Monday, March 25, 2013

E Kidd Eagle Project March 30 8am

My Eagle project is Sat March 30th at the Alabama Veterans Memorial Park.

Click on this link for directions,

Just off Liberty Parkway exit I-459.

We will meet at 8am Saturday at the park.

We will be digging out a 15 foot section of walkway filled with gravel and replacing it with brick pavers.

Tools to bring if you have them would be great.
Personal gloves ,eye protection.shovels. wheelbarrow and your nalgene water bottle.

Lunch will be provided.

Thanks You

E Kidd

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Troop News

Thanks to all who supported the quartermaster take down tonight, gear was taken down and stored in less than half an hour....but attendance was low.....the PLC started at 5:30 PM with all but Phoenix represented.

Points covered:

The Order of the Arrow Pow-Wow and the Troop camp out at the Brock's Gap Training Center were well attended and went as well as expected with good weather.

In the immediate future, the Troop (SPL and JASMs) will all decide what the main entre will be at the supper meal for the patrols to prepare as a general rule with a "trophy" Golden Spatula" a NYLT award --suggested by Corry Hutchens --awarded to the most deserved for taste, appearance, and appeal..for instance, if Italian is chosen, then the patrols will compete with an Italian dish. Winners (based on leaders as judges) will win the golden Spatula for the campout and be first in line for the campfire cobbler. ice cream, or other desert. The idea was suggested by Mr. Horn at the completion of the last campout to increase the variety of meals as well as to increase planning and preparation by the Scouts...We'll see......

We need a volunteer to team up with Mr. Camp for a proposed Yard Sale on May 25 in the Bluff Park community area.

We need one or two volunteers to coordinate the "Scout Card" program the Council is having again this year..Sales along with pop corn sales will equal a Summer Camp discount.

We need a volunteer coordinator for the 2014 Northern Tier trip, Attikoken base

Congratulations to the WEBELOS for crossing over tonight from Pack 321. The Troop was well represented in attendance in the welcoming for the WEBELOS.

We will have a new Scout orientation on at 6:30 PM at the Hut on March 18th..The meeting will last about an hour or so and will include registration, distribution of Troop information, policy, guidelines and requirements and other information critical for the family and the new Scout in understanding the Troop. There will be a make up April 4, again at the Hut at 6:30 PM. The Scout should wear his tan shirt shirt for a "first" picture, as a new Scout since joining....

There will be a new Scout Campout on Apil 6 at Oak Mountain....we will need Scouts and leaders to assist the new Scouts in basic Scouting and the beginning of their rank advancement. We will meet at 8:00 AM on Saturday and return around 10:00 AM on Sunday..Parents are welcome to attend to understand the Troop's camping policies, routine, and expectations. We will take a head count at the April 1 meeting.

Thanks to Mrs. Kidd, the merit badge day at Oak Mountain is set and scheduled for the 17 Scouts who have signed up for a great number of outdoor merit badges. Remember..the cooking merit badge will be required of all Eagles after january 1, 2014. If you are assisting with Transportation, thanks in advance for making the day possible.

If the Scout is attending the Zip Lining campout at Camp Butter and Eggs (Troy, Al) during the weekend of April 12-14, he will have to attend the April 1 meeting (Ham Radio merit badge) for an accurate head count. Patrol leaders will call for the same also.

We will have Troop and Order of the Arrow (OA) Elections on April many Scouts as possible should be present to assure our numbers. We have to have 50% of the Troop present for the OA elections.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

Yis, Dan s "Delivering the Promise"


The next few weeks will be some of our busiest as they usually are in the Spring.

Please note Mr. Simon's earlier memos on summer camp....the prompt payments and merit badge reservations are important.

We will also need his annual 2013 BSA medical physical -parts a, b, and c (found on the Troop web site) in order to get into the camp. Adults are welcome as always and as described. We have already paid a Troop down payment to reserve our site.

If you haven't mailed Mr. Elmore your annual troop charter/registration dues, please do is important for assuring we carry out our plans for 2013. there are twenty-two families who are late at this time and should assure the payment is timely...if you have not received a Troop invoice from him, please call him
March 21 6:30 PM New Scout Orientation at Hut

March 25 No meeting due to Spring Break

April 5 Regular meeting Ham Radio program/coordinated by Mr. Hanke

Scoutmasters Minute: SPL E Kidd

April 6 Shelby County Merit Badge day coordinated by Mrs. Cathy Kidd

New Scout Campout at Oak Mountain State Park

April 6- April 7

April 8 Regular Meeting

First half Troop and OA Elections

Second half patrol meals prep and work roster for trip

Scoutmaster's minute: ASM Nevin Cox

April 11 District Eagle Board of Review..Mr. Morrow

Troop/patrol quartermasters prepare for trip

April 12-14 Zip line trip to Camp Bread and Butter/Troy Alabama Mr. Horn coordinator

April 15 6:30 PM Equipment take down Troop and Patrol Quartermasters

7:00 PM PLC (Patrol Leaders Conference)

8:00 PM Troop Committee Meeting

April 20 Troop Junior Leader Training (JLT) (required for Senior Patrol leader and

NYLT-National Youth Leadership Training) 8:00 AM to Noon at the

Hut...Uniform: Class B (red Troop t Shirt)

April 22 Regular meeting Guest Speaker: Eagle Scout John Clark?Mr. Dick Clark

Scoutmaster's minute: ASM Chris Morrow

April 29 Troop Court of Honor BPUMC Reid Crotty Fellowship Hall (Agenda TBA)

If your son is the patrol quartermaster, you will be re-imbursed for groceries the Friday night we leave for the trip..please bring your receipts and try to stay within the general limit of $3.00 per person per meal. Mr. Elmore will write you a Troop check for your expenses. If you shop Walmart or the Piggly Wiggly, for Troop meals, see Mr. Elmore for tax exemptions cards with required Troop numbers.

Remember: Don't buy tin foil, soft drinks, baggies, sweet tea, paper plates or plastic eating utensils...the tin foil and Kool Aid, baggies are provided by the are dutch oven liners and turkey roaster bags..the Scout supplies his own cup, plate, fork and spoon. The patrol can brew tea, but are not permitted to purchase the standard gallon jug...if they choose to buy the gallon contained of won't be reimbursed by the Troop. Normally, the Troop will have turkey roasting bags on hand for pot cooking in boiling water to assist with the KP effort.

The Troop provides charcoal, propane fuel, and tents. If the Scout wants to bring his own tent, he needs the Scoutmaster's permission...otherwise he shares a Troop tent w/his patrol...Tents are provided for leaders also, but they may bring their own. Cots are not authorized in Troop tents as they break holes or weaken material in the tent floor..if leaders share a Troop tent, a large air mattress which would minimize a tent partners space in the same tent is not permitted.....

During recent years, food portioning handouts normally passed out at the SMLT and OLS courses have been passed out to families at new Scout orientations....they give a good idea of portions for the patrol as they were prepared by experienced Scouters for that reason. Portions on cans and boxes of food stuffs are usually not sufficient for Scouts and leaders after active days in the outdoors w/strenuous activity.

Thanks in advance for your support and for encouraging attendance.

Encouraging attendance is important as the time spent w/the Troop and it's activities meets the requirements for earning his rank and advancement....the Eagle is not earned by correspondence courses or from sporadic attendance....attendance is earned through attending as many Eagle Courts of Honor, Troop Courts of Honor, Eagle Projects, Order of the Arrow activities, Camping weekends, summer camp, Monday meetings, Troop service projects, PLCs, and all other Troop activities throughout the year as possible with consideration of all else that is important to schedule during his busy weeks ahead. "Fun with a purpose" with emphasis on learning critical skills, leadership and teamsmanship are several of the many goals of the Program, while all along preparing him for his role as a better son, brother, father, neighbor, employee, and citizen for the years ahead.

Finally, Make sure he is marking all his camping activities and service activities on pages 444-447 in his Scout Handbook..he will need this information for all his Scoutmaster Conferences, Troop Boards of Review, and his Eagle Board. This is a requirement for advancement as he earns his rank over the next few years.

If your son entered the Troop last year, he should be very close to the rank of 1st Class provided he meets the written requirements in his Scout Guide..Usually the biggest hurdle is the ten required activities, including camping, which should be documented on pages 444-447. If he is close, he needs to bring his book into a meeting for a Scoutmaster's conference to see where he is and to be set up for a Troop Board of Review.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Monday, March 18, 2013

Troop News

Thanks to Mr. Danny Coker and the Brock's Gap Training Center Staff, the 33 leaders and Scouts that took the opportunity to take the trip had great weather for the activies..ten of the Scouts earned the Rifle Shooting merit badge and four of the total earned the Shotgun merit badge after all day at the ranges. Those not earning the badge will have a partial completion until completed:

Thanks also to Eagle Scouts C Hutchens and J Coker for staying the weekend w/Venture and assuring administrative and operational requiriments were taken care of Friday evening and through the weekend.

Mr. Stocks will award the badges at the coming Troop Court of Honor.

Thanks to all the leaders who participated, making the trip possible. Pictures will be placed on the Troop Web site Monday by Mr. Simon.

The Scouts prepared excellent meals and maintained their usual spirit throughout the weekend toward the instructors/staff.

As we know, thanks to Mr. Horn, the April trip is set for the weekend of April 12-14 at Troy, Alabama at Camp Butter and Eggs for Zip Lining and high rope cope/adventure as we did last year. This is a popular trip for the boys and leaders as well and an accurate count will be important.

The Patrol leaders will be calling each family to see who will be coming for as accurate a count as possible...

Don't forget the schedule for this coming Monday (March 18):

Monday, March 18th 5:30 PM PLC at the Hut in Class A + uniform with neckerchiefs and sash

6:00 PM Quartermaster take down camping gear from shooting sports trip (Class A+ Uniform)...

The OA team should be at the BPUMC between 6:15 PM and 6:30 to prepare their set up for the cross over.

6:40 PM Troop Loads bus at Hut to go over to BPUMC for WEBELOS crossover (Class A+) ceremony

7:45 PM parents pick up Scouts from BPUMC after the crossover.

8:00 PM Committee Meeting in Fireside Room BPUMC

After the cross over ceremony, Scouts, leaders, parents are invited to a small celebration on the part of Pack 321.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"