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Back packing and hiking are the premier outdoor activities in Scouting. They build character, emphasize physical fitness, outdoor personal survival, teach and endorse teamsmanship and leadership more than any other of the Troop's outdoor activities. It requires the Scout and leader to be physically fit and prepared for the weather as it arises.

As stated below, the March trip, 23-25 March will be on the Pinhoti Trail Just NE of Anniston.. The trail is more level than hilly, is a total of about 5-6 miles and serves the Troop as back packing trainer for longer distances in the future (Philmont). We will depart from the Coleman Lake area, camp in the Sweet water lake area the first night, and hike out the next morning at the Pine Glenn Campground. We will need some one to haul the trailer and one follow on car, or more, ..depending on the numbers attending.

The Scout will minimally require a external or internal frame backpack (not a day pack or book bag pack), a sleeping bag that compresses to about the size of a basketball or so (not the Walt Disney or Spiderman type day room bags), a foam or inflatable "backpacking" sleeping pad, two quart sized, open mouthed water bottles....a rain suit....head gear, hiking socks (not regular cotton socks) and a substantial hiking shoe or sneaker (if it rains sneakers soak up the water).

All the other items, including sufficient clothes in case of cold will be discussed demonstrated during the regular Monday night meeting (Feb 27)..we may have time to work into the use of the backpacking stove also....and if not on future Mondays....The Troop will provide the backpacking stoves, large two gallon water bottles and water purification (Iodine) (PolarPure)...water pumps or other purification means are individually purchased choices.

If you or you son have not back packed before, it will be advisable for both to attend the Monday night meetings to assure he has the correct gear that can be bought locally or via catalog sales over the internet such as:,, and, to name a few of he larger more economical companies.

As stated below..we will use the next three Mondays as dedicated to Backpacking basics (gear and meals) to assure we hit the trail prepared and advised. Failure to be properly prepared will prohibit him from attending.

If you are leader and plan to attend and have not prioritized physical fitness is recommended that as a minimum, to start taking hikes in the neighborhood, at Oak Mountain, Moss Rock Preserve, or other areas that challenge your legs and ankles, with a pack, the rest of your as not to be surprised after the first several miles on the Pinhoti.

There will be a regular meeting on March 19th with a quartermaster night on Thursday, March 22, to pack and load or gear. Note that March 19th is mistakingly noted as "no meeting" on the Troop calendar..for those going on the trip on the 23-25, the 19th is a regular meeting in continue preparation for the trip. On the 22nd, we will bring in our packs and add the Troop gear and meal requirments and load them on the trailer in prepartation for leaving Friday.

YiS dan s

Troop News

As we know, the trip for March will be back packing (March 23-25) on the Pinhoti Trail, just northeast of Anniston.

The Monday meetings preceding the trip will be leaning heavily toward what is needed for the trip: namely an acceptable backpack, and backpack clothing, and backpacking necessities..the troop will provide tents, water purification (iodine drops (Polar Pure), large water bottles, and stoves....if your son will be attending the trip , he needs to be present for the training..we will decide on the menu the Monday before we leave as we usually do.

if a leader will be attending the trip ..s/he needs to be present for the training if you have not back packed before.....

there is a great deal of information listed in the Troop Guide you received when you joined the Troop to help you out.....

The PLC and Committee meeting went well tonight eventhough the Scouts who should have been present to assist in repacking our gear were not present. We would ask that when we require better than average attendance to clean up that attendance by the Scout be encouraged as to make the workload less a problem for all.

27th Fe3bruary Regular meeting w/emphasis on backpacking and the back packing gear and the backpacking stove taught by M Gunn, S and S Hardy and C Griffin assisting. Emphasis will be hands on by all attending.

5 March Regular meeting w/emphasis on backpacking and tent and Tarp set up and take down by M Gunn, E Davis, with J and S Clark assisting. Emphasis will be hands on by all attending.

12 March Regular meeting Troop and Order of the Arrow elections and afterwards w/emphasis on backpacking required backpacks and clothing and foot gear by Max Gunn and selected Venture Scouts.

19 March Regular meeting with emphasis on back packing food preparation and menu planning by M Gun and selected venture and Shark patrol instructors..

22 March all attending the backpacking trip meet at the hut at 6:30 to load backpacking gear/troop gear/ and meals for the trip.

23 March meet at hut at 5:00 PM for departure to Pinhoti Trail...will need trailer hauler and one backup vehicle or more depending on our numbers. Arrive back at hut by 2:00 PM March 25.

26 March WEBELO crossover at the Bluff Park United Methodist Church..leave on bus at 6:45 PM from Hut and return in about an hour to hut for return home.

2 April Equipment take down from backpacking trip, PLC, and Troop committee meeting.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Monday, February 13, 2012

Troop News, Qtr Master Night Thurs night

Tonight was one of our better attended meetings in a while ....will have more than 80 on the Camporee, so it will be one of our biggest Camporee yet.....Welcome again to the WEBELOS attending tonight and who will be with us at the Camporee.

NOTE: If your son is the quartermaster for the Trip, remind him that the Troop will be providing Saturday lunch: hot dogs, Raman noodle soup, peanut/butter jelly sandwiches...We will plan on having breakfast at McDonalds on Sunday (on his own) morning, but the patrol can bring a light breakfast for the camp break down....

Make sure he dresses for the weather for the weekend....if it turns cold and wet, he should be dressed for it ..same for in case it turns warm.

Thursday night, 16 Feb, is quartermaster night to pack and load the trailer and Frank Tank..uniform is not normally takes about an hour. He should be there at 6:30 PM.

Leaders coming on the trip are welcome to drive their cars as the bus looks like it will be filled w/Scouts..If over loaded, we will let the older Scouts get in cars.

There are several BSA, wallet sized registration cards on the Troop Hut's meeting table.. If you haven't picked up his card from last year of recently just joining, it is likely there.

The Troop will be camping at the Tanneyhill State Park primitive camping area (across the bridge). If you want to see him in the camping mode, come by an visit anytime during the day....We will be located on the hill overlooking the other camp sites.
Jessie Coker lost a black pocket knife on the last camp out....he is still looking for it

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan S "Delivering the Promise"

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


The fees for the up and coming Camporee are as follows:
$18.00 per person for the camp entry fee (leaders and Scouts)
$ 12.00 per person for meals
$ 2.00 per person for fuel
$ 32.00 per person total


Fees for camping as stated in the Camporee booklet
$2.00 per person per meal w/Troop

Please bring cash/check made out to Troop 21, BSA, or through WEPAY to the Monday night meeting (February 13) to assure our head count and meal requirements.. Please also bring the BSA release form for the campout as found in the Troop Web Site

Uniform for the Camporee weekend is the Khaki Shirt/Scout trousers or shorts/Scout belt/ Scout Socks...if the weather is warm, the Scout may wear the Troop Red T shirt during the day around camp and for the competitions....if the weather is cool or w/rain he should dress for it and be prepared for both to be comfortable.

Monday, Feb 13th is the final prep night and all who are going should be present to assist with our head count and to hear final announcement.

Thursday, Feb 16, is Quartermaster night and all Quartermasters, both Troop and Patrol should be present to assist in packing and loading our gear.

Scouts should be prepared to leave at 5:00 PM at the hut on Feb 17th and we should be returning before Noon on Sunday..if the Scouts want, we will stop for breakfast again at McDonalds (on their own cost for the meal) in Bessemer, and if not, we will return straight to the Hut on Sunday Feb 19th.

Thanks for your continued support. See you Sunday on Scout Sunday, Feb 12, at the BPUMC at 8:30 AM. Thanks for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Troop News

The Monday night meeting (February 6) was well attended for the most part with a great deal accomplished in cooking, string burning, knife throwing, and knot tying..thanks to all the leaders and Venture Crews present for making it happen as smooth as it was.

NOTE: The August trip will be rescheduled for August 17-19 on your calendars...the original date would have conflicted with the first day of the Hoover School system....Mr. Branin will schedule our white water trip, as planned for these dates in August.

NOTE: The April trip will not longer be scheduled for backpacking at the Walls of Jericho...rather, thanks to Mr. Kyle Horn, and with the majority approval of the Scouts..we will be going to Troy, Alabama for some zip lining, high and low rope challenges, and other Scouting activities for the weekend (Camp Butter and Egg, LL.C.)

NOTE: Thanks to Mr. Cox, the October trip will be a three day trip (Hoover School system off day) to Mobile, Alabama vicinity to canoe the Barttram Canoe trail.....this will be a first for the Troop as a "carry your camping gear" in the canoe trip down in South Alabama.

More details on the trips will be announced.

PRESIDENTS DAY Feb 20th: The one day trip to Montgomery on February 20th with State Representative Paul DeMarco is definitely scheduled at this time.

The 20th is a School holiday and a good reason for the Scout to be out of the house. We will meet at the Hut at 7:30 AM and return before 5:00 PM. The cost for the day with will be his cost for lunch (brings his own money) at the State House cafeteria or McDonalds (whatever is decided by the group)..and gas @ $8.00 peer person (check made out to the Troop or cash).....Uniform is Class A Plus ....or Khaki shirt, Troop Neckerchief, Scout belt, Scout Trousers, and Scout Socks. Please assure he is dressed for the for the weather. The Scout needs to go to and look up the requirements for the Citizen in the Nation merit badge (Eagle required) as this trip will accomplish most of the requirements if he does them while we are there, before we go, or when we return.

SCOUT SUNDAY February 12th: As many Scouts (families invited) should join us as the Bluff Park United Methodist Church this coming Sunday for the 8:45 service lasting about an hour and beginning at 8:30 AM....this is an annual event for us and our numbers show our appreciation for the congregation for serving as our Charter Organization. Uniform is Class A Plus or Khaki shirt, Troop Neckerchief, Merit Badge Sash, Scout belt, Scout Trousers, and Scout Socks.

Thursday, the 16th of February, is Quartermaster night for Camporee preparation and gear packing...all quartermasters, troop and patrol, are required (see attached assignment sheets w/recent Court of Honor) to be present to prepare and pack our gear for the Camporee

February 17th-19th will be our CAMPOREE weekend at Tanneyhill State Park. We meet at the Hut at 5:00 PM on the 17th and will return before noon on Sunday the 19th. A good time to visit the Troop w/the family to see him and the other patrols in the camping and activities mode.

There will be a PLC (patrol leaders conference) and equipment take down for the Scouts on February 20th at 6:30 PM and a Committee meeting at 8:00 PM.

We will need a final head count on Monday night meeting (February 13th) for tents and meal planning as well as final briefing for the weekend so if he is attending the Camporee, he needs to be there..all the activities are posted on the Troop Web Site. WEBELOS should also plan on attending the meeting for final information and planning purposes if possible. Uniform for the Camporee, for the entire period is the Class A uniform: Khaki shirt, Scout trousers, Scout belt, and Scout socks...It will more than likely be cold and or wet, so assure he dresses for the weather before he leaves the house....including a sock hat or cap in case the weather is bad.

Most of the Crocs and Eagles, and some of the recently new entering Scouts, should be getting close to having their five or ten activities completed for Second and First Class by time of and during the he needs to bring his Scout Book for a Scoutmaster's Conference and Board of Review if he is ready.

REMINDER: Current Leaders and WEBELO dads coming in this Spring....if you want the title of Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM), you need to attend the Scoutmaster and leader Training held on February 25th at the Scout Service Center..It is one day of training with the companion weekend training at Camp Jack Wright on March30-31 and April 1..there will not be a conflict with the Troop's schedule, it will be a good time to go and get it behind you...

REMINDER: .If you haven't had the required Youth Protection (YP) training at this time..please go to and complete that w/certificate of completion as the second arm of required training....If you wish to work with us a Committee member, rather than a ASM, go to Scouting. org and take the Committee Challenge course be active with us as well as YP. Both certificates should be copied to Mrs. Cathy Kidd for the Troop and Council records.

Remember to go ahead and get the complete Scout uniform for meetings and trips with the Troop.

For the really dedicated. interested, and involvedin addition to SMLT and OLS, there are two Wood Badge courses coming up in the Council this Spring and Fall...(1) April 13-15 at Camp Comer and April 27-20 at Camp Westmoreland....and (2) September 15-17 at Camp Comer and Oct 13-15 at Camp Westmoreland.

Details for registration for these and the SMLT and OLS are found on the Vulcan District and GAC web sites accessed, thanks to Mr. Simon, off of our Troop Web Site....

"Scouts deserve trained leaders."

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan S "Delivering the Promise"

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Friday, February 03, 2012

Troop News

As you may not know, the normal celebration of President's Day, normally a school holiday, by the the Greater Alabama Council is not going to happen this year for various reasons.

Mr. Cox has recently talked toState Representative Paul DeMarco, who is willing to host the Troop on February 20th in Montgomery (the anniversary by the way, of John Glenn's (Eagle Scout) first orbiting the earth). As you also know, Nevin had invited Mr. DeMarco over to the Troop (December 10, 2011) and along with a discussion of several different topics, Mr. Demarco presented the Troop with an Alabama State Flag that flew for a day over the State House. Mr. DeMarco is an Eagle Scout (Troop 320) and wants to assist the Scouts with programs that are worthy of their time.

The coming, proposed visit will satisfy several, if not most or all, of the requirements for the Citizen in the Nation Merit Badge (Eagle required) and add a great personal experience to the Scout's career and general knowledge of State and National government with the visit to the Capitol and other areas we will plan on visiting.

Pending a finalized agenda, we would leave the Hut at about 8:00 am or possibly sooner in the the Class A uniform w/Troop neckerchief, spend the day as a quest of Representative DeMarco, inclusive of his State House and museum tours, have lunch, be introduced to other government officials (perhaps the Governor), spend more time on other tours, then head for the Hut in order to arrive around 5:00 PM.....We will more than likely not have a regular meeting owing to the Holiday that night (Feb 20th).

We will bring this trip up at this coming Monday's meeting (February 6) for a show of a hands on who wants to go....we would like to see about 20 or more make it a day with us ....there will be nominal fee for fuel and lunch for the trip....we will need a follow- on vehicle and one or two additional leaders other than myself. This trip will be a first for the Troop with anticipation of an annual event once more if the Council will kick back in with the regular program as they have in the past which included a visit with the Governor and other officials

Talk to your Scout about it...check your own calendar....we will see his answer this Monday for a head count to see if we will be going. If he will not be at the meeting, but would like to attend the trip..please reply so we can count him.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"