Monday, December 29, 2008

Today & this weekend

a note to remind all that there is no meeting tonight at the Hut..the Troop web site claendar indicates there is one....but there is no meeting.....

This weekend is the Troop Annual Planning Conference when the Scouts plan events for 2009 and for January 2010...It starts at 8:30 AM Janaury 3 entering from the old parking lot behind the BPUMC just down from the Christmas Tree sales location...we will be in the room beside the small kitchen on the otherside of the Gymnasium. The boys will be spending the night in the youth area on the floor below the gynasium in the old parking lot.

Uniform for the Scouts is not required...

I will need one leader to spend the night with me and the Scouts.
Pick up time for the boys is 8:00 AM Sunday.

Cost this year is $6.00 per person to cover snacks, lunch, supper, and the bus ride to CiCi's pizza.
His sleeping bag and foam/thermarest should be enough for the night.
Leaders/Scouts should bring available GAC/ District/school calendar/lists of school off days/ other off days so we can fit it in the Troop calendar for the coming from both the leaders and scouts are welcome for discussion. In the words we so often hear: speak now or forever hold your least until next year's planning conference.

Finally, Scouts will not be permitted to leave the premises without permission of the Scoutmaster based on permission from the parents, older Scouts cannot drive and park their cars in the parking lot or have access to personal cars anytime while on the premises. Precedent based on behavior has been set in past meetings for these rules to be set in place now.

Have you mailed Mr. Frost yours and the Scout's registration fees yet so we can close out the year for District?

If you have time. please join us this year and add some depth and thoughts for the boys to think about in coming up with ideas for trips and other activities.....

See you this Saturday...

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Monday, December 22, 2008

Troop News

Well, thanks to all who came out on Sunday afternoon, we were able to take the lot down in just less than an hour..with only about 16 trees left...while we were there, we sold two....Mr. Smith took about ten to his lake house pier, and the last three disappeared when he came back for a second load.....

Thanks to Mr. Smith the Marquis is secured behind the Hut and the scaffolding was returned this morning.....

Thanks to Dr. Hamilton and all the families who supported the wreath effort, we are finished with them for the year...and..

Popcorn sales are behind us...several of the boys I. Eggers and F. Oliver earned over a hundred dollars this year with others just less....

A good year for us for sales and other resources......Thanks for making this happen.....especially for Mr. Simon in keeping our Web Site as visually strong and accurate as it is.

Remember... our next activity is the Troop Annual Planning Conference on January 3-4 described in earlier Troop blogs and emails....the fee is $6.00 to cover two meals on Saturday..uniform is not required, except for leaders....Please encourage the Scout to be there with some practical ideas for some Troop high adventure ideas....bring some yourself....

Please don't forget to mail the Scout's 30.00 registration fee and 15.00 fee for leaders to Mr. Frost as addressed in the last email/blog we need this by the end of December.

Don't forget two merit badges he can earn at the Shelby County District Merit badge day as described in an earlier email and blog..

We know you are looking forward to a new and one of our best years in 2009.. We are expecting more than ten new WEBELOS to join the Yarbroughs and Gibbs this year....

Mark your calendars for the 2nd week of June for summer camp, start thinking about up dating his medical form and your own as well, and watch out for payments due for summer camp, payments due for Florida Sea Base, as well as payments for the NOAC, National Order of the Arrow Conference 2009, where five of our Troop will be preparing for the Ordeal Ceremonies Competition in August. Whew..a lot of a activity.

For those of you who missed the OA ordeal last Summer and Fall, there will be one more chance in May (B.G. and R. B.).

There will be the usual leader training coming up in May (University of Scouting) and the District's Basic Leader Training/outdoor leader training (April), as well as a Wood Badge offering in the Spring.....whew! even more activity..... not to mention the the Troop ski trip to Sugar Mountain, NC, in January and the Camporee at Tannehill for maybe a good shot at the Polar Bear patch if we are lucky this year...

Finally, mark Sunday February 8 as Scout Sunday when we join the BPUMC at the 8:45 AM Service for about an hour.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Dan s Tracy h "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

OA Party, Tree Lot take down Sunday 1pm, recharter, annual planning, ski-trip

The Troop Christmas Party was well attended by the Scouts and leaders as well...some announcements:

So far Mrs Kidd has signed up 18 Scouts for the Shelby County Merit badge day..we will more than likely take the bus from the hut to the location.....and return.

The Tree Lot take down will be on Sunday, December 21 at 1:00 in the set up, we will need you to bring your trailer, or truck. along with the Scout to make this easy...Bring a rake if you can so we can clean up the site, then transport it all over to the hut. With more than 20 Scouts and leaders will are normally done in an hour or so. Tree sales will continue by the teams through the evening of the 21st, remembering that each tree goes into our budget.

We are still looking for more participants on the Ski Trip for January 17-19, 2009. Last year at the planning conference and at soon following meetings, more than 35 were holding their hands up to go. This is great high adventure for the boys. It is not limited to just Venture I or II, who thought recommending the trips are the lowest numbers signed up.

The Nunne-Hi Chapter of the Order of the Arrow is having it's annual Christmas Party at the Briarwood Presbyterian Church at th their Scout Hut....any member of the OA in our Troop is welcome and encouraged attend, J Kunka can answer any questions. It starts at 6:30 PM and will wrap up in about an hour and a half.

Don't forget to please update the Class 1/II Scout health forms for the Scout for 2009 and particularly summer camp. Copies are on the Troop Web Site. Same applies for leaders who attend trips..the physical is required (either class 1 or II if under 40 and class lll if over 40....this as annual also and signed by your physician. Parents sign the Class I and II for the second and third year..the physician or nurse practitioner sign it on the 1st, 4th, and 7th years.

If you did not bring in the fee ($25.00) for Scouts and $15.00 for leaders BSA registration fees for 2009, please mail them to Mr. Steven Frost at his residence this month so the troop can register with the Council for 2009. Check the troop roster from his address. Remember, this is a requirement for the Scout. Leaders who counsel merit badges, or will counsel merit badges, or go on troop trips need to be registered. It is best if the parent of each family who will serve as a merit badge counselor and go on a trip, be registered so it never becomes an issue if required...thanks in advance...

Finally, the January, Troop Annual Planning Conference is on January 3, 2009 from 8:30 AM until 8:00 AM on Sunday January 4. Please encourage attendance so we can plan for an exciting year of adventure with the Troop. The cost is $6.00 per person to cover lunch, dinner, and snacks. As earlier noted, leaders are also welcome with new ideas, justifying proposals, and being there.

On Behalf of all the Scouts, parents and leaders, the Troop Committee, and the Bluff Park United Methodist Church, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with all of your family.
Let's make 2009 our best year yet.


Dan s

"Delivering the Promise"

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Re-charter & fees

Please register the Scout This Monday (12/15) as requested by Mr. Frost with a check or if cash (to Mr. Frost or the Scoutmaster) so we can get this behind us for our annual registration fees...We are requesting that one leader from each family be registered for going on trips (BSA requirement), serving as a merit badge counselor, or a combination of both when we need you. Registration is required of all active Scouts. If you are an active leader, you should be registered with us as a merit badge counselor for the badges you can counsel to give us the depth we need for the Scouts. I have the registration for at the Hut.

Don't forget to up date his Class I/II medical for this year(2009), an update with your signature, for all trips and summer camp also (Same applies to Leaders on trips (Class III if over 40) Medical forms are available on our Troop web site.

Thanks in advance.

Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shelby Merit Day Jan 31, 2009

Shelby Merit Day registration has opened today!!

This is an opportunity to take 2 merit badge classes in one day Sat Jan 31.2009 at Oak Mtn HS for a cost of $10 that includes lunch and a patch..

If you need Eagle Classes please email ASAP with your choices as these classes will fill up very fast.
1. Go to
2. click on enter registration system
3. click on 1-31-2009 Shelby merit badge day
4. Look over the classes and pick 2. Session 1 and session 2 (Look to the right and make sure there are seats available in the class you choose.)Some classes have an age requirement listed as well.
5. Email me you name, age, phone number, email address and your session 1 choice and session 2 choice.
6. I will register you and send you an email confirming your choices. If you do not get an email back from me email me again.You are not allowed to register yourself.

You do not need to pay now and I will give you more details later about transportation, requirements etc...You just need to get me your choices ASAP so you can get the classes you want.


Cathy Kidd

Friday, December 12, 2008

Troop News : Christmas Party, Winter Blast, Annual Planning, Ski Trip

The meeting last Monday (12/8) featured Ms. Beverly Berry from the Alabama Organ Bank and Mr. Smith who covered the music merit badge. Both were excellent presentations.

The previous meeting at Mr. Joe Fiori's home (12/1), visiting his internationally known "O" scale model railroad, topped off December's activities except for the annual Troop Christmas Party this coming Monday 12/15.

Unless, he has an excuse from a parent, he needs to be there at the party. The Troop is providing snacks and soft drinks. Other than the "dirty Santa" mode set for the party with inexpensive "gag" gifts, one per Scout- we will talk quickly to planning out our strategy for the annual Troop Planning Conference on January 3 at the BPUMC. We will talk to who will be coming, that we will need a school calendar for each school attended by Scouts in our Troop so we can adjust to holidays and other activities to offset attendance problems.

We will also talk the possibility of separate Venture trips, planned by Venture I and II, with Venture parents/leaders, or a combination with all ages, while maintaining our Troop basics for the new and second to third year Scouts who have not experienced rappelling, firearms, and canoeing and or a combination of both. Leaders who intend to be active with Troop in 2009 should also plan to be present to discuss the practicality of ideas, introduce new ideas-camp outs/programs- and assume leadership roles in serving as planner/ facilitators for the trips.

We also want to talk to whether the planning conference will be a "lock in" or a dismissal before or after dinner, depending upon what the Scouts want and if Leaders will be available to assist with an over-nighter. If we vote a "lock in," then no Scouts will be permitted to leave the Church without the Scoutmaster's permission. No Scout will be permitted to bring a personal or family vehicle to preclude problems we have had in the past due to vehicle access by older Scouts.

Last year was one of our best, but we were plagued by attendance problems at meetings and trips due to various reasons. We need to assure 2009 minimizes these issues and maximizes the effect of the program for the Scouts and Leaders who attend.

We still need to emphasize recruitment, especially with Pack 321. We are still working on selecting Troop guides to work with the WEBELOs dens and if your son volunteers, we also need the dad to assist with occasional attendance for the Scout and to serve as a available advisor himself to keep our bonds strong.

We still have room on the Ski has the potential of our best yet and numbers will decrease the cost further.

We need a leader to serve as Summer Camp Coordinator this year to make announcements for fees, collect the fees, assure all the physicals are in and updated. This will help us assure all the details are in when we arrive at camp. Remember the dates for camp are the second week of June (7-13) 2009. The cost is $205.00. Payable as $75.00 in February, $75.00 in April, and the remaining in May. We will be staying in Boone's place just above the water activities area and the camp store.

Winter blast is still scheduled for the Scout on the GAC/Vulcan District web site for the week in between Christmas and New Years..It is good for about 2-4 merit badges and maybe the Polar Bear patch. Also coming up is the University University of Scouting for leaders on March 9...good opportunity for some certification courses for us.

And of course..we can always use a few more bus drivers....

Right now the trees on the lot represent our profit for the year...we will more than likely run the lot until the end of Dec 21( unless we sell them all sooner) and take it down on Sunday, at 1:00 PM after services.

Thanks for all your support....


dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Counselor in Training application form

Some of you have asked about your son applying for a counselor in training or a counselor job at summer camp. This is a great experience for the Scout and serves as lifetime experience in working through leadership and group dynamics with a staff outside of the troopf...If he is still serious about mailing it in for the job...address it to Brett Pritchhard( )...and he will forward it to begin the first interview process for him.....please let me know if he does for my own information for this coming year....


Dan s

Monday, December 08, 2008

Ski Trip info.

The following notes for the January trip for snow skiing to Sugar Mountain N.C. are from Mr. Young. We will talk to these tonight (12/8) for those who are present at the meeting. There are still open seats on the bus. If your son hasn't skied Sugar Mountain, NC, it is a great deal of fun and Scouting adventure. For the price, a lesson is provided as part of the package if he hasn't skied before. The Troop have been up there about three times in the past and the adventure is worth the cost for ski boarding or sking. The cost is $150 or less (depending on our numbers -the more we have the less it costs) and that includes room, meals (except for lunch at the ski slope), rental costs, and fuel. Any questions can be answered by Mr. Young. We will collect half the cost for those who want to pay at the Christmas party on Dec 15, the remainder or all of the cost on the day of departure (1/17).

Check List :

-GAC BSA consent form (Troop Web Site)

-Updated BSA Class I/II with current insurance and Physican' s phone number in case of an emergency (Troop Web Site or update form at day of Departure at hut)-

-$ for snacks & Sunday lunch

- bed roll, we sleep on cots
- sleep clothes
- sweats & comfortable clothes to play in in gym (football, frisbee . . .)
- toiletries (towel, soap, toothbrush . . .)
- class A's for bus ride and dinners
- for bus ride
- pillow, book, ipod, gameboy, psp . . .

Ski Clothes:
- full length hiking socks
- long underwear
- blue jeans / ski pants
- nylon outer shell pants wind / water resistant
- dry fit long sleeve shirt
- long john shirt or light long sleeve shirt
- heavy shirt or hoodie or sweat shirt
- jacket with pockets
- nylon shell to protect from wind, snow, and slush
- gloves & toboggan
- sunglasses with croakies or better yet ski goggles.

Friday, December 05, 2008

News from Roundtable

Information from of the Vulcan District Round Table December, 4

The National Jamboree will be at Ft AP Hill during the summer of 2010...some leaders and Scouts from the Troop may be interested in attending with the Greater Alabama Contingent. The cost is about $2000 per Scout and less for a leader at this time. Signing up or registering along with requirments is at GAC contact is Vince Lambert, Jamboree Staff Advisor at

Registration for the GAC Winter Blast is still being taken via the GAC/Vulcan District web sites (see the Troop Web site for a link).

The Nunne-Hi Chapter or the Coosa Lodge 50 (Order of the Arrow) is having our Christmas Party December 18th at the regular meeting place at the Briarwood Presbyterian Church. Call J Kunka for details.....

Other Information:

We will be looking for a Leader to serve as the Troop's advisor/facilitator for a trip to Ely Canoe Base (Northern Tier) in 2010. Please start thinking about stepping up to this trip for us. We have been there once, it's a lifetime experience and is the round-out requirement for the Charles L. Sommers Triple Crown National High Adventure certificate which can be earned by attending Sea Base, Phillmont, and Florida Sea Base.

If your son recently completed Philmont, he needs to review the Hiking and Backpacking Merit badge coompletion of Philmont goes a long way in earning most of the requirements he may have already.

Thanks to the work by Dr. Hamilton, Wreaths are ready for your pick up at the Hut.

Individual Pop Corn sales will be picked up today from the Service Center and will be at the Hut for Pick up over the weekend and the Scoutmaster for details.

If your son is 14, he is eligible to be a counselor in training for two weeks at Camp Sequoyah or Camp Comer: if he is 15..he is eligible to be a counselor....These are good jobs with pay, room, and board, plus the learning experience as he grows through the program. He may also attend summer camp and pick up his BSA life guard certificate for regular use by the Troop and for summer jobs at pools.

Please start thinking about updating his BSA medical form as required for summer camp. Copies are on the Troop Web site..same for leaders going on trips and going to summer camp this summer. The cost for Scouts is 205.00. WEBELOS joining the Troop this Spring should plan on going also to fully merge with the Troop and earn most of their Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks, not to mention four merit badges.

Thanks for all your support....especially in assuring the tree lot is working as well as it is....


Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Ski Trip briefing in the next meeting

If you or your son is coming on the Ski trip in January (17-19) he needs to be present at the next meeting for information, a final head count, and a briefing by Mr. Young. We will also have our program as scheduled...

Monday, December 01, 2008

Wreath pick up 6-7:30pm Tuesday night

Wreaths may be picked up from 6:00-7:30 tomorrow night at the Scout Hut.

I need volunteers to help assemble the wreaths at 5:30 tomorrow at the Hut, so that
people can pick up their wreath order (and form with it).


Tracy P. Hamilton
Associate Professor of Chemistry

O Scale Railroad tonight

We want to thank all of you who spent your time with us at the tree lot set up on this last Friday, and especially to Mr. Madison and N. Madison and all who joined them to deliver the group or trees we always make a special delivery to on Mountain Branch thanks to Mr. Lanier and his continued support in our sales.

The Eagle Court for P. Kidd, thanks to the coordination of the Kidd family and Mr. Harbin for all the arrangements and coordination he made went off flawlessly. Congratulations again to P. Kidd and his family. Thanks also to J. Kunka and all the Scouts for stepping up for some improvisations that added to the collective success of the ceremony, not to forget to mention the excellent photography and website postings by Mr. Simon.

Don't forget tonight's meeting is a special trip to Mr. Joe Fiori's O Scale railroad. This is not a typical HO special, but a one of a kind, life time visit to a dedicated one the best in his field layouts for about one of the third largest collections and running models in the United States right here in Hoover. We will leave the Hut in the bus at 7:00 PM and return at about 8:15 PM for a closing.....

Thanks for you support!

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"