Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Troop News

We had a well attended meeting last night and covered a variety items on agenda...
Troop Elections:  Congratulations to Z Morrow for being elected Senior Patrol Leader for the next six month period....likewise,  congratulations  to M Cox and W Griggs for being elected as Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders....the   complete list of Troop leadership for all our leadership positions will be posted as part of the agenda of the coming Troop Court of Honor scheduled for October 28th.
Bluff Park Annual Art Show: The  Scouts all signed up for service periods this coming Saturday (October 5)  for the Annual Bluff Park Art Show....these are periods of time in the morning and afternoon when the Troop will be assisting  the presenting artists,  setting up the tarps/tables for the annual  BPUMC Women's Bake Sale, emptying located trash containers, picking up litter,  monitoring the static displays in the Community Center, and assisting in the sales of Troop pop corn, donuts, water, and soft drinks. 
The uniform is the Class A (Khaki shirt with trousers/BSA Belt and Socks) and dressed for the weather. Leaders in uniform should also be present to assist the Scouts as required for the activities they will be working with.  The highest density of visitors will be from 10:30AM  to 4:00 PM and we should have the most Scouts present at that time.   Parking around the Hut, as we know, will be limited, so if you drop him off, he will have to walk a distance to the Hut or he can take a bus from designated pickup drop off points. H  If you ae can either bring something to eat or make a purchase at the activity..If you are bringing equipment for the Troop to use..such as a microwave..bring it before 7:30 AM so you can drive in...same for dropping off Scouts.  The early crew should arrive at 7:30 AM and most activities willl be wrapping up at 4:30 pm.  If stopped, tell the guard that you are dropping off material or a Scout for service assignments and will not be parking in the area.
The Troop has been performing this service since the Art Show's  origins in 1965...Thanks for you support and for encouraging attendance this year with it.
Troop Wreaths Sales:  Mrs. Linda Griggs passed out Troop wreath sales material to each Scout in the Troop last night.  As we did last year, families are reminded that we need to sell a minimum of 6 wreaths per family in order to avoid an additional fee of $10.00 per wreath not sold....in order to support  annual Troop operations...if a family only sells two wreaths, they will owe $40.00 registration to the Troop....whereas .if they sell all six wreaths ..there will be no additional cost except the actual fee for registration for the Scout(s) and leader (s)active in the Troop.  Mr. Stocks will be announcing and calling for annual registration fees in the next few weeks.
Annual wreath and  Troop tree sales provide the  Troop's annual operations budget...thanks for your support and encouraging its success.
FT. Benning Trip:  Mrs Kidd announced that the fee for the upcoming Ft. Benning, GA trip is $60-65 dpending on our numbers. As noted on the Troop calendar we will leave on October 18th and return on the 20th. We will be camping on the property while completing our activities during the day.  More information will be announced in coming meetings and news letters.
Congratulations again to E Fox, B Stocks, and J Lewis for placing second overall in the annual Vulcan District Iron Chef Contest held this last Saturday.  Five other Troops competed with about sixty Scouts and leaders present.  Thanks again to Mr. Fox and Mr. Stocks for serving as leaders and furnishing transportation.  We will still be competing as a Troop in the Annual Camporee at Tanneyhill State Park this coming February.
Eleven Scouts and Leaders will be attending the Order of the Arrow Fall Fellowship this coming weekend also at Camp Comer vic Ft. Payne.
It was announced that First Class Scouts who are 13 or older,  should consider attending the National Youth Leadership Training course being held twice this year in the Council.  NYLT is a leadership course closely resembling the adult Wood Badge course.  The Troop will assist with 1/2 the tuition (about $200) provided the Scout will run for Senior Patrol leader  when the time arises, and if elected by the Troop, will serve. More information is available on the Council Web site and in the Council's newsletter, the Digital Eagle. The course is for two weekends during the year or for a week during the summer months.
Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.