Friday, February 15, 2013


We had a well attended meeting tonight and packed the house with Scouts, cubs, WEBELOS, and leaders. At this time it looks like we will have about 45 Scouts, 25 leaders, 16 WW I's and II's along with their parents.

Meals were planned by the Scouts...please go ahead and purchase the groceries, ice them at home, and bring them in to the Hut Friday.. You can try for space in the Hut refridgerator but space is limited. though in the past, space was ample for refriderated items..please mark them when you put them in the refriderator to avoid confusion when taken on the Trip. The Troop will underwrite the cost of the ice if you need it for perishibles before Friday night when we leave. you are welcome to use Troop ice chests on Thursday night also..but bring ice for the chests.

Thursday night is also the Troop quartermaster night in preparation for the Camporee..uniform is not required..he needs to be there at 6:30 PM. We should be gone in an hour or so.

We will meet at the Hut at 5:00 PM on Friday in preparation for departing for the camporee at Tanneyhill State Park and should return between 10:00 and 11:00 AM on Sunday. Please make sure is prepared for the weather in case cold temperatures and possibly a shower.

Haven't been on a camp out with us before? Now is a good time to visit at our campsite and check it out. There will be patrol competitions going on during the morning hours and if you can stay for the camp fire that night our Scouts will be performing a team dance at the fire as part of the Order of the Arrow invitation to increase local membership in our chapter.

Monday, February 18 will be the gear storage at 6:30 PM, the PLC at 7:00 PM, and the Troop Committee meeting at 8:00PM..uniform not required.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Dr. Nelson's obituary and guestbooks

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Dr. Nelson passed away

I have just learned  that Dr. Frank Nelson has passed from complications due to  his recent stroke.  I had just visited him at Brookwood two nights ago and he seemed to be recovering.

I will contact his daughter, Ashley, tomorrow for some more details and about the pending services.

Frank is an Eagle Scout,   the former Fire Chief of Bluff Park before incorporation w/Hoover,  a former orthodontic surgeon of dentistry  at UAB, a practicing attorney, small business owner in Fairfield, and public defender for the City of Hoover...

he began working with the Troop when his son, Ben, crossed over from WEBELOS in,  1997....adding greatly as a leader and active Scouter to the  depth of  our shooting sports program with rifle, shotgun, and ammunition assets...working as the Troop  merit badge counselor for wilderness survival, purchasing and insuring the Frank Tank for the Troop, not to mention countless hours spent with the Troop and the Council's Top Gun program. 

He will be sorely missed by the City of Hoover, the Troop, and all his past and current relationships built over the years in the Birmingham, Hoover, and Bluff Park communities.

YiS Dan S                          "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Shelby District MB Day

A New (the last) Merit Badge day Registration!!!!!!!!

There are only 11 classes offered but one is Cooking which will be Eagle required as of

Jan 1,2014.

This is a conflict with the new scout campout day so carpooling may be in order, more info to follow.

Shelby District Outdoor Merit Badge Day Sign Up

Event is April 6,2013 all day Saturday at Oak Mtn State parkThis is an opportunity to work towards earning 2 merit badges in a day!

Registration is open and I will register Troop 21 scouts for this event.

Please follow these instructions to get your son signed up.

1. Go to website
2. click on first tab: enter registration system
3. scroll down and click on 4-6-2013 Shelby District Outdoor Merit Badge Day 2013 tab Oak Mtn
4. Select 2 sessions am and pm or an all day class
5. Email me

Scouts name
Parent Cell number
Parent email
Session 1 choice
Session 2 choice
or all day choice

I will register your son and send you an email confirmation.  


Thanks to good attendance last night and the leaders who assisted in making it possible, the meeting last night with "round robin" stations worked well for the Scouts..

We will do the same next Monday along with talking to what we will need for the Camporee, weather-wise, and patrol meal planning.

The WEBELOS are invited to join please encourage attendance. The fee for the Camporee are $20.00 (camping fee), $12.00 meals, and $5.00 fuel ( WEBELOs in personal cars won't pay Troop fuel fees).

Below is an offer for some outdoor merit badges being given again by the Shelby County District....As Ms. Kidd noted....the cooking merit badge will be required for all Scouts who earn the Eagle rank beginning in January, 2014.....if he has it now or before then, that counts as the merit badge doesn't change and if it does the one he has now still counts....the Badge requires out door camping meals with the have him look it up on to see what he is going to need to do to complete it.

If he decides he should take the badge now and cook at campout to earn it, then read Mrs. Kidd notes below and sign up.....

We need a leader to step forward organize a Saturday with the PLC (after the Camporee) morning/day to work on our wood pile in the vicinity of the side and the back of the Hut...the front part needs to be cleaned up along with splitting the rest of the large logs that are there for camp fires and the far back section needs to be moved forward as it is becoming hazardous for the Scouts to haul what is split forward to load it for trips...large log in the front that need to be split are pine and we need that mix to have brighter/bigger fires for our campfires along with all the hard woods we have accumulated.

Thanks for your support and for encouraging attendance.....YiS Dan s

Troop News

Congratulations!.... again to Junior Assistant Scoutmaster S Hardy and his family for attending the GAC Eagle Recognition Banquet last night at the Gardendale High School honoring the GAC Scouts who earned their Eagles in 2012.

He and the other 130 families attending representing the GAC Southern Districts were among the more than 400 total GAC 2012 Eagles...the northern Districts will have their banquet in Huntsville.

Thanks to Mrs. Kidd, more than 17 of our Scouts attended the Three Rivers District Merit Badge Day today at Jefferson State Junior College where they earned two merit badges. As described by by Mrs. Kidd, two more such days are scheduled in the near future (Vulcan District and Shelby District). Scouts should be planning on taking advantage of these opportunities.

Sunday, February 3, will be a busy afternoon at the Hut, starting at 1:00PM, thanks to the leaders who will be assisting:

Order of the Arrow Ceremony and Drum Teams
Foil, Back Packing, and Dutch Oven Cooking Teams
Baking Teams
CPR Certification

Monday, February 4, will be a patrol Camporee preparation meeting with assisting/advising leaders and senior Scouts.. if the Scout is not present, he won't know what the requirements are and his part in the competition w/his patrol at the please encourage attendance.

Mark your calendars also for these coming Troop activities:

Thursday Februrary 7 CPR certification at the hut at 6:30 PM

Sunday February 10: Scout Sunday 8:30 in the BPUMC Sanctuary

February 15-18 Camporee at Tanneyhill State Park

Saturday February 23 Vulcan District Merit Badge Day

Sunday February 24 Eagle Court earlier projected is cancelled

Monday February 25 Troop Picture make-up

Saturday March 2 University of Scouting

March 8-10 Wilderness First Aid Course

March 15-17 Shooting Sports Weekend

Monday March 18 WEBELOS Cross over BPUMC Reid Crotty Fellowship Hall

Thursday March 21 New Scout Orientation at Hut at 6:30 PM

April 6-7 New Scout Campout at Oak Mountain Primitive Camp Site

April 12-14 Zip Line Campout, Troy AL

Saturday April 20 Junior Leader Training at Hut 8:00 AM to Noon.

April 26-29 Order of the Arrow Conclave in Covington, GA (Pre-Register before end of March)

Monday April 29 Troop Court of Honor

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"