Sunday, July 31, 2011

Eagle Court of Honor Sunday 1pm @BPUMC

31 July, Sunday (EAGLE COURT FOR B Garrett, A Byrd and J Ng) 1:00 PM in the Old Sanctuary of the Bluff Park United Methodist Church. Uniform is Class A + (Tan Shirt w/sash and neckerchief) Reception and Slideshow follow....

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Troop News

The Water Sports Weekend was one of our best with 45 leaders and Scouts in attendance.

Thanks again to Charles and Cathy Kidd for the use of the property and to all the leaders who made their power boats (6) available for skiing and tube pulling. Thanks to the special efforts of Mr. Cox, as well as his towing the troop canoes to the lake, fifteen Scouts earned the canoeing merit badge. Meals were excellent and the campfire closed activities for the evening. We returned to the Hut at about 10:30 Sunday.

Thanks to Mr. Madison, the Troop canoe trailer was refurbished with new tires and greased bearings making its use timely for the trip.

Thanks to those who attended the equipment take-down and storage Monday night, quartermaster activity went quickly and was wrapped up in time for the 7:00 PM Patrol Leaders Conference. There was also good attendance for the Conference, lacking the Shark patrol.

The coming week and weeks following are going to be busy for the Troop.....please encourage attendance as much a possible...

28 July (CHRISTMAS TREE AND FUND RAISING COMMITTEE) there will be a meeting at the Hut starting at 6:30 PM to discuss fundraising. The meeting will continue into 7:00 PM for discussion of the Christmas Tree sales lot set up and sales strategy this year. We will began at the Hut and travel to the site for recommendations and ideas.

30 July, Saturday (L YOUNG'S EAGLE PROJECT) more information to follow in a bulletin

31 July, Sunday (EAGLE COURT FOR J NG, B GARRETT, AND A BYRD) 1:00 PM in the Old Sanctuary of the Bluff Park United Methodist Church. Uniform is Class A + (Tan Shirt w/sash and neckerchief) Reception follows....

1 August, Monday (TROOP COURT OF HONOR) Sharks are the Host Patrol and should arrive at 6:00 PM to assist with the set up. This is the usual Pot Luck dinner affair with an agenda to be mailed shortly:

Venture I and II Entre plus vegetable dish
Sharks Entre plus desert dish
Phoenix Entre plus salad dish
Eagles Entre plus salad, or bread, or desert dish
Crocodiles Entre plus bread or salad

Uniform is tan shirt w/sash and Troop neckerchief..important announcements regarding future trips will be announced and head counts taken

6 August (L YOUNG'S EAGLE PROJECT) more information to follow in a bulletin

8 August REGULAR MEETING w/Special guest speaker (J Ng and the National Outdoor Leadership School that he recently attended in Alaska. Scoutmaster's minute: Mr. Crabtree

13 August (RIFLE AND SHOTGUN MERIT BADGE) at the Steel City Shooting Sports range on South Shadescrest Road...reservations are required in order to participate by calling or emailing Mr. Danny Coker. He has to have the reservation..

If the Scout needs to finish up from the May shooting sports campout, this is the time to do it...he can also contact Dr. Nelson if he just needs to clean a rifle...or attend on the 13th for the same.

We will meet at the Hut at 7:30 AM and drive to the range. Leaders/parents can stay the entire time or drop him off..we will not be taking the bus as originally planned. Or, you can bring him to the range and pick him up when he calls you. Directions (3721 South Shades Crest Road, Hoover, 35244) to the range are: From the intersection of 150 and South Shades Crest Road, continue East on South Shades Crest Road passing a intersection/light (Brock's Gap Parkway) then taking a left in front of the railroad tracks, at the sign pointing the direction of the range. The intent is to be complete by 5:00 PM..Rifle will be from 8:00 until noon...Shotgun form 12:30 to completion by 5:00 PM

The fee is $10.00 for the event in a check or cash made out to Troop 21. Mr. Kyle Horn will provide hot dogs for lunch for an additional cost of $3.00 per person in addition to the $10.00 fee or he can bring his own.

August 15 REGULAR MEETING... Guest speakers Mr. Mark Griggs and Nevin Cox regarding whitewater safety....S and S Hardy regarding Order of the Arrow ceremonies and drum...

In order to go on the Trip to the Nantahalla or the Ocoee in TN, Scouts and leaders need to have passed the annual BSA Swimming test, this year, either at summer camp or as checked off at a local pool by a certified life guard using the guidelines written in the BSA Scout Handbook..Please make sure this is done to assure we conform with these BSA water safety and safety afloat requirements.

The costs so far, without adding meals/ fuel/park camping fees per person is $95.00 for the Ocoee and $20.00 for the Nantahalla..our numbers, at a headcount at the Court of Honor, will determine the cost of fuel with $12.00 added for meals. Please encourage attendance to keep the costs for fuel down.

We will need Leaders/Scouts to go up on the early party friday morning of the trip to assure we reserve space in the State Park we camp in....if you can help out with this please call Mr. Branin ...Like Shiloh...this is important and required in order to set up our tents and tarps owing to the late arrival of the Scouts Friday night.


August 19-21 WHITEWATER TRIP to Tennessee (More details to follow in a bulletin).


Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Friday, July 22, 2011

Troop News

Uniform for the Trip is Red T shirt, Scout shorts, Scout belt, and Scout socks. He'll need his bathing trunks and a sneaker or boat shoe for canoeing if he will work on the merit badge. Sun Screen and a water bottle will be important for him.

He should eat dinner or bring it with him on the bus as we will not be stopping enroute to the lake property.

We meet for final loading at 5:00 PM.. the cost per person is $30.00 Please bring the consent form you can download off the Troop web site to save time when he gets there. We will make a stop for ice at the Piggley Wiggley then head out.

They should be ready for activities after a big breakfast between 8:30 and 9:00 AM on Saturday morning.

Water activities will last into the late afternoon before preparing dinner. If he will need a Scoutmasters Conference or a Board of review he should bring his Scout book for signing off.

We will probably stop for a snack and fuel on the way home Sunday and plan on arriving between 11 and Noon.

Mr. Simon has loaded the Philmont pictures on the Web site....they are well done and gives a good idea of the adventure.....

Thanks for your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Water Skiing and Canoeing this weekend

A good meeting but off in attendance..

There were multiple topics covered tonight including preparation for canoeing this weekend by Mr. Cox, preparation for water skiing by P Kidd, details of food portions and dutch oven cooking, a review of the visit to the City Council by Mr Crabtree, and a summary of the Philmont Trip by several members of the crew who returned this evening.

Note: There was final headcount for the Trip resulting in about 40 instead of the planned 60...based upon the less than expected, we need to boot the individual fee for the trip to $30.00 instead of the planned $25.00 in order break even with the projected expenses... If you have already written a check for $25.00 we will keep it. you can add the $5.00 to the next trip.

If you or your son were absent tonight and plan to attend but didn't earlier advise the patrol leader , he needs to call the patrol leader to assure he is included in the headcount for meals for the Scout and a parent. If a leader, I will need to know for the number of tents required..

The Senior, the ASPL, Troop quartermasters, and patrol quartermasters need to be at the hut at 6:30 PM this Thursday to gather and load our gear..Uniform not required.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance...

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Friday, July 15, 2011

Troop News

Dr. Nelson will be at the Scout Hut on Sunday at 1:30 PM for those Scouts who need to complete the rifle merit badge (clean a rifle) they worked on during the May trip.....the next opportunity will be on August 13th w/Mr. Dan Coker when those who want to work and complete the shotgun or rifle merit badge can at the range on South Shades Crest in Hoover.

There were several Scouts who completed the shotgun merit badge at the Shooting Sports activity at
Camp Sequoyah in May...they need to call the Scoutmaster some time this week or see him Monday at the meeting to complete those requirements. Please make sure he does this in order to be awarded the badge at the August Court of Honor.

Thanks to Mr. Cox, and all the leaders who went on the trip last night, the climbing activities at "1st
Avenue Rocks" was as much fun as they could have in a couple of hours. we left the hut just short of 6:00 PM and returned by 8:30.

Congratulations to D Holditch for being awarded his Eagle last night at the Eagle Boards..Thanks again to Mr Morrow for his work as Troop Eagle Advisor in making sure all the work and details for the Eagle projects are completed as planned and required with our Scouts and their families.

As earlier announced, M Phillips will be working on his Eagle project tomorrow 9am ....this is an activity and check off for service for the Scouts that need it... as well as help him complete it...uniform is not required but the red t shirt and shorts is optional. They will meet at the Deer Valley Elementary School on the Ross Bridge Parkway. Groups of Scouts and leaders (driving vehicles) will place plaques on street storm drains in the Ross bridge area. .

Finally, attendance is required for Scouts at the Monday night meeting (July 18) to complete preparations for the Troop water sports trip next weekend. We need a head count, go over basics, and cover other topics planned in the PLC. As of today we are expecting six power boats and our six canoes (to work on the canoe merit badge) at lake Logan Martin (July 22-24).

Thanks for all your support and encouraging attendance.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rock Climb Thursday Jul 14

If your son is coming to the First Ave Rocks climb this Thursday he needs to be at the hut with his red troop t shirt, shorts, and Scout Socks....the fee is $10.00 per person before we get on the bus....please go the the below listed First Ave Rocks web site and complete the release form for both the leader and Scout, then go to the Troop web site and complete the BSA release form also...he needs both to participate.

If he can't be there at 5:30 PM you may bring him there in your car..and he can ride the bus back, but he will need both waivers and the $10.00 to participate.

We haven't been here before, but thanks to Mr. Cox we have a great deal and anticipate a lot of fun.

1st rocoks is Located 2417 1st Ave. S

Friday, July 01, 2011

New Scout rank requirement & Troop News

For some confusion and information:

If your son attended summer camp for the first time this year.....his book should be checked off by a leader who attended summer camp or the Scoutmaster for nearly all his Tenderfoot, Second class, and First Class requirements. If he did not attend summer camp with the Troop, he needs to see the Scoutmaster to confirm the requirements he has and the ones he will need.

He should be a checked off as Tenderfoot Scout if has gone to summer camp with the Troop and Second Class if he has made his first aid kit, went to Shiloh with us last Fall for Trail 4, and gone on (2) campouts and three other activities with us; if not, he will have to go camping for some of those activities since the time he crossed over as a Scout....if he has gone camping with us and attended other activities, he only needs five activities, (two of which must be camping) (requirement 3a second class) along with his first aid kit (requirement 7b second class).

If he went to Shiloh with us last November, and did half of Trail 4 then he has completed the compass requirement for Second Class (1b) if he also was at summer camp this year for Col Kidd's course on the compass. If he went to Shiloh, but did not come to summer camp this year, then he has not completed requirement (1b) for Second class.

For First Class, he must camp out (regular three day camp out) a total of three times as a Scout and have seven more Troop activities (First Class Requirement # 3) for a total of 10.

With exceptions, nearly all the boys earned Tenderfoot at camp, and only need their activities count for Second (plus the first aid kit) and First Class....

When the believe they have completed those requirements for Second Class, they should see the Scoutmaster for their Second Class Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review.

When ready for their First Class, the should see the Scoutmaster for the Scoutmaster Conference and then have a Board of Review with other selected leaders.

If they are not an exception,,,most should have their Second Class Rank by October or sooner, and their First Class rank by March, 2012 or sooner.

Activities, including camping, are important for the rank of Eagle...he learns all the advancement requirements, leadership, teamsmanship, and commuications skills by being with us as frequently as possible. Please encourage attendance to get the most out of the program.Eagles aren't made through correspondence courses or by not being there.

As we know, this Troop travels on a bus for all our major activities...we have to have CDL certified drivers for us to continue as smoothly as we do. Please think about helping out with this. We are down to about three at this time.

All of our Merit badge counselors will have to take an hour long certification course in the future (annually). please make plans to attend this for us.We will invite an instructor to a location of our choice....finally, please make sure you are up to date on you youth protection certification which all leaders have to have updated regularly....Youth Protection and all the other required leader certifications are available on need to give you copy to Mrs. Kidd. Youth Protection is required each two years if you are registered with the Troop.

Not finally, we need a leader or two to step up and serve as the coordinator for a Northern Tier or Sea Base trip in 2012..taking the bus or flying will be the decision of the attendees. Unfortunately, we will not be going as a Troop to Philmont in 2012, as we were not called up in the lottery system. 2013 is possible again. Minimum age for a Scout is 14..sll three of these high adventure bases can be found on our web site for more information.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance to assure our program is successful as it is.

YiS Dan s

"Delivering the Promise"