Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bluff Park Art Show this Saturday

We had an better than average meeting tonight for the elections and the Art Show schedule, but we were off on our regular numbers.

We are going to need a good showing starting especially from Noon to about 4:30PM on this coming Saturday at the Hut for the Bluff Park Art Show. .leaders as well as Scouts to make sure we have enough to get the job done. Unless he just can't be there, he needs to be there to help out in the Class A uniform (tan shirt, scout belt, scout shorts, scout socks). We will be selling ice cream/ water/coffee and helping with the trash and litter.
This is our annual service project and the higher our numbers, the easier the job. Parking will be limited to staff only at the Hut area..You can drop him off if they will let you by, or take the bus from the parking lots as advertised for bus transportation

Mr. Gunn and Mrs Kidd are transporting to the OA Fellowship..If you son needs a ride, he needs to call Mrs. Kidd. We will have transportation home also.

Thanks for all your support, especially for encouraging him for this Saturday with the Troop.

Want to Welcome N Smith and his family in joining the Troop tonight..as well as to welcome three other guests who visited with us in anticipation of joining.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Troop News

We had a minimum of about thirty Scouts and leaders at the Scout Expo today at the Brookwood Mall. The Boys set up the monkey bridge, had hot dogs, chips, and cobbler for lunch...Those who attended need to pick up the Pioneering merit badge book and complete the badge since the major requirements were met today with the bridge building. Thanks to all the leaders who were present to make the trip as successful as it was.

There is a good chance we will be on the local 10:00 Channel CBS Channel 42 news tonight showing the bridge, our green, charcoal cooking fire place, and maybe some other activities. Thanks for encouraging attendance an making the Expo a success for us.

We will unload the Frank Tank at the meeting on the 27th. We need strong attendance on the 27th as the Scouts will be electing Troop leadership for the next six months. We will also be completing the Bluff Park Art Show Schedule to cover the day, Saturday October 3, in the Park adjoining the Hut,,We will begin at 6:30 AM with the set up and assist with our service, selling ice cream, water, and coffee until 4:30 - 5:00 PM. This is an annual Troop commitment in the Class A uniform for Scouts and Leaders alike...please encourage attendance as yours and his schedules permit. All the service requirements will be explained by the Senior Monday night.

We forgot to list Leaders having the Scoutmaster's Minute for meetings the last week of September and all of October..they are..If you can't make it please call the Senior and find a replacement leader in your place: remember this is just a one minute reflection for the Scouts at the end of the meeting before the Benediction.

Sept 27th Mr. Hardy
October 4th Mr. Eggers
October 11th Mr. Berry
October 18th Mr. Camp

The Eagle Court of Honor on October 17th is in the old Sanctuary of the Bluff Park UMC. The time is 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM including the reception. Four Scouts will receive their Eagle rank: D Peterson, J Hamilton, B Preston, and Z Harbin...each just about used 99/100ths of the seven year journey..if your son is a first year Scout, or hasn't attended an Eagle Court, he needs to have a look at the ceremony in anticipation of his own. The Troop has produced more than 170 Eagles over the past 92 years with the majority since it has been Chartered here in Bluff Park since 1945. Uniform for the Scouts is the Class A, with Troop neckerchief, and merit badge sash.

Thanks again for your support and encouraging attendance..

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Troop News

The Patrol Leaders Conference was well attended last night with the following information and planned schedule:

Congratulations again to Mr. Elmore, Crabtree, and Bennett for attending the Outdoor Leadership Program over the weekend. The course and it's companion will be offered again in the Spring. As many leaders who have not attended in the past should plan to attend in Spring '11 to give the boys the depth and training they deserve. Everyone should also consider the Wood Badge Courses being offered by the Council for even more fellowship and training.

23 September: Scout Exhibition Prep: Those who will help set up the Troop Monkey Bridge on the 25th at Brookwood Mall for the Vulcan District Scout Exhibition would be at the Hut at 6:30 to 7:30 Thursday for an hour to gather our gear and load the Frank Tank. We will take the bridge, a tent, a tarp, and a chuck box. We are thinking about a charcoal fire, with a dutch oven meal/kool aid drink for the spectators.

25 September: Meet at the Hut at 8:45 AM to leave on the bus for the Scout Exhibition at Brookwood Mall. Will be returning at around 4:00 PM or sooner. He needs to bring lunch money, chair to sit in, water bottle, and work gloves (to set up bridge). Uniform is class A, but we will do the set up in the Red Troop T Shirt, then host with the Class A on. Will Bring our own water for drinking Families are welcome to visit to take a look at all the exhibits put up by all the other Troops.

27 September: Regular meeting. We will be having Troop Elections for the next six months and setting the Schedule for the Art Show coming up on October 2. This is a required meeting as we need to vote in Scout Leadership positions and assure we have the Scouts scheduled for Saturday's Art show. This is an annual event for the Troop and all scouts are expected to be there all or part of the day. We will start at 6:30 AM with the set up and take down at 4:30 - 5:00 PM. We will need uniformed leaders also to assist with the set up and to assist the Scouts as required.

October 2: Bluff Park Art Show in the area in front of the Hut. Uniform is Class A. We will serve as the service Troop for the Art Show by having a presence in the community center building, assisting staff as required, and picking litter and trash. We will also be selling Ice cream, cold water, and hot coffee. If a leader or the Scout can't be there in the morning, he is expected to help out during the afternoon.

October 1-3 Order of the Arrow Fall Fellowship. Mrs. Kidd will be driving up to the weekend at Camp Comer with her Eric and Patrick...I will be driving up in the afternoon on Saturday for any leaders or Scouts who wish to go. This is an annual, fun, fellowship event for members and the only reason not to have to be at the Art Show with us.

October 4 Regular Meeting with a special guest speaker, Andrea Ambercrombie, for personally surviving with wilderness first aid when help is delayed.

October 11 Mountain Biking program Mr. Camp and Mr. Berry in preparation for the Oak Mtn ride on 22-24 October.

October 17 (Sunday) Eagle Court of Honor at the Bluff Park United Methodist Church, in the Old Sanctuary for D Peterson, B Preston, Z Harbin, and J Hamilton. We will begin at 1:00 PM and end at 3:00 PM. Uniform is Class A Plus (Troop neckerchief and merit badge sash).

October 18: Regular meeting with film on edibles in the Alabama forest/wilderness and preparation for the Wilderness Survival Merit badge during 22-24 October

October 22-24 Mountain Biking/Wilderness Survival Campout at Oak Mountain State Park. Leave at regular time on Friday (5:00 PM) and return before Noon on Sunday. The plan is for all the Scouts who do not have the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge to earn it Saturday, and for the Scouts who have earned it, to either soak up the information again or ride the Oak Mountain mountain bike trail with Mr. Camp and Mr. Berry. We will need a hauler to carry the bikes. Dr. Nelson and Mr. Bill Benefield will the survival course instructors.

October 25 Troop Court of Honor, Bluff Park United Methodist Church, Reid Crotty Fellowship Hall..Host Patrol is Venture II. Host patrol arrives at 6:00 PM to assist with set up...Court begins at 6:30 PM. Pot luck dinners for all families as usual. We are normally finished by 8:30 PM

Fox Patrol: Entre and salad or bread
Sharks: Entre and salad or vegetable dish
Phoenix: Entre and vegetable or bread
Venture i and II Entre and desert dish

November 1 PLC and Committee meeting. Take down and Storage of Wilderness Survival weekend.

The Month of November will also be a busy month....We will have our regular meetings as well as the following activities:

Shiloh 12-14 November..

Order of the Arrow Ordeal at Camp Jackson 12-14 November

Pick up Scaffolding for Tree Lot on the Nov 19th (Mr. Madison/Mr. Strunk)

Trees Arrive for unloading on the Nov 20th ( Troop turnout)

Tree sales begin on the 26th once we set up the Lot at the same location at the Buff Park United Methodist Church, starting at 8:00 AM..First shift starts at Noon. Sales make up the greatest portion of the Troop's operating budget.

The Tree Schedule is being drawn up at this time by Mr. Simon and will be published shortly. A scout and a parent will be scheduled with three or four other families on each day through about the 18th or 19th of December.

Don't forget Pop Corn Sales and wreath sales.....there is more information from Mr. Eggers on pop corn sales, and the brochures and tracking sheets are available at the Hut. As earlier noted, the prices of each piece on the brochures are listed on the Troop web site. Remember..all the profit he makes for selling pop corn is his for Scouting and all the profit we yield from wreaths assures a strong operating budget for 2011 for the troop.

Whew!.....a lot of activity before we get started for next year.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

Leaders..you can make a difference for the Troop by attending our Committee Meetings each Monday for an hour or so after each trip, or by becoming more active through attending some trips, and other activities as the arise Your assistance and comments often make a big difference in our plans for assuring the right direction for the Troop. The strength and power of diversity in our leaders make a big difference in assuring role models for the boys.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Monday, September 20, 2010

Troop News

Shooting Sports Weekend: As noted from the current pictures on the Troop web site, we had a great weekend at Camp Sequoyah...

Thanks to Mr. Simon's photos, it's easy take a look at the activities from the time we left Brimingham until we arrived back at the Hut. Thanks to all the leaders who attended, especially Mr. Bill Bennefield and Neal Ellis for running the rifle range; Mr. Madison and Mr. Smith for running the shotgun range, and Mr. Eggers, Mr. Clark, Mr. Schock, and Mr. Morris at the archery range all the shooting sports activities were maximized. Thanks also to Dr. Nelson and Mr. Benifield for making the rifles and shotguns available for the program. Help with all the activities was also rounded out by Mr. Branin and Mr. Thompson.

The evening patrol meals were excellent including dutch oven roast beef, pork loin, ribs, and New England submarines. The weather held sunny out on both days, to include most of the boys wearing out the camp water slide for more than an hour.

OLS Graduates: Congratulations also to Mr. Elmore, Mr. Bennett, an Mr. Crabtree for completing the Outdoor Leadership Course also held the same weekend a Sequoya.

PLC and Troop Committee Meeting September 20th: Since camp tents were already up when arrived, all we had to set up were the patrol tarps in Bucks Hideout. All we had to hang at the hut were the tarps also so that the patrol and troop quartermasters aren't required for the PLC Monday, September 20. The Senior Patrol Leader, patrol leaders. and assistant patrol leaders will store the tarps that have been hung and then begin the PLC. The PLC will start at 6:30 PM. The Troop Committee Meeting begins at 8:00 PM.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Friday, September 17, 2010

Carpentry, Wreath, Shooting Sports

Carpentry merit badge: The 100th BSA Anniversary Carpentry Merit Badge has never been presented in the Troop as well as it is being presented and offered by Mr. Eggers as regards the basics of wood working. This is an excellent opportunity for your son to become familiarized with a life long skill he just can't come by. If there are still openings, we strongly recommend he take one.

Christmas Wreaths: Thanks to Mr. Simon all you need to know about wreath sales, including prices, are on our Troop web site in the first yellow link background that comes up, including the order form....They are about the same price this year, unless you are mailing them out to relatives, and then that is not much of a change. Dr. Hamilton goes to a great deal of work to assure our success with this and thanks to each of the families the sales gives us the operational freedom we need to be as successful as we are for the boys. As you know, other than Christmas Tree sales, wreaths are the foundation of our annual operating budget.

We are counting on each family to sell six wreaths this year for the Operations budget. Please help out by encouraging the Scout to make some sales or think about using them as gifts to family members. The work place is good potential also.

We had a good turn out for packing gear last night and all the gear is loaded for a great time at Sequoyah. Make sure he wears the proper uniform before he leaves the house (red t shirt, Scout shorts or long pants, belt, and socks)

He can/should bring a bag lunch and we will stop for a hamburger/snacks at Exit 168 on Interstate 20 for a few minutes enroute. We plan to return at around noon on Sunday.

He should bring his swimming trunks in case the Ranger will open up the water ride at camp for us in the later afternoon. We may also have the opportunity for some canoeing. The trunks cannot have metal buttons or decorative devices on them when riding the fiberglass water flume.

YiS..Dan S "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wreath Sales instruction

The Wreath Sales Brochure and Envelop are under the useful link > Upcoming Event Link
Wreath Brochure
Wreath Envelop


1) Get the prices from the PDF files and put them on your envelope and brochure.
2) Emailing the pdf file to a targeted customer (not spamming) may be a good way to make a sale.
3) Extra blue UPS order forms, blank brochures and envelopes will be on the table in front of the scout hut.
4) Collect money up front. If a customer pays by check, make it payable to Troop 21.
5) Turn in orders and money at the Court of Honor.
6) Wreaths will probably come in the Wednesday after Thanksgiving.

Troop News

Our Monday night programs and weekend trips form the core of our program in producing the BSA purpose. Unless he has a reason not to be there, he needs to attend in order to gain the most from the program. Please encourage attendance.

Though short on the Venture Crew, we had a good turn out for the Program Monday night. Thanks to Mr. Crabtree, the scouts learned a great deal about the strengths and weaknesses of owning a small business, preparing one's self for the challenge, and the positives of success in the business place.

Mr. Thompson gave a brief summary of Lord Baden Powell's and the BSA origins with a illustrated presentation about Brown Sea Island, where, not by chance, he grew up next to as a young man, before his next twenty years in the United States.

Mr. Eggers carpentry merit badge has been and continues to be a great success for the boys with may compliments on the work accomplished for the merit badge. Great opportunity for acquired skills for a life time.

Congratulations to Mr. Crabtree, Elmore, Mr. Morrow, and Mr. Bennett for attending the BSA Scoutmaster fundamentals course last year or last weekend and thanks for their attending the companion course Outdoor Leadership Program this coming weekend at Camp Sequoyah. It makes a difference....

SHOOTING SPORTS TRIP The Trip this weekend will be to Camp Sequoyah for using the .22 rifle, the 12 and 20 gauge shotgun, and an opportunity of complete the archery merit badge. The cost is $30.00 per person for material, fuel, and meals for the weekend. Please go to the Troop website and complete the BSA release form to save time and legibility when he arrives to register.

If he is coming on the Trip, he needs to be there at the Hut on Thursday, Sept 16th for an hour to prepare and load camping gear into the Frank Tank.

He needs to be at the Hut on Friday at 5:00 PM and we should return around Noon on Sunday.

ANNUAL SCOUT EXPO If he is going to help with the Troop's rope bridge at the Scout Expo at Brookwood Mall on September 25th, he needs to be at the Hut on Thursday at 6:30 for an hour to load the Frank Tank with the Bridge. Setting up the bridge is part of the pioneering merit badge and important for us to make a good showing at the exhibition we are registered and counted upon to attend. We will leave the Hut at 8:30 AM on Saturday to set the bridge up at the Brookwood Mall and be back by 3:30 PM. Please encourage attendance and plan on visiting to see his/their work.

EQUIPMENT TAKE DOWN, PLC, COMMITTEE MEETING We will have the Troop PLC (7:00 PM)and Committee meeting (8:00PM) on the September 20th starting at the usual time following equipment storage which will start for all who attended the trip starting at 6:30 PM.

TROOP ELECTIONS On the 27th of September we are going to have Troop Elections and prepare for the Bluff Park Art Show (make the Troop Schedule).

BLUGG PARK ART SHOW On the 2nd of October, the Troop participates all day long in servicing the Bluff Park Art Show at the Vicinity of the Hut. Activities start at 6:30 AM and we close down by 5:00 PM. We normally work the entire Troop in shifts all day long. Leaders are also required to help out with the service. You can plan the day around your schedules, but he should plan on attending part or all of the day. More information will be announced after the meeting on the 27th.

Some October events were listed in the last blog and more detail will follow shortly..

TROOP WREATH SALES are now in effect. The material was passed out last night. This is an important budge item for us. Each family is expected to sell six wreaths for the Troop operations budget. We emphasize sales within the families, neighbors, places of business, and mom and dad work places. Sales should not be made in the Scout uniform and payments should be made in advance for collection purposes. Collection times will be announced quickly by Dr. Hamilton...more sales information is at the Hut, to include mailers for out of town customers, all of which your son has a copy of from last night. Please help out with this..it is important for our operations success. The wreaths are usually mailed during the first week of December, so we need to start selling and collecting for them during the next few weeks...

CHRISTMAS TREE SALES are coming up starting with unloading the trees as announced by Dr. Hamilton during November. Tree Sales are the Troop's primary source of budget income and the Scout and a parent is required for sales on the lot on the soon to be posted schedule by Mr. Ng (Mr.Simon). As in the past, when the Schedule comes out, and you cannot be there, it will be your responsibiltity to arrange with another family to be there for you as a swap.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Friday, September 10, 2010

Troop News

Mr. Bob Walker (BPUMC Committee) called me today indicating that they intend to use the tree lot for a large play ground...soon. I asked him when... and he didn't know for sure, but was wondering if I had alternative plans in case it happens soon.

I told him that if we can't use the usual lot near our bus, we would like to use the BPUMC lot behind the Korean Church since it is lighted and will not be greatly disruptive of parking for three weeks with our trees. He said we may be able to use the same lot where we are because he wasn't sure how fast they are moving to finish the new lot. I prefer to stay on campus for safety, minimal theft, and the maintenance of regular, annual customers.

I said if we have to move, we will have to dig in a power pole as we have to light the trailer and the lot as the current lot light in front of the Korean Church won't be enough for what we need and a extention cord from the Korean Church will be insufficient for our needs.

So.......we need to put this on our agenda for September Committee meeting. We need to see if we will still be able to use the old lot (Dout Hardy and Reid Crotty). If we can't use the old lot we need to move quickly for a pole near the Korean Church for the Trailer, lights, and our Troop marquis. Please drive over there and take a look..it may be our new home sooner than expected and we need to have a plan....It's my opinion that the new lot will be better for us as far as higher visibility..and even better sales...we just need to plan on being able to do it.

Finally..there is an updated Troop Roster on the Web Site..take a look at it for phone numbers, emails, addresses, and Scout information. Please reply with any changes.

Remember..a regular meeting at the Hut this Monday. Mandatory if coming on the trip for a head count, meals preparation, and safety briefings by Dr. Nelson and Mr. Eggers.

Thursday, September 16th is Quartemaster night for Troop and patrol quartermasters for the Trip

The Trip is 17-19th with more information on this coming Monday (13)

the 27th will be a guest speaker and Troop Elections for the next six months to include making out the schedule for the Bluff Park Art Show on October 2.

2nd of October is the Troop Annual Service Day for the Bluff Park Art Show..All Scouts except Order of the Arrow Fellowship Weekend at Camp Comer Participants are expected to be present all or most of the Day..more details to follow.Will need Leaders in uniform also to help out all day long also in intervals also.

Saturday the 25th is the Scout Exhibition. Will call on a head count for this at the Monday meeting also to set up our bridge and a special effects camp for recruiting..

In October..October 17th and Eagle Court for Daniel Peterson, Zac Harbin, and Brandon Preston.

Troop Trip for biking and wilderness survival at Oak Mountain October 22-24

October 25th Troop Court of Honor

November 1..take down and store October trip tentage. and PLC/Committee meeting

November 8 Prep for Shiloh

November 4th Quartermasters for Shiloh

Nov 19-21 Troop Christmas Trees unloaded as announced.

November 12-14 Shiloh

November 26th Troop Christmas Tree set up.

Final note...we need some one to step up to serve as the Shiloh coordinator in Mr. Frost's place..we will need leaders to go up Friday morning as our advance party to Shiloh to set up our camp, and we will need adult leaders to assist in meal preparation for Shiloh this year also..includes buying before we go and cooking out meals (supper ) at base camp and (bringing out lunch) the noon meal also.

We will be inviting the WEBELO's II this year who will be doing Trail Number 4 (Compass) and they will total 40 or more in number (including a parent/s).

Great times a comin'....please check your schedule so you can help out for a very busy Fall.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Troop News

Remember there is no meeting this Monday due to the Holiday.

Thanks to Mr. Rick Nelms and Christopher, Mr. Camp and Gage, and Mr. Eggers we were able to better section. load, unload, then begin to split a complete, died of old age, more than 100 year old Oak tree near Mr. Camp's home for Troop campfires on September 3.

The Service and Funeral for Mr. Bob Clements, who recently passed, and as reported as a long time Scouter with the Troop, was attended by several hundred family, friends, and associates. The Service was given by Reverend Reid Crotty, Bluff Park United Methodist Church. The Troop, and the BSA, was equally represented and well spoken of for the years he and the family spent with us.

Don't forget that the meeting 13th starts at 6:30 PM for a field trip with the bus to Dr. Nelms Veterinarian Clinic. Those who attended last meeting and will attend this meeting should be close to completing he merit badge for Veterinary Sciences. We will return between 8:00 and 8:30 PM.

The PLC are working on a email network for the Scouts to read what you just read..but unitl that is complete, give your son a copy of this for his information just in case his patrol leader is not keeping him informed.

There is weekend BSA Vulcan District Outdoor Leader Training Program (OLS) coming up soon as earlier noted. If you haven't attended the SMLT or the OLS and you are active with the Troop, please plan on attending. Two of our recent graduates, Mr. Elmore and Mr. Bennett can give you some details. It makes a difference in your perspective on what we are all about.

Please mark your calendars for our September Shooting Sports Trip to Camp Sequoyah (17-19) and for the Scout Expo on Saturday, September 25th, where will will set up our rope bridge, a tent, a tarp, and a charcoal fire at the Brookwook Mall from 10:00AM to 3:00 PM with the other local troops in the area.

Thanks for your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Carpentry Merit Badge

Boys and Parents,

I will be offering the Carpentry Merit Badge on three separate Sundays in September from 2:00pm-6:00pm. There will be room for 10 boys in each session. If necessary, I can add another day in October to allow everyone an opportunity. We will cover all the requirements and hopefully complete the required project in one afternoon.

The dates are Sept. 5th, 12th and the 26th. If you would like to participate, please email me with your preferred day. The earlier you email me the better chance you have of getting the day you want. Right now there are 6 spots available on the 5th, and 8 for the other two days. As I said earlier, I may have to plan a fourth day.

I will need some adult help. I need a least two other adults for each day, but more are always welcome! Let me know if you can help. If I don't have at least one other adult to meet the two-deep leadership requirement I will have to cancel that day.

The classes will be at my house. Check the troop roster for My Address: Cost of materials is $5.00 per boy.

Click here to see the page on meritbadge.org for the Carpentry Merit Badge. Please read the original pamphlet (pdf) and the New Information sheet (pdf).

Philip Eggers

Pop Corn Sales

POPCORN SALES start this Thursday, September 2nd. Order forms were handed out at last night's scout meeting. If your son was in attendance he should have brought home an order form, information sheet, and online sales flyer.

This is a great opportunity for the scouts to earn money for next year's summer camp and other troop trips. All of the 35% commission goes back to the scout. Also, for every scout that sells $600, the council will pay for half of his summer camp fee!!

Parents, please read the following information. If you have any questions, please email or call me. If your child plans to utilize the online sales option, let me know because online sales are reported differently.

TURN-IN DATE: on or before Monday, November 1st

DELIVERY DATE: November 17th
1) buyers make checks payable to BSA TROOP 21
2) buyers make checks payable to scout's parent, parent pays troop with one check
3) buyers pay cash
4) any combination of the above

All of the 35% commission goes to the seller in the form of a scout account that goes towards next year's summer camp or other scout trip.

1) Every Boy Scout that sells $600 :
-- the GAC will pay for ½ of the scout's 2011 Summer Camp fee
-- the scout will receive two free tickets (one scout,one adult) to the Saturday April 2011 Barber Raceway Indy Car Race
2) Every Boy Scout that sells $1000 :
-- the scout will receive all the $600 incentives, plus
-- the scout will receive 4 passes to Friday night, April 2011 meal with Boy Scout Indy Car Driver, photo of scout sitting in Indy Car, signed photo by driver, and a special limited edition Boy Scout Indy Car shirt

1) Scout with highest sales in Troop 21 will win a Marshmallow Crossbow
2) Scout with 2nd highest sales in Troop 21 will win a Marshmallow Blaster

1) No more tins. Popcorn products come in resealable bags with more product.
2) Products are made with Canola oil and contain 0g trans fats.
3) Trail End Mix has been discontinued.
4) Microwave popcorn comes in box of 18 packs instead of 15; price now $18 instead of $15.
5) Donation Receipts are available to give to those that purchase the Military Donation option.
6) Online sales website is available: scouts.trails-end.com
CONTACT: Elaine Eggers