Monday, April 15, 2013

Troop News

We had better than average attendance at the equipment take down, PLC, and Troop Committee meeting:

20 April  Saturday JLT (Junior Leader Training) at the Hut starting at 8:00 AM

22 April  Monday
   regular meeting Mr. Clark and J Clark's presentation on their mission to Zambia Meal planning and final briefing/head count for biking Trip

26-28 April Friday-Sunday
   Order of the Arrow members travel/return to Covington, Ga for OA
                                         Region 9  Conclave

28 April   Sunday
   Meet at the hut in work clothes at 1:00 PM for about two hours of work/service
   in re-stacking and splitting logs on the Troop wood lot.

29 April   Monday
    Troop Court of Honor at 6:30 PM at the Reid Crotty Fellowship Hall at the BPUMC
    Host Patrol is the Eagles and should arrive at 6:00 PM to assist with the set up
    As usual, this is a pot luck family affair to recognize the Scout's rank
    and advancement achievements...

    Venture:   entre plus a bread dish
    Phoenix   entre plus salad or desert dish
    Eagles     entre plus vegetable plate/dish
    Crocs       entre plus salad or desert
    Sea Serpents  entre plus bread or vegetable dish

May 2 Thursday
    Quarter masters load Troop camping gear/all persons bring bicycles for
    pre-trip inspection/road worthiness. (if you have flat trailer please call/reply if you
    can haul it for carrying bicycles to Anniston)

May 5  Friday
    Meet at Hut at 5:00 PM to depart for bicycle trip on Chief Latiga trail.  This is a
    asphalted from a  former railroad track with about a 2% or less grade.  We will camp
    at recreation area located at
    3180 County Road 94, Borden Springs, Alabama 36272.

    The trek will be taken in two or more groups based on age and fitness.
    We will  stop at McDonalds for lunch/breakfast on the way back to Birmingham on
    Sunday, arriving between Noon and 1:00 PM.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Troop News, New Officers, Zipline trip

We had excellent attendance tonight at the meeting with all the Troop and Patrol leadership elected or volunteered for positions..Congratulations to J Elmore for stepping up and securing the votes as Senior beginning at the April 20 Troop Court of Honor...Z Morrow and H Elmore will serve as ASPLs.   All other positions will be listed with the Court of Honor agenda in the immediate future...make sure you make a copy for your son.

Thanks to Don Russell (Troop 93 and District Committee) and Eagle Scout and JASM S Hardy,  we also had our Order of the Arrow elections.  The parents of those voted by the Troop will be notified prior to summer camp when the Tap Out will occur.

There are 63 Scouts and leaders signed up for the Butter and Eggs trip this coming weekend. Mr. Young will haul the Troop trailer.  We will take the Frank Tank and bus and will welcome personally owned cars to assist in transporting the Scouts and leaders..The Troop will reimburse owners who assist with car poolin.  Personal tents are welcomed due to the large number of leaders and Scouts attending.

This Thursday, (April 11) will be a quartermaster night to load and pack gear for about an hour starting at 6:30 PM.  Please encourage attendance. Uniform not required.

The new patrol, the Sea Serpents, displayed their completed flag tonight, and each signed the most colorful one in recent memory.   Designed patrol shoulder patches are being ordered.

The cost for the trip is $78.00 if the Scout or leader will participate in all COPE activities and the Zip Lines...the fee is only $30 for meals and fuel if the leader/Scout chooses not to actively participate in all the activities.  We will meet at the Hut at 5:00 PM in the Class B uniform (red Troop T shirt with Scout trousers and socks. We should return on Sunday between 1:00 and 2:00 PM after a stop at McDonalds.

The Troop JLT (Junior Leader Training)  will be given on Saturday April the Hut from 8:00 AM until noon,,,,if your son hasn't attended, he needs to in order to serve as the Senior Patrol Leader, attend NYLT, and be aware of basic leadership techniques.  the Sea Serpents will attend the Course in 2014. Instructors will be JASM S Hardy and Eagle Scout/ASM C Hutchens.

Miscellaneous:   BSA guidelines approves the use hammocks but only if they are equipped with an eco-strap ( one inch or larger)  to prevent de-barking the trees.  They are not permitted in summer camp due to overuse by Troops the entire summer.   Cots with metal legs are not permitted for use in Troop tents as they tend to puncture the ground floor  in the tent.  Large-over inflated  air mattresses are discouraged if the size infringes on a tent partners space.  Electronic games/devices, once in the camp site are still discouraged by the Scout in distracting from the outdoor purpose of the trip.  Personal phones should only be used to call parents on our arrival time from the bus enroute to the hut.

Encouraging attendance is important as the time spent w/the Troop and it's activities meets the requirements for earning his rank and advancement....the Eagle is not earned by correspondence courses or from sporadic attendance....attendance is earned through attending as many Eagle Courts of Honor, Troop Courts of  Honor, Eagle Projects, Order of the Arrow activities, Camping weekends, summer camp, Monday meetings, Troop service projects, PLCs, and all other Troop activities throughout the year as possible with consideration of all else that is important to schedule during his busy weeks ahead. "Fun with a purpose" with emphasis on learning critical skills, leadership and teamsmanship  are several  of the many goals of the Program,  while all along preparing him for his role as a better son, brother,  father, neighbor, employee, and citizen  for the years ahead.

Finally,  Make sure he is marking all his camping activities and service activities on pages 444-447 in his Scout Handbook..he will need this information for all his Scoutmaster Conferences, Troop Boards of Review, and his Eagle Board. This is a requirement for advancement as he earns his rank over the next few years.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s                                      "Delivering the Promise"

Troop News

The trip this weekend to Oak Mountain State Park, thanks to the parents/leaders and Scouts who assisted, went well under the best of weather conditions..the attending new Scouts earned their Tote and Chip, created their patrol flag and patrol name (Sea Serpents) and met all the pre-camp requirments for summer camp. There was a total of about 32 present...The Brunswick Stew served at dinner from dutch ovens was planned with the boys by Mr. Griffith composed of three different meats. several vegetables, and accompanying biscuits....the evening was topped of with the standard "Thorns and Roses," and flag retirements.  We returned to the Hut at 9:00 AM after a service with Mr. Hanke and the usual cleanup of the campsite and awarding of camp fire ashes to the new Scouts and leaders.

 The outdoor Shelby County Merit Badge Day,  also taking place during he weekend, coordinated by Mrs. Kidd,  was also attended by 18 Scouts and leaders from the Troop. Not finally,  two of the crews in the Troop made crew hikes this weekend in anticipation of the summer's Philmont Trek.

All of the new Scouts who attended the camp this weekend should be at the hut Monday night (April 8) at 6:30 PM to assist in taking down and storing equipment used on the New Scout Trip.

The  meeting on  Monday April 8 is important for attendance by all Scouts as we will be having Troop and Order of the Arrow Elections as well as a final count and meal planning for the Zip lining Trip on 12-14 June.    If your son will be attending the Butter and Eggs trip, but will not be at the Monday meeting, he is responsible for assuring his patrol leader knows he, or his parent,  will or will not be on the trip in order to get our numbers correct for the staff and for meal preparation while there.  

Is is important to assure
 the Scout is present as we must have 50% of the total Troop  present in order to have the Order of the Arrow elections.   Scouts should also attend the meeting to pick up their coming six month positions of responsibility(POR) for advancement and assisting the Troop in a leadership role.

AgainAs a reminder, the Troop will conduct a JLT (Junior Leader Training Course) on April 20th at the Hut from 0800 AM until noon.  The course is required to attend the National Youth Leadership Training program (NYLT) and in order for the scout to run for the senior Patrol leader (SPL)  position in the Troop....Scorpions Eagles Crocs and all the Phoenix and Venture  Scouts who have not attended should  plan and are encouraged to attend...uniform is the Class B  It will be taught by the SPL (Senior Patrol Leader)  and JASMs (Junior Assistant Scoutmaster). The Sea Serpents  (WEBELO Crossovers and new Scouts)  are invited  to  attend the Course next year at the same time along with older Scouts who do not attend this year.

YiS dan s                               "Delivering the Promise"