followed by Life Scout Jordan Taylor making a short presentation for the requirement of the Citizenship in the Community merit badge.

Saturday, August 24 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM or so, as many Scouts and leaders as can should report to the Hut for clearing up and organizing the wood pile(s). Mr. Morris will have a rented hydraulic wood splitter for splitting the remaining large pieces for stacking in order to clear the lot for the coming Art Show and for easy access for camp outs. We will also remove deteriorated pieces off the lot for pickup on the Street. If weather may be an issue, the decision will be made at the Hut at 9:00 AM, if not sooner by email.

Saturday, August 24 Council "Top Gun" at Camp Sequoyah for those invited from summer camp shooting sports activities.

Monday, August 26 Regular meeting..program TBA

Monday, September 2 No meeting due to Labor Day Holiday

Weekend of September 6-8 Order of the Arrow Ordeal at Camp with any other activity, we need to know the numbers from the Troop attending in order to arrange transportation w/active leaders.

Monday, September 9 Regular meeting: Mr. Pat Morris accompanied by Mr. Wade Lowery, both Eagle Scouts and professional engineers, will present for the Engineering merit badge to be continued on September 15th and 29th, both Saturdays days from 1-3PM at the Hut.

Monday, September 16 Regular meeting Preparation for back packing at the Walls of Jericho in North Alabama. Scouts demo and practice with two man tents/backpacking stoves/ rain flys/what to bring/ and meal preparation. Sea Serpents will set up in the back packing mode on the ridge and day hike the trail on Saturday, returning to the camp site Saturday evening for meal prep and camping. Older Scouts w/leaders will backpack from the top of the ridge and camp at the bottom Saturday night, returning Sunday morning to the bus for a return..Fees and schedule TBA.

If the Scout is a second year scout or older, and has not back packed with the Troop in the past, he needs to be on this trip for the experience and rank advancement. Back packing gear requirements will be discussed at the September 16th meeting covering Troop handouts and guides since he joined as a new member. There are some back pack available at the hut and most sporting centers rent them for the weekend at reasonable rates.

Thursday, September 19 Thursday night...all going on the trip report to the Hut at 6:30 PM for a pack shake down and further loading of Troop back packing gear. Uniform not required.

Weekend of September 20-22 Walls of Jericho back packing trip..details TBA.

Monday, September take down and storage, PLC, and Troop Committee meetings at 6:30 and 8:00 PM.

As stated in the the interest of each Scout and the entire Troop, familiarity with the entire contiuum of professional careers is an important aspect of the Scouting program...Many professionals often state that were it not for merit badges or guest speakers through our weekly programs, they would have had little or no knowledge of the potential of a career they chose based on the knowledge they learned at a Monday night meeting with a guest speaker.

If you or a family member would care to speak to your career or invite an associate or have a professional or careerist that would interest the boys and speak to the boys for information please suggestion them to us in order to arrange a time for and agenda in the immediate future.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013


We had a well attended meeting Monday, August 5, for planning the trip this weekend to then Nantahalla and Ocoee rivers. At this time there are 47 Scouts and leaders signed up for going. The early party will meet Friday morning to have the camp and tents set up when we arrive. Early party fees will be collected by Mr,. Branin.

The fee for the trip is $65.00 for the Nantahala and $135.00 for the Ocoee.

Patrol leaders, Ast patrol leaders, Troop and Patrol quartermasters need to be at the Hut at 6:30 PM this Thursday, August 8 to pack at load our gear. Uniform is not required and we should be there an hour or so.

Make sure that when he is dropped off at the hut to leave on Friday evening or Friday morning, that a parent/guardian sign a required outfitters release form and a BSA Consent form (available on the Troop web site) which will be on the large table in the Hut.

Minimum requirements for the trip:

1. Swimming suit, T shirt, and boat shoes and for the raft ride. The shoe can be as described or old sneakers to assure protection from rocks and debris. Crocs, sandles, or foot gear that won't stand the current or rought handling need to be avoided. We will wear the raft clothes on the bus to the river...He need to bring in a day pack to leave on the bus when we arrive for rafting with a dry pair of shorts/pants, dry t shirt, dry socks and shoes for the trip back to the camp..... (he will change on the bus or in the change room at the outfitters for the trip back). A hat is optional.

2. Water bottle (Nalgen back packing bottle) with a snap ring to attach to the raft.

3. Bailer, an empty gallon milk container shaped as a bailer, with a cord and snap ring attached if he wants to splash on the raft (optional).

4. Some souvenier money for the outfitters store for an ice cream, soft drink, t shirt, whatever, after we get off the river.

5. Rain gear for the trip if rain is forecast....taking it on the river is optional..the water is cold as it is taken from a resevoir for the period of the river is active for the power system and rafters on the river. The time on the water is two-three hours. Gear should be tied down with a cord. Normally we don't carry the rain gear on the river as it rarely rains...if rain is forecast..he should be prepared..if he is cold natured, he should have a flannel shirt or light jacket for the evenings, the bus ride, up and back and for the ride to the river from the camp we will be staying in during the weekend.

6. We will eat a fast patrol breakfast before we leave for the outfitters, a lunch after the two hour ride to arrive there, and a Troop dinner when when we get back to camp. We will have a fast breakfast Sunday, and stop at a McDonalds on the way home for lunch. We should arrive aroung 1:00 PM or so...

6. Each raft will receive a safety briefing for the river by the outfitter and all rafts will have an adult(s) on board.