Monday, May 30, 2011

Troop News

We had a good Memorial Day weekend w/the Troop.

On Saturday, E Ponder and G Bennett completed the Aviation Merit Badge by attending a short class at the Shelby County Airport, a pre-flight walk around their plane, and a forty minute, free flight around the Birmingham Bessemer Hoover areas for a forty minutes. Thanks Mr. Bennett for the advance notice and inviting the boys for the opportunity.

Thanks to all who came, the Troop was well represented at the annual Veterans Day Memorial ceremony in the Alabama Veterans Memorial Park near the Liberty Park exit. The Scouts assisted the flag ceremony and P Kidd and J Ng read a list of over 200 veterans representing the more than 4000 Alabama men and women who served and "gave their lives, so that we may enjoy ours today."

P Kidd also gave a presentation representing all the active duty families whose fathers and mothers are active duty at this time and in the future.

Scout attending were:

P and E Kidd K and J Berry C Hutchens J Coker I Eggers Z Cole A and D Cullwell
J and N Ng M Singh J young

Parents and Leaders Mr. S Ng P Young C Hanke C Kidd, P and E Eggers C Berry S Cole

Thanks to all the Scouts who attended and for the parents for all their support... meeting this Monday owing to the Memorial Day observance.

Next Monday will have Mayor Petelos as our Guest Speaker as well as older Scouts briefing on summer camp requirements..please encourage attendance to assure he updated with all the required details.

The Scoutmaster's minute will be Mrs. Kidd.

Finally..a note from Mr. Cox..that Pork Butts sales should be full swing by the Scouts and families participating.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s
"Delivering the Promise"

Thanks for .

Monday, May 23, 2011

Troop News

This was a busy two weekends for Troop. Starting last May 15 after the return from the Camp Sequoyah campout, where we experienced shooting sports and the OLS course attended by twelve of our Leaders, thanks to the coordinating efforts of Mrs Kidd and their parents, and the hard work of the scouts, P Kidd, E Kidd, J Morris, N Bolding, and Z Morrow earned the Ad Altare Dei Catholic Religious medal at St. Pauls Cathederal. They and six others in the District were the only Scouts in the Council to earn the medal this year. Thanks again to all the leaders who made the Shooting Sports Trip as strong as it was by all the work you pitched in by making it work.

Scouts S Hardy, N Bolding, P Kidd, and M Gunn along with Mr. Gunn conducted the Pre Ordeal Ceremony at Camp Sequoyah this weekend (May 20-22). A great deal of work was accomplished by the Chapter while the ywere there in preparation for summer camp. We are encouraging the team and other members of the Troop and Chapter to not only stay active in drumming but to also play a bigger part in Ordeals by forming/adding to the Ordeal and Brotherhood teams for future ceremonies.

Thanks again to Mrs Kidd for her work and coordinating efforts twenty leaders attended the Red Cross Wilderness First Aid Course at the Bluff Park United Methodist Church and Moss Rock Preserve: Joe Berry, Mark Branin, Dale Brownbridge, Phil Eggers, Jay Elmore, Linda Griggs, Mark Griggs, Greg Groover, Chuck Hanke, Kyle Horn, Cathy Kidd, Charles Kidd, William Kok, Chris Morrow, Joe Schock, Greg Stocks, Larry Young, Paul Young, and Regina Young. The classes lasted twelve hours at the Church and five hours at the Moss Preserve for practical excercises.

Also thanks the the initiative on Sunday afternoon (May 22) of Mr. Brownbridge and Carl, the following leaders and Scouts picked up, cut, and stacked close to a cord of firewood wood at the Hut for later sales by the Troop: Mr. Simon, Mr. Young, Mr. Griggs and W Griggs, Mr. Paul Young and J Young, Z Fox, C Hutchens,and Mr. Hardy, S and S Hardy.

Please encourage attendance at the regular Monday night meeting tomorrow (May 23) . We have two special guest speakers addressing "animal psychology," and Mr. Elmore will give the Scoutmaster's minute. it makes for an interesting subject and demonstration.

We need more replies to me by this email to attend the Veteran's Memorial Service at the Alabama Veteran's Memorial at the same exit as Liberty Park. We need Scouts, Eagles, and leaders in the Class A uniform w/"troop neckerchief and sash to serve as color guards, readers, and uniformed representatives honoring Alabama Veterans.The should arrive at 2:45 PM expect the program to last for about an hour. Like other things in the District., we are a major player in activities such as these so we need to encourage attendance.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance in making us as strong a Troop as we are.

I have posted the last Troop Court of Honor on this memo to remind the Scout of his responsibilities in a position for the next six months. Crocs and Eagles are continuing to rotate each month.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Friday, May 20, 2011

Wood Collection this Sunday

I would like to get a group of scouts & adults together for a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon to go around the neighborhood to collect firewood and return it to the scout hut before the 'treasure' is gone! We should meet at the hut at 2PM, and I envisage us being done by 5PM.

We need:
- Willing & able people
- Pickup trucks & trailers - anybody who can, please bring them.
- Frank Tank (& driver)
- Chain saws (for operation by adults only)
- Old pants, but class B shirt
- Sturdy shoes (steel toed if you have them)
- Water, snacks, etc.

We would muster at the hut & break down into groups according to people & available equipment, then head out to the neighborhood to make collections till 4, then return & unload for a 5PM finish.

Dale Brownbridge

Monday, May 16, 2011

L Young Eagle Project

This is L Young,

I am working on my eagle project to build a twenty foot long bridge in

the nature area over by SM elementary school. The bridge will help the

school children to learn about nature safely. I have gotten the project

approved by the eagle board. I am looking for donations to help me

aquire the materials needed. I need 300 dollars more to be able to

complete this project. If you would donate what you can I would greatly

appreciate it. If you are able to give please e-mail me with your name and amount (find his info from the troop roster).

Also I am having work days on July 30, and August 6 please mark those

dates, and keep them open.

Thanks so much,

L Young

Troop News

We had about fifty leaders and Scouts on the trip this weekend, not including all the leaders who attended the Outdoor Leadership Training at Sequoyah also....the weather held sunshine and no rain the entire time.

Thanks to Dr. Frank Nelson, his son Ben Nelson, Bill Benefield and the leaders who assisted on the range, Mr. Presley, on the shotgun target thrower and coaching for shotgun as well Mr. Eggers and all who assisted him with Archery, including Elaine, Mr. Elmore, Mr. Horne, and Mr. Schock, more than a few of the boys earned merit badges for shotgun, rifle, and archery.

We made up and completed all the new Scout preparation requirements for summer camp, and thanks to all the leaders who assisted the patrols, Mr. Fortner, Mr. Simon, Mr. Hutchens, Mr. Schock, along with the older Scout guides, the meals were never better with all the on going activities. Dr. Nelson said we set a new level for the number of shotgun and rifle rounds shot by the Scouts, inclusive of the number of skeet targets they put to use throughout the day.

The leaders attending the Outdoor leader Training, Chris Morrow, William Kok, Stacy Cole, Paul Young, Kyle Horn, Greg Stocks, Nevin Cox, Carl Brownbridge, Linda and Mark Griggs set a record for the Troop and the District by so many attending for weekend...likewise ...Stacy, Mr. Simon, and Paul Young contributed as staff for the program on highlighted subjects for the group.

Again thanks to all for all the support in making it work as well as it did though your support and encouraging attendance.

Monday night is a equipment take down and storage for all who attended the trip to make the work as easy as possible and share the load for all who participated..If your son is patrol or Troop quartermaster, a patrol leader of assistant patrol leader, he should also plan on being there starting at 6:30 PM at the hut..uniform not required. We should be out of there by 7:OO or 7:15..The patrol leaders Conference for all patrol leaders, assistant patrol leaders, and the SPL and Ast SPL as well as the Jr Asst Scoutmasters will start at about 7:00 to plan for the next month's activities. Uniform not required. it normally last until 8:00 PM..

Finally, the Troop Committee meeting starts at 8:00 PM and committee members as well as all leaders are welcome to attend and participate in Troop "goings on." and plans for the remainder of May and the coming month of June. Uniform not required.

Thanks for all your support and encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s

"Delivering the Promise"

Attached is the job description of all positions in the Troop as written in the attached recent Court of Honor..please make a copy for your son....Eagles and Crocs continue to rotated monthly.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shooting Sports this weekend

We had an great turn out last night and thanks to Mr. Young with the assistance of Mr. Brownbridge we had an excellent program on Scuba and Seabase.

Thanks to those who sent the camping fees and consent forms last night also to expedite the process. The cost remains at $25 per person. We should also have his BSA medical form by now, if not signed by the physican, and a parent is not coming on the trip, we need it filled out as much as possible, signed for consent treatment, with a copy of the family medical insurance card.

We are numbering close to 50 Scouts and about ten leaders...We should be ok on tentage but feel free to bring yours in case we come up short. We may be tight on the we may need some additional shared transportation for the leaders and older Scouts...we will determine that this Thursday and on the Friday we leave.

Patrol leaders, Asst Patrol leaders, patrol quartermasters, and Troop quartermasters need to be a the Hut at 6:30 PM Thursday to prepare and load our gear for the trip. Uniform not required.

The weather will be touch and go for make sure he brings his rain gear and clothing if it gets cool in the evenings and early mornings. Most of the activities will be sheltered for most part if we do get some rain....the next few day will tell.

If your son wasn't at the meeting and is coming on trip, same for leaders, he needs to make sure his patrol leader knows so we can plan on meals and tentage.

He needs to be at the Hut at 5:00 PM on Friday, in the Troop Red T shirt, BSA shorts, belt, and BSA green socks. He can wear any clothing Saturday and will return in uniform on Sunday..we are expecting to be back at the hut at noon or sooner.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Troop News

We had a well attended turnout for the meeting Monday night.

Thanks to Dr. Nelson and Mr. Eggers we covered all the required material for firearms safety and archery..

Thanks to Mr. Coker, we will be looking at an immediate date in the future, probably after summer camp, for a few hours at a local range for those boys who will want to complete the rifle merit badge, and as required if we need more time, archery also.

We have a tentative number of fifty Scouts and leaders going on the trip during the weekend of May 13-15..The cost per person will be 25.00 ($12.00 for meals, $7.00 for supplies, and $6.00 for fuel).

We will plan meals and get a final count for the trip at the next Monday meeting (May 9) ..As always, each patrol will provide meals for each leader/dad accompanying the if the Scout and/or leader cannot be present at the meeting on May 9, make sure the Patrol leader and Patrol Quartermaster knows that you and the Scout will be on the Trip as to buy the right amount of meals. The Scoutmaster will eat with Phoenix and Mr. Benefield, Dr, Nelson, and Ben Nelson will eat with Venture....Son not coming but you are? make sure his patrol knows they provide your meals.

As to avoid the time it usually takes to collect the trip fees and BSA consent forms on our normally departing Friday nights, please have Scout bring the Trip fees and his consent form to the May 9 Monday night meeting for collection by Mr. Elmore. If he brings cash, please put it in an envelope marked with his name and the amount. The BSA Consent form is located on the Troop Web Site. Remember, if we do not have his completed BSA medical form found on the Troop Web Site, and you are not coming on the trip, please make sure we have the formed filled out as much as possible, with the consent page signed, and a copy of your medical insurance carrier card attached in case emergency treatment is required.

For the Troop dads/leaders who will be attending the Outdoor Leadership Training (OLS) while we are there at Camp Sequoyah also, , the Troop will furnish your camping gear that you will require as a Patrol..unless you prefer to use your will have the option to bring your own tents. We will talk to this at the May 9 meeting also.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s .

"Delivering the Promise"