Friday, July 31, 2009

A Byrd's Eagle Project this Saturday 8-12

Hey everbody this is just a reminder about my Eagle Project work day that is Saturday, August 1st. It will be from 8am-12noon at the scout hut. It would be greatly appreciated if you could make it.

Lunch will be provided.

Thank You,

A Byrd

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

OA Ordeal -- Who is going? Need Headcount !

Please reply if you or your son is going to attend one, some, or all of the following listed dates for the OA. We need to know this for transportation planning and general information. Please copy this..give a copy to your son...then come up with a decision...we are recommending the August date for the Ordeal for all the Scouts nominated this year...same for Botherhood candidates (or think about a date in September at Camp Comer..They usually do a Brotherhood test at the Fall Fellowship...or they may not....

Confused? We sent a memo recently with all the Scouts recently selected as OA candidates recommending the Scout go to and get pre-registered for th August Ordeal at Camp Comer and read the pertinent information he needs to know about the Ordeal (what to bring). All of this year's candidates were tapped at summer camp. He didn't need to be at summer camp to be recommended .so he can still attend the August or September Ordeal. We need some leaders who have have made a previous Ordeal to earn their Brotherhood so you can help with transportation if we don't have enough to ride the bus. Please think about helping out with this. It is important for the Troop.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Existing OA Members

There are about twenty five or more active members of the Troop who underwent the Ordeal for the Order of the Arrow of the Coosa Lodge of the Greater Alabama Council during the past several years.

There is a August 14-16 Ordeal coming up at Camp Comer that they should consider attending in order to earn their "Brotherhood" in the Order. We will announce this at the Monday night meeting and have a meeting at the end of the Troop meeting in the Hut for all OA members.

Since they are wearing the OA flap on their right shirt pocket, they obligated themselves to further service for the lodge by earning their Brotherhood and by attending Chapter and Lodge activities. The more we have at these meetings, ordeals, and lodge activities, the more fraternity we share, the more opportunity he picks up, and the stronger the Lodge and Chapter becomes. He only need prepare for the Brotherhood by reading his OA pamphlet or by calling P Kidd, J Kunka, J Ng, and J and K Berry who will make the preparation easy and locked in.

By more attending we also ease on the transportation requirements.

Please give this email to your son if he is an OA Member and encourage his getting his Brotherhood and becoming more active with the OA.

All of this applies to leaders who have also attended an Ordeal and who are not active at this time. Leaders serve as Chapter and Lodge advisors by setting the tone through attendance and example.

We will have a local Nunne-Hi Chapter (Vulcan District) meeting this coming August 20th, or as announced, Thursday night (at the Bryarwood Presbyterian Church Scout hut) (rear of the main building on the hill). It starts at 6:30 PM and is finished in an hour and a half. Class A uniform and OA sash is required. J Kunka is the Chapter Chief and P Kidd is the Vice Chief for Service.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

OA Ordeal Candidates

B Debalsi, the Hardy brothers, J Taylor, M Gunn, A Turner, and N Madison were nominated by the Troop as Order of the Arrow Candidates last April. This is distinct honor and envied by those who are not elected by the Troop. The OA is an excellent source of leadership, fun and adventure, unique opportunities to develop new friendships, and the next tier of understanding Scouting fraternity other than at the Troop level. It is strictly youth led and includes member of all Troops in the Greater Alabama Council.

If they plan to join the Order as members, they need to attend a weekend Ordeal this August (14-16) at Camp Comer, or September 11-13 at Camp Jackson. There will also be an Ordeal during the first part of May, 2010. In order to work on transportation needs, we need to know at this Monday night meeting what his intentions are and if he is going to the August Ordeal.

If he is interested in the OA, which he should be as part of his trail to Eagle, he needs to go to and become familiar with the web site, then go to the Candidate's Corner and read Ordeal Instructions, which includes registering (under forms and publications on the main page).

We need to know what Ordeal he plans to attend..we recommend the August Ordeal....and let us know. We will have an OA meeting for all those who intend on going this August 14-16 at the hut at the close of the meeting...please make sure he attends whether he is going in August or not so we can make sure he understands what he needs to do. There are no secrets just a matter of being on time and having the basic gear for the weekend.

If he is not going to attend the meeting this Monday, he needs to call me, and tell me what his plans are so we can plan for the future. If I don't hear from him, I will assume he is not interested until I get to talk to him at the Hut.

P Kidd and J Kunka will coordinate the meeting for OA members Monday. We will be inviting all "flap wearers" (inactive OA members) to join us at the next OA Ordeal and pick up their Brotherhood.

Eagle Projects

J Kunka is working on renovating a public works building, J Ellis just completed the painting of parking lot stripes for the Hoover Senior Center. and A Byrd is building a bridge for the Bluffpark Elementary School....Z Harbin built a walk way/ramp and rail at the Veteran's memorial at Spain ideas of projects currently underway or nearly completed..there are about thirty or more already completed in the two Project Books that Ms. Kidd has located in the Hut for the Scout to look over for ideas of his own..

The Hoover Parks and Recreation Board is looking for project oriented Scouts, so is the Moss Rock Preserve, so is the Birimingham Zoo, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, the Oak Mountain State Park Rangers Office, the Oak Mountain Animal Rescue name a few..

.Also Mr. Larry Faulkner, a well known Scouter in the Shelby County District is looking for Scouts to do Eagle Projects at Oak Mountain (Camp Tranquility) an old CCC built Scout Camp that he is trying to renovate and re-charge for camping..his number is 205-220-2358.....

The Bluff Park Elementary School still has projects waiting on Scouts....same for the Cahaba River Society...and other Samaritan groups in Birmingham such as BUMPS (off road biking in Oak Mountain).....

Ruffner Mountain (, The Alabama National Cemetery in Montevallo (205-665-9039) ....Ms Quincy Whithead, Director...

There is plenty to do out there....give a copy of this to the Scout so he can start thinking about it.....The only limit for a project is inquisitive imagination and it should be oriented toward the good of the community and it's public property....your own church will have projects shovel ready also.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Troop News

We are going to be OK...Mr. Simon has returned from their family vacation.

A special thanks to J and K Berry and P Kidd for spending most of the evening Friday night (July 24) by putting on an Indian Ceremony for all the the attending Cubs and WEBELOS at Oak Mountain State Park. Thanks to Mrs. Kidd for driving them out there. All of their commitments, to include Wednesday (July 22) ( encouraged and directed by Mr. Griffith) night activities at the Park by all of the rest if the leaders and Scouts was recognized and congratulated by Mr. Brent Pritchard, Senior Executive Director, Vulcan District.

Today's activities (Saturday July 25) included J Ellis' Eagle Project at the Hoover Senior Center, Mr. Egger's trip with leaders and Scouts to complete the Archery Merit Badge, and the pre-trip briefing for NOAC attendees.

Thanks to all who assisted J Ellis and to the Leaders who encouraged attendance, his project was completed..there were about twenty-five Scouts and leaders present.

Thanks to Mr. Eggers and all the support he got from attending leaders, eight Scouts earned the Archery Merit badge at the Cullman range.

All five attendees were present for the NOAC briefing following working on Jim's Eagle Project and will depart for Bloomington, Indiana on Friday July 31st and returning Thursday August 6 in the late afternoon.

We have a regular meeting this Monday (July 27) at the Hut at the regular time . Please enourage attendance as we have a guest speaker. Scoutmaster's Minute: Captain Kelly Gandy

The meeting on Monday, August 3, is important for all attending the water sports weekend (August 7-9). Those planning on attending the trip weekend are required to attend the August 3 meeting..we will discuss safety afloat/safe swim and the requirements for the Water Sports Merit Badge (P Kidd and J Kunka) requirements (Mrs. Kidd) . We will check patrol quartermaster gear (patrol quartermasters are required to be present with their patrols for this even though they may not be coming on the Trip (Mr. Madison)...Headcount and meal planning (parents eat with the Scout's patrol and the Scoutmaster dines with the Sharks) by Senior Patrol leader and Mrs. Kidd. Scoutmasters Minute is Mr. Lepianka.

We are planning at this time to have five ski boats for water skiing, a Ski-Do for towing a tube, and two or more canoes available for the trip. Cost: $12.00 for food; $25.00 for gas (including fuel for all tow vehicles, boats, and the Ski-Do water vehicles) or $37.00 total for about 30 persons on the trip. If Less than 30 attend, the cost may increase. We will take a final headcount during the meeting on the 3rd.

We will be camping Friday and Saturday night on Mr. and Mrs. Kidd's property on Lake Logan-Martin, vicinity the area where the Inter-state 20 bridge crosses Lake Logan Martin enroute to Oxmoor/Anniston. Personal Flotation Devices (PFD's) are required at all times in the water in the boats and other vessels. Scouts and leaders may bring their own, some will be provided by each vessel, and the Troop will bring the rest.

All Patrol and Troop Quartermasters will meet at the Hut on Thursday night (August 6) at 6:30 PM to pack our gear and load the Frank Tank.

August 10 (Monday): Once gear is stored by all Troop and Patrol quartemasters (6:30 PM), there will be a PLC for the Senior Patol Leader, the Asst Senior Patrol Leader and all patrol leaders and assistant patrol leaders (7:00 PM) and a Troop Committee Meeting at 8:00 PM.

There will be a regular meeting on the August 17th with a guest Speaker (please encourage attendance), and the Court of Honor will be on the 24th (more information to be announced once planned by the PLC on the August 10th).

Thanks for all your support in encouraging attendance.


Dan s

"Delivering the Promise"

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Byrd's Eagle Project

I am beginning work on my Eagle Project and I am setting work dates for August 1st and August 8th. My project consists of building a bridge at Bluff Park Elementary School's outdoor classroom. I will be working from about 8-12 each day and it would be greatly appreciated if you could help out. Call me or e-mail me if you can come.

Thank You,

A Byrd

Troop News

The Trip went very well and we returned on time. Thanks to all the leaders who participated and made it possible. I can't remember a better trip for whitewater rafting.

Tonight, all Troop Quartermasters and all Patrol Quartermasters are required at the Hut for taking down and storing gear. Quartermasters are listed on the recently mailed Position list as part of the last Court of Honor in April. Please make the Scout a copy and encourage his attendance whether they were on the trip on not. We meet at 6:30 PM. Uniform is not required. The Patrol Leaders Conference is at 7:00 PM. That includes all patrol leaders and assistant patrol leaders along with the Senior and the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader.

The Troop Committee meets at 8:00 PM following the PLC also at the Hut. We will be discussing business as well as the August Trip. If you have a Ski Boat and are willing to use it..please make sure you attend for your input so we can come up with a final location and schedule of activities..If skiing will not be possible, then the PLC and Committee will discuss alternatives. If you haven't been active with the Committee, this is a good time to start and enjoy the adventure along with us.

Is he a Life Scout? Make sure he is thinking about a project before he hasn't got time. Make sure he is staying with us on trips and meetings.

*****We are going to need a great deal of help for J Ellis to complete his Eagle Project this Saturday, 7/25, at the Hoover Senior Center. He will start at 8:00 AM. They are painting lines on the parking he needs to dress for paint. Dress for sun protection..water, refreshments, and lunch will be provided. Unless he just can't be there..please encourage his attendance...leaders also can help out....

The Archery group is still heading to Cullman on the 25th. Contact Mr. Eggers for more information other than written to date.

For those of us going to the National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) in Indianapolis, Indiana to support J. Ng, J. Kunka, K. Berry, P. Kidd. during their Ceremony Competition, .there is a meeting on the 25th at the Scout Service Center at 10:00's required as an information/travel briefing.

Thanks for encouraging regular attendance. Thanks for being there with us as we head down the trail.....

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Thursday, July 16, 2009

whitewater trip weather

Mr. Berry has heard through the weather channels that we may have rain Friday and maybe showers on the is supposed to go down to the low sixties in the evening in TN....that being a possibility, we are advising to keep watching the weather but take a light jacket/fleece and a rain suit to keep dry and warm if required.......

Finally, we will be doing American Heart Assn. CPR in the Sept/Oct/Nov time frame for leaders as a refresher and more as required. It is a two year certification and we need this certification for leaders on our trips....takes about 1.5-2 hrs on a Sat and the Troop picks up the $5.00 fee....more information to follow...One person in each Northern Tier crew will be required to have it and one or more persons are required for each trip we take as a troop......

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What to bring to Whitewater Trip

Just in case he doesn't think about it..

the Hiwassee Trip Scout needs to bring a day pack (school type of pack) to carry the sandwich he will make Saturday morning for lunch to eat on the way or at the Outfitters, his water bottle, and sunscreen (puts that on at camp) with him and a change of clothes (regular shorts, underwear, t shirt) after the raft ride for the bus ride on the way back to he will be wet from the raft ride and a towel/soap also if he want to take a shower at the outfitters.

He may want to buy a souvenier, patch, and a snack before we leave also. He should also bring about twenty feet of nylon rope or cord to tie his water bottle and bailer to the inside of the raft....

We will be stopping for a meal and fuel on the way back home.

That should do it...see him on Thursday if a quartermaster and Friday for the trip...

YiS Dan s "Keeping the Promise"

Monday, July 13, 2009

J Kunka Eagle Project

There are about 27 Scouts in the Venture I and II crews with only 12 coming on this weekend's whitewater trip, it would be great to see those not coming on the trip to help Jim with his below described Eagle Project...the same for younger Scouts who will be staying home this weekend....Please pass this on to your Scout....

J Kunka will also be starting his Eagle Project soon and he is asking for donations to help him cover a $400-500 projected expenses.....more information to follow....

YiS Dan s.... "Delivering the Promise"


I am planning to have my eagle project work days on two Saturdays, July 18 and 25, at the Hoover Senior center. I know a lot of scouts will be out of town on the 18th, but whoever can come it would be great. I will be re-striping the parking lot of the Hoover Senior Center. The city does still want this project done, as they plan to be back in the Center by the end of the year, with no damage to the parking lot. We will be working from 7 a.m. to 12 noon to avoid the heat of the day, and lunch will be provided. We Will Be Painting On Asphalt; sunscreen, hat, gloves, and kneepads are recomended.

Please meet at the Senior Center at 7:00 or as early as you can come. The directions are:

From Highway 31 turn onto Patton Chapel Road North (at the Full Moon Barbeque). Go about one block and you will see a sign on the right saying Hoover Senior Center. Turn right onto Sierra Drive and take the road to the very end. The Senior Center is on the right.

The address is: 400 Municipal Drive
Hoover, Al 35216

J Kunka

Whitewater Rafting trip

The program tonight on dutch oven cooking, portioning for small groups, food preparation, and associated topics by Mr. Charles Allen was excellent.

Attendance tonight was far above average and also excellent..

The cost for the trip to the Ocoee for Venture I and II and leaders accompanying them is $117.00 per person
The cost for the trip to the Hiwassee for all others is $44.00.

All Patrol and Troop Quartermasters need to be at the hut on Thursday(July 16th) at 6:30 PM to load the early party and the Frank Tank. It should take about an hour....since there are no school activities all the Quartermasters are expected to be there...They were named at the meeting.

We will assemble at the Hut at 5:00 PM on Friday July 17th. He should bring a bagged lunch/dinner..and we will be stopping for fuel and the restroom for snacks
What he should have for the Hiwassee:
Sneakers for the raft, t-shirt and swimming trunks, a quart bottle of water, an empty milk jug bailer (cut with handle still on), if he wears glasses, then he needs a restraint cord for them, insect repellant for the camp site, and some sun protection on the raft. Some of the Scouts prefer compression trunks..instead or incombination with swim trunks..but that is an unnecessary expense...

Uniform for the trip is BSA short, Troop red "T" shirt, Scout belt, and Scout socks. Leaders are encouraged to also be in uniform with the Scouts.

When he arrives at the Hut he needs to have an updated medical form (same for leaders) (these are available on the Troop web site)... if not in the Troop Medical Form book at this time; a parent needs to complete the BSA/GAC Release Form found on the Troop web site...and bring it to the Hut....and a parent will have to complete the Hiwassee or Ocoee release form which will be at the Hut before we depart on the bus (pease don't forget).

Personal checks are preferred for the trip..early party members should give them to Mr. Brannin and all should be made out to Troop 21, BSA.....

July 18th Jim Ellis Eagle Project..If the Scout in not going on the Trip with us, he needs to help out here...

July 20th..All Troop and Patrol quartermaster report at 6:30 PM to store Troop gear....Patrol Leaders Conference (PLC) starts at 7:00 PM for all patrol leaders, Senior Patrol Leader, and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader. Troop Committee Meeting starts at 8:00 PM...please join us here if you are feeling the urge to contribute to the general morale, welfare, and well being of the Troop.

July 22...for the boys and leaders who volunteered to help out with WEBELOS activity day at Oak Mountain State Park..we will meet at the Hut at 4:00 PM as stated earlier in an email from Mr. Griffith. This is an excellent time for the Scout to volunteer to help out with Scouting Spirit and recruitment for the Troop and the BSA Vulcan District. It will be a great deal of fun and learning, and if we have enough, we can take the bus and Frank tank. Will need some leaders also. More to follow from Mr. Griffith.

July 25..J Ellis's Eagle Project... as a separate notice...Preparation meeting for NOAC attendees at the Scout Service Center...and archery merit badge completion by Mr. Eggers (more information to follow).

Thanks for encouraging makes a difference....

We shoud return between Noon and 1:00 PM on the 19th. If sooner, he can cell phone.

YiS Dan S "Delivering the Promise"

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Whitewate trip headcount /Eagle Proj./ OA Ordeal

We are going to need some help on the evening of the 22nd of July as described below by Mr. Griffith...As mentioned this will assist us with recruiting, assist the WEBELOs program, and help out with a developing program. If we have enough participate, we will take the bus and Frank tank.

Please remember...we have to have a definite head count for the trip this coming weekend (17-18-19) (whitewater rafting) ..besides the bus, we will also need some cars to transport to the Ocoee put-in.... so any one coming on the trip is required to be there at the Hut for the meeting this Monday ( July 13) for the number count and meal planning. If a leader and the Scout can't make the meeting and plan on coming on the trip....please notifythe Scoutmaster before the meeting.

Congratulations to J Ellis and J Kunka for getting their Eagle projects approved by the Eagle Boards.....J Ellis will be having his first work day on July 25 (with a hopeful completion), Saturday at the Hoover Senior Center, where he and his group will be painting the lines in the parking lot (more information and details to follow). Please encourage attendance to support J as he makes his announcement this week. The 25th is also a prep/briefing day (10:30AM at the GAC Scout Service Center) for those going to the National Order of the Arrrow Conference (NOAC) during the first week of August. There ar e five from the Troop currently signed up to go and who will compete nationally as a ceremony team representing the Troop and the Coosa Lodge (J Kunka, K Berry, P Kidd, and J Ng) . (

For those Scouts who were tapped out this past summer camp for the OA (B. Debalsi, S. Hardy, J. Taylor, S. Hardy, M. Gunn, A Turner, and N.Madison) .....They should be planning on attending the August Ordeal (14-16) at Camp alternative is Sept 11-13 also Camp Comer......Scouts and leaders who have been to the Ordeal in the past should also plan on attending to earn their Brotherhood rank if they are eligible...this will assist us with transportation needs....

Have ski boat and gear to help out with on the August water Skiing trip (August 22-23) ? Please call or eamil Mr. Frost....

Thanks for all your support...

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Troop Meeting July 13 prep for Whitewater

The meeting on July 13th is required if going on the white water trip...we have a great program for the night and we have to have a definite head count for the two outfitters. If you are not going to be there, and plan on going on the trip to TN for whitewater rafting, I need to know....for instance.... I know that (2) Eggers and (2) Boldings are going but will be out of town for the meeting.

Please make sure we have his updated BSA physical for this Trip..same for all leaders...the cost for the trip remains the same (earlier Troop blog) depending on our final numbers (the less who decide to go, the more it costs the rest of us who are) this coming meeting. Departure times remain the same depending on haul vehicles...if we only have the Frank Tank to haul our gear, then we will probably leave earlier Friday evening in order to set up when we arrive in TN . The Advance Party will reserve a place for us at the camp site and some tents. If we have adequate haulers for the trailer, and more than six in the Advance Party, we can leave later on Friday evening and the camp will be set up for us when we arrive.

We need to be able to support Mr. Griffith, in an earlier note that he sent to the Troop, and the Vulcan District at the end of July with the Cub Scout Encampment at Oak Mountain. The purpose of the event is to convince/encourage WEBELOS to stay in the program and join a Scout troop. It will serve the District and the GAC well, but will also assist us with recruitment down the road. We will need some Scouts and leaders to assist with this activity on July 29th, More will be announced in the coming meetings about this.

Thanks for all you support.....please encourage his attendance...see you this coming Monday....

YiS Dan s
"Keeping the Promise"