Friday, January 29, 2010

District Banquet

Want to thank Mrs. Kidd, Mr. Hardy, Mr. Young, Dr. Hamilton, and Mr. Branin for attending the District Awards Banquet and representing the Troop for the affair. Want to congratulate Mr. Greg Stocks for being awarded the District Award of Merit tonight or the leadership he has taken with Pack 321 and for serving as Cub Scout Round Table Commissioner for the several years. The Troop was awarded it pennants for 100% Boys Life subscriptions by our families and the District Centennial Quality Award pennant for making all the goals and activities we programmed for 2009 in 2008.

Leaders interested in earning "leader" Knots for Achievement, usually worn on the khaki uniform shirt, should go to Mr. Alvie Allison's web site address ( and get some detailed instructions on how to earn them at the troop and higher level. most of which can be signed off locally. They require some check off's for work and are designed to benefit the Troop and the Council. Two basic awards of merit are the Boy Scout Leader's Training Award (green on tan) and the Scoutmaster's Key (green and white on tan). Their awards at the Banquet indicate the boys have trained leaders on hand and are complimenting the purpose of the system.

The Boy Scout leader's Training Award requires a minimum of the completion of the SMLT and OLS courses given each spring and fall by the District with some other check off requirements. the Scoutmaster's Key requires additional training and service at the troop and district level. Wood Badge beads are earned by attending a Regional Wood Badge Course either for two or three weekends or a complete week. The OA flap is earned by being nominated and completing the Ordeal weekend with the Order of the Arrow; the Brotherhood OA Flap is earned by passing OA requirements, and the Vigil award is earned with more service and requirements voted upon by the Lodge Leadership.

The District Award of Merit (silver on deep purple) is usually awarded for work done simultaneously for the Troop but with emphasis on District level activities and leadership. The Silver Beaver (blue and white on tan) is a Council level award and focuses on efforts taken simultaneously at the troop, district, and council level..all of which we are all eligible. Then there are the denominational religious knots (white on deep purple) Cub Scouts and WEBELOS have distinctive ribbons also usually in shades of blue, gold, or yellow. Then there is the Eagle knot for leaders and the Arrow of Light knot which precedes it from youth to leader.

"Each Scout deserves a trained leader."

Last Monday, Mr Greg Stocks came to the Hut during the meeting and asked for Scout and Leader assistance at the Pinewood Derby at the Bluff Park United Methodist Church gym. It starts at 8:00 AM and continues into the early afternoon. It make a great deal of difference if we have some Scouts and leaders there to assist and act as recruiters for the Troop anytime during the day. Please encourage attendance.

OA members..Don't forget that Saturday coming is the Winter Fellowship you should be attending. Go to for information.

Thanks for all your support and encouraging attendance...

YiS Dan S "Delivering the Promise"

Leader Training

Leaders and parents among us who are new to the Troop and Scouting or who haven't attended the Scout Leaders Fundamentals Course( one day) and the companion Outdoor Leaders Course (weekend) should do this in order to become a trained Assistant Scoutmaster.

Our District, thanks to Mr. Dean Snow, has one of the best courses available and this Spring it is being taught toward the end of the month to avoid troop activities. Please think about it and go to: for the dates it is being given. the schedule is under the training tab on the web site. Those of you who are trained in these basics should consider taking the Wood Badge Course they are also offering this year, and every year down the road.

There are also other courses being offered with their dates also. For those who have completed the course and are in the process of earning your training keys the various leaders knots we discussed earlier, call Mr. Snow and ask for a position on his staff as an instructor/facilitator.

The leaders in Troop 21 have kept and continue to perpetuate the legacy of attending and teaching in all of these available courses. It gives us the depth we need for a strong program in the Troop.

As stated yesterday..the web site, created by one of our own local leaders in Troop 93 (Oakmont Presbyterian), explains the purpose and description of most training and recognition available for leaders that you should be aware of and as time permits, utilize, attend, or recommend.

Thanks to Mr. Simon the Council and District web sites are links on our own Troop web site.

Thanks for all your support...

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Sunday, January 24, 2010

OA Activities

Order of the Arrow members in the Troop should go to and review the activities schedule for the year. Its going to be an active year for us and Scouts need to be as involved as much as possible. There is a Winter Fellowship coming up on January 30th in Gardendale for all who can attend and as many as possible should attend to assist at the January 28th District Awards Banquet in the evening in representing the OA and giving some service time if you can't attend ordeals, conclaves, and other activities...Call the senior patrol leader for more details. Let the Senior know so we can arrange some car pooling or taking the bus if we have enough who can help out and attend.

Dues of $8.00 a year are due now and remember the Scout and leader has to be an active, dues paying member in order to wear the OA Flap on the tan shirt.

The below information is for the Conclave coming up in the Spring (Section 9).

The Order of the Arrow is often called the "Honor Society of Scouting" not based on academics..but based on service that the member pledges when he is inducted after being voted in by member of the Troop who elect him for his attendance, scouting spirit, and potential. Activities and service offered by the Order last a life time in personal and career growth, leadership opportunities, and exposure to people and opportunities not usually present at Troop meeting or camp outs . Its an opportunity for increasing the width and depth of his Scouting and for the future..for Scouts and Leaders alike....

The Troop has set a precedent in the past three years by not only it's participation in OA activities, but also because we have sponsored a five person ceremony "pre-ordeal" team, and with it's accompanying leaders have set our precedent for participation and leadership in the Order...J Ng, P Kidd, J kunka, J and K Berry have medalled the team in the past two conclaves (2007-2008) and excelled in National Competition at the National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) in Boomington, Indiana (University of Indiana) in 2009. They have served as officers and Troop OA Representives in our local OA Chapter (Nunni-He). A Turner, J Taylor, S and S Hardy are are being introduced and trained as team members this year. They will have a introductory meeting tonight (Sunday, January 25). Any Troop OA member wishing to attend to talk to becoming part of the Ceremony, dance, or drum team should also attend for the hour or so it will last with it's advisor, Mr. Don Russell.

Thanks to the transportation resources and active participation support of our OA adult leadership, Mr. Ng, Mrs. Kidd, and Mr. Berry, we are growing stronger than ever. Thanks for encouraging attendance and supporting the Scouts in this effort.

"What part of the Train are you? The engine, pulling us along; a passenger car, there for the ride; or, on the track left behind waving at the caboose, wondering where the train is going...." Everyone has a choice.

Yis Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Upcoming Troop Meeting

OA members wishing to consider being on the Troop's Order of the Arrow Ceremony team, considering the dance of Drum Team should be at the Hut tonight on Sunday January 24, at 4:30 to meet with Mr. Don Russell and the current ceremony team. The meeting will last for about an hour.

For your information and reminder ...the January 25th meeting is Troop Pictures (Dean Snow) and planning for the Camporee. Uniform is Class A plus if he hasn't had his picture taken yet. Cost is a check for $15.00 for the composite or another $10.. for an indvidualised picture.or $25.00 total..please encourage this to complete the composite for the Troop archives.

February 1 (Dr. Loop (UAB) introduced by Mr. Bolding for a presentation on Reptiles and Amphibians; The Senior Patrol leader will be talking to the preparation plan for the next two meetings for Camporee preparation and assignment of competion teams.

February 8 is Ms. Sally Snoddy, Troop 23, (introduced by the Senior) speaking about Northern Tier and there will be practice for Camporee;

February 14th is Scout Sunday at the Bluff Park United Methodist Church at 8:30 AM. Uniform is Class A Plus with merit badge sash and Troop Neckerchief. Please encourage attendance.

February 15th Speaker Dr. Art Caras (Clinical Psychologist and career placement specialist) introduced by the Scoutmaster and prep and final planning for the Camporee.

February19-21 ( Winter Camporee). WEBELOs will be invited to join us at Camporee as in the past and invited them to the Monday, Feb 15th meeting for final camporee details. As you may know..Mr. Madsion and Mr. Branin have volunteered to go the the Camporee campsite early for us to reserve the space for the troop an to set up the big white Troop tarp. Please think about helping out with this.

The Senior Patrol leader will notify Troop leaders who will be giving the meeting's Scoutmaster minutes at the conclusion of the meetings.

Thanks for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan S "Delivering the Promise"

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Troop News

The GAC Digital Eagle is advertising and informing about the March 6 University of Scouting for Leaders in Huntsville. There are some great certification and information offerings Scouters/leaders/parents should take advantage of and get the Troop papered. These courses range from four to eight hours and are worth the time. You can register by opening a copy of the Digital Eagle that was recently emailed. or by going to to We can car pool to make it convenient.

The Vulcan District Awards Banquet is also advertised and we should have as many attendees as possible. So far there are four of us going and there is always room for more. There is no cost for the meal and it will be held at Trinity Methodist in Homewood on January 28th Dawson Memorial, usually starting at 7:00 PM. Please let me know if you can make it with other the other four who I know who are going and I'll make sure we have a table. They would like to know as soon as possible (yesterday). Some of our own Scouts will be assisting with the serving as part of the annual Order of the Arrow service project.

Finally, there will be an annual Eagle Banquet at Dawson Memorial Church in Homewood, on February 19th. The Greater Alabama Council ), is looking for Sponsers to help pay for the cost of the event with a contribution of $25.00. There is no cost to attendees since it is being sponsored by the company (Trails End) who provided pop corn for this year's Pop corn sales. Congratulations again to J Ellis, J Kunka, X Quo Xue, and R Blackburn.

Remember..If your son sold pop corn this year..all the profits he made are his to spend on Troop/BSA related activities. You can call Mrs Eggers to confirm your numbers.

Thanks to Mr. Harbin, we have more than twenty copies of the Troop guide available for the new Scouts coming this Spring. Thanks to Mr. Branin, the bus will get its annual DOT inspection this month and thanks to Mr. Smith the Frank Tank will have its annual maintenance check also.

If your son hasn't attended a required Troop Junior Leader Training Program (JLT), we will be having one on Saturday, February 27thy at the Hut. We will start at 8:30 AM and finish up by 3:30 PM. If he is an older Scout and has not had the training, he can assist the Senior as a guide and instructor. Please mark his calendar.

Thanks for all your support and encouraging attendance this year.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shelby MB Day this Saturday, Picture day Monday

Saturday January 23) As a reminder, this coming Saturday is the Shelby County District Merit Badge day for those Scouts attending...thanks to Mrs Kidd's coordination, don't forget to be at the Hut in the class A uniform at 7:00 AM we should be returning between 4:00 and 4:30 PM the same day.

(Monday, January 25th) is also important...for those who did not take their Troop Picture in December, this is the make up day. The cost is $15.00 for the composite picture and another $10.00 if you want a individual portrait of the Scout or with whomever you want seated with him, Dad, Mom, or family. This is the last opportunity for the 2009 group picture..please assure he is in it. Asstated Mr. Dean Snow is picking just about all the other Troops in the District and we are one of them for this opportunity.

Thanks to Mr. Simon, the new Troop Goals and the 2010 Troop Agenda/Schedule is posted on the Troop web site. Please make a copy and encourage his attendance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Speaker choices posted

I have added a new link for Speaker Choices on our main website.
You should know the password by now.

Speaker Choices


Mr. Ng

Friday, January 15, 2010

Racoon Mtn. trip

Congratulations to Z Harbin for passing his final Eagle Board tonight. Thanks to all of our Leaders who are members of the several Boards that met tonight....

In Checking the weather at Chattanooga, they are predicting rain showers on Saturday ...make sure he packs his rain suit to walk in for the morning activities if we need them.. we won't have enough plastic bags to go around for those who forget...

YiS Dan S

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Racoon Mtn. Caving

Pending the bus being mobile we will still be leaving the Hut 10:00 AM this coming Saturday, January 16th.

Arrive at the Hut at 9:30 AM in preparation to leave at 10:00 AM.

If the weather is workable the fees are: $62.00 for a Leader and $57.00 for a Scout
If the weather will be too cold or wet the fees are: $50.00 Per person

I will send an Email Thursday afternoon when we have an idea of he weather.

If a snow/ice situation presents, which will not be recommended for driving, we won't be going.
If the bus still has a problem with it's air compressor, we won't be going.

Assuming we are going, he needs to have the following:
1. BSA Parental Consent Form, blank copy on Troop Web Site, with spares at the Hut.
Uniform for the trip is Class A tan shirt, Scout uniform, Scout Socks, Scout belt.
2. Before you drop him off and leave, sign the cave parental consent form in the Hut..Don't forget this. Leaders also sign one.
3. Fees as cash or preferably check made out to Troop 21, BSA
3. Fast food money for lunch and supper on Saturday..the caving fee above does not include meals. Souvenir money for the railway and the cave. They provide breakfast at the cave and we will return around noon or sooner to Birmingham.
4. Warm clothing for riding the incline railway, and walking on top of the mountain if we take the option as notified on Thursday evening. You can count on it being cold on top the mountain.
3. For the Cave: An information sheet was passed out, but several were left behind:

*A plastic drop cloth to put his foam or thermarest on for sleeping in the cave in his sleeping bag. The Troop will not provide this and paint drop cloths are available at all retail stores..Walmart..Dollar General..Kmart..Target..whatever...should be a toss away type or he can fold it and bring it home also.
* Jeans and a long sleeve shirt and sneakers, all of which you can wash or throw away at the end of the tour. Sweat shirts get too hot and sweat pants get pulled down while crawling, so wear jeans and a belt.
Boots or sneakers with traction still on the bottom are recommended to give traction in the cave. A handerchief to wipe off eyeglasses if they fog up or get dirty...eye glass restraints in order no to lose the glasses and an extra pair if he does.
* a small flashlight for his own use in the cave..the cave provides a headlamp for the tour,,but he should have a back up.
* They will give him an Army duffle bag to put all your gear in to take to the sleeping area..That's all just a Duffle bag that all your gear has to go in: Sleeping bag, plastic ground cloth, sleeping clothes, or change of clothes and socks for after the exploration, water bottle, snacks, flashlight,
* A small amount of Toilet Paper for their minimal facility in case they run out.
* When we get there in the bus, we will change into our cave clothes from the uniform. then when we leave we will go back to the bus and change back to the uniform.
* The cave will be in the mid to high 60's so he will not need a coat, sweater, or a knit hat in the cave..or he will overheat.
* a quart of water as there will be none in the cave where we will sleep.
* They recommend clean sleeping clothes inside the sleeping bag (long underwear/pajamas) then change back into caving clothes to get out (might bring a extra pair of dry socks if his feet get wet).
*the Cave will provide a head lamp, knee pads, helmet, and gloves
* bars soft drinks, no glass, no crumbly flake food
* no cell phones. Wear belt with jeans as elastic or no belt jeans tend to pull down when crawling.
* After the tour, he can take a he will need a soap and towel...recommend instead some towelettes for his face and hands...he won't be getting that dirty..and we won't have to wait around to leave.

That's it....If you don't get an email Thursday afternoon..we will see you at the Hut at 9:30 AM on Saturday morning, Jan 16.

YiS Dan S "Delivering the Promise"

Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 Goal, Activity Schedule, Interactive Calendar

I have posted the new goals, and updated the whole year interactive Calendar.

I am working on the Activity Schedule (this is really just a summarized version of the interactive calendar).

All the info. posted is tentative and subject to approval by the Troop Committee tonight.


Mr. Ng

Interactive Calendar on the troop website

Just want to show you different ways to look at the calendar :

1) Start Month : Current Month is the default (you can change it)
2) Display Type : List of event or Calendar (Calendar is default, you can change it)
3) Number of Months to show : 3 is the default (you can change it)

i.e. sometimes you want to see the whole year by event only, sometimes you want the whole calendar, or you want to show in certain months only. There are a lot of combination whatever that suits you.


Committe Meeting tonight 6:30pm,Caving this weekend

We had an excellent Annual Planning Conference yesterday with a total of 36 attending. We had hot dogs for lunch and went to the hoover Golden Corral for dinner. Thanks to Mr. Bolding and Mr. Lepianka for spending the night

We had a problem with the air compressor line/compressor not being functional for the bus so we loaded several cars for dinner. Will check status of the bus as the weather warms and the air lines that may be iced will thaw regarding the trip this coming weekend to Tennessee.

Weather pending and there are no issues with the bus, we will leave at around 10:00 AM on Saturday 16th for Raccon Maountain, get fast food lunch, ride the Incline Railway to Lookout Mountain, then dinner, then into the cave at 7:30 PM for the night. They will provide breakfast and we will return before Noon on Sunday. If the weather remains too cold or wet for the incline railroad and a walk on top of Lookout Mountain, but no ice or precipitation for good driving conditions, we will leave at 2:00 PM (CST), have a fast food dinner, and enter the cave at 7:30 PM.

Final details if any will be discussed at the Troop Committee meeting, Monday, January 11, 6:30 PM along with final approval of the Troop 2010 Agenda.

Option One: Cost per person Fuel 12.00 (25 persons @360 miles) Fee for Cave 38.00 Fee for Incline 11.20 (adult) $5.60 (Scout) $62.00 Adult $57.00 Scout ....Cost for meals per individual provided by individual.

Option Two: Cost per person Fuel (25 persons at 360 miles)) 12.00 Fee for Cave 38.00 Total $50.00 Cost for meals per individual provided by individual.

The issue about leaders with CDL's to drive the bus is again coming up...we currently have a bare minimum certified now (4) and we need at least a minimum of six consisting of active leaders who can help out with this....Mr. Bolding is currently preparing for it. Please think about this to give us the flexibility the Troop needs. Right now we only have two drivers scheduled for the Trip to Canada and only one to Chatanooga. Not good. It took six cars without hauling any equipment just to get to the Golden Corral...imagine the numbers of vehicles to get us to summer camp for the week.....

As usual, Thanks for all your support and encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Monday, January 04, 2010

Leader Training this Saturday 1pm @BPUMC

Mrs. Cathy Kidd will be conducting the Troop's annual Youth Protection Training for parents/leaders on January 9 at the Bluff Park United Methodist Church at 1:00 PM. We will meet in the Classroom adjacent to the gynasium. The training is required every two years.

This is required training for all parents in the Troop. We will be giving the same information to the Scouts after dinner Saturday night and it is required for them also (annually). If you have not had this training or think you have..please be there and join us anyway...

Please take time from your busy schedule to be there.

A final note...if this snow materializes this week, according to the weather channel, and prevents January 9 activities..we will look toward the first of second Saturday in February as an alternative.....

YiS Dan S "Delivering the Promise"

Troop News, Annual Planning Conference this Saturday was probably too cold for a meeting in the Hut tonight anyway.....

Remember..there is no meeting tonight at the Hut owing to the Annual Planning Conference (APC) this Saturday...

We will still be meeting Satrurday, January 9 at the Bluff Park United Methodist Church on January 9 (see last Troop blogs).

Though the attendance by Scouts who should have been there was off, the Eagle Court of Honor, thanks the preparation efforts of Mr. Mickey Harbin and the planning efforts of Mrs. Ellis and Mr. and Mrs Quo Xue, went excellently on Sunday, January 3 at the BPUMC. Congratulations again to J Ellis and X Quo Xue for their Eagle rank and all those who supported them in making it possible.

Some questions have come up about what the Annual Planning Conference is with some of the newer parents...

Who should attend?...

All Scouts, especially the two Venture Patrols members who have done it all, who are interested in what we are doing and want input what we are doing this year need to be there unless excused by his parents...This is the only time during the year we come together as Troop, other than summer camp to plan our activities that will interest all. We need to know what they want to do and where they want to go.... within reason and that is affordable for the families. The Troop over the years has a great deal of experience in all areas and we will be staying with the basics as we usually do for an all around outdoor program..backpacking..hiking(Shiloh)..biking...rappelling...canoeing..wilderness survival...shooting sports...commercial caving....horseback riding and the high adventure camps..this year to Northern Tier in Canada/Minnesota.

As just stated..if he is a Scout and you aren't excusing him for a good reason....drop him off on January 9 so he can contribute instead of wondering what is going on. He has an obligation to the Troop to be there.

These activities and others don't preclude going to different or new areas to enjoy them as to negate the old "been there and done it so I'm not going" routine from older Scouts.

We need more older Scout parents to get involved with the two Venture Patrols to get some more older Scout activities/trips going even if the younger middle scouts are planning on doing the basics they haven't experienced yet. These leaders/parents can contribute ideas as assistance at the APC.

For instance..some Troops do a family outing trip, e.g. they go to State Park and water ski and canoe as well as organized games as a Troop, giving the families time to meet and enjoy the Park/Scouting/family simultaneously. This give the Moms an opportunity to use the equipment and get an idea of Troop camaraderie and spirit.

We need leaders/parents to attend the APC to come up with Monday night programs, and other program also, in the form of a speakers/guest bureau to spark the career interests and intellectual curiosities of the boys through out they year rather than they saying the program is boring or "have been there and done" it.

We need to have a Troop Reunion this year...need some leaders and Scouts to call and write around to get the word out as we did about ten years go is another activity we need to consider at the APC.

We have been notified that we may not be going to Philmont in 2011 owing to the we want to make a hiking/back packing trip to the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone or Glacier National Park instead for less money..or so we want to set up another trip to Sea Base of Nothern Tier. Need to talk to it.

Not the camping type? haven't got time for Troop camping activities? Hard to make meetings? ..then come in and talk about organizing a Saturday two for cleaning and painting the Hut, splitting wood, repainting the bus and the Frank Tank or any other organizational aspects you may feel are warranted with the boys which they can have fun doing.

We need ideas for the older Scouts for Eagle Projects this year more than ever as more than ten-fifteen boys need to be moving that way.

Finally...we will be passing out the information he needs for the cave trip and he needs to be there to plan what we will be doing in Chattanooga before we go into the Cave at 7:30 PM on may be too cold for any activity so we may not want to leave until later Saturday afternoon to get there..that's up to the Scouts to decide....We will also be going over some basic leadership as part of the annual Leadership Training the Troop conducts which he needs in order to be the Senior and in all cases a patrol leader.

Thanks for your support and encouraging his attendance in this very important day for us....

Finally..finally...He does not have to stay overnight...we just need his input for the day...but he has to be excused the parent if he leaves early.

Remember..he has to be in uniform as explained in an earlier blog and the cost is $10.00 per person to defray breakfast snacks on Saturday, Saturday's lunch, and the Saturday evening meal.....

"They were there for you..are you there for them" ?

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Troop News, Eagle Court

Well, here we go for a brand new year with it's potential for being our best.

A reminder that J Ellis's and X Quo's Eagle Court are set for tomorrow, Sunday, January 3, 2010 in the old Sanctuary of the Bluff Park United Methodist Church located at 733 Valley Street, Hoover, 35226. The Sanctuary is best approached by either upper parking lots with the Frank Tank parked in front.

This is a six and seven year achievement for the Xinke and Jim. Please plan on attending with your son or encourage his attendance. Normally the ceremony, including the following reception lasts about two hours. Uniform for the Scout is the Class A plus uniform with Troop neckerchief and merit badge sash.

Mr. Harbin will start preparations at Noon. The host patrol is Venture II as requested by Mr. Harbin to assist in preparation requirements.

Please also remember, and remind the Scout, that there is no meeting this coming Monday (January 4) due to the Holiday, and since we will be having the Troop Annual Planning Conference (APC) on January 9 at the Bluff Park United Methodist Church in the class room near the kitchen and adjacent to the gymnasium.

Uniform for the Scout for the APC is the class A uniform w/o neckerchief and sash. Since we will be indoors, sweat pants or sweat shirts under the uniform is not permitted as he can wear a cold weather jacket. We will be staying overnight so he needs a sleeping bag, foam/Thermarest and pillow. He should wear the Class B, red "t" shirt, under the Khaki shirt as well as optionally bring some casual clothes for activities after all the planning is done and we return from dinner Saturday night. The Senior Patrol Leader and the PLC will plan some Saturday evening activities with lights out at a time decided by the PLC. If the Scout is not staying the night, his parent will have to tell me that he isn't.

I will need one leader to stay the evening through the night until we release and the Scouts are picked up at 8:00 AM on Sunday. Please reply or call me if you can.

The cost is $10.00, per person, cash or check made out to Troop 21, to defray the cost of Saturday morning snacks, lunch (sandwiches or hot dogs), and dinner (CiCi's Pizza or the Golden Corral). We will start at 8:30 AM. The host patrol are the Sharks, who should arrive at 8:00 AM to assist with the set up. Normally, we enter from the lower rear parking lot where the Frank Tank will be parked. All Scouts, less those with a parent's excuse, will stay the night and will not leave the property without the Scoutmaster's personal permission. Scouts are not permitted to bring a vehicle, but if given permission to bring the vehicle by the Scoutmaster and parents, are not permitted to leave the property (Scoutmaster will secure the keys since this has been a problem in the past) until dismissal in the morning at 8:00 AM, Sunday.

Since we will be planning activities for the entire year, we expect all the Scouts (unless they are out of town) to be present to assist with the planning. We will need a school calendar as well as input from leaders, and strong input from the two Venture patrols and their adult counselors)on the activities they will also plan for the year. We will be covering parts of the new, Scout required leadership methods for Scouts as well as going over requirements and planning activities for the caving trip on January 16th and 17th. The remainder of the Scout leadership requirements will be scheduled by the Scouts on a Saturday in February (this course is required if the Scout will run for Senior Patrol Leader).

Thanks for all your support and encouraging attendance for this important activity for us. We look forward to seeing you there as you drop your son off and for those who can, join us in coming up with some memorable adventures for the coming year.

If he hasn't paid his dues $30.00 for the year (leaders are $15.00) , please bring the to the meeting (preferably with check made out to Troop 21, BSA). A BSA Consent Form for the activity is not required. Mr. Young will collecting Northern Tier fees and we will be talking to the trip also.

Looking forward to seeing you and/or your son at the Eagle Court tomorrow.

YiS Dan S, SM "Delivering the Promise"