Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Troop News

We had an excellent meeting tonight despite the attendance being off...

Thomas VanNess, from Mountain High Outfitters, thanks to Mrs. Kidd, for inviting him for the program, was the guest speaker tonight and made one of the best presentations on back packing that we have heard in an hour and one half's time regarding minimum requirements in preparation, gear, and clothing.

Thanks to Mrs. Eggers coordination and hard work, the results of our pop-corn sales was summarized: There were 18 Scouts/families who sold popcorn this year....the key to the sales is that the Scout earns 35% of his total sales plus associated gifts. The percentage is used for his Troop expenses (trips or activities):

J Branin was first with over $1, 540.00 sold w/ 35% earned for his activities plus 1/2 of his summer camp fees paid for and gift cards from Walmart and the Scout Shop.

Following him in the highest totals were:
W Griggs
J Young
N Johnson
C Poole, and
J Lewis
D Pruitt

Congratulations to all of these Scouts and families (18) for supporting Scouting and assisting their families with future expenses.

Tree sales at both lots are doing well and where they need to be....thanks to all for supporting this effort by making the schedule from you busy times and for encouraging sales in you neighborhoods and business..especially to Mr. Madison, Mr. Paul and Bo Young, Mr. Morris and all the other leaders who made the set ups and transportation of equipment and trees possible on a regular basis.

The next scheduled agenda, other than continued trees sales, is for Life Scouts/w a family member to attend the aforementioned Thursday night Vulcan District Round Table at Cantebury Methodist Church at 6:30 PM this Thursday night (December 6) to make sure they understand the Eagle Project process which will be taught by Mr. Alvie Allison, District Advancement Chairman. It will be worth the time in the long run to be there. Life Scouts, regardless of age should be strongly considering their Eagle project, and not waiting until they round their seventeenth year.

Congratulations to Z Fox for earning and being awarded his Star Rank tonight. Thanks also to Mr. Stocks and the leaders ( assisting him w/Boards of Reviews) with rank and advancement in the Troop

Not lastly (it never stops), the Troop Christmas Party will be held at the next meeting on Monday, Dec 10. the following should be coordinated by the patrol leaders and brought by each patrol.

"(Nov 12 Newsletter): December 10: Troop Annual Christmas Party; Format will be the "dirty" Santa with details for the Scouts on December 3 (as explained by the Senior Patrol Leader) The following patrols will bring the following refreshments as decided on Dec 3 also:

Venture: Soft Drinks

Phoenix: Chips and Dip

Crocs: cookies/cake

Eagles: Cake/cookies

Scorpions: Chips and Dip"

Uinform is class A....6:30-8:30 PM Gag gifts are preferred, but regular gifts can be brought by the Scouts (not more than $10.00 or so).

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan S "Delivering the Promise"