Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tree Lot

"The Tree Lot has never looked better" would be an understatement thanks to all who assisted in the set up. We have more advertising than ever before and all our banners are out pointing to our location.

On Sunday, Mr. Madison will be distributing the white pines to the community off of Tyler.

There are several new items Mr. young has introduced for sale including wreaths, garlands, mistletoe w/cards, and tree well as asking something for the bough cuttings. Please take a look at the information board inside the Frank Tank when you sign in to get all of the details....the big Troop marquis is not on the main electrical supply and has to be plugged and unplugged at the beginning of the first shift and last shift, respectively at the southern corner of the Korean Catholic Church.

The lot string lights need only be turned on at sun down, not during the day. They should all be unplugged at the end of the last shift.

There is also access to the BPUMC building for use of the bathroom with a designated green card kept in the cashier's officer (trailer). It's the only access available, so make sure the card is always replaced for the next persons.

Families are reminded that the lot assignment is a family responsibility rather than just dropping the Scout off for his tour..Mom's can assist money handling in the cashier's office (Frank Tank) and Dad's are needed to assist in carrying heavier trees, trimming w/ the electric chain saw, tying trees on vehicles and other requirements in assisting the Scouts.

Thanks again to all for the support and for encouraging attendance.

There will be regular meetings as described in recent Troop Blogs.

YiS dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tree Arrival Delay

The trees will arrive at 4pm today instead of 2pm.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Troop News

There was a well represented PLC and Committee meeting on Monday, Nov 14...

It was noted that the Shiloh Trip this year was the largest number (87) we've had attend in the past twenty years. The weather was as good as it could have been and there were no problems. It was the first time Porto-Poddies were available for the Troop and thanks to Mr.Eggers and his crew, the evening meal was excellent. Thanks especially to those who came up on the advance party to set up our camp and for those who stayed close to camp to assist with all the meals. We were on the road before 9:00 AM on sunday...thanks to Mr. Simon all the pictures are on the Troop web site along with all our other activities during the past month.v Thanks to Mr. Hill and Mr. Hanke, we are back on track for trail patches/awards.

November 20th: Mr. Young, Sr., confirmed and announced that this year's trees will arrive at 2:00 PM on this coming Sunday (November 20th) lnear the Korean Church on Valley....we will need all the help we can get to unload it so please make sure the Dad is there with the Scout to help...if we have the numbers, it will take a hour or less.

On November 21, at 6:30 PM, there will be tree committee meeting to work out the details on picking up the scaffolding, marquis's, advertisements/handouts, planning for electrical hook-ups......

November 21st will be a regular meeting with guest speakers and the Scouts addressing tree sales. This is an important informational program for all the Scouts and leaders who will be on the lot selling trees to attend. please encourage attendance. Scoutmaster's minute is Mr. Presley.

November 25th is the day after Thanksgiving and tree lot set up day starting at 8:00AM. Again, we need everyone to help out in order to expedite the set up in two-three hours. The first shift for sales starts at noon.

November 28th will be a regular meeting with a guest speaker. Scoutmaster's minute is Mr. Eggers.

December 5th will be a regular meeting with a guest speaker. Scoutmaster's minute is Mr. Paul Young.

December 12the is the Troop Christmas Party....more details will be announce by the Senior as to what each patrol will bring for refreshments. A dirty Santa format with more guidelines on gifts TBA.

December 18th Tree lot comes down at 1:00 PM or as announced depending on sales. This is also a every Scout and Dad attendance requirement take an hour or less for the take down.

The next meeting will be on January 7.. at the Bluff Park United Methodist Church youth group area.. It will start Saturday morning and be complete Sunday morning...the Scouts and leaders present will plan the goals and activities for 2012. Snacks will be provided by the Troop in the morning and we will have a lunch in the facility ($3.00 per person). We will go the the Hoover Golden Corral with each person paying their own way (usually less than $12.00)....we need to be clear of the church by 8:00 AM Sunday. One leader other than the Scoutmaster will have to be present and spend the night.

If you have ideas to present to the Scouts about trips and activities for the year, this is good time to attend and contribute to the Troop's planning our agenda. Everyone is welcome.

Thanks to Mr. Branin, our January trip is the USS Yorktown set on the Martin Luther King Holiday. More information will follow regarding details and final fees for fuel and meals. Those who are going have reserved their seats at the PLC and Committee meeting or earlier ...we are looking at about 38 scouts and leaders at this time.

There will be a PLC and Committee meeting the night we return (16th) following the trip, or if we arrive late, the meeting will be on Tuesday (17th) the following Monday if we get back early enough. The first troop meeting will be on the 23rd.

We have arranged for Troop composite Photos on the 23rd with a follow-up time (1:00 PM-3:00PM)) on Sunday the 29th for those who cannot be there on the 23rd. These pictures are for the Troop composite and will include all active Scouts and leaders in the Class A uniform for a $20.00 fee. More details and fees for a photo package will be announced.

The 30th of January will be be a regular Troop meeting

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Troop News

There was a great deal of information passed down from both the District Round Table and the District Committee Meeting which will be affecting us in the next few months:

The District is taking recommendations for the District Award, the Silver Beaver, and Marketing Excellence.

At the time, the District Awards Banquet is scheduled for January 26 at Dawson Memorial. The Troop can get a fee of $100.00 for a table of 8 or if less, a fee of $15.00 per person.. The Order of the Arrow members will assist with meals as they did last year.

If you are a trained leader and would like to earn the green "Trained" knot to wear on the uniform, go to for details and pass in the required paperwork in the next few weeks. They will award these at the District Banquet....same for other earned knots which leaders may earn by serving in active positions in the Troop/Committee/District/Council.

The District will be pushing and planning for another District Service Project as they did last year by cleaning out the Oxmoor cemetary. It will be a direct conflict with the Troop as the day of the service project will be the same day as our annual planning conference (January 7) at the BPUMC.

March 10 has been designated as the District Merit Badge workshop day, where the Scout can earn two merit badges...more information is coming. We will likely attend other district merit badge days also as we have in the past, as they are announced.

Mr. Allison ( is looking for Catholic Scouts to work on the Catholic Religious medal again this year. Mrs. Linda Griggs is starting to coordinate the religious medal for Methodists who will be assisted by Rev Reid Crotty of the BPUMC....these medals are for the Scout's lifetime and are worn as a rope on the uniform as a youth and a leader.

There is new Eagle Project workbook now in print that the District will use as a guideline for future Eagles. It will be passed out and talked to at the next District Round Table..Very important as it is the guidlines the candidate must work with in order to be approved by the Board.

Want to add some excitement and knowledge as well as help out the boys and the Troop? sign up with the Vulcan District Eagle Boards and sit as a will broaden our base and experience for our Scouts as they approach their projects by giving you a broad band knowledge or the various projects and how to successfully complete them....several members of the Troop are member now and will talk you through it: Mr. Branin..Mrs Kidd...Mr. Smith..Dr. Smith...Mr. Jones..Doug Hardy...

The University of Scouting will be held on March 3, 2012 in Cullman High School again. There are a great deal of leader courses available that we all need to be certified with if not through the internet.

The Spring SMLT will be held on February 25th , 2012 at announce location and the OLS will be held on April 30th at Camp Sequoyah. If you are an active leader with us, and have not completed these two courses, you need to plan on it...the Troop will provide all your camping gear as usual.

A Council Wood Badge Course will be offered this Spring and Fall also: April 13-15 and September 27-29...Woodbadge is more in depth continuation of the SMLT and OLS and highly recommended for active leaders for work at the Troop level and with the Committee.

Interested in doing a 20 miler one cay back packing hike at Oak Mountain State Park? Bill Comer will be doing it with members of Troop 28 in fullfilling parts of the Hiking merit badge..He welcomes guests to hike along. They will start at 6:45 AM.....can hook you up with a number if interested.

Mr. Stacy Cole will be re-chartering the Troop very quickly beginning in December....the annual fee for a Scout is $30.00 and a leader $15.00...Each leader must have a certificate of Youth Protection, and signed off by Mrs Kidd, and be a documented /registered leader with the BSA. Please mail or give the fees to Mr. Cole before his deadline (TBA) in order be registered with the Troop this year (2012).

Because of our growing numbers, transportation for out trips is becoming more complex, rather than just hopping on the bus and going with the Frank Tank, Trailer, and a follow on the future, when our trip numbers are high, we will probably have to rely on cars and SUVs to help out with the leaders and Venture Scouts (who normally ride the bus). In the future, as in Shiloh, the drivers will have the cost of fuel (normally part of the overall fee) subtracted from the overall fee and we will reimburse the driver carrying Troop passengers for the remainder of the cost of his /her fuel required for his vehicle for the trip.

The fees for the trips will probably be raised somewhat for non-drivers to compensate for fuel costs for all the vehicles we will have to consider taking. We will discuss this more in the next Committee meeting.

Hope to see your sons marching on Friday in the parade with us, and leaders as well if you have time off from work. Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance at all our activities.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Monday, November 07, 2011

Troop News

On behalf of Mr. Madison and Reverend Reid Crotty, thanks to all the Scouts and families that were present with Mr. Scott and the Vulcan District Executive,for the Presentation Belk's made to the Greater Alabama Council with the Troop representing the Council at the Galleria last Friday and as described below by Greg.....Means a great deal to the Scouting family for your support and being present for the occasion.

Want to also congratulate Mr. Morris and Mr. Miller for completing the second part of the two- parts of Leader Training this weekend at Camp Sequoyah..that completes their requirement for the "Trained" tab they can wear on the uniform and that we will present at a Troop meeting. Also thanks to Dr. Rusty Brantley for attending also and for completing his first part of the two part series for his tab. As earlier stated these, and those who have completed these and all the training we have participated in since January 2011, are positive ear marks for our staying abreast of the learning curve for the boys.

Thanks also to Mr, Camp for attending Merit Badge Couselor Training certification last Thursday and for Chief Stacy Cole for catching up for us on Quality Unit Rechartering and Unit Rank Advancement requirements also on Thursday during the Round Table sessions.

The following Scouts, thanks to Mr. Simon assisting with transportation requirements, went to Camp Comer this last weekend for the November Ordeal. C Hutchens received his Brotherhood while along as a member of the group, while E Kidd, N Ng, and N Bolding all assisted M Gunn, S Hardy, S Hardy, and J Elmore with delivering an effective "Pre-Ordeal" ceremony to the candidates who were present. We stayed the entire weekend, playing the Nunne-Hi Chapter Drum during the afternoon and evenings for the candidates entertainment, then thanks to Mrs. Hutchens, we headed headed back to Birmingham, arriving at the Hut close to Noon on Sunday.

Monday night, Nov 7, will be busy with a final headcount for Shiloh, fee payment and consent forms to Mr. Elmore, an excellent movie presentation and overview of the battle, and Mr. Hanke will outline what persons will be hiking what trails..along with a show of hands for the advance party and who will be assisting with meals for Saturday's breakfast, lunch, and dinner.....If a leader or a Scout cannot be present Monday night and plans on going, regardless of what capacity, the advance party leader, Mr. Gunn has to know, the patrol leader who will raise his hand to assure he gets meals has to know, Mr. Hanke has to know for a trail assignment, and Mr. Eggers has to know for meal planning. So it is important to be there of make sure your status is known. This is one of our larger trips and the numbers have to crunch correctly.

Again, as we know, Friday, Veterans Day, is a holiday for the Hoover School System..and we will be marching in the parade as as explained in the October 18th Blog on the Troop Web site...No need for the Scout to stay at home when you can drop him off at the hut to march in the parade with us and the rest of the Greater Alabama Council..just drop him off at the Hut at 8:00 AM (we have things to do there), with all his gear for Shiloh, dress for the weather, have lunch money for the Golden Corral Lunch, then after the parade we will eat at McDonalds, before we get to the Hut prepared to leave for Shiloh......the makings of great day....Again this will be addressed at the meeting Nov 7.

Uniform for the parade is the same as Shiloh..Class A in either Scout Shorts or Scout long pants (zipped on) no jeans or sweat pants showing under the shorts for the respect for the Veterans and the uniform itself....Troop Neckerchief and merit badge sash are optional....

For Shiloh, he will need his class A uniform also, a hat to protect from the sun is recommended, day pack to carry his water and snacks as well as his jacket if he starts off hiking with one ( it is usually cold in the morning then gets warmer during the day) he should also bring his rain suit in the day pack in case of rain..same for gloves and hiking boots/shoes with wool socks and polypropolyne sock liners for hiking the trails at Shiloh..

For All: Dressing for Shiloh is best practiced using the layering principle..take it off and carrying as you go in your day pack, but putting it back on as required and as the weather changes.....

Thanks again for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"