Monday, October 25, 2010

Troop News

We had a better trip than usual this weekend based on numbers and the weather. Both were exactly what we needed for a great time. Though there was a fire restriction, we were able to have a camp fire in the fire pit all day long.

Fourteen Scouts earned the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge and about ten completed the Oak Mountain mountain bike trail.

Thanks to Dr. Nelson and all the leaders who helped out, the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge to the entire day. Likewise, thanks to Mr. Berry and Mr. Camp the biking trail nearly took the entire day also. Thanks to Mr. Simon all the pictures of all the activities are posted on the Troop Web Site. Thanks to Mr. Lepianka, the Sunday morning service was excellent.

Don't forget that tonight is the Troop Court of Honor at the Bluff Park United Methodist Church on Valley here in Bluff Park. As a reminder, the menu (Pot Luck entres} responsibilities for the families and patrols as well as the times are posted on the Troop Web Site Blog site/section under activities on September 21.

We are attaching the agenda again...make a copy or two for you family and the Scout as the agenda also lists Scout and leader jobs for the next six months.

Courts of Honors are family affairs reviewing the last six months, celebrating our success as a Troop, and acknowledging all the work and advancement of the Scouts. Uniform for the Scout is the tan shirt, Scout belt, scout shorts or long trousers, Troop Neckerchief, or BSA bolo, Scout socks, the merit badge sash if he has sewn his merit badges on.

Finally, as posted, Venture is the Host Patrol tonight and they should be there at six o"clock PM to help with the set up.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Troop News

Congratulations again to D Peterson, B Preston, J Hamilton, and Z Harbin and their families for being awarded their Eagle yesterday at the Eagle Court of Honor. Thanks especially to Mr. Harbin and theeach of the families for planning and for assuring the success of the celebration.

Tonight's meeting will focus on Wilderness Survival merit badge by Dr. Frank Nelson and a well known survival tape regarding edibles in the SE forests of the United States. We are going to need a head count of all who are coming for planning the trip and if he plans on the earning merit badge, he needs to be present for the presentation tonight, The cost for the trip will be 25.00. We will be camping at Oak Mountain State Park in the primitive camp sites area and will be prepared to depart the Hut between 5:00 PM and 5:30PM. He should be prepared for the weather. Uniform for the trip is the Troop red t shirt, Scout shorts or trousers, Scout socks, and Scout belt.

We will also have to have a definite count tonight of the older boys who will mountain bike the trail, while the younger ones earn the Wilderness Survival merit badge, so we will be sure to have transportation for the bikes. Younger Scouts working on the WS merit badge needn't bring their bikes.

Remember, next Monday night (October 25) is the Troop Court of Honor with "what to bring items" as posted in a previous Troop blog (September 21 on the Troop Web Site) for times, who brings what, and other details. A reminder that the Host Patrol is Venture II who arrive at 6:00 PM to help with the set up. The Court starts at 6:30 PM.

The PLC and equipment take down from the trip this weekend ( Oct 19-21) normally scheduled after the trip will be held on the following Monday (Nov 1) so only quartermasters will need to be present. If you are a new leader/parent with us and have not attended a Committee meeting, please join us on November 1 at 8:00 PM after the Troop PLC.

A copy of the Court of Honor Agenda is attached to this memo...please make a copy of it for your son also to bring to the Court and to have the Troop leadership assignments for the next six months.

Thanks for all you support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan S "Delivering the Promise"

Monday, October 11, 2010

Troop Scribe jobs

To be a scribe you must do two jobs.

1. You must take roll at every meeting. Roll is the big board hanging on the wall by the side door. You must verify the date, and record the scouts in attendance. If you don't know who someone is, ask another scout.
2. You must also write thank you letters to the speakers. There is usually more than one scribe; decide amongst yourselves who will write the letters. You can alternate who writes them. The scribe must be at the meeting. You must know the speaker's exact name and address. Make sure to get the information before the speaker leaves. Let Mr. Strunk know when you have sent the letter. Thank you notes with the scout symbol on them are available at the scout shop.

Here is a guide to writing a letter:


Dear(name of presenter),
On behalf of Troop 21 and Scoutmaster Dan Strunk, I would like to thank you for coming to our troop and giving a presentation on (what the presentation was about). (text that pertains to the presentation).

(name of scribe),
Troop 21 Scribe

An example of a letter is:


Dear Dr. Loop,
On behalf of Troop 21 and Scoutmaster Dan Strunk, I would like to thank you for coming to our troop and giving a presentation on how to tell if a snake is a “good snake” or a “bad snake.” The presentation was very interesting and informative. Your advice on how to tell if the snake is venomous or not was helpful; I didn't know much of it. I will still do what I did before, though: “A snake left alone is a good snake.”

Isaac Eggers,
Troop 21 Scribe


Monday, October 04, 2010

Troop News

This weekend, thanks to all who supported us, was one of our best weekends at the Art Show. We covered all the service requirements an more, enjoyed some great weather, and maintained the Scouting image as the Scouts usually do. Thanks to all the leaders and Scouts who participated or encouraged attendance. Thanks in particular to those leaders who came at 6:30 AM and who helped conclude the service at 4:30 PM.

This weekend was also a strong Order of the Arrow weekend at Camp Comer, and thanks to Mrs Kidd and Mr. Gunn we transported ten scouts. We more than represented the Nunne-Hi Chapter and had as much fun as ever. For the first time in twenty two years, we had not one but two of our Scouts awarded the Vigil Honor, the highest rank bestowed on OA members in the Lodge.

Congratulations for a great deal of hard work and dedication by P Kidd and J Kunka and to their parents for all their support and encouragement. The the Vigil Honor in the OA is only awarded to less than twenty members annually of the Greater Alabama Lodge consisisting of more than 2000 members. It is only awarded by a vote of the Lodge's Leaders Executive Council based on a minimums of service to the lodge, the local chapter, and overall service and dedication to the OA

S Hardy earned his Brotherhood rank during the weekend only after being a member for a minimum of 10 months.

All of the Scouts attending were able to practice on the new ceremonial drum recently acquired by the Nunne-Hi lodge during the day and all of the boys were able to perform at the first ceremonial presention along with dances at the Arena celebration Saturday night.

If you son is an OA member, encourage his attendance and strong membership as it is a vital tool for success in his Scouting career that he would not otherwise have the opportunity for.

We completed the weekend with more than ten Scouts, along with Mr. Morrow, Mr. Camp and Mr. Crabtree as assisting Mr. Eggers in the last group of Scouts completing the Historic BSA carpentry merit badge...that is for a total of nearly 28 Scouts who took the time and advantage of Mr, Eggers time, tools, and experience. Each session lasted more than four hours of knowlege acquisition, but most importantly, hand son experience for a life time. Thanks again to Mr. Eggers and the adults who assisted him in each group and for the parents and leaders who encouraged attendance.

Tonight's meeting, thanks to Mrs Eggers, will be very informing based on the experience of a guest speaker who survived serious injury in the wilderness based on lessons learned about survival when help was not immediately available.

Remember..wreath sales are due at the coming Court of Honor with hopefully all families having sold a minimum of six. The Troop web site lists the cost of each item, they can either be delivered by the Scout or mailed to an address if out of town with mailing information forms also available at the Hut with the individual sales brochures he needs to get a copy of. This is important for the Troop in maintaining a strong operational budget, for the Scout to pick up on sales techniques, and for the family to pitch in for the overall effort. These funds are used for all our operational needs and requirements during the year.

The Pop Corn Sales are also BSA worthy and sponsored by the BSA..remember.... of all the sales he makes, he earns 35% of the gross for his own use in the Troop for trips as well as to defray the cost summer camp. This can also be family endeavor to help out the household budge for trips he will be taking.

The October trip will be to Oak Mountain State Park. We will be teaching and excellent Wilderness Survival merit badge to the Young Scouts (Dr. Nelson and Mr. Bennefield) and the older Scouts will have an opportunity to mountain bike the Oak Mountain 22 mile bike trail with Mr. Camp and Mr. Berry well as other leaders who will ride. If he hasn't biked the trail encourage it.We haven't done this as Troop for many years and if he hasn't ridden it himself, he needs to with the troop.

Some of the fourteen and older sisters in the Troop have expressed an interest in forming a Venture Crew in the Troop. We had one at the turn of the decade until all the girls graduated and went off to college. If you are a parent with a 14-18 year old daughter who wants to learn just about all your son is learning about outdoor skills, attend the next Troop Committee Meeting, and we will discuss it and its potential. You can find out more about the Program in the BSA Web Sites under Venturing or Venture Crews. It will required dedicated men and women leaders who, in loving the outdoors, are willing to take the time to make the Program work. This is not a just for women program, is built on strong co-educational principles involving both young men and women under the BSA Venturing program.