Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Troop News

There are a lot of activities going on during the next several weeks this summer....

The Troop's Philmont crew heading out to Philmont this weekend with Troop 254 will leave Friday on 264's bus..they will return the weekend of the 17th.

Short Notice: This Thursday at 4:00 PM we need several Scouts to assist with a Flag retirement ceremony at Pleasant Grove at City Hall for about 15 Flags found in the Debris..I can carry three Scouts and we will meet at the Hut at 2:45 PM..Short notice but I think we can do it. I will ask Mr. Jones from Troop 96 to help out also. Class A Plus uniform. Please reply if your son cans assist.

There is no meeting on July 4 owing to the Holiday. Happy Fourth!

There will be a District Round Table at the usual place on July 7 starting at 6:30 PM

July 11th Regular meeting....will meet at the Hut at 6:45PM for a bus trip to a special visit to a big Game Hunter known in throughout the community and by our own Scouts...talking and illustrating his world travels.

Evening of July 14th..Thanks to Mr. Cox the Troop has some time and space to go Rock Climbing at First Avenue (First Avenue Rock). We haven't been there before and we need to make a reservation for numbers.....will have more details but will leave on the bus if we have enough who want to go. A note has been but out by Mr. Cox and we need replies as soon as possible.

Mason Phillips will be working on his Eagle Project July 16th, as noted in a message he recently sent out to the Troop.

July 17 several of the Scouts earned the rifle and shotgun merit badge at summer camp and just lack cleaning the rifle...we will work on that for those who can be at the Hut to clean a rifle with Dr. Nelson on July 17th starting at 1:30PM .

Regular meeting on July 18th for water skiing and canoe basics prior to the Canoe Trip on 22-24 July at Lake Logan Martin. Thanks to using the Kidd's property again and for Mrs. Kidd coordinating 6 speed boats and our canoes..it has the making of full weekend on the water for water skiing and the canoeing merit badge.

Thursday July 21st is quartermaster preparation and packing to leave.

July 22-24 Water sports weekend

July 25th PLC and Committee Meeting

August 1: Troop Court of Honor for Summer camp merit badges and rank advancement at the Bluff Park United Methodist Church 6:30 PM Host Patrol is Venture I and II (arrive at 6:00 for set up)

Venture 1 and 11 entree plus vegetable
Sharks entree plus desert
Phoenix entree plus salad
Eagles entree plus desert or bread or salad
Crocs entree plus bread or salad

August 13 Rifle Merit and Shot gun Merit badge at the Steele City Shooting Club....right now, if enough we will pick up from the hut, drive over in the morning and return in the early afternoon....Thanks to Mr. Danny Coker the fee is minimal, as announced earlier, and leader coaching will be on hand to move along quickly...need a reply if the Scout is interested.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Troop News

We had a good turnout for the PLC and Committee meeting. If you are not a Committee Member, you are always invited to join us on our meetings the Monday night after the campout to add to our numbers, versatility, and assistance.

Thanks to Mr. Cole, the merit badge completion lists are published and are being put on the Web Site by Mr. Simon.

Nearly all of the attending Phoenix, who didn't attend summer camp last summer, and all of the attending Eagles and Crocs, completed the 1st aid Merit badge..and Tenderfoot requirements, but they have to make the required first aid kit to complete it...not a difficult task.and they don't need to include the face mask and the kit can be contained in large plastic baggy...as they complete it during the next week or so, they should show it to Mr.Cole or Mr. Simon...the kits completion also a requirement for the 2nd Class rank, 7b, Most of the Group are complete for Tenderfoot and most of all the second class requirements except for five activites (3a). The Group also completed (with exceptions) the Emergency Preparation merit badge, finger printing, and swimming merit badges.

We will make sure all the above lists are completed and checked before the next Court of Honor on August 1.

At the time, the July trip will be water skiing and the canoe merit badge or those who wish to earn it, August will be the White water trip to the Nantahala and Ocoee rivers, September will be wildernness survival (Eagles and Crocs) at Oak Mountain along with mountain biking for the older Scouts, and October is canoeing for all as will be planned in more detail and announced in the immediate future.

At the time our short term meeting schedule is as follows:

June 27th guest speaker about large model flying planes (Nick Bolding) Scout Master's minute: Mr. Cox

July 1 ten leaders and Scouts leave for Philmont as part of Troop 254 Contingent

July 4 No meeting owing to the Holiday

July 11th guest Speaker pending Griffin Davis Scoutmaster's Minute: Mr. Berry

July 18 Water Skiing prep, Canoe merit badge requirements, discussion of food portions, use of camp stoves at camp, Scout Master's minute Mr. Horn

July 20th thursday night loading gear for Trip

July 22-24 Water Sport Weekend

July 25 PLC and committee meeting

August 1 Court of Honor

Leaders still need to consider picking up their Certified Driver's License to help out with driving the bus..we are down to three drivers at the time and need the depth to continue to march. It required passing a written exam, a driver's test, and a physical (Troop underwritten).

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan S "Delivering the Promise"

Sunday, June 19, 2011

PLC Monday night

Summer camp this year was one of our best for attendance,for both leaders and Scouts, in recent memory... Our final count was 17 leaders and 57 Scouts.

There was no doubt who set the pace for spirit and participation. The weather for the most part held, and except for not raising the fire ban, we had all our activities as planned.

Thanks to Mr. Simon for hauling the trailer and for his posting more than 1500 pictures on the web site. Thanks to Mr. Cole all the merit badge, rank, and advancement for camp will be given in the up and coming Court of Honor on August 5.

A special thanks to Mr. Crabtree for inserting extra spirit through songs and cheers at camp, both in the dining hall, the parade field, and all the campfires.

Thanks to all the leaders who attended in assuring no problems arose and all the routine administrative requirements were met.

Congratulations to N Ng, H Elmore, Mr. Jay Elmore, an Col. Charles Kidd for being tapped out at the Wednesday night camp fire for the Order of the Arrow.

A reminder again that Mr. Nevin Cox will be collecting Butt sales money this Monday at 6:30 PM at the Hut before the Patrol Leader's Conference starts....Ast Senior Patrol leaders, Patrol Leaders , Ast Patrol leaders, and Troop and patrol Quartermasters should attend to put away gear and begin plans for June and July. The Troop Committee Meeting will begin at 8:00 PM.

Thanks again for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s

"Delivering the Promise"A

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Summer Camp info.

Driving Direction to Camp Sequoyah

Camp Site Map (we are at Boone's Place)

What to bring

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Summer Camp

We had great attendance last night at the meeting with Mayor Petelos as the keynote speaker, followed by speaking to camp requirements by the older Scouts and a review of the merit badge and advancement process by Mr. Cole.

The Patrol leaders, Asst patrol Leaders, patrol quartermasters, and troop quartermasters, and those who want to help out, needs to be at the Hut at 6:30 PM this Thursday to help load the Frank Tank with Troop gear. Uniform is not required and we should be completed in an hour or so.

He should be ready to go at the hut wearing his Tan uniform shirt over his red, Troop T shirt, Scout shorts, Scout socks, and Scout belt at 10:45 AM on Sunday for our departure. We will stop for a snack on the way to camp, but he should probably have lunch before he arrives.

Items we mentioned he should bring other than on the list would be:

a coat hanger to put his tan shirt on when not being worn for an activity...

a short piece of clothesline for the inside of his tent to hang his clothes on/up with a few clothes pins.

He will also hang his swim trunks on a line in the vicinity of his tent for them to air dry .

His drinking cup for water.

Insect Spray

his rain suit in case it is a wet week/ or if we get some rain

Some cash for the camp store....rifle shooting s free..shot gut shooting will cost .25 a shell when purchased at camp at the range. a Camp Sequoyah T shirt miscellaneous items

No electronic games or other electronics....he can bring his cell phone but he will not be able to recharge it w/o an outlet.

Except for the evening meal requiring the uniform, dress is casual in shorts, t shirts, athletic socks and sneakers. Some boys have a different shirt for each day with a couple pair of shorts....or he can wear the red troop t shirt and shorts if that is his choice.

if a second year Scout or older, He should bring his day pack for carrying his water bottle, notes, merit badge book and other items in camp with his name marked on it if misplaced or left behind. He will need his folding chair for campfires and for classes if a Croc or Eagle or working on his basic rank requirements. First year Scouts will have all their morning activities at our camp site, so a day pack isn't really necessary unless he wants to bring it along.

if an Eagle or Croc, he will need a long sleeve shirt and jeans or work pants to have at the swimming merit badge in order to learn to use them as a float. He will be in the water..ear plugs or swimming goggles are permitted if required.

if an Eagle or Croc he will need a disposable, long sleeve shirt, jeans, socks, and maybe an old pair of sneakers for doing "Venture Valley." a wet, plenty of mud slides an splashing of fun and cooling off adventure that all the first year Scouts and many older scouts participate in on Monday night.

If he wears glasses...an bring an older extra pair...or definitely head restraints to prevent them from falling in high adventure activities or if misplaced...or damaged..

A towel for swimming activities and personal hygiene.

Hammocks will not be allowed to prevent tree damage

When you come to visit him on Wednesday night, any time after 3:30 is fine..tell him what time you plan to be there and he will meet you at the parking lot to help carry his meal..if you cannot come and visit, please arrange for another parent to bring him his meal as the dining hall will not be open for supper on parents night.

The best route to Camp is as shown in the Troop Guide and as illustrated on the Troop Web site. It's about 80 miles, not including traffic, so allow extra time ...You may want to share rides if more practical. Bring a flashlight for walking.

The activities will normally end at about 9:30 PM or later...the camp roads are gravel so wear flats or sneakers since you will be walking from the parking lot to the camp and other activities...Be prepared for rain in case it showers or it is predicted. Good time to take his worn clothing home with you. We will be staying in Boone's Place, same as last year, an elevated site above the water activities area and on the right just past the camp store as seen on the map.

That's about it..read over the "What to bring to Camp lists, " and he should have everything he needs for a week of fun and adventure.

Summer camp is one of our best times of the year owing to our full numbers in one place for the week. It is the time we build camaraderie and esprit, earn rank and advancement, and get into the true spirit of Scouting in the outdoors.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance. please feel free to call or email if you have any questions