Monday, August 29, 2011

Troop Election tonight

Thanks again to Mr. Dale Brownbridge for getting all the wood in front of the Hut we gathered over the past few months, and split this weekend, with Mr. Nelms and Mr. Presley, and the nearly thirty people who showed up Saturday morning to get it done....A lot of work quickly and impressively stacked. Thanks to all for the potential it serves for us this year.

We need a good attendance for the meeting tonight for Troop Elections. The boys will be electing the Senior Patrol Leader, Patrol leaders, and all the other positions we vote for each six months. Those not elected are appointed or volunteered.

Again, there will be no meeting on September 5th due to the Labor Day holiday..

We have lined up some great programs for the month's meeting dates and the trip to Clanton will be a first for the Troop, following the Bluff Park Art Show on October 1. With the Cahaba Canoe Trip coming up in October, and Shiloh in November, we have an exiting Fall season coming up. In between all of this are the Order of the Arrow weekends for the Ordeal and Fall Fellowship.

Mr. Simon will be posting the updated Troop roster (dated August 17) on the Troop web site in the next day or so..please take a look at it and make sure your contact information is correct and the Scout's personal data is in sync where he is supposed to be. The roster is attached to this memo if you would like to open it now.

If your son is an Eagle or Croc and has been active since he joined in March...he should be nearing getting his ten activities required for 1st Class....If that is the case or he is getting closer, he needs to contact the Scoutmaster for a Scoutmaster's Conference and Board of Review..The campout coming in September will provide the time at that location to get a good number of these done. If he is working on higher ranks the same applies for his earning merit badges and performing required activities/responsibilities for that rank. If he is Life Scout ( Shark through Venture) ..he needs to have Eagle Project in mind and to begin planning on getting it behind him.

The Scouts and leaders attending the Sea Base Trip this year are asked to bring in their first $100.00 to Ms. Kidd for their required downpayment.

Uniform for meetings are a Scout T shirt or red Troop T shirt, Scout shorts, Scout socks, and Scout belt.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Splitting wood Saturday

All, this is a reminder that the firewood splitting and stacking is this Saturday from 8AM till noon. We have a number of pallets set up behind the hut & ready for stacking on.

Mr. Nelms & Mr. Presley will be bringing splitters, so the hardest work will be in moving & stacking the split wood. All hands will make the work easier.

Please bring work gloves, water bottles & work shoes. Mr. Horn will be opening the hut so we have facilities, etc.

This counts as service and activity in Troop, so please put your name on the sign-in sheet when you arrive, and remember to sign out when you leave.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Troop News

August 22 We had a well attended PLC and Committee meeting yesterday. Thanks to all who attended for the input we received and the planning we made...Thanks especially to Youngs for their leadership in tree sales recommendations for the coming season and for Dr. Tracy Hamilton's input as the Troop's former Committee Chairman and former wreath and tree sales Chair.

August 29 We need a good turnout this coming Monday for Troop Elections. The new leaders will assume office on Octobe 24 at our Troop Court of Honor. Scoutmaster's minute is Mr. Brownbridge.

September 5 There is no meeting due to the Labor Day Holiday,

September 12 Regular meeting ( We need a program/guest speaker) Scoutmaster's minute is Mr. Hill

September 19 Prep for Campout (We need a Program/guest speaker as well as setting up the work Schedule for the Bluff Park Art Show coming on 1 October) coming 23-24 Sept Scoutmaster's minute is Mr. Paul Young


September 22 loading Troop gear for Trip to Clanton for the weekend..All the attending Scouts will earn the Horsemanship merit badge as well as getting a 3 hour or so ride. There will be stations they attend on all aspects of the merit badge requirements. The property has two ponds where the boys can earn the fishing merit badge if they haven't already.

The cost for 40 persons is projected as $25.00 for the riding fee w/specialist for the merit badge; $12.00 for meals and and $10.00 for fuel ( Bus + Frank Tank + 3 cars) is $40.00 per person

September 23 Meet a hut at 5:00 PM and return at around noon on Sept 25

September 26 PLC and Troop committee Meeting

Sept 30-Oct 2 Order of the Arrow fellow ship weekend at Camp Comer

October 1 Troop services the Annual Bluff Park Art Show from 6:00 AM until 5:00 PM....We sell water/ice cream/coffee/wreaths/firewood empty park trash cans, pick up litter, assist artists as needed.

If your Scout recently made Second Class at the recent Court of Honor, the recent trip to SC and the activities coming up in Sept should get him close to his 10 activities for 1st Class..when he completes those, he needs to get a Scoutmaster's Conference with the SM before a regular meeting or on the next trip we take in September. Same would apply to 2nd Class (5 troop activities) if he made tenderfoot at the last Court of Honor.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS dan s

"Delivering the Promise"

Monday, August 22, 2011

Troop News

The white water trip to the Ocoee and Nantahalla was one of our best with about 59 Scouts and leaders...Thanks to Mr. Simon the photos are posted on our Troop Web Site.

Welcome again to A Miller and his family in joining the Troop last week and for participating in his first trip w/us this last weekend.

Thanks epecially to Mr Branin, Mr. Schock, Mr. Horn, Mrs and Mrs Young, and Mr Hanke for setting up the camp site at Gee State Park before we arrived. Thanks also to Mr. Gunn, Mr. Morris, Dr. Brantley, and Mr. Simon, and Mr. Schock for making their vehicles available for the trip to haul leaders in following the packed bus and for the advance party. It was good to see Dr. Bansal and Mrs. Cullwell lendin support on the trip as well.

As we have spoken to it, I called Raccoon Mountain (Tenn) and found that the fee for an overnight four hour wild cave expedition is $40.00 and $46.00 for a six hour tour. That doesn't include a ride up the cable car to Lookout Mountain that we would do in the morning and afternoon then eating a meal before we went into the cave after 6:30 PM..nor fuel for the bus ride up and back...There is space available at this if we want to go in place of Oak Mountain in September.

Our scheduled trip for September is to Oak Mountain for wilderness survival training for the scouts who have not earned the merit badge and for biking/backpacking/canoeing for those who have.

We have this choice to make at the PLC and committee meeting. We have been spending some good sized fees and putting some mileage on the bus recently with more I thought Oak Mountain would serve as a break away from that..but then caving fun and higher adventure as a break from the ordinary. Need some input on this from the PLC and the Committee tonight to make a final decision.

Uniform is not required tonight for the equipment take down and storage at 6:30 PM, the PLC at 7:00 PM, and the Committee meeting at 8:00 PM. If you havent attended a Troop committee meeting whether you choose to be active with us or not or just join in the conversation, please feel free to attend.

The Council Top Gun competition at Camp Sequoyah is the coming Saturday for any of our boys who may have done the shooting merit badge at camp and were invited by the Shooting Sports Director to attend..

Mr. Brownbridge and Mr. Nelms will be at the Hut this Saturday splitting our wood and stacking it. Please have the Scout come by and assist all who can be there to get this behind us.. The work will count as service for rank advancement for the boys.

The District will be putting on their routine adult leadership courses (SMLT..Scoutmaster Leader Training and the companion OLS.Outdoor Leadership Training) during October and November..These are excellent courses on assuring leaders understand the fundamentals of working as leaders with the Scouts in a Troop setting both at the Hut and in the field. If you haven't attended and will attend campouts with the Troop. please try to schedule some time and make a point of signing up. Same for all the course offered on Please make sure you give Cathy Kidd all the resultant certificates your earn for the Troop and Council records.

We will also be talking at the Committee meeeting to a bus trip/campout to the north (Glacier) or to the west (Yellowstone) since Philmont and Seabase haven't been worked out due to sheduling issues ....

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Whitewater trip

We had a well attended meeting tonight, with less than a few exceptions, all going on the trip were present.

There will be about 60 Scouts and leaders on the trip....

Patrol leaders, Ast patrol leaders, patrol quartermasters, and Troop quartermasters will meet at the Hut on Thursday (August 18) at 6:30 PM to prepare and load our gear on the Frank Tank and the large trailer.

.The early party will leave with Mr. Branin (Mr. Horn, Mr. Schock, Mr. Horn, and Mr. and Mrs Paul Young ) in the AM on Friday (August 19)....The main body of the Troop will meet at the Hut at 5:00PM Friday for a departure as soon as we can..Quartermasters parents purchasing meals can pick up a Troop ice chest in the back of the Hut to ice down meals for the Friday departure..include the ice on your receipt for reimbursement. Remember...aim for $3.00 per person per meal, no soft drinks or ice tea except as provided by the Troop, and no desert for the Saturday meal as we will have Troop ice cream.

We will get most of the 39 Scouts on the bus (36) with the remainder riding up with Mr. Gunn on Saturday (August 20) morning, and in Mr. Simon's, Mr. Horne's, and Dr. Brantley's vehicles on Friday following with the bus.

The Troop will eat a fast breakfast on Saturday, departing for rafting NLT 8:30 AM.

He will need lunch money for a stop for lunch at McDonalds, before we get to he Nantahalla Center/ put-in.

We will return back to Camp at about 6:00 PM, have dinner, ice cream, and a camp fire.

What he needs to have on the trip:

Red Troop T shirt w/scout shorts/scout socks, and Scout belt for trip to the camp site from Bham and return.

Shorts/bathing suit/T shirt /sneakers or boat shoes (Crocs not permitted) for the river..if cold natured, he may want to bring a nylon jacket over the t shirt under the required personal flotation device. Hats are optional.

Quart drinking water Water bottle and water bailer with rope for tying on the raft (gallon milk jug or orange juice jug used as a bailer and water sports on the river)

If he wears glasses, he should wear glasses restraints while on the river (will make him tie on with string otherwise)..

Towel, dry shorts/t-shirt socks and shoes for the 2 1/2 - three hour trip back to camp after rafting unless he wants to sit with wet clothes on the bus on the way back to camp. Showers for a dollar or so will be available at the Nantahalla, so he needs to have some body soap if he wants it once off the river.

We will depart Gee State Park, after a Sunday ( August 21) service, as soon as possible for a return before 2:00 PM to the Hut (he should have breakfast/lunch money for a stop at McDonalds).

IMPORTANT: When you drop him off Friday afternoon, please make sure you come in and sign the Ocoee or Nantahalla River Consent form inside the Hut and bring the regular BSA consent for from the Troop web site with him. He won't be able to leave without both being signed...the fee for the trip for Nantahalla remains at $60.00; the fee for the Ocoee remains at $112.00

Thanks for all you support and for encouraging attendance..

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eagle Board of Review Procedures

Dear Scoutmasters and Eagle Advisors,

We wanted to share with you some suggestions for submittal of the Eagle project books that will make things run a little better for our Board members and our Scouts. You will want to share this e-mail with your Life Scouts and with your Eagle advisors. At some point soon, these procedures will become mandatory.

1. Timing. The deadline for project books remains the last Thursday of the month and Eagle Boards will continue to be held on the second Thursday of each month, beginning at 7:00 p.m. (See discussion below on deadline extension requests.)

2. Eagle Project Books; One Binder, Two Additional Copies. While we request a total of three copies of each Eagle book, we do not want three separate loose-leaf binders for the books. We prefer one loose-leaf binder that contains the full project book accompanied by two separate Xerox copies of the proposal that are just stapled together. The copies can be sandwiched into the binder. If you are worried about them getting lost, put a couple of large rubber bands around the loose-leaf. This avoids the need for the Scouts to purchase three binders and will help us in the physical handling of the books. (On a personal basis, it means the difference between your humble Eagle Board Chairman having to carry 16 books in a given month or 48. It will also help out Angie in the Scout office in handling the materials.)

3. Binders with Pockets. As far as the binders themselves, we prefer a one-inch binder, rather than larger ones. Also, please submit binders that have a thin pocket inside the front cover. Most binders come that way now. The pocket is useful for holding the Eagle application, the letters of recommendation and the statement of ambition.

4. E-mail Addresses. The Project Book contains a blank for an e-mail address that is marked "optional". Notwithstanding that designation, we now always communicate with the Scouts about Eagle Board dates via e-mail. Please consider e-mail addresses to be mandatory.

5. Letters of Recommendation. Remember that final Eagle books should be accompanied by:
(i) the original Eagle application containing all the necessary signatures,
(ii) a statement of ambition and
(iii) three letters of recommendation. The best procedure is to have the letters placed in sealed envelopes, addressed to the Vulcan District Eagle Board of Review, and to submit them to the council office at the same time as the final project books and applications. Do not mail them to the Scout office. Having them mailed to the Scout office causes all sort of problems because they have to be sorted and make their way to the Eagle coordinator and sometimes don't get there before the Thursday deadline. If for some reason letters of recommendation are not ready by the Thursday deadline, please do not take them to the Scout office or have them mailed. Have the Scout bring them to Briarwood on the night of the BoR so that they can be reviewed by the Board.

6. Deadlines are Deadlines Except . . . . One of the things we try to teach Scouts is the importance of personal management, which includes meeting deadlines. To that end, we would appreciate your refraining from turning in books late or requesting extensions of the last Thursday deadline. The only exception should be for a Scout that is approaching his 18th birthday and is making a last ditch attempt to make it to Eagle. While we realize that it is entirely inconsistent to give those who have waited until the last minute a break in scheduling, our goal is, after all, to promote worthy Scouts. We can live with the inconsistency and hope you will be understanding.

7. The Perfect Eagle Book. In summary, the perfect Eagle book will consist of one 1" loose-leaf binder, with a pocket in the inside front cover, and containing the following:
(i) Complete Eagle project book having all necessary signatures and with all pages included. Some Scouts put every page in a vinyl loose-leaf sleeve. This is optional but not required.
(ii) Two complete stapled copies of the Eagle Project book (just sandwiched inside the binder, not in separate binders).
In addition, if this is the final Eagle Board of Review and not preliminary project approval, the following should be included
(iii) Completed Eagle Application with all signatures (in front pocket)
(iv) Statement of Ambition (in front pocket)
(v) Sealed envelopes with three letters of recommendation (in front pocket)

Further information on the Eagle application process can be found at our District's very own website:

Our goal as a group is to make the procedures for Eagle reviews as efficient and logical as possible so that our Scouts and the panels can concentrate on the substance of the project books and engage in the serious dialogue that is intended for these boards. The October Vulcan District Roundtable will be devoted to training of Scoutmasters and adult leaders on the "Life to Eagle" Process. We will be there to answer questions about the BoR process, and Alvie Allison, our District Advancement Chairman, will lead the discussion. Make your plans to join us.

Thanks for your service to Scouting and especially for your work with these young men as they seek Scouting's highest rank.

Yours in Scouting,

George Taylor
Chairman, Vulcan District Eagle Board of Review

Justin Kelly,
Vice Chairman, Vulcan District Eagle Board of Review

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Troop News

L Young's building his bridge behind the Shades Mountain Elementary School as his Eagle Project is complete and continues set the the high standard and attention to detail as demonstrated by those preceding him in the long tradition of the Troop in the Bluff Park and Hoover community. Certainly congratulations and thanks to all those who participated in assisting him with it in the past three weeks.

On Saturday, August 13, twenty-four scouts and about ten leaders met all day at the Brock Gap Training Center to work on earning their Rifle and Shot-gun merit badges. A large number of the Scouts earned the badges with the remainder to work again on the badges in when announced in the immediate future (October?).

Thanks again to Mr. Danny Coker and the Brock Gap staff who assisted, the instructional format was intense, fast moving, and complimented with non-interrupted opportunities to fire nearly the entire day. There were fifteen shooting orders and two skeet throwers were active at both locations within the range area. Pictures will be posted on the Troop web site.

Thanks especially to all our leaders for assisting in all phases, and to Mr. Kyle Horne for all the quartermaster detailing in getting our gear to the range, lunch, and wrapping up.

The final re-cap will be announced Monday night by Mr. Horn/Mr. Coker at the regular meeting for those who completed the badges and for those who can attend a make-up.

If you or your son is coming on the white water trip, he must be present for the Monday night (August 15) meeting to assure our accurate head count for meals and registration. If a leader or Scout cannot be present, (s)he has the responsibility to notify the patrol leader/patrol advisor as to assure our final count and to assure we have transportation assets. Don't assume you will be counted if you can't make it....

We still need a final count for an advance party...The Troop depends on leaders who will take the time to travel up in the morning with Mr. Branin to reserve our tenting area but also to set up tents for the Troop which will arrive around mid-night EST. So far there are only four-five who have volunteered..8-10 is better..please reconsider going early party and using your vehicle for passengers...If your son is a Venture Scout (and you will be accompanying him) going on the Ocoee River, we will need a vehicle or two to transport them from the camp to the "put-in." The Troop will underwrite the fuel costs. The advance party will normally depart from the Hut at mid-morning on Friday, or earlier, in order to secure our location at the Park.

The program on Monday will include a summary presentation by Mr. Griggs on white water safety, clothing to wear, equipment to bring. Mr. Cox will also add information, followed by other topics, meal planning, and Troop activities/announcements.

The Order of Arrow Ceremony team and Drum Team representing the Nunne-Hi Chapter of Coosa Lodge (S and S Hardy, P and E Kidd, N Bolding, M Gunn, and J Elmore meet Sunday (August 14) for practice at the Hut at 1:30 PM. If the Scout is a member of the OA and is interested in being a member of the team, he needs to attend for an hour or so. The Troop, thanks to the present team and J Ng, J Kunka, J and K Berry has never contributed now or anytime in the Troop's past as they are now...We have never had stronger dedication in numbers and spirit than we have now...It is good time to get on the team for the adventure, camaraderie, and esprit the OA offers. The first ordeal is coming soon in September. Congratulations again to H Elmore, N Ng, Mr. Jay Elmore and LT COL Kidd for being tapped out as members at summer camp.

The Council is continuing to press for trained leaders...assure that if you are a registered leader in the Troop that you have completed the mandatory Youth Protection ( and are planning on attending the Scoutmaster Fundamental course and Outdoor Leadership Course this Fall. Please go to: my and take as many of the courses as you can in order to give us the depth we deserve as a strong Troop. The District is also looking for leaders to sit on the Monthly Eagle Boards that hear and make the final approval of Eagle Projects...There are more than five leaders in our Troop who are currently serving.

We will talk to this at the Monday meeting. The experience of sitting on the Board increases your own understanding of the process, but most importantly gives the Troop and our own Scouts the benefit of your experience in what successful Scouts accomplish in earning their Eagle for those following them.

Unfortunately, there continues to an attendance issue with older Scouts....the Eagle rank is awarded based upon the Scout's demonstrated leadership, understanding and contributing to the team effort, and demonstrating and understanding and application of the Scout Law and Oath...if he is not attending regular meetings or trips/activities, he is not sharing the notes and wisdom of the guest speakers and weekly programs/activities....Failure to regularly attend will be a reflection on his record when he finally submits his application for the Eagle rank....finally, his absence deprives the younger Scouts the role model and experience of an older Scout who observed as he earned his own Eagle... please encourage attendance.

Thanks for all you support, time, and effort you are contributing to the program in assuring the opportunities we attempt are well met and more than meet the goals and expectations of the boys and the Scouting program.

YiS dan s

"Delivering the Promise"

Monday, August 08, 2011

Troop News

We have an exceptional program coming tonight with a presentation by J Ng.....he will be speaking to and presenting a program on his personal experience at the National Youth Leadership School (NOLS) in Alaska several weeks ago..please encourage attendance for the potential the program has for Scouts in the Troop. This will be followed by other short Troop topics.

Congratulations to Mr. Griggs and Mrs. Russell for earning their CDL's. We are looking forward to the rides down the road during our adventures getting there and back.

Thanks again to Mr. Dan Coker, for those Scouts who signed up for the rifle and shot gun merit badge this coming Saturday at the Brock's Gap Training Center, they need to be there at 8:00 PM with their water bottle, $10.00 for the merit badges and $3.00 for lunch (separate costs) A total of $13.00 can be made out the the Troop as a check or in cash. The July 26 Troop newsletter has all the details.

We have a headcount from the Court of Honor for the White water trip.....At the time, depending on final numbers..the cost for the Nantahalla trip is $60.. and the cost for the Ocoee is $112.00 (changed from 122.00 for a discount arranged by Mr. Branin for the Troop)..the fees were calculated in the August 2 newsletter and will absorb additional extra costs for fuel if we need addition vehicles and miscellaneous costs for the advance party as required for the set up.

At the meeting tonight we will talk to more details about the trip, including attendance on the advance party to set up our camp. Please encourage attendance so we can harden our numbers count...If you or your son intend to go on the trip but cannot be present for the Monday meetings, his patrol leader/quartermaster must know on the 15th whether he is coming or not for meal planning. As requested by Mr. Elmore, The checks for the trip should be brought in on at the meeting on the 15th to lighten the work load the Friday we leave in collecting them....Please also complete the BSA Consent Form found on on the Troop Web Site.

We will also talk to the swim test requirements at the meeting tonight for those who have not passed are still required to pass it this year.

The Troop's Order of the Arrow Drum and Ceremony Team met at the Hut yesterday with about seven in attendance....we will be scheduling some Sunday afternoons in preparation for the September Ordeal coming up soon.

Thanks to Mr.Doug Hardy, the first meeting of the 2012 Sea Base trip met at the Hut Sunday evening (last night) and about 23 have signed up for the trip in the middle of July with more details tonight at the Troop meeting.

The L Young Eagle Project met for it's second work day on the last Saturday and are nearing a completion stage...Logan will be announcing his final plans in the immediate future if more assistance is required...The project is a premier example of an excellent bridge building plan and execution that all of the Scouts should understand for planning their own in the future.

We have a great deal going on with an action packed plan during the next few months....please encourage attendance and thanks for all your support in assuring the program is as strong as it is.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Monday, August 01, 2011

COH tonight at BPUMC

The work at the Young Eagle Project was true learning process and strong teamsmanship for those who were present as can be seen on the Troop Web Site posted by Mr. Simon was the Court of Honor today for J Ng, A Byrd, and B Garrett....likewise posted on the Troop web site. Thanks for all your support and encouraging attendance to make both of these successful...Congratulations again to B Garrett,J Ng, and A Byrd for earning their Eagle rank and to their parents, family, and leaders who assisted in the endeavor.

L Young's project will continue next the same place..encourage the Scout, as well as leaders, on helping out with this.

The Troop Court of Honor is tomorrow (Monday, August 1) at the regular location at the Bluff Park United Methodist Church..the Shark patrol is the host patrol and should arrive at 6:00 PM to help w/ the set up... Uniform for Scouts is tan shirt/neckerchief/Scout shorts/Scout sock, and merit badge sash. Dinner is the Pot Luck format with what to bring posted on an earlier Troop News letter. Starting time will be be at 6:30 PM

Thanks to Advancement Chairman, Mr. Stacy Cole, all the merit badges earned at summer camp, as well as all recent rank advancements will be given at the Court tomorrow, so please encourage attendance. We will be making a great deal of announcements and asking for commitments to our up and coming activiites.

Attached is the Agenda for tomorrow night..please make a copy...give a copy to your son and point out to him where he should be prepared to speak of an activity when called upon.

Thanks again for all your support and encouraging attendance...being there is ninety percent of making all of this work for us.

YiS Dan S "Delivering the Promise"