Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Upcoming Events

The Camporee at Tannehill was one of our best attended with some of the best weather in a long time. We participate in all the competition and did very well...same for the cooking competitions.... Thanks again to all the leaders who attended to make it possible. Mr. Simon has already posted the pictures on the Troop Web Site. Thanks for encouraging the Scout to attend and make the experience as good as it was.....We did very well with the visiting WEBELOS who stayed through Sunday morning.

The quartermaster night on Monday was unfortunately poorly attended by those who held up their hands on Sunday afternoon....and made for a great deal of more work for those who did...we had a real disappointment for the PLC also as only two patrol leaders were present....with all the assistant patrol leaders not assisting as they should....Scout plans for March were formulated with some changes. We had an good turnout for the following Committee Meeting approving March and items coming up.

We will be Backpacking the last weekend in March (27-29)...we will be going to the Walls of Jericho in North Eastern Alabama. The cost of the Trip will be minimal for fuel only as we will use the remainder of Philmont 08 backpacking meals for the trip. . Please encourage the Scout to attend as this will not be stressful or difficult by backpacking standards...its a three mile walk down into the valley, with exploring the area all day before returning to the bus and Hut again on Sunday morning.

The meeting on Monday March 2 is mandatory for all planning on attending the back packing trip on the weekend of March 27-29 so we can get a head count. All aspects of requirements and back packing tips will be covered by Scouts and leaders during the March 2 meeting.
We will full attendance on March 9th for Troop elections and for Order of the Arrow elections. A minimum of 50% of the Troop have to be present for the OA elections. Additional back packing information will also be shared if not covered on March 2.

There is no meeting on March 16 due to Spring Break.

March 23.....Please drop the Scout off at at 7:00 PM at the front entrance of the Bluff Park United Methodist Church (drive thru entrance) on the Valley Street side as the Troop where we normally have our Courts of Honor as the Troop will be welcoming the new WEBELOS into the Troop with our own OA ceremony team performing. You can pick him up at 8:00 PM after the ceremony.

March 26 (Thursday) is a mandatory meeting for those going on the back packing trip. They need to bring their packs with all their gear in order to pack up the troop back packing gear required for the trip..they will then be put in the Troop Trailer or Frank Tank.
The cost (for fuel) per individual for the trip will be announced on March 2 once the initial head count is taken.

March 30 is the Troop PLC after the Quartermaster have stored the back packing gear and equipment. If you son is a troop or patrol quartermaster he needs to be there. If he is a patrol leader he needs to be present for the PLC or assure the assistant patrol leader is present in his place.

Some ideas for Eagle Projects: CEO of the Birmingham Zoo....Director of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.....Director of the Hoover Parks and Recreation Areas....the pastor of your Church.....the Birmingham Museum of Flight...the Bluff Park Elementary School...Local Assisted Living Homes/Nursing Homes.....Oak Mountain State Park Ranger's Office...Tannnehill State Park....the McWayne Center....

Have any ideas of guest speakers...programs....for Monday nights which would career orient or serve educationally and intellectually stimulate active minds?

Finally...April will be shooting sports at Camp Sequoyah and the new Scout Campout...Since Deep sea fishing will not be possible this year...we will be soliciting ideas for the trip that month from the Scouts and leaders....

Thanks again for all your support.....

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Camporee this weekend

Tonight, Thursday, Feb 19 is quartermaster night for getting our gear packed for this weekend's trip. All Troop quartermasters and patrol quartermasters are required to be there, Uniform not required. We wil start at 6:30 PM and should be completed at 7::30 PM the latest and with enought help. If he is a quartermaster, this isn't optional..he needs to be there to help everyone else out.

We leave for the Camporee on Feb 20th at the Hut at 5:00 PM. Don't forget to make sure he brings clothes for cold and wet weather. If he is an Order of the Arrow member, he needs to bring his OA Sash for a ceremony on Saturday night.

Don't forget to go the the Troop Web site and copy the Parental Consent form he needs to go on the Trip and bring in Friday evening with his fees ($34.00 per person for Boy Scouts) If he is coming out late he will need the form brought with him....Boys Scouts only.

If he isn't re-registered for 2009 we will need his check for 30.00 on Friday also.
We Should be returning before Noon on Sunday, Feb 22.

The Deep Sea Fishing Trip set for May is cancelled due to the equipment and facilities not being available. We will talk to our options at during the weekend and at the next PLC/committee meeting. Any potential out there for deep sea fishing rexources other than the military resources we were looking at is always a possibility for us for upcoming discussion.

Thanks for all your Support.....

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Saturday, February 14, 2009

X Quo's Eagle project

The attendance at X Quo's Eagle project was the best we've seen in long time, over thirty two leaders and Scouts attended...The work was so well organized, all three tables built for the Church were completed by 1:00 PM. They started at about 9:00 AM with some pre cut planks for the table tops and built with X Quo's blue prints...Thanks to all the leaders and Scouts who helped out to make this as successful as it was. Thanks to Mr. Simon, pictures will be posted on the Troop Web Site.

Thanks again for all your support...
YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Friday, February 13, 2009

Eagle Banquet, X Quo's Eagle Proj, Camporee

Congratulations again to P Kidd for earning his Eagle in 2008. He will be recognized by the Greater Alabama Council tonight at the First Baptist Church of Biirmingham, 2209 Lakeshore Drive, Homewood 35209....A reception is at 6:00 PM and the program is at 7:00 PM....Patrick is the first Scout to earn the Eagle in less than five years in the Troop, with more than 40 merit badges, his Brotherhood in the Order of the Arrow, where he holds the position of Vice Chief for Service for the Nunne-Hi Lodge, which 21 other Troop 21 Scouts and Leaders belong to. If you haven't attended one of these receptions it will give you a good idea of what all the effort is worth in the eyes of the community through it's annual recognitions of all the Scouts who earned their Eagle during the year. If you can make our cell phones will be on for a location to join us at.

The other event happening this weekend for the Troop happens to be X Quo's highlight of his Scouting career, and that is his project....

Currently, there are about 21 Life Scouts in the Troop that are over due at this time for completing their projects ...some way over due.... for others it may soon be history....this aside, Please encourage them to take part of the day Sat 14 Feb to assist X Quo. If your Scout is young, then this is a great time for him to learn what an Eagle Project is. If you are a leader and can assist, which counts, please call the X Quo to see what you can do....

The project will last all day.its location is posted on the Troop Blog site ...but he needs only come and leave according to his own schedule.....Eagle projects: "you can't be one without one, it takes a village to do it, and he will be there himself one day......" Works clothes should be worn and lunch will be provided.

The only other thing happening is the up and coming Camporee (Feb 20-22).....since it's not expensive, since it is not far away (30 Minutes), since it is not physically difficult, since there is so little going on in School, or the band, there should be little reason for him not to attend this year....The intra mural patrol games are all competitive and all Vulcan District Troops will enter...we are going to set up the big Monkey Bridge at the camp site, ( I think), and the Scouts will out do themselves on food preparation and a campfire. This is good time for the Troop to shine by having numbers there and doing well in the (Patrol)competition..if he decides not to come, then he lets' the patrol down.

Also this is a good time for parents to get out of the house for a few minutes and come by Tannehill State Park to see what a District Camporee is all about as well as what the Troop appears as in the field.

Finally, it is and excellent way to recruit new Scouts through the WEBELOS who will be there with us and by catching the eye of others wandering through us when we are set up.
Costs were posted out in the february 4 Troop Blog on the Troop website.
There are a few Scouts and leaders out there who need to register the Scout for 2009 (the cost is $30.00 for a Scout and $15.00 for a leader) These fees for being a registered Scout are required for all activities. Please try to do this this coming meeting (feb 16) where final planning and preparation for the Camporee is taking place.

Scouting isn't like sports or the band...in fact it is the largest, oldest, and most successful youth organization in the United States and the world....it is a year long outdoors experience that usually take a seven year period to complete during the time which very few other activities prepare him for as much success in understanding himself through building character, working with others as a team member and leader, becoming physically fit, and experiencing the fulfillment of service above self....it also provides career opportunities and job prospects he would not have otherwise..and not finally, it provides us with a better son, a better husband, a better father, and a better member of the community we might not have had otherwise.
Please encourage his attendance...the program works...and the rewards are infinite....talk to any Eagle....

Thanks for all your support.....in two weeks it will already be March and we will be heading to the Walls of Jericho for some backpacking....

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Troop News

Our turnout at Scout Sunday, on Feb 8, represented the Troop in the best light as usual. Thanks to all the leaders and Scouts who attended.

Thanks to Mr. Madison, Mr. Gunn, and Mr. Eggers and the other leaders who worked in the rear storage room on cleaning up the utility kits for the Chuck boxes and to Mrs Eggers for annoucing the Globetrotter night coming up for interested Scouts, as well as Mrs. Kidds distribution of cold weather prep for the outdoors.

Thanks to all the Troop for working with Mr. Lepianka in all the necessary prearations for summer camp, including fees and medical forms.

Don't forget that if your son says he is bored from summer camp and he doesn't need the merit badges they offer, he can still attend camp as a counselor in training or as a camp counselor for room and board and a weekly stipend..It would do well for his leadership potential and learn new skills with the Council...Several of our older Scouts have been there and done it or are planning on going there this summer.

If he doesn't want to be a counselor, he can attend the National Youth Leadership Training course (NYLT0 at Camp Westmoreland May 31-June 6 or at Camp Sequoyah July 12-18. The cost is $205.00 Excellent training and adventure which many of sour Scouts have attended.
We need a leader(s) to work with a couple of our Scouts (historian and librarian) to win the GAC Scout Unit Award for Excellence each year. What we have to do is keep a scrap book whatever newspaper articles the troop is involved in for service/assistance to the community including Eagle Scout Courts of Honor with the main purpose of selling Scouting to the community. This includes our Trop web site and Troop Blog for newsletters. Questions can be emailed to Tom Swain at tswainbsamail.org or jeff brashser at jbrasher@1bsa.org of both at 970-0251. This should be easily accomplished by the Troop each year based on all we normally do on trips and service year round.

Don't for get X Quo's Eagle project this coming weekend.. He doesn't have to spend the entire day at the Church but can help out as much as he can. The more he has there the quicker it goes for him.

And finally..those coming on the Camporee, including visiting WEBELOS should be at the meeting this coming Monday Feb 16 for final details and planning.

Don't forget..it's not too late to sign up for the University of Scouting at Gadsden State Community College in Gadsden on March 7 2009....."The boys deserve trained leaders" Aplications are available at GAC on line or hard copy at the Hut.

Thanks for all your support....

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Monday, February 09, 2009

X Guo-Xue Eagle Project @Bluff Park Baptist Church 8:30am-5pm Feb 14

One change has been made to my Eagle Project. I will be doing it at Bluff Park Baptist Church instead of my house, as it says on the information sheet I passed out last meeting.

The time will be the same (this Saturday 8:30am-5pm). The church is less than one mile away from the Scout Hut.

From the Scout hut, turn right onto Savoy St., then turn left onto Sanders Road, then turn right onto McGwier Dr. The church is at 2211 McGwier Dr. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=2211+McGwier+Dr,+Birmingham,+al&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=37.546691,67.587891&ie=UTF8&ll=33.413998,-86.841645&spn=0.009672,0.016501&z=16

Also, I will not need any more tools, since Mr. Eggers has agreed to bring his router and electric drill and 2 squares, and Mr. Hardy his circular saw and drill.

X Guo-Xue

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Troop News

Thanks to Mr. Branin, we have two new roof vents on the Troop bus... A long time over due to take care of those long summer runs, especially to Philmont.....they will assist in keeping the air conditioner from over-working..

Two things..

Thanks to Mr. Simon, as usual, we are updated in all our Troop paperwork requirements, in as much as the new BSA medical form required for everyone, including leaders, is now posted on our Troop Web site..please make a copy for the Scout and have it filled out for summer camp....unless you have a new one already filled out..the old ones will due until we get to summer camp. Note especially, that you must staple or tape the front and back copy of your/his insurance card on the form.

Thanks again to Mr. Simon, the BSA Consent form is on the Troop web site adjacent to the new Medical form. Please fill one of these out before he arrives for a trip to avoid the time and confusion of trying to find one at the Hut.

Last Monday was not only well attended, (seemed like a record number) but accomplished a great deal for the Scouts...Please encourage the same for the next two Mondays in preparation for the Camporee. The cost of the camporee registration fee for the weekend per camper is $17.00 (includes patch)....meals total is $12.00...and fuel and miscellaneous $5.00 for a total of $34.00. WEBELOS staying with the Troop may ride the Troop bus or come in cars..parents and leaders are welcome to visit any time or stay the entire weekend with us WEBELOS registration fee may differ also..please refer to guide in the Troop Web Site.

..Just think..February nearly always presents the opportunity there may be the possibity of the BSA polar bear patch (19 degrees or less) The Troop hasn't earned one since 1996. So don't miss out..encourage him to attend and have some fun yourself.

Finally: National Scout Sunday is this coming Sunday (Feb 8) at 8:30 AM in the Bluff Park United Methodist Church at 733 Valley Street 35226. Uniform is Class "A" Plus (sash and neckerchief). If he wears shorts, please don't let him wear jeans or long underwear under them for the service...he should be wearing the zip off shorts or just wear a long pair of Scout Pants or just Scout shorts. The service will last about an hour. Service will be in the main chapel, the floor above where we meet for our Courts of Honors.. Pack 321 and especially the WEBELOS are wecome to join the Troop for the hour.....We have been chartered by BPUMC for 63 years and this is an annual event for us..please encourage attendance......The entire family is welcome to join the Scouts.

Thanks for all your support...

YiS Dan S "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Xinke's Eagle Project

Hello troop 21,

I am am doing my Eagle project on Saturday, February 14. Below are the details. I need all the helpers I can get, so please come out and help us if you are able. Thank you.

What: Making 3 picnic tables for Bluff Park Baptist Church
When: Saturday, February 14 from 8:30am to 5pm. Please feel free to come any time during the day whenever you are available.

All the cutting and assembling will be done at my house. I will move the tables to the church at the end of the day. My address is (see troop roster at http://www.bluffparktroop.org/) .

We will first cut the lumber to appropriate sizes, then we will assemble the tables. I will need as many adults as possible to use the power tools. I will provide breakfast and lunch. Here is a list of the tools I still need. (For most of these, I already have one or two, but I need a few more to speed up the work).
1. 2 wrenches (for 3/8 in. nuts and bolts)
2. Two 4” C clamps
3. One hammer
4. 2 electric drills
5. One electric saw
6. 2 measuring tapes (at least 6 ft long)

It would be greatly appreciated if you can bring at least two of the above tools. If you wish to wear working gloves, please bring your own. I have a few pairs, but not enough for everyone.

If you have any questions, feel free to call me (see troop roster at http://www.bluffparktroop.org/) .

Thank you,

X Guo-Xue