Friday, February 26, 2010

JLT Saturday

Another reminder that the (Troop Junior Leader Training Course) JLTC is tomorrow starting at 8:30 AM at the Hut in the class A uniform. the fee is $5.00 for breakfast snacks and lunch. We should be complete by 3:30 PM.

He needs to be there for the entire time to get credit for the course.

This is a basic leadership course which serves as his foundation for basic leadership techniques and is required by the Troop in order to be the Senior Patrol Leader and in order to attend the National level course taught by the Council in the summer months (National Youth Leader Training Course NYLTC). He will earn the "Trainined" patch at the end of the day. It is taught by the Senior and other Venture Scouts.

Has he had the Training? Look at the Troop Roster on the is listed under JLT next to his rank as a "Yes" if has completed it. If it is blank...he hasn't..Who is eligible? All earned Tenderfoot and higher Scouts. New Scouts who have not earned the Tenderfoot rank will pick up the Course next February, 2011.

In reviewing he roster, there are 3 Penquians who should attend, as well as all the Fox and Shark patrol who are Tenderfoot or higher.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ft. Benning Trip ---- NEED YOUR REPLY

The troop is planning on it's trip to Fort Benning March 19-21. We will need to pack on the 18th after a prep meeting on the 8th. There will be no meeting on the 15th. This is the week of Spring break (13-21) so there may be some conflicts.

We plan to leave at around noon on Friday the 19th for the trip to Columbus. We will set up on private property that night, go visit the US Army Infantry Museum that morning then go to the Air Show in Columbus that afternoon. There will be a tour of the museum and the post facilities (Ranger and Airborne training areas) making for a full day.

I HAVE TO KNOW BY A REPLY TO THIS EMAIL ...THIS WEEK.... on who is coming on this trip. We are going to need at least 20-25 to attend in order to cover expenses and keep the cost per person down to $75.00. 500 miles for three food to Columbus for supper on Friday....fee for renting a porto-john on the camping fee...lunch fee at the museum..and entry fee to the air show. Scout will pay shared fee for fuel, museum fee, Friday night supper, museum lunch, fee to get in air show, fast food at air show, and shared fee for supper Saturday night and Sunday Breakfast).

We have asked the patrol leaders to call everyone and report the numbers Monday at the meeting on March 8. IF YOU DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL after talking this over with your son, and family, I will assume he or the Dad isn't coming on the trip to FT Benning nor an alternative shorter trip that weekend.

If not enough numbers for Ft. Benning, I will see if they want to make a shorter trip on March 8 for biking the Chief Latiga Trail in Anniston or another somewhere else for those who can go.....if they do want a bike trip..then we will prep and pack on the 15th.....or if not, we will cancel the weekend. There is also an Order of the Arrow American Indian Seminar at Camp Comer this same weekend as an alternative if the two camping opportunities fall out.

Thanks for all your support and encouraging attendance.

Dan s. "Delivering the Promise"

Monday, February 22, 2010

Troop News

As a Troop, the winter Camporee this weekend was one of our best in recent memory. We had twenty-four Scouts and nine leaders in attendance. Thanks especially to the attending leaders, there were no problems that arose to make it difficult.

As usual, there was a shortage of older Scouts to bolster the overall efforts of the Scouts who were present. Encouraging attendance, wearing the completed uniform, to assure the Troop is assured all our our synergistic potential has to become more of a priority to keep the greatest benefits and the best qualities for the Troop. Younger Scouts have a hard time learning and acting as individuals and team members when the more ranking boys no longer show an interest or are disinterested in leadership responsibilities.

Getting there was especially easy since Mr. Branin, Mr. Hardy, and Mr. Madison arrived as the early party to reserve our location and set up leaders tents and the large white tarp.

We were visited by about fifteen WEBELOS and their parents during both nights and Saturday. They all did well in the competition, and most shared lunch and dinner with us....about four camped out with the Troop... in fact there were never more WEBELOS from the District in attendance at the Camporee than any time in the past thirty years who competed in all the games and competition. The same applied for the number of Scouts attending as there were more than 700 Scouts and Leader present Friday through Sunday morning.

We camped in our usual centralized location, with the patrols having their own breakfast.
As a break for the Scouts, the leaders prepared the lunch meal and dinner for a total of about fifty, and thanks to menu preparations, had hot dogs and soup for lunch and four, "trash can turkeys" for dinner.

Thanks to the Scouts who participated, and with the special attention of Mr. Young and Mr. Simon, the Troop placed second in each of the cooking events: Foil, backpacking, WOK, and Dutch oven. Quite a feat and a first for the Troop. Thanks to the special efforts of B Garrett and J Taylor, the Venture who were present placed second in the Flag Pole Relay.

Wanted to thank B Debalsi and B Garrett for stepping to their leadership roles up when the senior had to leave.

We came up short two Camporee patches at the end for those in attendance...will pick them up from the Camporee Director this week.

Thanks to Mr. Simon, all the Camporee pictures are posted on the Troop web site.

Congratulations to Mr. Hardy for being close to earning his CDL for driving the bus and for Mr Bolding for heading that way. This is important for us to keep the number of drivers available for our trips..please consider getting one yourself to compliment our numbers and flexibility.

The Executive Board of the Greater Alabama Council has recently passed a resolution from a recommendation that all active leaders/parents in a Troop who serve in a leadership role for the Scouts are required to have basic leader training. This includes Boy Scout " Fast Start, " and Boy Scout "New Leader Essentials, " available on:, and SMLT and OLS (Scout leader Specific Training and its complimentary Outdoor Leadership Training). These courses are being offered in March and April 2010 as well as in the fall by the Vulcan District). We need to work that direction. Scheduled courses are listed on the Vulcan District and Greater Alabama Council web sites which are linked off our own Troop web site for further information.

We need to continue updating our Troop merit badge list for the Scouts...This is important and can be browsed on our Troop Site...If you have a unique specialty or are willing to assist with our more generic badges, please take a special effort to sign a registration sheet at the Hut to keep the flexibility we need for the Scouts. This is a good way to stay involved if your time is difficult for Troop meetings and trips.

If your son is a patrol quartermaster or Troop quartermaster he needs to be present tonight (Monday, 2/22 at the Hut at 6:30 PM to take down and store Troop gear. If you were a leader on the trip, please feel free to assist to speed it along. Patrol leaders and Assistant patrol leaders are required to be present to help out, as well as attend the Patrol Leader's Conference at 7:00 PM for about an hour to plan activities for the remainder of February and the month of March.

The Troop Committee meets a 8:00 PM. Please attend if you are a regular and think about being there if your aren't.

This coming weekend on 2/27 the Senior and assisting Leaders will be conducting Troop Leadership Training (JLT) from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM at the Hut in uniform. Breakfast snacks and Lunch will be provided. The cost is $5.00 for the meals and snacks. This is the basic fundamentals of leadership he will use for his Scouting career and general knowledge in other a activities. It is required to be a Senior Patrol leader and he will earn the "Trained" patch setting him up for National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) given each summer by the Council. If he has attended JLT, and is not coming to summer camp, he should plan on registering for NYLT this summer or in the future. It is an excellent week long course in an outdoor-camping environment stressing basic leadership and team skills.

The University of Scouting is also coming up (March 6) for Leader Training and certification. Please consider attending (Greater Alabama Council Web site ( linked on the Troop web site) if you have not already registered. Please advise me if you have and we can either meet there or carpool. I plan on leaving in the early afternoon.

Finally, we will be going to FT.Benning, Georgia this coming month (March). We will camping on private property and will be touring the Post, inclusive of the US Army Infantry Museum, Ranger Facilities, Airborne Facilities, and an air show at the Columbus airport. A unique opportunity and a first for the Troop. Do the Scout a favor and encourage attendance.

Thanks again to all who attended at the Camporee in making it as successful for the Scouts as it was. Thanks again to all of you who are active with us in assuring the program is strong in keeping our legacy.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Troop News

The meeting last night at the Hut was well attended with Dr. Art Cara presenting aprogram on career options for the Scouts.

Dr. Frank Nelson spoke to constructing the Troop monkey bridge this coming weekend at the Camporee and the Scouts planned their meals.

The cost for the Trip is a total of $35.00....$18.00 for camp registration...$12.00 for meals @ $3.00 per person per meal..$$5.00 for fueling the Bus and Frank Tank.

There will be a quartermaster night this Thursday at 6:30 PM for about an hour or so for all Patrol and Troop Quartermasters to prepare and load our gear.

WEBELOS will register scouts and leaders on their own as they arrive as group and when they join the Troop at the campground. Those camping the entire weekend with the Troop owe only the $3.00 per person per meal. All camping gear is furnished by the Troop as we did at Shiloh. If you have not advised the Den Leaders you are coming, and you and the WEBELO were not at the Monday night activity, please advise them for meal planning and equipment purposes.

We will meet at the Hut, dressed for any predicted weather for the weekend, at 5:00 PM. We should return before Noon on Sunday. Please assure your son packs for the weather, including a knit hat or cap, gloves, extra socks, and rain gear for extra insulation against the cold so if the weather turns, he will be prepared.

Those Scouts using their popcorn money for the event should coordinate that through Mrs. Eggers and Mr. Oliver for Friday night.

The Vullcan District Camporee at Tanneyhill State Park has been an annual event for the past thirty or more years. It is a good time for family members to come by and visit the Troop in the winter camping mode, as well as see how the other 800 or so Scouts in our district do the same in one large group. Its quite a memorable experience and a great deal of fun. Take the time..experience the adventure.....experience the fun....

YiS Dan Strunk "
"Delivering the Promise"

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Troop News

Happy Valentines Day.

Have you read the headlines today and noted the nearly full page picture (February 14) in the Birmingham News with the front page story about J and K Berry? Goes to demonstrate success in using your head to overcome difficult situations, adapting, improvising, and overcoming obstacles as we encounter them.

Last Monday night's (February 8) program featuring Ms. Sally Snoddy's (Troop 23) "what to take to Northern Tier and what to be prepared for when you get there," was excellent and included a program of pictures. Mr. Young will be having an additional meeting for the crews going to Canada this summer to talk more to what you need. We still have vacancies for this "once in life time, " adventure ($1000.00 or less-the more we take the less the price is) There are several Dad's already planning to fly who we will pick up at the destination airport to cut back on travel days.

Yesterday (February 13), thanks to B Debalsi, we were well represented at the Order of the Arrow Winter Fellowship, at the Metropolitan Church or of the Acton Road exit, yesterday February 13. There were several new patches issued, an emphasis on leadership in the Lodge, several classes on protocols, and the usual camaraderie over pizza for lunch.

There will be a practice for the Troop's OA Ceremony Team this coming Sunday, Feb 21, after the Campout at 4:30 PM, All interested OA members in the Troop are invited to attend this and become a member of the Ceremony team if not already.

There will be a OA Nunne-Hi Chapter meeting February 25 at the Scout Hut of Briarwood Presbyterian Church at :630. PM. If more than two go, we can carry them from the Hut and return car pool fashion.

Today, on February 14, we had one of our best turn-outs ever from the Troop and the Pack at the 8:45AM Service, close to 40 Cubs, Scouts, parents, and leaders for Scout Sunday at the Bluff Park United Methodist Church. Speakers P Kidd, Mr. Doug Hardy, and Mr. Greg Scott spoke well of the Troop and represented the 100 years of Scouting Anniversary in an excellent manner in talking to the Troop's history and future with the Church. Reverend Crotty's sermon on the history of Valentines Day and love in the family and work place was exceptional.

The meeting this Monday (February 15) is featuring a special guest speaker (Dr. Art Carras) in terms of a career paths in clinical psychology, success through leadership, and building relationships for success. Scouts and leaders who are planning on coming to the Camporee this coming weekend (19-21) need to be at the meeting for a head count for meals and gear. If he is not going to be at the meeting, but will come on the campout, he needs to advise the patrol leader so we can get a headcount..same for leaders.....We will be setting up the Troop monkey bridge, and should have large number of WEBELOS with us, so will need to encourage attendance for Troop guides and the Venture Crews to erect the bridge, assist the WEBELOS, win in Troop competition and pass the tradition on to the younger Scouts.

This Thursday night (18th) is quartermaster night for the trip and we will need a good turn out to prepare and load our gear. We will need Venture to check for all the bridge parts and also load the bridge on the Frank Tank. Last year too few showed up, so we didn't take the bridge.

Finally, as noted in the Council Newsletter, the Digital Eagle, the 100th Anniversary BSA Jamboree is coming up this summer. They have recently lowered the price for Scouts ($1,995.00) and still have vacancies.

Thanks for all your support, especially in encouraging attendance.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Scout Sunday this weekend

We forgot to mention in the last news letter that Scout Sunday is coming up this coming Sunday, February 14th, at the Bluff Park United Methodist Church.

This is also the 100th Anniversary of Scouting, and though it will be mentioned by Mr. Hardy and the P Kidd in their presentations to the congregation, we need a good turn-out in Class A uniform with Troop Neckerchiefs and Merit Badge sashes to complement the occasion.

In the past we have had low turn outs and it is not representative of the normal strength and camaraderie of the Troop. Unless he just can't be there with us, please encourage his attendance. He should arrive at 8:30 AM for the 8:45 service and we are normally finished in an hour.

We've noted that some Scouts aren't wearing their Troop Neckerchiefs to Eagle Courts or other formal events..please encourage them to wear it..if misplaced, we have extras they can purchase for $10.00 at the Hut tonight..They should have one if they don't for formal occasions as well as as permanent memento of their time in the Troop, never mind being in proper uniform for occasions such as these....

If it is cool, he can wear a jacket..but sweat shirts or other long sleeve undergarments under the Scout Shirt or shorts won't be allowed. They have been having sales at the Scout Service Center for Zip Off uniform trousers which can be worn in cold and warm seasons.

Cubs are welcome in the regular meeting uniforms.

If we don't see you sooner...have a happy Valentine's Day.

Thanks for all your support and encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s

"Delivering the Promise"

Dad's the entire family are welcome to join us.

Troop News

Monday February 8th, is a regular meeting with guest speaker, Mrs.Sally Snoddy speaking with two Troop 23 Scouts to their Northern Tier Trip last summer. All Scouts and parents who are planning on attending our own trip to Canada this summer to Northern Tier should be plan on attending for some basic survival and "what to bring" for gear tips. We will continue with Camporee prep also to conclude the meeting.

Last Monday (Feb 1), Thanks to the special efforts of the Senior, Mr. Eggers and Mr. Young the meeting, to include the presentation by Dr. Loop , the meeting was excellent.

Thanks to the special coordinating efforts of Mrs. Kidd, the merit badge day at Huffman Methodist Church was well attended by our own Scouts yesterday (February 6). Thanks to Mr. Lepianka and Mr. Bolding for also being present. We were also able to complete the CPR refresher course for those leaders who attended.

If your son is an Order of the Arrow member, or you are an active adult in the OA, they are, as indicated in a recent notice, having the Winter Fellowship on the morning of the 13th...near the Acton Road exit. It Starts at 8:00 AM and will finish by 1:45 PM. This is close to home and he should try to attend and be present for our local Chapter (Nunne-Hi) meeting also. If he hasn't paid his annual dues for 2010, of $8.00, this is a good time to do it as well as attend the meeting and make good his obligation to the Order when he was first initiated at an Ordeal.

We have great guest presentation coming up at our regular meeting on the 15th Dr. Art Cara , Clinical Psychology and Outplacement Consulting Services, along with further Camporee preparations which should be well attended also.

We are expecting a good representation this year from the Venture I and II crews to make the difference in the competition for the entire Troop at the Camporee for the Troop. We have decided to set the Troop monkey bridge up on Saturday during the Camporee weekend (February 19-21 at Tanneyhill State Park) and the older Scouts are expected to head that up along with a good presence in the activities competition (see Camporee Guide in the Troop Web Page). Please encourage attendance at the next two Monday night meetings and the Camporee to make this our best yet for the Troop.

The Monday following the Camporee will be the Patrol Leader Conference and Committee Meeting. Al Scout patrol Leaders are expected to be there and if you haven't attended a Committee Meeting recently plan on visiting with us at 8:00 PM.

Don't forget that the Senior Patrol Leader and other Venture Crew members will be teaching the Troop Junior Leader Training Course (TJLT) at the Hut on February 27. If you son hasn't attended this in the past, he needs to be there for this one. It is required in order to hold the Senior Patrol Leader position and is the basic foundation of leadership in the Troop and his other school and youth group activities. Normally, this is an annual training event for us. It starts at 8:30 AM, includes lunch, and should be concluded by 3:30 PM. Uniform is Class A (w/o neckerchief or sash). If he has previously attended the troop level course (JLTC), he needs to also think about attending the week long NYLT, National Youth Leadership Training, Nenwanden Challenge, sponsored by the Council this July. Many of our Troop have attended this in the past and the training is excellent.

Thanks for all your support this year. Please encourage attendance. This is going to be an exceptionally good year for the Troop and he needs to be there with us to experience it.

YiS Dan s

"Delivering the Promise"