Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Paint the Hut July 18. 8am

Hello everyone,

As you know, we will have a workday at the hut on Saturday. The main job will be to repaint the outside of the hut (concrete block, not wood, as some wood repair is needed), doors and shutters, and repaint the graffiti-affected areas of the Lions Club building.
I hope you can attend. We will begin at 8.

I need people to bring:

* Trimmers and clippers to cut back holly bushes.
* Chainsaw on a long pole or saw on a long pole to trim branches, as much as possible, that overhang hut roof.
* Paint trays, rollers and brushes.
* Scrapers and sanders to prep wood.
* Ladders and step ladders (I'm getting a scaffold to paint the chimney from)
* Wear old clothes and boots. Recommend hat, safety glasses and gloves.
* Bring water bottle to refill at hut, as it will be hot.

Any thoughts or questions, email me or call me.

Ian Thompson

upcoming Grimes Canoe Base trip

As the Philmont crew was out of town last night at the
troop meeting, there is information we need to pass along:

All Leaders and Scouts planning on attending the Grimes Canoe Base trip the weekend of July 24-26 need to attend the Court of Honor, Monday, July 20th for a final head count for the trip and to plan our patrol meals.

Everyone attending the trip needs to be at the Thursday night, July 23, to pack up and load Troop gear (6:30 PM/ uniform not required)

The cost is $55.00 per person payable with check or cash the morning we leave.

We will have a final headcount and meal planning for the trip at the end of Court of Honor July 20

We will leave Friday July 24 morning earlier than 8:00 AM from the Hut (meet at the Hut at 7:00 AM)

We will stop to fuel, a bathroom break, and a snack on the way up to Grimes, but we will not stop at McDonalds to save time...he needs to pack a lunch to eat on the bus on the way up to Grimes.

We will return Sunday, July 26 between 1 and 2 PM or sooner

The informational web site for the "Grimes Canoe Base, " on the Buffalo River, near the town of Flatwoods,TN can be found on the Internet.

For those who this will be the first time:

This is one of the Troop's "most looked forward to" trips.The paddle down the scenic Buffalo river begins in two person aluminum canoes once we arrive at the camp. We will either float out of the camp or be driven in vans to the "put in" when we arrive, float/canoe down the river until we will camp on the river Friday night, then continue to float the river until completed around 3-4 PM on Saturday. We will have Troop meal w/a camp fire in the evening and depart Sunday as early as we can leave.

The first night on the river will be in a Troop tent (he can bring a hammock with "eco straps "); the second night will be in a two person Adirondack camp shelter. The supper meal on the river will be a "back packing" meal, with breakfast and lunch being the backpacking nature.

The river is normally calm and free flowing with no whitewater. The few turns are easily navigated and the we will stop for swims as we progress. If he hasn't canoed in the past, he will be buddied with an experienced Scout or leader. By the time the trip is over he will be familiar with canoeing, though it is recommended that he take the canoe merit badge at summer camp next year. The journey is memorable and awarded with a patch for his efforts... distinctive .CampT shirts and other patches are also available in the camp store along with snacks and other refreshments. Paddles, Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) will be provided.

What he should bring:

- Nalgene water bottle for person use
- We will take our water with us to avoid drinking from the river and to save purification time.
- Swim trunks for the canoe/T shirt
- Sneakers or boat shoes or boots or substantial foot gear in the canoe...flip flops or cheap Kivas will ruin the trip if they break apart
- Sun Screen usually not required due to more shade than sun..some use it as always
- gardening knee pad to sit on in the canoe..or small pad
- water proof bag for his personal gear
- rain jacket if it gets cool at the camp site or for a sudden unexpected shower
- head gear (hat)
- insect repellant
- spoon/cup/bowl for the evening meal
- fingerless, biking gloves for paddling, though not necessary or required
personal hygiene items: small amount of Toilet paper (TP)/tooth brush/etc
- sleeping bag in water proof sack/w pillow if used/dry sleeping clothes for Friday night on the river
- nylon or acceptable rope/parachute cord to tie personal items in canoe to prevent loss if canoe flips or overturns

Uniform for the trip (not in the canoe) is red Troop T shirt, Scout trousers/shorts, Scout socks, scout belt. He/leaders must have passed the BSA swim test this year, and have a 2015 copy of his BSA medical form in the Troop notebook. Bring a signed copy of the BSA release form found on the Troop web site or complete a copy found in the Hut.

We will stop at McDonalds for lunch on the way home.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Advance-O-Rama Aug 29

Vulcan District Advance–O-Rama Registration:
Begins August 15. Ends August 21.

The event is August 29, 2015 all day Saturday (No camp out that weekend)
This is an opportunity to work towards earning 2 merit badges in a day!

Registration opens this Wednesday and I will register Troop 21 scouts for this event.
We usually take the bus with a gas fee ($3) added to the cost of registration. Total $15
Please follow these instructions to get your son signed up.

1. Go to website www.meritbadge.info

2. click on first tab: enter registration system

3. scroll down and click on 8/29/2015 Advance-o-Rama, Vulcan District 2015 tab

4. Select 2 sessions an AM and PM or an all day class (read all the way to the right of the class name to make sure there are seats available in the class)

Note some classes have pre-requisites, are off site and have an additional fee required. If your son takes an off site class you will be responsible for transportation.

5. Copy and paste info below in red:
fill it out and Email me jonesbsa@bellsouth.net

•Scouts name
•Parent cell phone
•Parent email

•AM choice

•PM choice

or All day choice

I will register your son and send you an email confirmation.
Make payment to "troop 21" and give it to me at a meeting.
The troop will then write one check.
Don’t forget these classes fill quickly especially… Eagle required merit badges.

Please email if you have questions.


Alan Jones