Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Speaker on Apr 12th

On April 12th, the guest speaker for our troop meeting will be Roger Reid. Mr. Reid is the producer of the "Discovering Alabama" series from the Alabama Museum of Natural History in Tuscaloosa. The series is shown on APT with Doug Phillips as the host.

It is exciting that he is able to come speak to our troop, and we encourage all scouts and parents to attend.

Mr. Reid has also written two adventure books for scout aged boys. Longleaf is set in Alabama's Conecuh Forest. Space is set in Huntsville's Monte Sano State Park. If you would like to read either of these books before the meeting, check your school or local library for copies. They also may be ordered from Books-A-Million and

Elaine Eggers

Summer Camp

If your son is coming to summer camp this year with us..please forward Mr. Simon the second payment bringing you to a total of $ this Monday night meeting. Please mail it to him as a check or give it to him at the Monday night meeting (April 5). You can pay the total of $205 this coming Monday also...or wait for the third and last payment in May.

If he is not coming to summer camp..please advise Mr. Simon also so we can be sure of our numbers. If he is coming to summer camp and there is a delay in your payment..please advise Mr. Simon also. We have to have this information in order to reserve cots and tents at camp.

Except for the Phoenix patrol (Mr. Simon will sign Phoenix patrol members up for the swimming merit badge), the Scout needs to select his merit badges found on our web site listed under summer merit badge assignments...The week is going to be full this year and the badges will be competitive to sign up for and may not be available if he is late in signing for them. If any questions..please call Mr Simon.. The Phoenix patrol will earn four merit badges and most of their rank this summer by going to camp.

Phoenix patrol: it is important that he attend camp with us in order for him to earn the majority of Tenderfoot, Second Class, and the First Class ranks. Leaders are welcome to join us for the week or part of the week..but Mr. Simon has to know who is coming to make the reservations. Some leaders come Sunday through the week..others just visit on Wednesday night (parents night to visit) ..others come on Wed night and stay until we leave Saturday any case we need to know your plans,

Son not coming? Then persuade him into working at camp as a Counselor in Training (CIT) or Counselor. He can also take the Troop Lifeguard training for the week at summer camp, or he can attend the NYLT-National Youth Leadership Training as it is offered twice this summer by the council (see Greater Alabama Council web site as a link on our Troop web site).

What does he need for summer camp is listed in the Troop guide in several pages of detailed recommendations. The Summer Camp Guide from Council is also due to be published and we will put that on the Troop Web site also for you information.

Remember the next Monday meeting starts early at 6:30 to take down gear. He needs to be there for assisting with the gear but also we will be having Order of the Arrow elections (need more than 30 Scouts present) and Troop Elections for the next six months of Scout leadership.

Thanks for all your support,,,

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Troop News

The Trip this weekend for the New Scout Orientation was excellent,,the weather held until we left at about 9:30AM and returned at about 10:00. Thank to all the leaders and Scouts who supported the orientation and added to adventure. We had 35 Scouts and Leaders in attendance.

There were 13 new Scouts present earning their "Tote and Chip," "the Outdoors Pledge," and completing the first phase of their summer camp Tenderfoot physical fitness requirements. New Scouts not present and intending to attend summer camp need to reply to this memo so we can re-schedule the same prior to camp. We will be looking at a Saturday morning for a couple of hours.

Thanks especially to Mr. Griffith for out doing himself in teaching and assisting in the preparation of the stew we had for dinner Saturday night and for LTC Kidd for taking the time to prepare and assist with the preparation of the Physical Fitness testing.

The new pot thought misplaced, and earlier mentioned, turned up where it was supposed to be in the Hut and we used it during the trip along with the new propane jet gas burner for bulk heated water.

On Monday, March 29th, we will meet at the Hut in the Class B uniform (red Troop T Shirt) at 7:00 PM for a visit, using the Troop bus as transportation, to the O Scale Railroad here in Vestavia as described in a earlier Troop memo. We will return around 8:15 PM. This is a popular , and "shouldn't miss" visit for the Troop.

As announced earlier, April 3 is a work day for N, Madison's Eagle project which will again be announce tomorrow night....These count as service hours for rank advancement and give the Scouts a good idea of Eagle project expectations and planning.

CHANGE On April 5, we will meet at the Hut at 6:30 PM instead of the regular 7:00 PM to take down our tentage from this weekend and store the same, then continue with Troop elections and Order of the Arrow elections as scheduled. The Troop will be electing a senior patrol leader and all the routinely elected and appointed positions for the next six months.

April 10 is the Vulcan District Merit Badge Day as earlier announced and planned for by Ms Cathy Kidd. Most Scouts should be pre-registered and should contact her if not. We will leave from the Scout Hut at 7:00 AM with bus transportation to Cantebury Methodist Church in Mountain Brook for most of the day.

Thanks for all your support and encouraging participation.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Summer Camp Merit Badge class Offered and Assigned

Go to our main website

Click on the link under Permanent Links

Summer Camp Merit Badge Offered(PDF)

Summer Camp Merit Badge Assigned (what you requested/got)

1) The first one is what classes are still offered. It shows whether they are full or not and number of spot available still. However, that does really mean it is, it was the snapshot of what it was when I last signed on.

2) The second one is what you have requested. I will try my best to honor your request. However if there is any schedule conflict I will switch your class request around to make it happen. Many of you have not even request yours, I have checked the list of your rank advancement record and try to assign most of the Eagle required MB for you. Please let me know if you want anything different and/or confirm what I assigned you is okay to you.

You can see from the first link that many of the popular classes are full already.

You should know the password to open each of the two documents. If you don't, email Mr. Strunk or me.


Mr. Ng

New scouts, new scout campout

New Scouts:

It look s like we are going to get a break in the weather Saturday for the Camp out....would still make sure he is dressed for cool weather..including long underwear if he is cold natured If it warms up as much as they say, he can always take off what he won't need.....looks like no rain..but would be prepared for it with a rain can buy these at Academy sports, Dicks, or Wal Mart for a real reasonable price ($5-10-15.00), When he gets older, you can buy him a more durable/breathable rain suit as described in the Scout Guide and equipment handouts.

Last night we mentioned that the uniform will be Class A for this weekend.....let's change that to Class B, or the Troop red T shirt with scout trousers/shorts, scout socks, and belt. No problem wearing the tan shirt if he hasn't got any red shirts yet...If he hasn't any red t shirts or Scout trousers..he should just wear his WEBELO uniform with a cub Scout T shirt.

For the April trip to Savage Gulf..the uniform on the bus will be the Troop red T shirt, scout trousers, scout socks and scout belt. When we get up to go hiking on Saturday morning should wear something like soccer shorts, a "T" shirt, and wool socks with some polypropelene sock liners to keep from getting blisters....inside a good pair of sneaker or hiking shoes/boots. He shouldn't be hiking in the Scout uniform, but rather hiking clothes..we will talk to this more at the meeting before the trip to Tennessee. Again, a rain suit may be necessary for rain or cool weather.

As mentioned in the Scout Guide and Handouts...the Troop wears rain suits and not ponchos as the rain suit not only keeps him dry, but serves as an additional outer layer if it gets cool.

Won't hurt to mark his hame on his gear and uniform with a black magic marker to avoid confusion later and so we can identify it if there is a mix up for some reason.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Summer Camp class choices

Summer Camp Class Registration will be opened this Friday.

If you are going to Summer Camp, please browse the class list from the Leaders Guide below and EMAIL ME YOUR CHOICES ASAP. This is an "old" guide, but should be fairly close to the current year.


As soon as I get the list, I will post it on our website.

Many of the classes(especially those that are Eagle required Merit Badge) filled up fast.

I will email you to confirm your request is granted or not.


Mr. Ng

Monday, March 22, 2010

Troop News

We had an great trip to The Fort Benning National Infantry Museum in Columbus and the Andersonville National Prisoner of War Museum near Americus in Georgia this weekend.

Besides driving by and waving at President Carter's Presidential Museum in Plains, GA while heading to Andersonville on Friday, We camped at J Ellis's Uncle's property near Woodland and had all the advantages of the wilderness, less the rain that came in just after we left Sunday Morning. We had a total of 23 leaders and Scouts with never a dull moment.

On Saturday, along with FT. Benning, We were planning on the Air Show in Columbus also, but there was no parking as the crowd was so large. We returned to Ft. Benning and spent more time in the Museum including the IMAX and several other movie presentations.

Both Museums were more than worth the trip regarding showman ship, in depth history, active participation (simulated target shooting as soldiers are actually trained today), and a deep sense of patriotism displayed by our Armed Forces. Pictures will be on the Troop Web Site soon.

Finally we wanted to thank all the Leaders who attended the trip..for otherwise it just wouldn't have been possible: Mr. Branin, Mr. Mills, Mr. Bolding, Mr Gunn, Mr. Eggers, Mr. Hardy, Mr. Lepianka, and Dr. Hamilton.

Remember..we meet tonight at the Hut at 6:45 PM in Class A uniform with Neckerchief and merit badge sash to welcome the new Webelo's into the Troop at their Cross-over Ceremony. We should return no later than 8:00 PM

Again...There is an orientation this Thursday night (25th) at the Hut for the new Scouts at 6:30 pm. All new graduating WEBELOS and their parents/family need to be there for the necessary information in joining the Troop as well as planning on attending the camp out on the 27th.

and again on Saturday, March 27th, and for all Scouts and leaders who would care to assist, we meet at the Hut at 8:00 AM to begin and plan the new Scout weekend for the day, spending the Day and camping the night at Oak Mountain with the New Scouts, and returning on Sunday morning before Noon. We will need older, experienced Scouts to help out with making their meal plans, packing for the camp out , buying groceries, setting up camp, completing advancement requirements, then returning Sunday morning. Please assure he is dressed for the weather (cool and possibly wet).

There is an Order of the Arrow (OA) meeting (Nunne-hi Chapter) on the (25th) also at the same location (Briarwood Presbyterian) and time (Acton Road exit). Active Troop members are encouraged to attend for not only the camaraderie, but also to represent the Troop. have to be an active, dues paying member to wear your OA flap on the tan uniform shirt by completing service. Dues are $8.00 a year and you don't have to be there for all the activities, but you will miss a lot of fun and not be able to enjoy the brotherhood by not taking the time.

Although we missed the annual OA American Indian exposition and and seminar at Camp Comer this last weekend, due to our own camp out, there are plenty of activities coming up for the rest of the year. Please go to and look at the schedule. We will be car pooling as required to make most of these activities in order to experience what they are all about.

The Senior Patrol Leader, P Kidd, will call and make more announcements about OA activies (Nunne-Hi Chapter) in the next few well as announce the meeting this Sunday for Troop members of the OA ceremony team practice (second and fourth Sundays at a time announced at the Oakmont Presbyterian Church).

That's all for now...but there is a lot more coming.....

Thanks for all your support in making sure your son stays abreast of this information and is regularly attending meetings and activities....

Yours in Scouting: Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Advance-o-Rama Apr 10

We have 17 scouts registered for Vulcan District Advance-o-rama merit badge day on Saturday April 10 at Canterbury United Methodist Church.The cost is $12 and includes your 2 classes and lunch (past meals have been hot dogs or bar-b-que,chips,cookies and a soda).
I will collect money anytime between now and that day,if writing a check make it out to BSA Troop 21. The troop pays in advance so if you cancel you are still responsible for that payment.

What you need to do now:

Get the merit badge books from the hut,library or scout shop.
Read them
Look at the site where you selected your classes,go to theVulcan District Advance-o-rama site again and look to see if your classes require prerequisite work if so do any pre-requisite requirements
Pay the fee between now and the 10th

What to bring on the 10th:

Uniform is class A
Your merit badge books
Merit badge worksheets (Go to ,enter the site and click on Boy Scout merit badge worksheets and scroll to the bottom to print out the class worksheets)
Pen or pencils
Any proof of prerequisite work if requested

I will give you your 2 signed blue cards that day,lunch ticket,and name tag.

We will meet at the scout hut at 6:50am and leave at 7:00am
Travel by bus and the troop pays for the gas.Mr. Strunk will drive and Mr. Lepianka and myself will attend.
The second session ends at 5:00pm so we should return to the hut by 5:30pm for pick up.

Check in begins at 7:15
Assembly at 7:45 Classes and teachers begin dismissal to their classroom
First session 8:00-12:00
Lunch 12:00-12:45
Second session 1:00-5:00

If your class is off site your parents will be responsible for getting you to the session. A.J. Griffith Vestavia Hills YMCA AM session,
Nelms MB Library AM session and Oliver Oak Mtn State park Gate off 119 PM session. This is different and I hope this does not present problems.

If your plans have changed and you will not be able to attend please email me ASAP and I can delete your registration otherwise you are responsible for the $12 fee. I will be sending in payment Tuesday March 23rd.

Leave at home any electronic games. Cell phones are allowed but please respect your instructors and do not text during class, or they will be taken up. This event usually has over 200 scouts in attendance from the state of AL and beyond. They and we expect you to live the scouting oath and law while guests at Canterbury United Methodist Church.You will be given the signed blue card from your teacher upon completion of your classes. You are responsible for getting them to Mr. Frost if you finished your requirements. If you have remaining requirements it is up to you to complete them. Have a fun and successful day as you move closer to the goal of Eagle Scout!!

Bolding Cit in the World and Auto Mechanics
Cho Cit in the Nation and Cit in the World
Crabtree Cit in the World and Camping
Elmore, Jackson and Hayes Cit in the World and Camping
Gandy Cit in the Nation and Cinematography
Griffith AJ Swimming and Cit in the World
Griffith C Camping and Cit in the Nation
Gunn Cit in the World and Photography
Hersey Crime Prevention and Fingerprinting
Kidd E Camping and Cit in the World
Lepianka Leatherwork and Camping
Nelms Fire Safety and Electricity
Oliver Photography and Tracking
Stubblefield Camping and Cit in the World
Yarboro Camping and Cit in the World
Yarbrough Geology and Auto Mechanics

Email if you have questions
Cathy Kidd

OA Nunne-Hi Chapter news

Dear Arrowman,

“The things of the spirit count: Brotherhood — in a day when there is too much hatred at home and abroad. Cheerfulness — in a day when the pessimists
have the floor. Service — in a day when millions are interested only in getting or grasping rather than giving. These are of the spirit, blessed of God, the great
Divine Spirit."
- E. Urner Goodman, Founder of the Order of the Arrow

We had a great 5th annual Coosa Lodge American Indian Seminar this weekend, With an awesome Live Bird Demonstration, Classes on Dancing, Drumming and Ceremonies, and all sorts of Native American Crafts. If you could not make it, you missed a good time. But if you were not there, we really did miss you and want you to know its never to late to get involved in the Lodge.

We are meeting this Thursday night at 6:30 pm at Briarwood for our regular chapter meeting. We meet in the Mountain View building, which is behind the Caroline House at Briarwood..

Directions to Briarwood:

Are you a Brotherhood Member?

A Brotherhood Member is a member one who understands the meaning of the Ordeal and symbols that he experienced, is a leader and servant in his Troop and Lodge, and agrees to live by the Obligation.

This Thursday night we want people who need Brotherhood Counseling to attend and get tested for the next step of OA membership that is Brotherhood.

There is a short counseling session that we try to have during our Chapter meetings, and you will have had to have memorize (or come close to it) the Obligation and Song. This needs to be done beforehand. This is found in your OA handbook. We also need a letter that you have written that says you intend to continue or begin to serve the Lodge and your troop in the future. All the requirements are in your handbook. If you have been an Ordeal member for at least 10 months, you really should come to the meeting, and we will help you in this next step.

We also will be conducting an OA Troop election training, have news on upcoming events, and talk about an upcoming Service Project on April 24th at Camp Jack Wright.

It is still not to late to sign up for Conclave. Memorabilia can still be ordered onsite. This will be held this year at Camp Tukabatchee near Montgomery.

We will have information on Thursday.

We are now on Facebook. Search for "Nunne-Hi Chapter of the Coosa Lodge."

Has your Troop held an OA election? We need your dates!
Does your troop have an OA rep? He really needs to attend these meetings as part of his leadership obligation.
We need his name, phone number and email.

In the Order,
Wimachtendienk. Wingolauchsik. Witahemui ,

Brett Melton
Nunne-Hi Chapter Advisor
Coosa Lodge

N Madison's Eagle Project Apr 3 & Apr 10

Members, Parents and Friends of Troop 21,

On Saturday April 3 and Saturday April 10, I will be working on my eagle project and I am going to need a lot of help. My project is an outdoor classroom consisting of eight wooden benches. It will be built at Shades Mountain Elementary School on one of the trails in the recently built nature park. The address of the school is 2250 Sumpter Street, Hoover 35226. The school is actually on Blue Ridge Blvd.

Directions to the school from Bluff Park. Take Alford Avenue and Turn right just past the BP before I-65 onto Sumpter Street. Go to the stop sign and turn right onto Blue Ridge Blvd. The playground and parking area is around the curve on the left. If coming from I-65 take the Alford Avenue Exit to the west side of I-65 and turn in front of the BP onto Sumpter Street.

We will meet at the playground behind the school at 8:00 A.M. to begin our first work day. Lunch will be at 12:00 and we will work until 4:00. I will be providing doughnuts for breakfast and pizza for lunch. I will provide water and soft drinks also. We should be able to complete most of the project in one day if we have a good turnout.

I will be calling scouts and leaders to see who will be coming. I will need at least two leaders (Mr. Hardy and Mr. Eggers, I hope) to bring Skil saws to cut the lumber. We will need 6 to 8 battery powered screw drivers to put the benches together with. We will need a couple sets of post hole diggers also. I suggest that everyone bring work gloves and safety glasses if you have them. We will have water but it would not hurt to bring your own water bottle also.

List of needed materials:

· Power drill with 1/2" drill bit

· 6 to 8 battery powered screwdrivers

· 2 skilsaws

· 4 posthole diggers (minimum)

· Extension cords

· flathead shovels

· saw horses

· gloves

· safety goggles

Please let me know if you can provide any of the items on the list above and if you plan to attend. Saturday morning April 2nd is the most important time. If you can only come for a little while, Saturday morning would be the best time. Send me an email or give me a call to let me know if you plan to there.

My estimate for building the outdoor classroom is $450. I will appreciate monetary donations of any amount. Since it is an Eagle Scout project for the City of Hoover, if I can raise 80% of the money, the City will contribute the rest. Lowe’s will also give me a 10% discount since it is an Eagle project.

Thank you and I will be calling to follow up.

N Madison

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Upcoming events

March 18 Leaders and Scouts going on the Georgia trip meet at the Hut at 6:30 PM for packing and loading Troop gear. Uniform not required.

March 19 Scouts and Leader going on the GA trip meet at the Hut at 8:00 AM to load bus. Uniform Tan shirt with complete uniform.

March 21 Anticipated return to Hut between Noon and 1:00 PM

March 22 Scouts meet at Hut at 7:00 to load bus to travel to the WEBELOS crossover at the BPUMC, Uniform is Class A tan shirt, Merit badge sash, and Troop Neckerchief with remainder of uniform...need a good turn out by Scouts to continue recruitment...should last about an hour..return to Hut for announcements and dismissal.

March 23 Troop and Patrol Quartermasters report to Hut at 6:30 PM to take down and secure gear for weekend campout in GA. Committee Meeting begins at 8:00 PM. Uniforms not required.

March 25, Thursday..New Scouts and Parents meet at Hut at 6:30 PM for first Troop orientation.

March 27 New Scout Campout..All new Scouts and attending parents meet at hut at 8:00 AM for Saturday's activities and camp out at Oak Mountain State Park. Return before noon on March 28th

March 29 Regular Troop meeting (7:00 pm until 8:30 pm) New Scouts report at 6:30 t Hut to take down, pack, and store equipment from last weekend. Uniform Class B or C: Tan shirt not requiried,

April 5 Troop Elections. Order of the Arrow Elections. Will require a minimum 50% of Troop to be present in order to have OA elections. Uniform Class B or C. tan shirt not required

April 12..Regular meeting Uniform: Class B or C Tan Shirt not required.

April 19th Regular meeting: Preparation for Savage Gulf Back Packing Trip

April 22 all Scouts and leaders report to pack and load backpacking gear

April 26th equipment take down and gear Storage..Troop PLC and Committee meeting.

May 3 Troop Court of Honor at the Reid Crotty Fellowship Hall, Bluff Park United Methodist Church with installation of Scout Leadership, rank advancement, merit badge awards, and adult leader recognition.

May 10 preparation for Rappelling/Rock Climbing trip on weekend of May 14-16.

Thanks for all your support.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Troop News

Since only two Venture Crew members were present at yesterday's meeting, I am assuming only two Venture Crew members, and no Dads are going on the Trip to Ft. Benning...if you or your son (Venture) plan on going and weren't there, call Sam Hardy so he can buy enough for your meals..otherwise you will be on your own. Please get this word out to your Scout. This also applies to the other patrols in assuring whoever is buying the food for the weekend knows that he is coming even though he wasn't present last night.

A reminder that we will need a heavy attendance on April 5 for Troop and the Order of the Arrow (OA) elections. We need a minimum of 50% of the boys present to have the OA election (about 25 Scouts). So please make sure he attends.

In order to be nominated for the OA, the Scout has to be recommended by the Scoutmaster for Scouting spirit, which includes good attendance. He has had to attended summer camp last year (09) and have a total of 16 nights and days of camping (includes a required summer camp). He also has to be a First Class if he has completed his ten required Scouting activities with the Troop, including summer camp, and he has the remainder of his other First Class requirments, he should be asking for a Scoutmaster Conference, followed by a Board of Review in order to get his First Class rank so he can be nominated.

This all has to happen before the election on April 5.

Attendance...Attendance by the two Venture Crews has fallen off more than ever. Unless he has a required academic/sports/band or formal required activity approved by the parents...he should be there with us on Monday nights and other designated time in complete uniform assisting the younger Scouts and participating in the program.

Thanks for all your support, especially in encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Monday, March 08, 2010

Trip to GA

Currently we have about 20-25 going on the trip to Georgia. We would like more as it decreases the cost for all. At this time the fee per person is $ others join us, the cost will be pro-rated or reduced. The Troop is absorbing part of the fee to keep it down at this time.

At the meeting tonight, March 8, we will also talk to the trip and plan all those going need to be present. We will clean and replenish gear as required, and make fire starters since we are out at this time. Thg uniform is Class "C" or any type of Scout T shirt with the rest of the uniform.

There is no meeting on the 15th due to the Spring Break.

The plan now is to be at the Hut on the 18th of March (Thursday), for those going on the Trip, at 6:30 PM to prepare equipment and load the Frank Tank.

Arrive at the Hut at 8:00 AM on the 19th for traveling to Andersonville, GA, National Prisoner of War Museum. Have lunch on the road, with cost provided by each person. After visiting the Museum, set up at private property for the night east of Columbus. The uniform for the entire trip is Class A ( tan shirt with the rest of the uniform-neckerchief or sash is not required). He should be prepared for any weather.

For those Dads who cannot leave early on this Trip... Mr. Doug Hardy will be coming over late and you can ride with him...please make sure you contact him in advance.

We will have amp breakfast on Saturday morning...depart for the FT. Benning National Infantry Museum and Rifle Simulator Museum ...Lunch at the cafeteria is not cost as it is part of trip fee. Travel to the Thunder in the Sky Air show in Columbus after visiting Airborne and Ranger facilities at Ft Benning. Head back to camp for supper after the Air Show. All the individual fees for camping and other activities are covered by the trip fee (except for lunch on the way to GA and lunch or a snack on the way back.

We will be taking the bus, the Frank Tank, and a follow-on vehicle (if available) ..please let me know if you can drive.

Depart Sunday morning for Birmingham..Lunch at fast food if the Scouts want it and proivided for by the individual. We expect to be back in Birmingham around Noonish.

The Troop Family Plan (this is new owing to the increasing number of brothers in our families): if your family has more than one Scout, the fee for both is the same as everyone else....but if a parent accompanies the Scouts, for a total of three, the family need only pay for two persons. If both parents attend with two scouts, the cost will be for three. This break only applies to our monthly trips, not high adventure. Summer camp fees for leaders are paid for by the Troop. The family plan and troop scholarships are successful only because everyone takes advantage of selling popcorn (the Scout keeps all the profit), Troop Christmas wreaths, and participates in Troop Tree sales to assure a strong Troop budget in tough economic times.

Thanks for encouraging his attendance and for all your support.

" Time passes quickly, and before you know it, its gone.....did he take the opportunity...?"

YiS Dan s.

"Delivering the Promise"

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Troop News

We had an excellent Presentation Monday night (Mar 1), thanks to Dr. Berry inviting a representative from the Children's Hospital who spoke to Teenage Driving and impact injuries among youth.

Thanks to Mr. Branin and Mr. Smith the Frank Tank has had it annual maintenance/inspection/repairs.

This coming Monday's (March 8) meeting will be a Quartermaster night for the entire Troop to re-organize and clean/re-fit our chuck boxes and camping gear/equipment as well as to build up a stock pile of wax fire starters. All Scouts are expected to attend to help out. We will also add details for the Ft. Benning, GA trip.

There will be no meeting on March 15 due to Spring Break. There will be a Quartermaster night on Thursday, March 18th for all those going to Ft Benning in order to pack and load our gear for the trip.

Uniform for the March 8 meeting will be the Class "B" Troop T shirt or Class "C" any Scout T shirt. Don't forget that the Monday after Daylight Savings time (March 14..Clocks moved forward) the uniform will be Class A or C and not the tan shirt.

There will be a Northern Tier Crew meeting this Sunday at 4:00 PM in the Family Room (in front of the gymnasium) of the BPUMC. It will last less than an hour and will talk to the trip this summer to the Canadian wilderness for those signed up to go (June 29-July 11).

Congratulations to D Lepianka, Z Morrow, M Gunn, E Kidd, and S Hardy for completing the Troop annual Junior Leader Training Course, Saturday, March 27. Thanks to S Hardy and P Kidd for serving as the instructors and to Mr Branin and Mr. Lepianka for being present. New Scout J Luker also attended the class.

D Peterson will be working on his Eagle Project in front of the Hut, in the playground this Saturday for all those who can attend. He will start at 8:00 AM and work through the afternoon. Lunch will be provided as usual.

Will meet anyone/leader going to the University of Scouting at UAH this Saturday.

As announced at Monday's meeting..The Fort Benning Trip set for the March 19-21 is still on....we have added Andersonville Prisoner of War National Museum to the itinerary. Thanks to Mrs. Kidd planning and coordination the schedule will be close to the following:

Leave Friday (march 19) at 8:00 AM with bring your own lunch or buy fast food for lunch. We will go into Andersonville that morning afternoon then arrive at our camp site and set up for the night and prepare meals.

On Saturday, we will head out to Fort Benning for the US Army National Infantry museum and simulated rifle firing (Scouts will fire this course)museum (Ranger School, Airborne Towers if time) then on the the "Thunder in the Sky" air show at Columbus for the afternoon. Back to camp..then return Sunday morning. Still computing the cost for the entire package. To date we have about 20-25 in the group...if you or and the Scout are going, and haven't replied......I need to know Thursday (March 4).

March 22 will be the WEBELOS cross over at the Blue and Gold Banquet at the BPUMC in the Reid Crotty Fellowship Hall where we usually have our Courts of Honor. All the Scouts will meet at the Hut at 7:00 PM to be transported in the bus to the Cross Over at the Church as we usually do. We will transport the Scouts back to the Hut after the Crossover for final announcements on the bus and for parent pick ups. Uniform for the night should be Class A Plus (merit badge sash and neckerchief) for the crossover.

There will be no PLC (Patrol Leaders Conference) or Committee Meeting on March 22...the PLC and Troop Committee Meeting will instead meet on the 23rd with quartermasters to take down our gear from FT Benning then have the meetings.

There will be a new Scout orientation at the Hut at 6:30 PM on March 25.

Finally, there will be a new Scout campout on the 27th and 28th. We will be recruiting older Scouts to help our with this campout.

March 29 will be a regular meeting. gear from the new Scout campout will be taken down and stored before the meeting by Troop Quartemasters.


Exciting and busy times for March.

Thanks for all your support and encouraging attendance by the Scouts.

YiS Dan s,

"Delivering the Promise"