Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer Camp

The most exciting news is that thanks to Mr. Griffith and Mr. Simon, two crews are at the Sea Base High Adventure as we speak( they arrived yesterday) and Mr. Simon's crew will depart for Sea Base on Friday Morning.

There will be a meeting this Monday on June 1 with emphasis on Summer camp and a guest speaker/sales rep from Mountain High.

Thursday night (June 4) will also be a meeting to pack our gear for summer camp on the Frank Tank... Patrol leaders, Troop and patrol quartermasters need to plan on being there. It takes less than an hour starting at 6:30 PM.

We will gather at the Hut on Sunday, June 7, dressed in the class B uniform (red "t" shirt, Scout shorts, Scout belt, and Scout socks....pack the tan BSA shirt for dinner and campfire that night) at 11:30AM in order to arrive at Camp at about 2:00 PM we need to be on the road at about Noon. He should pack a lunch, or eat something before he gets to the Hut as super in the dining hall won't be until about 5:30 PM. .

Remember..due to limited space on the Frank Tank, square travel/steamer trunks are not permitted..only soft body tote bags will work for out our numbers. He should bring a collapsible canvas chair with his name on it for Troop campfires each evening. Please read over the Troop Guide for what to bring and check the Troop Web Site for some of the same material (what to bring to summer camp) as well as reading over the GAC Summer Camp Leader's Guide for additional information (also located on our Troop Web site).

He cannot go to camp without his updated medical physical form and please go to the Troop Web site and complete the BSA Parental Release form making a hard copy along with his physical.

There are maps to Camp Sequoyah in the Troop Guide and on the Leader's Summer Camp Guide on our Troop Web site. We will be camped at Boone's place just above the Camp Store and also above the camp swimming area. Visitor's night is Wednesday (June 10). Plan on visiting with him if at all possible and bring his favorite meal and some snacks with you to eat in camp with him. Bring rain gear in case it rains. You can start visiting anytime after 4:00 PM with the campfire activities starting at about 7:30 PM, or sooner. If you won't be able to make it, please arrange for another parent to bring him his meal. In all likelihood, he can meet you in the parking area at an agreed time and help you carry any packages to the campsite....You can carry any soiled clothing, except his uniform parts, home on your way home also. We will talk to all of this again during the June 1 (Monday) meeting.

Summer camp is the best time of the year for the Troop as we bond together as a united group of Scouts and leaders, all heading the same direction. It is time of fun, adventure, and learning....this year's camp will be our best...thanks for all your support and work in making this happen.



"Delivering the Promise"

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day ceremony, June 1 Troop Meeting

Don't forget there is no meeting tonight at the Hut due to the Memorial Day Holiday. There will be a meeting June 1 with emphasis on summer camp and a quest speaker regarding personal equipment from a Mountain High representative.

There will be some leaders and Scouts tonight at the Hut at 6:30 PM putting up last weekend's gear that was still are welcome to join us for about twenty minutes or so...

Congratulations to Mr. Doug Hardy for completing the final stage of Leader training (Outdoor Leader Skills and Training course -OLS), despite the rain, at Camp Sequoyah this weekend and for the following Scouts, Cubs, thier familes and Leaders for attending and participating in the Vulcan District's Veteran's Memorial Day Rembrance ceremonies at the Alabama Veteran's Memorial across from Liberty Park:

The Kidd's
The Gandy's
The Bolding's
The Griffith's
The Oliver's
The Scott's

P Kidd and Z Gandy were part of the opening Flag ceremony, while P Kidd and C Griffith read the names of the Veteran's Honor Role. Mr. Griffith's rendition of the Official "Taps" on his bugle for the closing was excellent...and all others participating in all the different events and audience was well representative of the Troop and the Greater Alabama Council. On behalf of our Scout Executive, Mr. Tim Cooper, Troop Commissioner Roger Etherington, and the organizing Veterens Day Committee, thanks for taking your time from the Holiday for such a special occasion for the Veterans on Memorial Day.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Take down & PLC tonight, NO Meeting Next Monday

The trip to the Walls of Jericho was, as Mr. Lepianka stated, one of our best and certainly challenging with the weather. It was the first time the Troop has made the trip there. We had a total of 38 Scouts and leaders attending with nothing but positives about the trip. with an exception, .all of the new Sharks attended and warmed quickly into the trip its fun and its challenges. Thanks again to Mr. Branin for planning/facilitating the meals and directions to the Walls. Thanks to Mr. Gunn for serving as the follow-on car. There will be more pictures posted on the Troop Web Site when handed off to Mr.Simon tonight at the Committee meeting. Mew parents/leaders are all invited to attend the Troop Committee meeting to meet the Committee and take part in Troop business and in the approval of the PLC's plans.

Tonight is the Troop Patrol Leaders Conference (PLC) where the Senior Patrol Leader (B Garrett), the Assistant Senior Patrol leaders (B Debalsi and J Ellis) and the Patrol leaders (J Kunka: Venture I) Brandon Debalsi: Venture II) (S Hardy Penquians), Z Eldridge:Foxes, N Bolding: Sharks will plan out the Month of June. The Crew Chiefs for the weekend trip and three of their crew that were presnt on the trip, are required to be at the hut tonight also to take down and store our recent trip's equipment and hang the remaining wet gear. Troop and patrol quartermasters, whether they attended the trip or not should be present to assist also...these positions are listed on the recent Court of Honor Leadership List (attached). We expect them to attend and help out even if they did not go on the trip in order to meet and fullfill their obligation for the next six months as leaders in the Troop. We should not be there for more than an hour for the take down, storage, and further hanging of gear.

Tonight the 18th is the take down night, PLC, and the Committee Meeting. Next Monday, the 25th is Memorial Day and no meeting... Monday the 1st of June is a Troop meeting for reviewing the requirements of Summer Camp...

We are still looking for Troop Scout volunteeers and leaders to drive them to the 3:00 PM GAC Veterans Memorial Rembrance Program at the Alabama Veterans Memorial off of the Liberty Park exit, on May 24, starting at 3:00 PM and ending in less than 45 minutes...we will need greeters, parts of a color guard, and Scouts who would care to speak about what it means to them to remember the Veterans. Uniform is the Calls A Uniform with sash and Troop neckerchief.

Also meeting on May 25th in observance of Memorial Day.....and then comes summer is important for him to be at the May 18th meeting as it will be the only time we talk to camp requirements except for what has been stated and the information found in the Troop Guide and the Greater Alabama Council's Summer Camp now posted, thanks to Mr. Simon, on ur Troop web site.......all of which should be read of reviewed by attending Scouts and Leaders/parents.

Thanks for all your support...


"Delivering the Promise"

Monday, May 11, 2009

Summer Camp

Thanks to Mr. Simon...the 2009 GAC Summer Camp Guide is posted on our Troop Web Site...please pull it up and read through it for information.on what is expected and what will be available at camp this fact let the Scout read through it also. We will talk to this on the June 1 meeting with all the Scouts and parents who need the information......As Mr. Simon said, there is additional information in the Troop 21 Guide as well as on the Troop Web site that experience has proven acceptable in regards to what to bring to camp....driving instructions are also there as is the location of our camp site this year at "Boone's Place."

Some notes:

This year the uniform for leaders and Scouts in camp is the Class "A" for dinner and Camp Camp fires: that includes Scout socks and Scout belt. The Troop neckerchief is not required. For all other times of the day, except for Scouts going to and from the water front for merit badge work in swimming trunks, the uniform will be either the "red" troop 21 "T" shirt, or an official Boy Scout "T" shirt, with Scout shorts, socks/shoes, and Scout belt.

Personal hammocks..., military, walmart nylon rope types, or any other hammock, as the boys have had in the past, are not permitted ...due to tree damage.

Personal electronic devices and cell phones with or without ear phones are discouraged to encourage the outdoors experience.

We won't be bringing the large, personal square "Steamer trunks" or any hard bodied containers for personal gear as it take too much space on the Frank Tank. Tote bags will suffice for all personal gear.

We will only be allowed one vehicle in camp at a time, so if you are driving..which is fine...plan on packing your gear in the Frank Tank to get it to camp....or you will have to drive your car in and out at a later time than when unload the Frank Tank and take it back out to the Parking area with the bus.

Don't forget..we will discuss all of this and more at the June 1 preparation for going to Camp...

Thanks for all your support...


Dan S

"Delivering the Promise"

Troop Meeting tonight, Headcount for Backpacking

We are going to need a definite headcount for the trip this coming weekend to the Walls of Jericho. If you or your son is going to be there for the trip but will not be at the meeting tonight...please reply to this so we can can count you.

Don't forget...being at the Hut this coming Thursday is also required if coming on the trip in order to load our Troop gear and food into their backpacks which they need to bring and leave (on Thursday) night.

The Sharks will not be backpacking, but they should be present on both nights to see what they will be doing in the Fall when they will take their first backpacking trip with the Troop. The Sharks will be preparing and eating back packing food, but will be day-hiking the trail with a day pack , two bottles of water (personal) and a fast lunch.

B Garrett, A Bansal, and Mr. Branin will be the presenters tonight on preparing for the trip

YiS Dan s

"Delivering the Promise"

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Summer Camp Info.

1) Everything about Summer Camp 2009

2) Driving Direction to Camp

3) Camp Site Map

4) What to bring to Camp

5) Medical Form

6) What Merit Badge Class scouts had signed up
Ask Mr. Strunk, Mr. Lepianka, Mr. Ng, if you have any question regarding Summer Camp.


Mr. Ng

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

COH, Shark patrol, Backpacking, Summer Camp

The Court of Honor last night was one of the best attended by Scouts and Leaders this year...The Fellowship Hall was all but filled and the Court went well in addition to our three guest speakers..Mr. Don Russell, Vulcan Eagle Board Chairman, Advisor to the Coosa Lodge, and Committee Member Troop 93, Oakmont Prestbyterian,

for Friends of Scouting...Mr. Brett Melton, former Scoutmaster Troop 312 and advisor to the Coosa Lodge..... for an explanation of the BSA Jamboree 2010..

and for Pack 321 Packmaster, Greg Scott for Pack 321 awarding Mr. Richard Grifffith and Mr. Bert Oliver special recognition awards for the time and effort they took as Packmaster and Committee Chair, respectively with the Pack...for the past several years.

We again welcomed the new Shark Patrol and their parents in addtion to welcoming C Nelms, his Dad, Rick, and their family as potential members.
In addition to general information, all the new Scout leaders were sworn in by the Scoutmaster and Senior Patrol Leader B Garrett...the attached Court of Honor Agenda lists all of these positions, as well as adult mentor positions for the next six months.

We have a regular meeting on May 11 for a head count for the Walls of Jericho backpacking trip...which all of those who plan on attending will be required to be present on May 11 and May 14th (Thursday) for trip preparation. He will have to bring his complete pack to the Hut on the 14th for adding troop gear and for loading on the Frank Tank.....

The Sharks should be present for both days only..but they will be day hiking the trip with a daypack (water..rain gear...and lunch) making a back pack not necessary. Their attendance on the 11th and the 14th will, as stated earlier, prep them for their first back packing trip in the Fall of this year.

On the 18th Troop and Patrol Patrol Leaders and Troop and Patrol Quartermasters meet at the Hut (6:30 PM) to store gear from the trip, and the patrol leaders, SPL, and Assitant Senior Patrol leaders meet for the PLC at 7:00 PMafte the gear is stored for planning the Month of June....A Troop Committee meeting begins at 8:00 PM with all leaders and Parents welcome.

Congratulations again to Dr. Tracy Hamilton for earning his CDL (Certified Drivers License) to drive the Troop bus. He and Mr. Young know the current procedure and will be glad to coach others in order to keep our numbers up to maintain our usual flexibility for trips.

Monday June 1 is an important meeting and is required for all those Scouts going to Summer Camp (June 7-13). We will talk to everything about it regarding all requirements and "what he needs" for an exciting week. This information is also located in the Troop Guide in the memo: What to Bring to Summer Camp."

Thanks again for all your support in keeping us on the Trail.....

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Don't forget that there is no meeting on the 25th due to the Memorial Day Holiday

Monday, May 04, 2009

COH May 5

Hope everyone made it through the weather without any damage Sunday.
Remember there is no meeting tonight (Monday, May 4) at the Hut owing to the Band Banquet....but we will be having the scheduled Court of Honor on Tuesday May 5 at the Bluff Park United Methodist Church on Valley St., 35226, in the Reid Crotty Fellowship Hall starting at 6:30 PM with the Host Patrol (Foxes) arriving at 6:00 PM to assist with the set up.

Remember this is a Pot Luck scenario as usual with the details for each patrol in several Troop Blogs ago on the Troop web site. We will have two guest speakers, Mr. Don Russell and Brett Milton, during dinner and we will be also recognizing Mr. David Lanier for his Scouting Service over the years. Mr. Simon will have a powerpoint picture show for us as usual so we are set up for a good strong hour and a half or so. Feel free to invite any guest or possible recruits to meet the 'Troop. We are especially looking forward to welcoming the new Shark patrol and their families to their first Court of Honor with us.

This last weekend at Camp Sequoyah was one of our best Ordeals of the Order of the Arrow this year. Our Pre-Ordeal ceremony team (Nunne-Hi Chapter, Coosas Lodge), consisting of J and K Berry, J Ng (couldn't be present), P Kidd, and J Kunka perfromed their usual best for the more than 100 candidates on Friday night and joined the more than 150 in service all day Saturday in preparing the Camp for Summer Camp.

Congratulations to Mr. Joe Berry and B Garrett for passing their Ordeal and becoming members of the OA.

We will be taking another head count at the Court of Honor to see who is coming on the Walls of Jericho back packing trip during the weekend of May 15-17, 2009. Details have been talked to in earlier meetings with the meeting on Monday night (May 11) being required for attendance for those going on the trip and on the 14th of May in order to load troop gear. This will be a back packing trip for all but the Shark Patrol who will day hike the same trails and should attend both meetings to become familiar with back packing requirments, equipment and techniques in order to be prepared for the Fall backpacking trip with the Troop.

Wanted to congratulate J Kunka, D Peterson, P Kidd, J Ellis, and M Frost for their plans to work at Summer Camp at Camp Sequoyah as Counselors this year. A note also that J Kunka and J Ellis are well into their plans for an Eagle Project..with Z Harbin and X Quo (completed) on deck for finishing up theirs. All of their work and intentions speak well for their efforts and the support of the Troop and their families. A final note, thanks to Mr. Griffith and Mr. Simon, there will be a meeting on Sunday, May10, at 2:00 PM to finalize preparations for the two crews going to BSA Sea Base at the end of May.

We will also be congratulating Dr. Tracy Hamilton for completing the road test requirements for his CDL on May 6 at the Alabama Public Safety testing site in Sumiton. We are always recruiting leaders to step up and obtain the certification to keep our driver's pool well numbered to assure future trips on the Troop bus. Dr. Hamilton will be the most currently licensed driver since Mr. Larry Young obtained his last year.

The last trip we took to Camp Sequoyah for Shooting Sports was the first time we used the new bus roof "emergency exit" hatches and powerless ventiliators, which thanks to Mr. Branin were installed in February this year. It made such a difference that we had to close them to warm up on the way there, but stayed comfortable all the way back. The new alternator installed on the Frank Tank, thanks to Mr. Smith, assured the full charge on the battery we normally expect....

Thanks again for all your support.....

We will see everyone at the Court of Honor tomorrow night...

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"