Sunday, September 23, 2012

Troop News

A good weekend for the Troop....

Forty Scouts and Leaders traveled to Buck's Pocket State Park for rappelling this weekend.  We had no problems with locating in  the primitive site and camped similarly to last year.  Thanks to Mr. Chris Turner for hauling the Troop Trailer and for Mr. Presley's maiden trip for  driving the Tank.

The 120 foot  rappelling sites were obstructed by blown down trees this year due to weather, so we doubled up where we normally start in the morning, giving the Scout and leaders an opportunity for multiple descents.....Normally, one or two of the older Scouts are given the opportunity to go Australian, but this year all of the Venture Scouts who wanted to, they  went twice Australian  if they wanted to in addition to the regular descent ..that included Mrs. Bennett and Mrs. Culwell who also did the Australian....

For the first time in memory, we had two dry food boxes taken from the campsite when we were away on activity....patrol sharing took care of the dinner meal with no other items that we noticed missing.  

Congratulations to Leaders Chris Arnold, Regina Young, Paul Young, and Jeff Estes for completing  the SMLT course at  Cantebury Methodist  this weekend also.  Congratulations again to Paul as he has now finished both parts A and B since he completed OLS earlier and earns the "trained" patch for completion of both.

  The course was, as usual,  well done with comments from the graduates that "if you are a leader and have not attended, you should to assure you have a handle on what the program for the Scouts is about."  An offering for SMLT (Scoutmaster Leader Training)  and the companion course OLS (Outdoor Leadership Training) will be available in the Spring and Fall of 2013. If you are an active leader with us and want the "trained" credential as a registered leader w/the Troop,  please plan on attending  the two companion courses.  SMLT and OLS graduates should be considering the Council Wood Badge courses also available during the year, adding more depth to your understanding and actively contributing to the Program. Schedules are found on the Council and District calendars at:

THIS MONDAY, Sept 24:   All those Scouts and leaders who attended the trip this weekend should be at the Hut tomorrow (9/24) at 6:30 PM  to assist with  taking down and storing our gear..this is a requirement for patrol leaders, assistant patrol leaders, and Troop and patrol quartermasters.  It takes about forty minutes, uniform not required, with everyone helping out...

The Patrol Leader's Planning Conference (PLC)  will start at 7:00 PM ..uniform not required....patrol leaders, ast partrol leaders, and ast senior patrol leaders are required to attend to plan activities for September and October. If you son is one of these and cannot attend he need to assure someone sits in his place.

The Troop Committee meeting begins at 8:00 PM....if you haven't attended w/us recently or at all, or for a first time, please count on joining us.

At this time there are no Troop activities announced or planned for the weekend of 9/29/30/12.

At this time it looks like we have about 15 Order of the Arrow members attending the Fall Fellowship weekend at Camp Sequoyah during the weekend of October 5-7. Troop participation at the annual Bluff Park Art show is also scheduled for (October 6) the weekend with as many as possible assisting as we usually do.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s                                  "Delivering the Promise"

Monday, September 17, 2012

Rappelling Trip

We had a full house at the Hut tonight with Guest Speaker (thanks to Mr. Crabtree for inviting him)
 Casey Fannin.  Casey is a 17 times  Ironman athlete who also competes internationally in Exterra competition of which he is one of the highest ranking. He spoke for about fifty minutes  to the value of being in excellent shape and staying there to enjoy life to the maximum.  Some excellent value lessons for the Scouts..and leaders...

The Trip this weekend:   Bucks' Pocket State Park rappelling....the cost is $52.00 per person  if you rappell..

if choose to go on the trip and not rapell..the cost is $27.00 for meals, camping fee, and fuel costs.  The fee for rappelling is $25.00.

The  Instructor is BSA certified and has taken the Troop on these trips for the past 15 or more years.

If Rappelling, the Scout or leader needs to wear sneakers or hiking boots, jeans or long pants, and other wise dress for the weather.  Though all gear will be provided, to move quicker in line, he should bring a pair of leather work gloves (write his name on them in black marker).  He can also bring his own biking helmet (name marked in it) to use rather than swapping out with others..

If the leader or Scout did not make the meeting tonight,   he needs to call the patrol leader and quartermaster to make sure they buy meals for him and bring a tent if required so as not to come up short.

If coming on the trip, he needs to be there this Thursday night  at 6:30 PM to help pack gear and load. Unifom not required.

He needs to be at the Hut at 5:00 PM for the trip in the Red Troop t shirt, Scout shorts, Scout socks and belt...same uniform on the way home with an expectation of around 2:00 PM or so.

We will stop for fuel and a snack on the way up and at a McDonalds for lunch on the way back.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s                            "Delivering the Promise.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Troop News

We had a full house last night's for the program covering highlight's of this summer's Yellowstone Trip.

We were visited by Mr. Christopher Arnold, an Eagle Scout, Troop 327,Homewood, who resides in Bluff Park and is looking for a troop to work with..he is a Vigil member of the Order of the Arrow and was active with the Chapter and Lodge in pre-ordeaal and ordeal ceremonies, medaling in several competitions.

Two issues came up regarding advancement and Boards of Review:

Merit Badges: Completed merit badge cards are either given personally by the Scout to Mr. Stocks or if he (Mr. Stocks) is not present they are deposited in his black mail box in the Troop Library. It was again mentioned that Scouts need to complete their summer camp incomplete merit badges to finish them off. These are posted on the the Troop web site.

When preparing to advance in rank, once the Scout has his Scoutmaster's Conference with the Scoutmaster, he should contact Mr. Greg Stocks for a Board of Review.

Mr. Stocks will then set up a time and date for the Board with designated Board members. This may be during a meeting, on a trip, or other designated time and date set by the Board.

Boards of Review in recent months have began to stress more basic Scout knowledge as required in the Scout the meeting last night, the boys were advised to be familiar with and to be able to tie the basic knots required for that rank in the Scout Handbook, as well as information taught in basic first aid, topics as direction finding, using the compass, camping, hiking, and other topics they should have read, been taught, and are familiar with while camping and hiking during their time in the Troop.

The Boards will be given in the full class A uniform, with sash and Troop Neckerchief, with all current patches and rank attached.

The rappelling trip to Bucks Pocket (vicinity of Scottsboro, AL) September 21-23 with about 35 Scouts and leaders signed up last night, is $52.00..(Meals 12.00, Fuel 13.00, Rappelling fee $25.00 per person, camp fee $2.00 per person). We will make a fuel stop and break enroute and a stop at McDonald's on the return trip. If you or the Scout is undecided, a final signup will still be possible on September 17.

As of this date there is no activity planned for this coming weekend.

Monday, September 17th will cover the Indian Lore merit badge (JASM S Hardy), a quick over view of the National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) in Michigan by members of the Troop who attended this summer (S and S Hardy), following completion of trip menu and patrol work sheet assignments by he patrols.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Ordeal this weekend

Reference below: If your son is going through the Ordeal Friday night at Camp Comer with us ...he will not need a tent...he should bring a plastic ground cloth large enough to double overhead as a small shelter for light rain......if it ends up pouring...there will be plans to assure they have shelter...they won't be permitted to get soaking wet.

If you are a Brother, or member, coming on the trip, but not doing the Ordeal, you also do not need to bring a tent because Camp Comer already has them set up..they will have a camp site for Nunne-Hi already selected for us.

The mention of a tent in the Ordeal requirements is from a generic requirement list for those camps who do not have shelters set up and a personal tent is required for the weekend....Camp Comer is not usually an issue(they have permanent tents set up)..Camp Sequoyah, Camp Jackson and Camp Westmoreland will require us to bring tents to sleep in both nights as they usually have none (permanent or temporary) set up.

If you and/or your son is going to the Ordeal for the first time the notes brought up by Mr. Cox from the Coosa.50 web site (below) explains what you/he will need to bring.....despite the list tomorrow, normally they do not permit tents on Friday night so make sure he brings a plastic ground cloth to put his bag on and use for a cover in case of inclement weather. I they predict inclement weather, he should bring his rain suit in preference over a poncho. I will check on whether they can bring a tent with them to the Ordeal with the Ordeal Director.

As earlier stated..we will be traveling to and returning from the Ordeal in the Class A uniform. Ordeal candidates will change into their work clothes when they arrive at Camp Comer.

YiS dan s

1.Register for the Ordeal you wish to attend by completing and mailing the Ordeal Candidate Registration Form to the address listed on the registration form, which can be found in the Forms and Publications area of this site. or REGISTER ONLINE HERE

2.The Ordeal begins promptly at 8 PM Friday evening. Registration is open from 7 PM till 10 PM.

3.No supper will be served Friday evening, so plan to eat before you arrive.

4.You will need a photocopy of your current physical form at registration, so please have it ready when you arrive. For candidates over 40 years of age, a Class 3 BSA Physical is required. For all other participants, a Class 1 or Class 2 BSA Physical is adequate. Beginning in 2010, the new BSA Universal Physical Form will be used. Please bring a photocopy so that you will not need to have it returned to you after the Ordeal.

5.You should bring only the following items:

•Work clothes and gloves

•Class A Scout Uniform

•Groundcloth and Sleeping Bag


•Water Bottle


•Poncho or rain cover

•Scout pocketknife

Do not bring anything else, unless it is of medical necessity.

6.Adult candidates are requested to bring hand tools, shovels, rakes, chain saws, etc. if they have them. Please make sure your tools are labeled with your name/address/phone before arrival.

7.If you have a special skill (plumber, electrician, etc.), please bring your work tools and notify us at registration Friday.

8.The Ordeal does not conclude until 10 AM Sunday, so you may be picked up after 10 AM. Your Lodge flap, registration card, handbook, and information packet will be given to you after the new member orientation session Sunday morning.

9.The Coosa Lodge Trading Post, complete with Lodge memorabilia, shirts, caps, jackets, etc., will be open immediately after the new member orientation session Sunday morning, so you may purchase items before departing.

Meeting this Sunday 3pm @BPUMC

This is a reminder that there will be a parent/leader meeting in the Family Room, facing the gymnasium, in the Bluff Park United Methodist Church at 3:00 PM on Sunday, September 9, 2012.

This meeting is for parents and leaders only to discuss streamlining Troop operations, and short and long term financing goals for trips and activities as reflected of our immediate past and future Troop requirements.

The meeting should last about an hour. Consensus will be important with the assurance we are "Delivering the Promise."

Thanks for your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

J Clark 2nd day of Eagle Scout Project this Saturday

Dear Fellow Scouts and Adults,

My final Eagle Scout Project Group Work Day will be on September 8, 2012; this coming Saturday. The work day will start at 8:00 AM. So don’t stay out to late Friday night and try and get some sleep. It will take place at Shades Mountain Baptist Church the address of which is 2017 Columbiana Road Vestavia, Birmingham, AL. We will all be working down by the soccer field pavilion finishing the construction and installation of the benches. I will be providing cold water in coolers throughout the work day as well as a pizza lunch. Also I would like to ask that if the parents could stay that would be awesome because I know your sons would love to show you what Scouting is all about and if you want to join in and work beside them I am sure they would enjoy it and I could sure use any help and experience you bring. We will be using power tools this work day so I ask that you bring your own eye protection and if you have any extras I would ask you bring them as well but they are your responsibility. If you want gloves please bring them as we will not have any to lend out and if you want to bring any extra pairs to lend them out that would be great but as with the eye protection it is your responsibility to keep up with them. I will be providing bug repellant and sunscreen for your use. I have some tools but if you have any and are willing to bring them I appreciate it. A list of what tools I need is below:

Measuring Tape

Electric Drills

Drill Bits

Post Hole Diggers

Socket Wrenches and Sockets

Extension Cords

Circular Saws



After we finish you are all invited back to my house to swim as weather permits. Also I would like to remind you all I am still accepting donations towards my Eagle Scout Project.

Your fellow scout,

J Clark