Monday, November 29, 2010

Troop News

The Lot is moving in high gear with sales as strong they ought to be...Please don't forget look at the Troop Tree Schedule for his and a parent's turn at sales on the Lot. Thanks to Mr. Madison and Dr. Hamilton and the Scouts that joined them, the delivery was made to the community on Tyler Saturday morning.

Note....The last team closing the lot needs to assure a plastic garbage bag is wrapped around the big up-right tree drill to protect it from the weather. It looks like the Security light isn't working at this time. Mr. Oliver, or his relief, will be there each evening for a money pick up...if not before you leave, please secure it as earlier noted.

Our meeting Monday Nov 29 will be a continuation of the Aviation Merit Badge with Mr. Bennett whose time and resources has made it the best presentation of the badge in recent memory.The Scoutmaster Minute will be given by Mr. David Hutchens.

The December 6th meeting will be the Troop Picture/Composite night. Last year we only had about thirty boys and ten leaders take the picture.

This year we need all the active Scouts and Leaders (uniformed) to take a picture for a complete Troop composite. The cost for the composite is $20.00 and $10.00 if you want an additional individual or family portrait.

There is no cost just to have the Scout present and have the picture taken for the composite, so please encourage attendance to make this more successful this year. Uniform is Class A with merit badge sash and Troop neckerchief... He can leave if he wants to once the picture is taken or participate in the activities that night.

Mr. Wes Smith will be going into the Brookwood Hospital on Tuesday afternoon for surgery. Please keep him in your prayers for his expected success and a quick recovery. We will have a card at the meeting for all to sign so we can get it him the next day.

Don't forget that the Troop will have it's annual Christmas party on the 13th as covered on a previous blog......Scouts should bring a inexpensive gift (non-gag) for a Dirty Santa format.They will talk more to the party at the meeting tomorrow and on the December 6th.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tree Lot Set Up Friday morning

Thanks to Mr. Madison and Mr. Smith, the scaffolding is at the Lot and with a new battery in it, the Frank Tank is at the lot in its usual place also in preparation for the lot set up.

Mr. Madison has requested some older Scouts (Venture and Foxes) and their Dads be at the Hut at 7:00 AM on Friday so we can load his trailer to get all we need over to the lot for the set up starting at 7:30 for everyone else..Thanks in advance for helping out with this request.

On behalf of everyone in the Troop...Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours....Thanks for all your usual support as we move through the holiday season..

YiS dan S "Delivering the Promise"

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Regular Meeting Monday night, Tree lot set up Friday 7:30am

Thanks to all who helped out this afternoon, we were able to unload the trees (405) in about an hour or on the web site by Mr. Simon....thanks especially to Dr. Hamilton for assuring their arrival, for Mr. Eggers in assisting with the count and final tally, and to the WEBELOS for adding to our numbers.

There is a regular meeting Monday night..all should scouts should attend as we will be talking to tree sales on the lot, the Salesmanship merit badge (Mr. Madison) and the Aviation Merit Badge (Mr. Bennett). Scoutmaster's Minute: Mr. Elmore.

Thanks to Mr. Smith and Mr. Madison, we will pick the scaffolding up on Tuesday (Nov 23) and move the Frank Tank over to the Lot for use as our office for sales.

Remember.....We will meet the Friday after Thanksgiving (Nov 26) at 7:30 AM at the lot to set the Tree lot up. Dress for the normally takes most of the morning with all the help we can get and for the first shift to begin at noon...should leave plenty of time for the game.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Tree Arrival

Unless there is a delay or something happens otherwise, the trees are still set to arrive Sunday, Nov 21, at 1:00 PM, at tree lot (Bluff Park United Methodist Church)..dress for the weather..bring work should last about an hour to an hour and a half if everyone is there.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tree Sales

This weekend will mark the beginning of our annual tree sales.

As earlier stated, we are hoping the trees will becoming in this Sunday afternoon (21st) (delivered by truck), but the date and time are not definitely set at this moment (it could be on the 20th). When we receive the final word from the driver, Dr. Hamilton will start the notification process via the phone and internet.

Wear work gloves and dress for the weather. A parent should assist the Scout to increase our numbers and make the job of unloading 400 + tree easier. We will be at the same location as last year at the Bluf Park United Methodist Church. Thanks in advance to everyone who participates.

As many of you know, Troop 21 has been selling Christmas trees in Bluff Park for more than 40 years. This is the largest fundraiser of the year for the Troop and the profits from the trees and wreaths allow us to provide the requirements for assuring the continuing success of our program.

You might not realize it, but it takes a great deal of funding to keep Troop 21 running. Profits are spent for items such as camping equipment, insurance, bus, truck, and building maintenance and utilities, and underwriting many trip expenses/requirements to keep costs down for the families. As you know, we are one of the few Troops in the Greater Alabama Council with a bus, all of our equipment, and a private building.

We will set the lot up beginning at 7:30 AM November 26th, with the Scouts and as many parents/leaders as possible.

This year’s sale will take place officially at Noon on November 26th and run through possibly December 19th ( or sooner), in the area in the vicinity of the parking lot of Bluff Park United Methodist Church. Hours are Monday through Friday from 4PM -8PM, Saturday from 8AM-8PM and Sunday from Noon to 8PM. Shifts are assigned by Mr. Simon Ng posted on the Troop Web Site. To make the Christmas tree sales a success, each Scouting family has been assigned three time slots on the schedule. A couple of reminders:
•A parent should always accompany the Scout for a work shift. This is a family shift not a Scout shift.
•If you see that your family is unable to work your scheduled time, we ask that you take the responsibility to swap with another family. Please inform the group leader of the shift if you make a swap. Please be prompt in coming to the lot and call the shift leader if you are going to be late.
• Please plan to help out if possible beginning with starting with the Lot set up. The busiest times are normally on the weekends…feel free to come by or drop of the Scout to pitch in on sales, trimming the trees, collecting the money, or filling the lot as trees are sold.
•We will take the lot down on December 19th ( or sooner and as announced) starting at noon. All hands are again needed to expedite the process.
•On the set up day we will need Scouts and Leaders to distribute the leaflets we normally distribute to the larger, new home developments/communities..we will need a few leaders to set up a banner at critical intersections in our area during heavy traffic periods for advertising the first few days we are set up.
•Tree lot rules, information, phone numbers, and other information will be posted in the tree sales office located on the lot.

The Lot Schedule (thanks to Mr. Simon) is published on the Troop Web Site (Thanks to Mr. Simon). Please post it for the Scout and the family to read.

Thanks in advance for your help with the Wreath and Christmas tree sales. Working together, this effort will be a success as always!

YiS Dan Strunk
Scoutmaster “Delivering the Promise”

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Troop News

"These are busy times."

We wanted to thank again all the leaders who went up on the early party to set up all the tents and shelters for our recent trip to Shiloh, as well as Mr. and Mrs Eggers for all the work they and the assisting leaders gave to assure all our meals were prepared from the time we got there until we left. Special thanks also to Lieutenant Colonel Charles Kidd for making the 13 hour drive from Ft. Bragg, NCarolina to be here in assisting the Phoenix and the WEBELOS with Trail #4, and to Mr. Jay Plyler for "coming out of retirement" to assist in camp and drive the bus. "Can't do the things we do without the help of all who take the time to make it work."

The tents and tarps are still wet in most cases, so we are going to let them hang for another week until the meeting next Monday when we will take them down and hang those remaining.

We had a good full house for the Patrol Leader's Planning Conference....Though we can use greater numbers in the Troop Committee, the meetings were successful and we accomplished a great deal:

NOVEMBER 22 There will be a regular Troop meeting the 22nd to complete hanging our gear and stuffing those which are dry. We will also cover salesmanship at the Christmas Tree lot and Mr. Madison will cover the basic requirements for the Salemanship merit badge..Scoutmasters Minute: Mr. Elmore

CHRISTMAS TREES We are expecting to receive our trees this year during the weekend of the 20-21..most likely on Sunday afternoon...if your son is a patrol leader..he will be called by the Senior Patrol Leader to call his patrol families to have everyone please have a Troop roster handy for him to use to make this work....Adults will also be called with the time and date expected if we can't be forewarned enough by the emails during a work day. It a takes the family so bring clothing for the weather and gloves to protect your hands while carrying the trees. Leaders should bring work gloves and a pair of wire cutters to assist in setting up the scaffolding.

Thanks to Mr. Smith all of the light fixtures have been re-wired for hanging this year. Mr. Kaiser added to our lighting numbers by contributing some out door string lights to the usual we have in storage. Mr. Smith also recently repaired and improved the Troop marquis for it's use adjacent to the Tree Lot location, Mr. Madison, Mr. Hardy, and Mr. Smith will also be assuring the tree scaffolding is picked up and brought over to the lot for use in the next few days.

NOVEMBER 26, Friday is the Tree Lot set up day..we will start at 7:30 AM..Dress for the weather and bring work gloves..we have normally taken most of the morning for the job..the more the quicker so please plan on being there...We will start at the Hut loading the gear we need, then end up at the lot (Bluff Park United Methodist Church on Valley where we always use the lot.

NOVEMBER 26 is also the start day for shifts at the Tree Lot..make sure that the Scout and Family know that the Scout and a parent need to be there for tree sales and that in case they cannot, they need to find a substitute within the Troop. The Schedule is posted on the Troop Web Site.

We are going to need some help again this year by distributing pamphlets to home developments showing the location and discount for our trees. More will be announced for this in upcoming meetings. The same for displaying our banners at critical closeby intersections in the morning and in the evenings to assure new customers are aware of us.

NOVEMBER 29 Meeting..Guest Speaker, Mr. Bennett for the Aviation Merit Badge, and more Tree Lot information as required. Patrol leaders final planning and assignments for Christmas party) Scoutmasters Minute: Mr. Hutchens

MONTH OF DECEMBER or sooner: We need the Scouts and a registered leaders annual dues for 2011. Scouts are $30.00; leaders are $15.00. Mr. Steve Frost will be collecting this. Please mail it his home address made out to Troop 21, BSA. We need this during December. Please be timely with this in order for us to retain our status as a "District Quality Unit."

DECEMBER 4 DISTRICT ROUND TABLE at Cantebury United Methodist Church. If you are an active leader and/or you are on our Troop Merit Badge Counselor Contact List, please attend this hour long presentation to certify/re-certify as a merit badge counselor. The training is required by the BSA/District on an annual basis. The instruction is well prepared and given in the hour or so it takes. Please help out with this. Training will start at 6:30 PM.

DECEMBER 6 TROOP PICTURES Please make sure he comes to the meeting and takes his picture in the Class A Plus uniform: Tan shirt, Troop Neckerchief, Neckerchief Slide, belt, Scout trousers or shorts, Scout Socks. There is no charge if he does not want a copy of the please encourage him to come so we can have everyone in the picture..same for uniformed leaders...if he wants a copy of the composite..the cost is $20.00 paid in advance made out to Troop 21, BSA or cash...if you would like a family portrait with him or just a single by him self, the cost is $10.00 for each picture. Please help out with this so we can make the composite as complete as possible for the Troop legacy. We will start at 7:00PM and he can leave when the picture is taken or take part in the activities.

DECEMBER 13 TROOP CHRISTMAS PARTY regular time at the Hut..inexpensive but useful gifts as a "dirty santa" format. No gag gifts..just straight up wrapped gifts.

Venture: 2 liter bottle soft drinks (patrol leader planned)
Fox cookies/small cakes/snacks (patrol leader planned)
Shark Cookies/small cakes/snacks (patrol leader planned)
Phoenix dips/chips/ snacks (patrol leader planned)

DECEMBER 19 SUNDAY Christmas Tree Lot take down starting at 12:00 Noon. Once again a Scout and leader requirement to be able to pack up quickly.Normally, takes an hour or two or less.

JANUARY 8 ANNUAL PLANNING CONFERENCE Uniform Class A w/o neckerchief or sash. Brings sleeping bag and $15.00 for lunch and Dinner (lunch at the Church and dinner at the Golden Corral in Hoover). Starts at 8:30 AM in the room adjacent to the Kitchen and next to the gymnasium. Pick him up at 8:00 AM in the Youth area exiting near the new entrance way of the Church. Enters in the same location. This is a lock-in and no one leaves w/o the Scoutmaster's permission. Will need one or two leaders present overnight as well. Sleeping bags and air mats for sleeping in rooms in the Youth Area in the Church. The boys will be planning out the entire year's activities during this time. Leaders are welcome for input and ideas.

Cathy Kidd will be conducting a class on Youth Protection for all leaders and Scouts as well..Scouts before the leaders and leaders in the class room next to the kitchen at 3:00 PM. As you know this is mandatory training every two years in order to be registered as a leader in the Troop. If you cannot attend here, please assure you do so on and give Mrs. Kidd a copy of your certification card.

JANUARY 15-17 We will be heading to New Orleans to tour the D Day Museum, Chamelett, and the Confederate Museum if we have time for them all. We will be staying in buildings on both nights and taking fast food/resturants for meals. The cost, soon to be announced, will depend on our numbers, the fees, and other requirements. We will depart on the 15th, tour on the 16th, and return in the late afternoon of the 17th on the Troop bus. Would like a least one follow-on vehicle to accompany us.

The TROOP MERIT BADGE COUNSELOR CONTACT LIST has been updated on the Troop Web Site. Take a look at it as new names have been added to replace earlier names who are no longer with us or who have chosen not to be active at this time.

Congratulations again to J Ng and N Madison and their families for having all their requirements passed at the Eagle Boards for their Eagle Rank recently, as soon as A Byrd ties his loose ends up, he should also complete his this year.

Make a copy of this news letter and give it to your son to keep him abreast if he is not reviewing the Troop Web Site "Troop Blog." on a regular basis.

A warm welcome again to our five new Scouts and their families (the Ponders, Smiths, Cokers, and the Hutchens).

Thanks again for all your support and encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Shiloh Trip info.

Last night during the meeting several topics weren't brought up..

One, wasto make sure that the Scout wears wool socks with a pair polyporphylene liner if he is going to be hiking a long trail (all trails except the Indian mounds and battleground trail that the Webelo I's hike). He doesn't need hiking boots but he should still wear them (socks) with sneakers or what he chooses. Leaders should bring a parts or a role of duct tape in case members of the crew get a hot spot, or developing blister.

Since we are planning on such a large group (80-90), the Troop will provide eating plastic utensils for meals..cups, plates, spoons and forks (he should bring his own pocket knife for the beef stew if he may need it) The utensils will cut down on a great deal of personal KP after the evening meal and save time for evening activities.

He will be on the trail all day make sure he brings his day pack to carry his (two) water bottles, snacks, and his jacket/rain suit as he layers on/off his gear. Since he will be hiking all day, he could probably use some trail snacks along the way.

Please be at Hut at 5:00 PM with your completed BSA consent form and a check for $35.00 made out to Troop 21, BSA ..the cost is $25.00 if you are driving your car and not part of the advance party or Troop follow on vehicle.

There was some confusion about what trails he may have been assigned to...If a Scout, He should know what trails he has already hiked and what is next. If a WEBELO, all the WEBELO II that did the Indian mounds trek last year will do Trail # 4 this year (Compass).If they weren't here last year to hike the Indian mounds, then all WEBELOs who haven't will do the indian mounds this year as part of the orientation to Shiloh. Final assignments will be sorted out Friday evening and Saturday morning before we go.

On Veterans Day Parade...this many Scouts as possible should march rather than staying at home and sleeping in. You can drop him off at 8:00 AM, in Class A uniform including troop neckerchief and merit badge sash, give him $10.00 for lunch, checks made out to Troop 21. BSA. We should be returned by about 3:30 PM..If he gets there early at 8:00 AM he will assist the younger ones with Map reading or we will split wood in the yard or both. We will depart in the bus from the Hut at 10:30 AM, heading over to the Hoover Golden Corral off Lorna Road for lunch. We will report to the parade around Noon or 12:30....check the weather in case it is cool..he may need a jacker in the morning.

He needs to bring his supper in a bag, or his day pack, as we are not stopping for fast food on the way up, except at gas station just as we get on Route 157 off 65 North. No open container, except capped bottles should be brought to avoid spillage on the bus. He will need some money for Park Sourveniers if he wants and will have to buy his lunch at McDonalds on the way back home Sunday.

YiS dan s "Delivering the Promise"d

Friday, November 05, 2010

Events/trip in January 2011

Please mark your Calendars for the following dates in January, 2011:

January 8-9 (Saturday, Saturday night, and Sunday Morning)

This is the day for the Troop Annual Planning Conference where the Scouts plan out our activities for 2011 and January of 2012. This is a lock in weekend for the boys and for one leader who stays with me. All the Scouts need to attend to be part of deciding what we will plan for activies for the coming year. The Troop provides lunch at the Bluff Park United Methodist Church, where we will be, and he should bring $10.00 for his supper at the Hoover Golden Corral for supper. He will need to be picked up by 8:00 AM on Sunday January 9th. Uniform is the Class A with tan shirt, scout socks, scout belt, and trousers (Shorts or long trousers). He can bring street clothes to change into for the evening after meals and planning time are finished in the evening.

January 15-17 (Martin Luther King Holiday weekend) Troop Weekend

Thanks to the time and efforts of Captain Kelly Gandy, on January 15 we head out on the Troop bus and a follow-on car to New Orleans, tour the Chamelett Battle Ground, check into an National Guard Building, then go out to eat (fast food).

On the 16th we travel to the D Day Museum (will stop for fast food breakfast and he buys lunch at the museum), and if time to the Confederate Museum in downtown New Orleans, then eat a fast food dinner before returning to our Building in the early evening.

We will pack up and leave at around 7:30AM on the 17th and head back to Hoover.

Trip cost TBD by numbers and group consensus on other activities...fees for museums TBA

Uniform will be Class A the entire time except in the overnight building.

Thanks for your support and encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Shiloh Trip info.

As we know, our up and coming trip to Shiloh is the weekend of November 12-14...If you are going on the early party, you should have advised Mr. Madison by now for planning purposes...if you would like to and haven't please call him.. The early party usually leaves on Friday morning and sets up our camp site as we will arrive at 10:00 to 10:30 that evening.

The cost of the Trip at this time is $35.00 per person to cover fuel, meals, park fees , and camping fees required for the trip. The more who come, as usual, the less the fee. If we have less than expected, the fee may be more... so please encourage attendance. If you drive your car, the cost is $20.00 per person. If you are a required part of the required early party or are a follow-on vehicle or a tow vehicle for the trailer, the Troop pays for your gas.

If your son is coming he is required to be at the Monday meeting, November 8 for a Park and Historical briefing, to understand what is required for the trip (be prepared for the weather), as well as to be counted and assured he is assigned to a trail by Mr. Frost...Remember..we also need leaders to assist in camp for delivering lunch, driving a trail crew to a start point , as assisting in camp (with meal preparation) if you are not walking a trail..

There is a distinctive patch awarded for each of the six trails that we hike....if all six are completed, the hiker earns the "Shiloh Veteran Hiker Award." a frameable, 12X18" certificate which as you can imagine is a rare commodity among Scouts, but a satisfying award for those who earn it.

This trip is the only time during the year for the Troop that leaders prepare meals for the Scouts..Mr. and Mrs. Eggers will be driving the plans for meals this year and can use your help. Please give them a call if you haven't already.

We are expecting about sixty or more Scouts, leaders/parents, and WEBELOS II.

Thanks for all your support and encouraging attendance.

YiS dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Troop News : Eagle advancement

While attending the District Round Table last night (November 4), there was a great deal of information presented about the preparation, planning, execution, and successful completion of an Eagle project as required by Vulcan District.

As you know, the District provides more than one third of all Eagles in the Greater Alabama Council each year and as many as 70-90 Scouts earn the rank each year in the District...

When you can, go to the following web site and take a look at the Eagle Project Planning Guide that has been produced by Mr. Alvie Allison, Director of Advancement, Vulcan District.

For those of you whose sons have completed the Eagle project, we know that by following the recommended guidelines, the process is pretty straight forward and clear.

Mr. Chris Morrow has recently accepted the job as Troop Eagle Advancement Guide /Committee Member for the Troop, and as Mr. Micky Harbin before him, understands the principles and requirements. If he is a Life Scout, your son needs to be talking to him about heading in the direction of choosing a project.

If your son is a Life Scout...and about 15 years old...or older...he needs to be thinking about a project now, rather than waiting until the end rapidly approaches. Seven years goes quickly as busy as we a all are now. The Guideline also lists numerous projects which Scouts have undertaken and used successfully in the past and as we speak.

To see the guidelines as well as other important information...make a point of going to: and make a copy for you son to look over....he and you also needs to look at the Greater Alabama web site as a link on our own Troop web site and start looking over Eagle requirements stated there, to include necessary forms and obtaining the Eagle packet.

YiS Dan S "Delivering the Promise"