Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Art Show, Camp Thunder, NT, PopCorn

The meeting last night was well attended and the program by CPT Skinner was excellent. There were also a number not in attendance.

We weren't really happy with the numbers of volunteers on the part of the Scouts for this coming weekend so we need some parental encouragement for attendance.

CHANGE 1 Friday night volunteers for the Venture Crews is canceled as the Hoover Lion's Club will not be able to cook or cut meat for the Art Show.

Since Friday night is canceled we will expect the Venture to be there at the Art Show in greater numbers on Saturday to help out. ...Except for those who already volunteered for early Saturday Morning to set up as always we need most of our help from 11:00 AM until 5:00 PM on Saturday. Unless he is out of town...please encourage him to be there in his uniform (tan shirt, shorts, belt, socks-neckerchief and sash not required) If he can't stay or has other things required to do, he can change in the Hut. We also need leaders to help out. This is the Troops annual service project, our twenty-fifth year for doing it. Please encourage attendance.

The Senior is going to have all of the Patrol leaders call and find out exactly who is going to come on the October trip (23-25) to Georgia (Camp Thunder) If we are not going to have the numbers to make this economical, we are going to have to change our plans for the weekend of the 23-25. We will do something with a smaller group and more local: backpacking or mountain biking rather than cancel the weekend. We have to know this by this Wednesday evening for reservation purposes..Ask your son if he heard from his patrol leader, and if not, have his call the Seniro at home for our numbers. The trip to Camp Thunder was pre-arranged by Mr. Eggers and Ruth Mathis to include a excellent COPE course/climbing/rappelling for an excellent rate provided we have the numbers. Its a three - four hour drive to GA and with less than twenty scouts we are looking at about 60.00 per person...with twenty or more about 45.00 per person-that includes fuel, meals, instructor fees, and camping fees. Please encourage attendance to make this work.

Northern Tier..less a drastic increase in gas prices due to international problems, we are still planning on Northern Tier for $1000 or less. We have to know who is going NLT this coming (5 Oct ) Monday night with a $200.00 deposit. If the numbers aren't there we will cancel...Sorry, but we have to crunch the numbers now for reservations and planning.

We have an exellent guest speaker set up for this coming Monday and the next as well. Examples of leadership and successful career models are important for rounding out a Scouts perspective of himself and the community. Please encourage attendance if has is just sitting at home and with no other committments.

Remember he will earn 30% of what he sells in popcorn: $300.00 for $ 1000.00 in sales. Please make this a family affair and generate some sales to help out with trip fees.

Or, and, encourage him to sell a minimum of six christmas wreaths. The wreath money shores our budget up in case tree sales may be down this year due to the recession...and we need to keep a strong operating budget.....if every family sells the six wreaths, thats nearly $3,500 we put in our budget.

Thanks for all your support...see you at the Art Show...

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Monday, September 28, 2009

Troop News : OA, Art Show, COH, City Hall, Camp Thunder

Despite some rain...we had a great time at the Annual Order of the Arrow Fall Fellowship at Camp Comer with more than 350 Arrowmen attending and getting into the competitive sports and recreational activities Saturday. We took the bus on Saturday morning to help on on transportation this time, and to lessen Friday night shoolsports and band events, and pooled and pitched in for gas expenses with thirteen other Scouts for the ride. Pictures to be published by Mr. Simon on the Troop Web Site tonight. Thanks to B Debalsi, A Turner, J Taylor, S and S Hardy for attending and representing the Troop. New Coosa 50 Lodge officers for 2010 were elected. Our own Chapter (Nunne-Hi) elections will be announced quickly.

Thanks to Captain Kelly Gandy we have a special Guest Speaker tonight. He is a long time and dedicated miltary weapons collector that the Scouts will find interesting as he talks to the history of the firearms he will have on hand. Captain Skinner is also a military historian and we will be working into Shiloh this year with him. Mr. Bolding is giving the Scoutmaster's Minute.

THE SCOUTS NEED TO ARRIVE EARLY TONIGHT (6:30 PM) to help in taking down and to help Mr. Branin in storing our backpacking gear which was too wet to pack last Monday at the PLC/Committee Meeting.

The Scout also needs to be present tonight in order to sign up for next Friday and Saturday (Oct 2 and 3) to help out with the Annnul Bluff Park Art show the Troop services each year. Remember, Venture I and II have to help out at 10:00 PM, as we traditionally meet on Friday night (October 2) , to cut up the Hoover Lion's Club Bar-B-Q for the Art Show. Please encourage attendance so we can be out of there in an hour. He needs to wear work clothes, not the uniform. We are also counting on him to be there in uniform some time on Saturday to help out with all we have to do.

As also announced, We will need Scouts at 6:30 AM on Saturday (October 3) to help set up the traditional Troop Tarp for the Bluff Park Bake Sale for the Art Show as well as our Troop area for Day Care, water and ice cream sales starting at 7:30 AM. Then we work in shifts, which we will schedule tonight for the remainder of the day. We will need uniformed leaders through out also, and especially at 4:30 PM for about an hour to help with the take down. In a nutshell, he doesn't have to be there all day, but he is expected to be on the schedule sometime on Saturday other than Friday night helping with all we have to do on Saturday for service. Please encourage attendance..we are counting on him and leaders being there to help out. If you don't want to buy a bar-B-Q sandwich for lunch, bring your own snacks or lunch. We will be selling water, ice cream, picking up litter, and trash bags, securing the art in the center, in uniform (without neckerchief or merit badge sash) all day long.

Families will be better off taking the bus into the Park from scheduled and published newspaper announcements from the Shades Mountain Shopping center and other locations in Hoover, or having someone drop you off and walk in from the drop off points....as parking will not be available in the immediate vicinity except by the Hut Friday evening and early Saturday Morning.

NOTE: We are going to move Troop elections up to October 12 at the regular meeting. This will be the normal six month rotation for all Scout positions of responsibility as elected by the Scouts, so please encourage his attendance. We will also be having a special guest speaker that night for the program. Mr. Elmore is giving the Scoutmaster's Minute. The Court of Honor for rank advancement, merit badges, and new leadership positions will be on November 2 in our regualr fashion at the Bluff Park United Methodist Church Reid Crotty Fellowship Hall with more announced as we get closer.

The regular meeting on Monday October 19 is important because we are going to the Hoover City Hall City Council Meeting room so all the Scouts who need attending at a Council Meeting for the Citizen in the Community Merit badge can meet the requirment. WE WILL LEAVE FROM THE HUT AT 5:30 PM ON THE BUS TO GET THERE BY 5:45 TO LEAD THE OPENING FLAG CEREMONY. Except for the Senior Patrol Leader, If he already has the merit badge, he not not attend. We will return at about 7:00 PM for a short program at the Hut. Mr. Morrow is giving the Scoutmaster's minute and the Senior will have announcements to make.

Thanks to the work of Mr. Eggers and Ruth Mathis, the Trip in October is to Camp Thunder in Georgia. The Troop has never been there before and we are going to be doing the low COPE (confidence building course) High COPE, as well as rappelling and climbing. We need a good turn out to keep the cost low for the bus trip to Camp Thunder. We will leave Friday evening as usual and return on Sunday at the usual time.

Then there is ou annual trip to Shiloh National Military Park. Remember, this is one our best and biggest trips wi th the WEBELO II joining us. Historically for this trip, the leaders prepare meals for the Scouts on the Campout...so if you don't really want to make one of the treks (hikes) to earn the Shiloh Veteran Hiker award for all six trails of more than ten mile, please plan on attending to help Mr. Smith with our meals and othe logistics (November 13-15). This is important for us and the boys.

Mr. Dean Snow (Troop 97 and the Vulcan District Training Coordinator) visited the PLC and Committee Meeting last Monday and the Troop has decided to have him take individual pictures of all the Scouts and uniformed leaders as a Composite picture probably in November. A date will be announced for the event on a normal Monday meeting night with a program simultaneously happening while the pictures are being taken. More information wil also be announced about this as the time gets closer.

Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Young, we are definitely going to Northern Tier in Minnesota/Canada during the first of July 2010. Watch for notices by Mr. Young for payments and information meetings.

Remember to mark your calendars for setting up the tree Lot the first Friday after Thanksgiving. Dr. Hamilton will be announcing when the trees are coming in so we can unload them at the lot as usual.

Please keep the Martin Luther King holiday, 2010 open as we intend to canoe the Okefenokee Swamp (State Park) that weekend. It is a ten hour drive and weather permitting a great trip for camping and canoing in south Georgia.

On January 9, 2010 we will have the usual Troop Planning Conference in the Bluff Park United Methodist Church Class rooms. This is a one day, one night lock in for planning 2010..He should plan on being there. We will need some leaders present at all time to help out with this, especially setting up trips for 2010.

Finally, in February, 2010 we will have our annual Leadership Training for all Scouts who haven't attended yet (used to be called Junior Leader Training (Troop JLT) and is now called Troop Leadership Training. This lasts most of one Saturday we will schedule at the Church. If he hasn't attended last year, please make sure he attends in 2010. Once he attends he can wear the "Trained" patch on his uniform. This is required in order to be the Senior Patrol leader and is an excellent course for an introduction to basic small unit leadership concepts and practices.

Thanks for all your support...encourage attendance....

Yours in Scouting (YiS) Dan s
"Delivering the Promise"

Monday, September 21, 2009

Troop News

The Sipsey Wilderness backpacking trip this weekend was one of our best with about a total of 25 Scouts and Leaders. Want to thank Mr. Branin and Mr. Oliver for making an initial familiarization trip to the trailhead in the Bankhead National Forest several weeks ago, then being present for the actual trip. Want to thank Mr. Turner, Captain Gandy, Mr Elmore, and Mr. Bolding for the time and effort they took in planning and being there for the Scouts also.

Despite the weather, it rained Friday night at about the time we initially tented at the Thompson Creek Trailhead. The weather stayed clear Saturday, but although it rained again on Saturday night while in camp, we had an excellent, exciting trip. Inclusive of the day hike, once arriving at our overnight camp site near the Needles, the boys hiked about a total twenty miles without issues. The river and creeks rose more than average, creating some hiking challenges, and along with the natural ambiance the Forest is noted for, the wilderness met all it usual reputations for taking the time to be there.

Though not the first time recently for us, Sipsey Wilderness hiking used to be a regular backpacking trip for the Troop, and we had the opportunity visit old familar camp sites used over the years, it was the best choice of trails this time for the scenic variety the Thompson Creek entrance afforded.

Everyone (leaders and Scouts) on the trip is requested to re-check their packs for Troop gear, and return tonight to assist in cleaning, re-packing, and storing the gear for about an hour starting at 6:30 PM. A PLC (Planning Conference) will follow. Other than planning for October, we will select a trip for January. The Troop Committe Meeting will start as usual at 8:00 PM. If you haven't attended on with us, and haven't made a trip, please plan on attending if you can to say hello.

There is a Order of the Arrow, Nunne-Hi-Chapter meeting this Thursday night (Sept 24 at 6:30 PM as described in Mr. Melton's OA announcement) your son should attend if he is a member (wears an OA flap on his right shirt pocket).

This is a big, OA annual weekend coming up (Sept 25-27) at Camp Comer for the OA Fall Fellowship (we are leaving on the bus from the Hut at 5:30 AM on Saturday morning to spend the night and returning around Noon on Sunday. We will stay in Camp Comer tents and bed platforms. All activities and meals are paid with the registration fee ($18.00), and uniform is the Class A with OA sash.

We assume J Kunka's Eagle project was completed with the help of all the Scouts who didn't make the Sipsey Trip on the 19th....

Make sure the Scout attends the Troop meeting on the 28th for a special guest speaker presentation and to get on the Schedule for the Bluff Park Art Show coming up on the 3rd of October. Please remind him that we will schedule Scout and Leader volunteers on the 28th meeting to cut bar-b-que meat for the Hoover Lions Club on Friday night (2 Oct) at the Lions Bar-b-que Hut next to the Scout Hut at 10:00 PM for about an hour (Venture I and II) and for completeing the entire Schedule for October 3 for selling Troop ice cream, water, and wreaths as well as picking up litter, assisting the artists, and other service tasks. Uniform is full Class A without neckerchief and merit badge sash. He doesn't have to be there all day..but he is expected to be present at times to help out (same for uniformed leaders).

Whew..more yet....

October is coming and we will be making our first trip to Camp Thunder in Georgia for the high and low COPE course, as well as Tower Rapelling that Ruth Mathis and Mr. Eggers have been briefing about for the past two months.

Please encourage his selling six Troop Christmas wreaths this year and Pop corn to assist the family budget with financing his trips and activities. Wreath money is due the last weekend of October to Dr. Hamilton and Popcorn money is due to Mrs. Eggers on Novermber 2 (Court of Honor for rank advancement, merit badges, and change of Troop leadership).

The Troop will participate on Veterans Day in November with the Veteran's Day Parade in downtown Birmingham. We will take the bus and Frank tank to participate as usual to march with the other 500 Scouts in the afternoon...watch for details.

Then..we go to our annual trip to the National Shiloh Military Park...if you are a leader and prefer not to hike, please plan on going so you can help Mr. Smith with the cooking as the leaders prepare the meals for the Scouts this one time of the year. If your son is a Shark patrol member, he needs to plan to be there to earn the compass and orienteering requirments for First Class.....We will also be inviting a WEBELOS II Den to join us.

And then....................the Christmas tree lot set up and tree sales during December along with our annual Christmas party.....What an end to a great year of Scouting......

Thanks for all your support...Sipsey pictures to follow on the Web Site by Mr. Simon.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Friday, September 18, 2009

Sipsey Trip

A few notes about the the trip...

Uniform on the bus will be the usual Troop "red" "T" shirt (Class B) uniform..we will change on the bus when we get there to back packing clothes so make sure he brings the backpacking clothes in a light weight "Day" pack on the bus along with his dinner if he doesn't eat before hand. He shouldn't be hiking in his Scout uniform. He will need the day pack to carry his water and (crew) lunch, once we set up camp Saturday morning and start our day hike to the tree.

Don't forget to go to the Troop Web site and fill out the BSA consent form and have him bring it with him to sign in Friday evening at the Hut. We have few blanks at the Hut at this time,

Remember he needs his pack tonight to load with crew gear and it will stay on the Frank Tank overnight until we leave on Friday.

Thanks for all your support...

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Troop News

There was obvious absence in the Venture I, II, and Penquians at last night't meeting and a disppointment regarding the number of Scouts coming on the backpacking trip this weekend to the Sipsey Wilderness.

Quest speaker Glenn DiNella spoke for Mrs. Brigit Kibelka regarding the great number of Eagle Projects waiting for life Scouts at the Hoover Shades Mountain Elementary School. They range from trail building or enhancement to different areas of landscaping, benches, table, or picnic tables. If your son is Life Scout, this is a good time for a project the Community not far from home.

Thanks to B Garrett and J Kunka, Backpacking information was covered in detail for the trip.

This has been a busy month so far, with more to come....

Congratulations to J Ellis for completing all the requirements for his Eagle.

Congratulations to N Madison for getting his own project started and to A Byrd for completing his.

J Kunka will be completing the last work day this Saturday for his Eagle Project. We expect all the Scouts not coming on the trip next Saturday will help him complete his Project. They will meet at the same location at 8:00 AM.

Congratulations to B Debalsi and J Taylor for completing the Order of the Arrow Ordeal this last weekend at Camp Jackson.

A special thanks to the following leaders who sit on the Vulcan District Eagle Boards: Mr. Mark Branin, Mrs. Cathy Kidd, Mr. Micky Harbin, Mr. David Davis, Mr. Wes Smith, Mr. Win Jones, Dr. Steve Smith, and Mr. Randy Watts. All of these leaders have been, or are still active members of the Troop, and through regularly sitting on the boards have attained a great deal of depth and perception about what it takes to earn the Eagle Rank. This added depth is an absolute tool for all our parents and Scouts in aiming for and planning to earn the Eagle rank. Every leader is encouraged to take part in the panels to help out, but also learn more about the required details to assist the Scouts as they prepare themselves.

The Backpacking Trip will cost $25.00 per person. Everyone going must be at the Hut this Thursday(17th) night at 6:30 PM with their prepared backpack to load with Troop gear and crew meals. We all will meet at the Hut on Friday Night (18th) for departure on the bus and will return the usual time on Sunday. We will be beginning and ending at the Thompson Creek entrance, camping in the vicinty of the Needles, and day hiking to the Yellow Poplar Tree (largest living tree in Alabama). As a note...he needs to bring a pair of Tiva's or a pair of Crocks to wade a stream without having to soak his hiking boots. He should also bring along insect repellant to use as required, We also stated, since it may be raining at times, to make sure he has a rain suit. Poncho's aren't permitted. If he wasn't at the Mopnday night meeting and still wants to go he needs to call his patrol leader or B Garrett to make sure he is on the list for the appropriate amount of meals.

21 September: There will be a a equipment take down and storage and PLC (6:30PM), and Committee Meeting at the usual time (8:00PM) . If you haven't attended with us, please plan on doing so.

The following weekend 25-27 is the OA Fall Fellowship weekend at Camp Comer...all members of the OA are invited and should attend to add to the weekend fun/games/Native American Dancing/ and more. The cost is $18.00. If enough members register to go, we are planning on leaving from the Hut, ( and other locations if announced) in the Troop bus, other vans, and car pools.

October 2 and 3 is the Annual Bluff Park Art Show. All Scouts and uniformed leaders should plan on attending as this is our annual service Project for the community. We will be emptying trash bags/picking up litter, assisting with the set up, and selling our own ice cream and water for Troop sales. Venture I and II will be cutting up pork at the Hoover Lions Hut next door to the Scout Hut (wear work clothes) on Friday night (Oct 2) starting at 10:00 PM after the game. Everyone wil assist on Saturday according to the Schedule we draw up on the 28th at the Hut. Uniform is Class A without sash and neckerchief.

All leaders are encouraged to become BSA trained in order to assist as Assistant Scoutmasters and Committee members to assure the boys are getting the most from the program. Basic Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster training is being offered as announced in the GAC Double Eagle newsletter. Please plan on attending.

In order to maintain the legacy of Troop 21, it is important that we have more than 3 leaders who are certified to drive our bus. Please plan on picking up a CDL to make this possible. Dr. Tracy Hamilton is our most recent graduate and he wil be happy, along with Mr. Larry Young, to prepare you to make it easy. Havent't time to drive the bus? We may have to ask for leaders to drive their cars for transporting the boys on trips if we don't....We have the problem solved..we just have to maintain it.

Dr. Hamiton passed out Wreath order forms at the meeting last night. The Troop sells Wreaths to support our operations, particularly in case tree sales are low. Each family should plan on selling a minimum of six wreaths product to help us out. Make sure you have one and mailing order forms if you want to purchase wreaths thatwill be mailed to an address. Please encourage the sales by selling them at work also. These forms are available from Dr. Hamilton at all meetings. Please make a point to help out with this to assure operational funding for the coming year.

Don't forget that all he sells in popcorn will be his to use for trips in the Troop. We will be taking 35% off of his total sales and that will be available to him in the Troop. Note that there is a sales item to send overseas to soldiers. Thanks to Mrs. Eggers for coordinating this.

We are still planning a canoe trip to BSA High Adventure Northern Tier (Minnestota/Canada) during summer 2010.. This is a rare lifetime adventure for the Scout for far less than what other Troop's pay....he has to be 14 years old and in good physical shape to carry a 40-50 lbs pack or the canoe. It will be 7 days and nights in the canoe and three days each way for bus transportation around the beginning of July. If he hasn't said he is going and wants to..Call Mr. Young 901-2063 and make a reservation before we open it up to the District and Council....The cost right now is a $1000 or less.

For whatever reason, we failed to pick an activity for January 2010 at the 2009 planning conference. We are going to start coming up with potentials on the coming trip but will decide at the September 28th meeting where will will go during the month of January, 2010.

Attendance: The Boys Scouts of America doesn't award the Eagle by correspondence courses. We expect him to be present in uniform (or as excused) on no less than 50% of trips and outings over the year. If he can't do that, then I need to know why to consider how he plans on doing it. If for instance he can't be there on a Monday night for several months because of sports, he should visit with another Troop to get the credit and the program, then resume with us later as his schedule premits. Scouting is more than meetings and trips..it is also being present at Scout Sunday, service projects on Saturdays, and other service opportunities as they arise. Please help out with this by encouraging attendance to make the patrol method of the program work. Once he makes the Life rank, he should immediately begin looking for an Eagle Project to complete before he start not haing enough time in his life to consider it. There are leaders in the Troop who are more than happy to guide him along.

Been to summer camp and bored? then consider sending him to the annual BSA leadership Course offered annually by the Council (NYLC). Or, earn the BSA lifeguard Certificate at summer camp, or become a Counselor at summer camp and earn money as well as leadership experience rather than not.

By being an active member of the Order of the Arrow, he can attend "Arrow Corps" projects which are located in several areas throughour the US. For a minimal fee they pay for nearly all the expenses plus room and board...these are located in all sections of the US and liste under Coosa50.org. These include Norther Tier, Philmont, and Seabase programs.

He only has until he is 18. That isn't that far off to earn a lifetime award of recognition and career opportunities he otherwise wouldn't have.

We are still missing one of the Eagle Project Books from the Hut. Please return it so others may share it.

Thanks for all your support..... "Delivering the Promise"

YiS Dan s

Thursday, September 10, 2009

J Kunka Eagle Project : 8:am Saturday Sep 12 @G reen Valley Elem

Hey everybody as you my eagle project is coming up on Saturday September 12th. We are going to meet at Green Valley Elementary School at 8:00 a.m.

The school's address is 3200 Old Columbia Road Hoover, AL, 35226. Its behind the Krispy Kreme on New Patton Chapel Road across from The Full Moon Bar-B-Q. You will need to park on the right side of the front lot.

Everyone needs to bring a pair of work gloves, small flat shovels, some regular shovels, and if you have a pressure washer please let me know because we might need it. We also need one more wheel brow if somebody could bring one that would be great.

If needed I can meet some people at the scout hut and have them follow me to the school. Lunch will be provided. I am not sure how long we will be working I will let the scouts know ahead of time so they can call they're parents. If you need to leave early for any reason that is fine.

We are going to have a lot to get done so come early. Send me an e-mail if you have any questions.

J Kunka

SMLT Training

If you haven't attended the following basic Scout Leader training yet (SMLT or OLS) (see attachments), since you have joined the Troop, please try to do so to give us the depth we owe the boys in having trained leaders. If you can't make it this Fall, please consider the Spring dates(2010) when they are announced...please also go to Scouting.org and pick up some basic certifications also.

I would like to do a CPR certification also in the Troop on a Saturday morning for a couple hours. The fee (5.00) is paid by the Troop and the certification is by the American Heart Association lasting two year. I will be recruiting for two, three, or four person classes at our meetings...

Mr. Dean Snow (Troop 97) is offering Troop Group pictures. These consist of all Scouts and Leaders in individual portraits poses as a Troop composite at a very reasonable rate ($15.00). 10% of the sales will be donated to Troop. We will talk to this more at up a coming meetings for the possibility of getting it done a the next Court of Honor (November 2).

Yis Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Friday, September 04, 2009

Troop News

The Court of Honor was one of our best for attendance. Thanks to all for making that happen...

Thanks to Mr. Eggers, the annual GAC Top Gun competition introduced competition for Archery. We've never been able to do that before based on time and expertisee, but thanks to Mr. Eggers. being without it, is history. Thanks also to Dr. Frank Nelson for his leadership and expertise during the competition at Camp Sequoyah (August 29th).

Thanks to Mrs Eggers, we have started pop corn sales this year. Remember...the return is about 35% for all sales by the Scout and his family......like last year, whatever he makes will be credited to him in the Troop for up and coming trips. he needs to take advantage of this opportunity to help out with expenses. All returns are due/expected November 2 (Troop Court of Honor).

Monday Sept 7..Labor Day ....no meeting

Friday Sept 11 meet at Hut at 4:30 PM for transportation to the Order of the Arrow Ordeal at Camp Jackson. Return between Noon and 12:30 on Sept 13.

Sept 14th Regular meeting required attendance for all going on back packing trip Sept 18-20. Venture Crew conducts training/backpacking refresher/meal planning.

Need to pick an activity for January, 2010

Sept 17th Quartermaster night..attendance required by all going on trip to load troop gear in packs and in Frank Tank 630-7:30 PM

Sept 18-20 Backpacking trip to Sipsi Wilderness Meet at Hut at 5:00 PM on Friday. Return regular time on Sunday.

September 21 Equipment take down and storage....PLC/Committee Meeting 0630 and 8:00 PM

September 28th Regular meeting with Guest Speaker hosted by Captain Gandy. Required attendance by all Scouts as we will be scheduling the Bluff Park Art Show service requirments on 2-3 October

Sept 25-26 Order of the Arrow Fall Fellowship at Camp Comer. Will be car pooling as announced for those wishing to attend.

2-3 October Annual Bluff Park Art Show.

Venture Crew cuts Bar-B-Que meat Lions Club from 10:00 -11:00 PM Friday night at the Lion's Bar-B-Que hut across the parking lot from the Scout Hut....We have to have a minimum of 10 Ventures present to b out of there in an hour.

Scouts and leaders begin set up activities for the Bluff Park United Methodist Church Cookie sales at 6:30 AM on Saturday by Scouts and Leaders..Continues through the day by picking up litter, emptying trash cans into dumpsters, watching art displays in the Community Center, selling Troop water and ice cream. Open house at hut for visitors. All Scouts and uniformed leaders are expected to help out at different scheduled hours through out the day. This is our annual service project for the communty.

10 October Vulcan District Scoutmaster/leader Training..recommend all active leaders who will work with Scouts to pre-register and attend this training to become BSA training certified. The companion weekend course (Outdoor Leadership Training-OLS) will be during Nov 13-15....a conflict with our Shiloh trip on the same weekend..recommend attending the OLS in the Spring of 2010.

We will again be marching in the Birmingham Veteran's Day Parade on Veteran's Day in November. We wil be taking the bus and Frank Tank again as usual and are encouragingall the Scouts to attend since it is a School Holiday. We will meet at the Hut. Will need someone to drive the Frank Tank also. We had over 500 marching last year..we would like more this year.

Trip to Northern Tier (2010)..We are still planning a trip( Mr. Young is facilitating) to Northern Tier on the Canadian/US border during the early part of July, 2010. Scouts must be a minimum of 14 years of age. This is a fairly rugged trip which requires the Scout and leader to be in excellent physical shape in order to carry a fifty pound pack and/or the canoe over short portages between lakes. It will be a three day trip there on the bus and three to return with about seven days canoeing and camping in a wilderness area after being dropped off by a float plane from the Scout outfitter base. We are contacting some other troops who may want to go along so we can fill the bus and keep the cost down to less than a $1000.00

For you leaders out there who have not got your Certrified Drivers License for driving the bus, we need you to do that in order to carry on the legacy of this Troop. Dr. Hamilton has just received his CDL and he can brief you on the requirements. Please plan on helping out with this. There are great advantages to having the bus and since we have not access to vans, personal vehicles are the only recourse. It's up to you to assure we have more than the three we currently have hand.

Scouting can't be done through corresponse courses. There are some real attendance problems out there with some of the Scouts not only for Monday night meetings, but for all activities the Troop needs attendance for in order for him to meet Eagle requirements. Service projects, Eagle projects, and trips..if he can't make some, he needs to make others. Please encourage attendance.

"We were there for him...is he there for us?"

Thanks for all your support....