Monday, June 21, 2010

Troop News

We had a fair turn out of Scouts over 14, for J Hamilton's Eagle Project, but he was able to complete it before the end of the day. Thanks to the Dads and Scouts who supported him by making it possible. Great Eagle Project.

There is a regular meeting at the Hut tomorrow with a special guest speaker; the Scout Masters' Minute will be given by Mr. Morris.

One our Eagles is currently serving in Afghanistan. Letters/cards of support would be neat and encouraging for him from the Troop:

Christopher Strunk
Attention J-1
APO AE 09356

Thanks for all your support and encouraging Scout attendance.

YiS Dan S
"Delivering the Promise"

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Upcoming events

We had a well attended PLC and good numbers for those who could make the Committee Meeting.

The boys mentioned that the Troop took third place in camp shooting during summer camp thanks to S Hardy, B Yarbrough, J Ng, C Nelms, and A Turner. Those who swam the mile swim will be given their certificate and a patch at the August 2 Court of Honor along with the 135 merit badges and rank that was earned...Scout..Tenderfoot..Second Class..First Class...Star..and Life. The 31 partial completions need to work on those quickly and turn them into Mr. Frost in order to get credit for the time and work at Summer Camp this year.

We have reserved the same camp site for next year for the first week at Sequoyah (June 12-18, 2011..this is the date typed on the official registration form as being the first week).

Mr. Harbin announced that B Preston was approved for his Eagle and that J Ng and J Hamilton had their Eagle Projects approved.

The Troop's Commissioner's Camp Spirit Award is hung in the Hut with the one's preceding it.

The Frank Tank is currently being diagnosed for its continued overheating.

There will be an hour or so meeting of the Troop OA Ceremonial Team at 6:00 PM at Oakmont Presbyterian Church to continue preparing and practicing for the August ordeal (August 13-14-15) at Camp Sequoyah. This includes old and new members from the Troop.

June 21st will be a regular meeting with a well known guest speaker who will touch on various careers and the importance of the Eagle rank. Mr. Eggers will be talking to the his offering the renewed and classic for 2010 Carpentry Merit badge, which he will teach on a single day at his home.

June 28th will be a regular meeting with Dr. Hamilton presenting the "Dr. Hamilton Chemistry Show" and touching on the requirements for the merit badge.

June 24 6pm will be a mandatory meeting for the Northern Tier Contingent for a final equipment shake down (all crew member must bring all their gear they will be taking on the trip). If you didn't order a mosquito head net as earlier mentioned, they can be bought at Dick's or Academy Sports.

June 29: Northern Tier group contingent departs for Canada and the Bisset Canoe Base returning on July 11.

July 12 will be a regular meeting...Quartermaster night with emphasis our camping gear.

July 19th will be a regular meeting with a briefing for White Water Rafting the Nantahalla and Ocoee Rivers.

July 23-25 White Water Rafting at the Nantahalla and Ocoee Rivers. Costs to be announced.

July 26th PLC and Troop Committee Meeting.

Dr. Hamilton announced that he will be stepping down from his position as Troop Committee Chairman with Mr. Hardy serving as chairman of the Troop Selection Committee for the position...want some excitement, leadership opportunities, high adventure, and fun? ..extra pay and additional holidays are Mr. Hardy.

Phoenix Patrol...Scouting is a year round activity with meetings and trips scheduled for each month of the year, except December when we sell our Christmas trees. Please encourage attendance.

Well..we've had an exciting, fast moving year so far with the hard work of everyone who has been there with us. Thanks to the leadership of Patrick Kidd and Josh Ng we are heading quickly toward even more fun and adventure as the year passes. Please encourage attendance and thanks for all the support you give us to make all of our activities possible for he Scouts.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Monday, June 14, 2010

Troop News

Camp this year was one of our best by far in numbers, spirit, and attending leaders. We had a total of 33 Scouts and 9 leaders....Want to thank Mr. Lepianka, LTC Kidd, Mr. Turner, Mr. Gunn, Mr. Elmore, Mr. Crabtree, Mr. Cole, Mr. Simon, and Mr. Bolding for assuring we got through the week especially in meeting most of the rank and merit badge requirements for the Phoenix patrol,

The Troop was highly spirited in all our activities , especially during meals in the dining hall earning the the Camp Spirit Award. All the Scouts earned the merit badges they signed up for less some partials due to having to take the time a home to do it. All of our Scouts did well this year in participating in the Water Carnival in all events.

Congratulations to Mr. Turner, Mr. Gunn, D Yarbrough, J Elmore, N Bolding, Z Gandy, and E Kidd for being tapped into the Order of the Arrow at camp.

Mr. Harbin also announced that Brandon Preston was recently awarded his Eagle and that J Ng and J Hamilton's Eagle projects were approved by their Eagle Committees.

We had a problem with the Frank Tank overheating on the way up, had what we thought was the problem repaired in Oxford, but still had problems on the way home with what appears to be continued overheating.Thanks to Mr. Cole and Mr. Bolding, we drove it into the Hut area until Monday.

The Troop Senior Patrol Leader, Assitant Senior Patrol Leader, patrol leaders and patrol and Troop quartermasters need to be there at 6:30 PM Monday to unload the Tank. The PLC will begin at about 7:00 pm followed by the Troop Committee meeting at 8:00 PM.

If not already posted, Mr. Simon will put all the summer camp pictures on the Troop Web Site shortly.

Please encourage attendance at the PLC this Monday night, and if you are not on the Committee, come and join us.

Thanks for all your support and encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan S "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Quartermaster night Thur 6:30pm, Sunday 11:30am depart for Summer Camp

Thanks to the families and Scouts who attended, and despite the weather, we had one of our best Memorial Day ceremonial activities turn outs ever at the Alabama Veteran's Memorial today starting at 3:00 PM.....K Berry, E and P Kidd, N and J Ng and their families were present and served as readers and guides.

Joe Berry started the National Youth Leadership Training Course (NYLTC) today at Camp Westmoreland for the remainder of the week.

Remember, there is no meeting at the Hut this Monday, May 31st owing to the Memorial Day Holiday.

Thursday night, June 3, Quartermasters and patrol Leaders meet at 6:30 at the Hut to load Troop gear for summer camp. Uniform not required.

Personal gear for camp should be brought on the departure day, 11:30 AM, June 6.

YiS Dan S "Delivering the Promise"