Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Scouts campout

A reminder that the New Scout Campout is this weekend....2-3 April

We will meet at 7:30 at the Hut to turn in new Scout and new leader BSA registration forms ( youth protection certificate required for leaders ( will collect all fees if your have them including the campout fee of 15.00. More details for this trip are found on the March 21 Blog, and earlier Blogs, on the Troop Web Site.

He need not bring his Scout book/guide as we will assure it is completed at summer camp for his rank advancement. So please assure he has a copy by summer camp. We will issue the red troop t shirts on Saturday morning also before we leave the hut for the campout. We will use Troop tents for the camp out as numbers will not be an issue. Parents are welcome to join us for the camp out or visit us at the Camp site. We will be in the Primitive Camp Site Area at Oak Mountain (the first right turn from the main gate into a gated dirt road after passing the the main asphalt road on the right leading into the main lake/beach/recreation area).

Older Scouts and leaders who are assisting as guides should also be present at 7:30 AM at the Hut.

We will leave from the hut to buy meals and ice at the Piggly Wiggly..then head out to Oak Mountain.

Please make sure he is dressed for the weather. If it portends rain, assure he has a rain suit, not a poncho. He will need a hat if the rain jacket hasn't a hood....common sense...but sometimes an issue for some on a cold rainy day....

If he cannot make the this new Scout camp out, Troop fees and BSA registration forms/medical forms should/can be turned in on Monday, April 4 at the regular Troop meeting.

We may be able to have a advancement to Tenderfoot requirement make up for the physical fitness requirement at the May campout so as to be ready for the Summer camp requirement.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call or reply....

YiS Dan s
"Delivering the Promise"

Monday, March 28, 2011

Troop News

The last two weeks have been busy for the Troop with all the activities going on in different directions..

Congratulations to:

Mr Mickey Harbin for being awarded the distinguished Silver Beaver Award. This is the highest award the Council can give for distinguished service to Scouting

Eagle Scout X Quo and his parents for earning the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) College Scholarship.

Thanks to Dr. Frank Nelson and all his efforts, the Frank Tank is again road worthy for the Troop.

Thanks to all the coordination and work of Mrs Kidd, more than 14 of our Scouts earned two merit badges at the Vulcan District Merit Badge O Rama Saturday.

The Order of the Arrow Coosa Lodge Drum team made up entirely of Troop 21 members practiced this weekend for competition at the Regional Conclave coming up at Camp Drum Georgia, 17-17 April..they will also be competing in the ceremony competition the same weekend.

Thanks to Mr. Simon all of these activities pictures are posted on the Troop Web Site.

Thanks to Mr. Phillips for measuring, planning, and making twenty-five new Scout membership shingles hanging in the Hut for the two new patrols coming in for their first meeting tonight.

Dr. Frank Nelson will be the main speaker tonight among other activities in the Hut. Since the New Patrol's haven't got their red Troop t shirts for the meeting at this time, the uniform tonight will be the tan shirt...

Meetings for the rest of the Spring and summer through the Fall will be the Class B and Class C uniform.

The next three weekends are going to be very active for the Troop,

April 2-3 New Scout Campout at Oak Mountain
April 4 Regular Meeting..Troop Elections/Order of the Arrow elections
April 6 Thursday 6:30 PM Thursday Quartermasters pack gear.. Uniform not required
April 8-10 Troop Campout, Bucks Pocket State Park
April 10 Quartermaster night and Patrol Leader's conference... Uniform not required
April 15-17 OA Conclave, Camp Drum, GA
District Outdoor Leadership Training at Camp Sequoyah (OLS)
April 18 Regular meeting w/ guest speaker
April 25th Court of Honor in the Reid Crotty Fellowship Hall, Bluff Park UMC 6:30 PM

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s
"Delivering the Promise"

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Troop News

New Scouts will need a ruck sack or carry bag for his personal gear and folding chair to sit on around camp and by the camp fire. There is a camping check list in the Troop; Guide on things to bring including a knife, fork, spoon, drinking cup, and plate and all the personal items for an over nighter he would normally use. Electronic games should not be brought, same for other electronic entertainment devices. Cell phone is ok just to call you on arrival times at the hut if we are early or late.

Weather..expecting fair weather..but prepare for the cold and maybe some wet...needs a jacket, sock hat, water bottle, rain suit, and maybe gloves if it gets cold..

Once at the Camp site, he will set up his tent and stow his personal gear and if he wants change into regular jeans and shirts or camp clothes from his uniform. Uniform, if he has it will be the Red Troop; T shirt he will get when he gets there Sat, scout short/long pants/ scout socks/Scoutbelt. We will be having patrol activities for the remainder of the day and evening with a big campfire in the evening.

All camping gear, except his sleeping bag, ground foam or light weight air mattress, will be provided by the Troop. He will be buying his meals as a patrol Saturday morning as part of the earlier listed fees.

If he can't make the trip in the morning..he should join us in the afternoon to get his requirements for summer camp behind him....We will be at Oak Mountain primitive sites which are located on on the dirt road at the first gate entrance after driving past the road that would take you to the Oak Mountain beach and picnic areas by the larger lake. You will see the bus and Frank Tank parked in our area.

Don't forget to bring his and your BSA registration form, medical form if completed and partial if you will be camping with him and fees as you care to budget them. Red T t]shirts, as stated, will be given out on April 2 at the Hut before we leave.

Tonight was an excellent Cross over..Thanks to Mr. Cox and Mr. Stocks as well as all the leaders and parents for all the work and time in making it possible. Thanks also to P Kidd and J Ng for the excellent Order of the Arrow performance and to E Kidd for his work on the Drum tonight.

Thanks to all the leaders, parents and Scouts who attended to make the Crossover as strong as it was..

Congratulations to Mr. William Kok and Mr. Kyle Horn for representing the Troop in attending the SMLT last Saturday at Cantebury Methodist....

Thanks to Mrs Kidd, E Kidd, P Kidd, S Hardy, and N Bolding for representing the Troop at the Order of the Arrow American Indian Seminar at Camp Comer two weekends ago. They, and M Gunn, will competing in the pre_ordeal Ceremonies competition and Drum/singing competition at the Regional Conclave meeting of all the Section 9 lodges from Alabama, Georgia and Florida (about 700 Arrowmen). There will also be full regalia dancing competition as well as chapter competitions and gatherings. We will be leaving in GAC van for Camp Drum, GA during the third week in April...All troop arrowmen are welcome to register at and join us.April 16-18.

The Frank Tank, thanks to all the efforts of Dr.Nelson will be road worthy and picked up tomorrow for general use.

Mr. Mickey Harbin will be awarded the distinguished Silver Beaver Award this coming Friday, March 25th at the GAC Recognition Reception at the Mt. Vernon UMChurch at 6:00 PM for his service to Troops 396 and 21, the District, and the Greater Alabama Council. You are welcome attend

14 Scouts will be attending the Vulcan District Merit Badge O Rama on March 26th at Birmingham Southern. Thanks to Mrs. Kidd for coordinating all the work to assure it works for the Troop and those who attend.

There will be a regular Order of the Arrow meeting at the Briarwood Presbyterian Church Scout Hut at 6:30 PM. All Chapter members should attend...Troop 21 has strong membership and as many as possible should attend.

The next Troop meeting will be at 7:00 PM at the Hut with a guest speaker.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

Don't forget to be working on the BSA medical form and payments due to Mr. Simon for summer camp (June 12-18)

Welcome again to the WEBELOs in joining the Troop. We look forward to your first meeting Monday.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Crossover tonight at BPUMC, New Scout Campout Apr 2-3

As a reminder:

Scouts should arrive at the Hut, Monday , March 21 in their Class A uniform w/Neckerchief between 6:30 PM and 6:40PM. We will load the bus and travel over to the Reid Crotty Fellowship Hall at the Bluff Park United Methodist Church to be present and participate in the WEBELOS crossover If your son can't make the bus trip, you can drop him off where we normally have our Troop Courts of Honor and we will bring him back on the bus to the Hut....probably between 8:00-8:15 PM.

This is an important event for the Troop as nineteen WEBELOS and their parents are crossing over to join the Troop Monday. Once we arrive back at the Hut, the Scouts will be released.

As indicated earlier, If your son has not been to summer camp with the Troop yet and is working on his Tenderfoot rank with the Troop, he needs to be attending the new Scout Campout with us on April 2 through April 3 as to work on some of his requirements and assist with the WEBELOS in setting up camp and activities. He needs to be at the Hut at 7:30 AM on Saturday, prepared to go. We will return Sunday around 10:30 AM or sooner. Uniform for the weekend will be the Class B uniform (red Troop T shirt, Scout socks, belt, and Scout shorts..He should also be prepared for cool weather in the evening and mornings. WEBELOS will be issued their red Troop T shirts on Saturday morning when they arrive.

Older Scouts and leaders have also be invited to join us to serve as guides for the weekend.

The fee for the Trip is $9.00 ( 3 meals) $4.00 (fuel) $2.00 (Oak Mountain Park Camping fee) TTL $15.00.

If you are a WEBELO parent and will not be coming on the 2-3 April trip with your son, make sure we have a copy of the BSA medical form w/copy of the medical insurance card and parental consent portion completed (he will need this for all trips in the future as well as summer camp}.

Also to save time in departing the hut on Saturday, please bring a signed copy of the BSA release form also found on the Troop Web Site.

thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan Strunk "Delivering the Promise"

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Summer Camp Merit Badge

Please check the troop website, look at the Summer Camp Merit Badge Assigned list to make sure what you got are what you requested.

For those(older scouts) that have not requested anything so far, please check the Summer Camp Merit Badge Offered list and email me your request asap.

I will continue to update both lists.

Mr. Ng

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Troop News

We had the best showing in a long time for the quartermaster take down and storage, the patrol leaders council (PLC), and Troop Committee meeting last night...thanks for your support and for encouraging attendance...

March and April are going to be busy months with the following on the schedule:

Thanks again to Mr. Simon, as usual, recent pictures of the back packing trip to the Pinhoti Trail near Heflin and the recent District Pinewood Derby competition are on the Troop Website.

As you know first, or if preferred, the payments are due for summer camp 2011.
The cost as written in previous memos is $225.00..starting with $75.00 if in payments. The Scout is going to need, as stated, his annual BSA physical form filled out by his physician as soon as possible for trips and summer camp. Please make sure the parental consent page is signed by a parent in order for the form to be complete. Questions, email Mr. Simon.

Once you complete the BSA Medical form, please make a personal copy, and turn the original or a copy into the Troop...your copy will serve as that just in case of loss, attending OA events, or other events requiring a copy...saves a great deal of time...

March 11-13: Order of the Arrow, American Indian Seminar at Camp Comer...those Scouts attending and who would like to ride as a car pool need to call S Hardy and arrange it during the next evening or so...they should bring a copy of their BSA medical form..and cash or a check for registration as listed on the Coosa

March 14th: No meeting or activities due to Spring Break

March 19th : Scoutmaster Leader Training (SMLT) found on the Greater Alabama Council and Vulcan District websites (found on the Troop web site). This training is recommended for all active dads and Moms who will be active with the Troop and need to understand the purpose of the "Boy led Troop."
The Training lasts one day at the Cantebury Methodist Church in Mountainbrook.

The fee is for lunch and some materials required for the course. The companion course is called the Outdoor Leader Training (OLS) and will April 15-17 at Camp Sequoyah. It is a camping in the outdoors under the auspices of the "Boy led Troop." by attending both the graduate is entitled to wear the Green Trained sleeve patch on the uniform. Any equipment needed will be provided by the Troop for you and the patrol to use.

March 21st: WEBELOS Crossover..the troop will meet at 6:40 PM to ride the bus to the Bluff Park United Methodist Church, or meet us over there, to the Reid Crotty Fellowship Hall. We will return to the hut in the Bus for rides home without any other activities. Uniform is Class A with Troop Neckerchief and sash. We are expecting 20 new Scouts to enter the Troop.

March 28th: Regular meeting..introduction of new Scouts...and continues with guest speaker.

April 2-3: New Scout campout..we will meet at the Hut at 7:30 AM..for preparation for the campout for the new Scouts at Oak Mountain....leaders and older scouts will serve as guides working through Troop protocols and camping guidelines as well as gearing into Tenderfoot requirements for summer camp. All Scouts who have earned the Tenderfoot rank and who entered the Troop and who have not been to summer camp with us need to attend....any Scout who is not a tenderfoot and will not be attending summer camp also needs to attend. We will return between 11:00 and Noon on Sunday April 3. Uniform is as much of the Boy Scout uniform on hand..if not purchased by April 2, then the WEBELOS uniform w/tan shirt should be worn.

Activities will include picking a name for the new patrols, painting their chuck box, making a patrol flag, physical fitness w/skits, and a Sunday service before we leave.

Scout should dress for the weather, especially the cold if cold is expected.

April 4: Regular meeting: Unit Elections/job assignments for the next six months and Order of the Arrow elections with a delegate from the Nunne-hi Chapter, Coosa 50 Lodge. Troop Games. Discussion of requirements for the coming Rappelling Camp out at Buck's Pocket State Park (April 8 -10)

April 7: Troop and Patrol Quartermaster's meet to prepare and pack Troop gear for Trip

April 8-10: Bucks Pocket Rappelling trip to Bucks Pocket State Park..more information to follow....

April 11: Patrol Leader's Council Troop Committee Meeting

April 18th: Regular meeting with Guest Speaker

April 25 : Court of Honor at the Reid Crotty Fellowship Hall, Bluff Park United Methodist Church at 6:30 PM.more information to follow..

April 29-31 Wood adult, two weekend course for better understanding the purpose of Scouting, the "Boy Led Troop" concept, and methods of running successful troops to assure the "Promise" to the boy is kept for a well grounded program, forward moving program. Graduates can wear the traditional course "beads" and enjoy the life long camaraderie and esprit the training provides. Information for registration is found on the Troop Web Site under the Greater Alabama

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS dan s
"Delivering the Promise"

Monday, March 07, 2011

qtrmstr 6:30pm, PLC 7pm, Comm Meeting 8pm

Thanks particularly to all the leaders who were part of the trip..despite the weather, it was one of our best attended, worth the time and efforts of all and certainly one our most character building...plenty of determination grafted into one of our most tried and true Troop mottos of improvising, adapting, overcoming....thanks to Mr. usual..the pictures are on the Troop website ...enjoy....

A special thanks again to Mr. Branin for reconnoitering our drop off and pick up points, Mrs Kidd and the Venture Crew for picking up all the meals, and all the leaders who were present to assist, helped with transportation, and esprit..The Venture Crew who came made all the difference in assisting the Phoenix Patrol with carrying gear a required and especially esprit and camaraderie for some character building instances.

There will be a quartermaster meeting at 6:30 for all who attended to quicken the process of cleanup and gear storage..followed by a PLC (patrol leaders council) of planning the rest of the month..followed by the Troop Committee meeting at 8:00 PM ( if you have never attended, you are certainly welcome tomorrow night).

This is going to be an exceptionally busy month for stay tuned for all the activities by reading your emails, passing them on the Scout and encouraging attendance....The Troop Blog Section on our Troop Web site will catch you up to as far back as you would like to go and bring you right up to where we are now.

Thanks again for all your support and encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Backpacking info., SMLT, Eagle Projects

Those of your Scouts who are Life ranked, the recent Digital Eagle advertized Eagle projects available at Oak Mountain, Camp Tranquility..ohters are being offered by the Red Mountain Parks Project Manager...many...

If you are a leader who has not attended the Scoutmaster's Leadership Training (SMLT) on March 19th at Canteberry UMC in Mtnbrk..please sign up for it...the companion weekend course is set for April 15-17 at Camp Sequoyah..neither of these are a conflict with Troop activities..and you should plan on attending to give us the depth we need in our leadership for the Scouts......You will need a uniform...please consider it if you have not,,information is on the recent GAC digital Eagle you just received as email..when you finish you will learn all you ever wanted to know about a "boy led Troop."

If your son has not back packed with us before..the basics he needs are:

a backpack
two water bottles..each with a metal "D' ring to connect to his belt and pack
a compactible, light sleeping bag with a pair of long underwear, sock hat, and socks to sleep in in case it gets cold
a light weight therma rest or foam ground cloth for between the bag and the tent floor
a plastic spoon, plastic cup, and plastic bowl to eat from..light as possible
Back packing clothes to wear on the trail, including wool socks with polyprophelene sock liners to prevent blisters.
a flashlight with a head band or one that he can hold in his mouth. He won't need a change of clothes as he will leave his dry uniform in the bus when he hikes in from the trail.
an economical rain suit in case it rains or gets cold
a cap for his head in case it rains or gets cold..gloves for the cold are probably not needed. A light jacket for the cold may be in order also....
The leaders will have everything else he needs..the troop provides a tent,cooking gear, and water purification

We will be going as light as possible for only about 8 or less miles in a beautiful primitive area.

Thats about it...otherwise he will have too much to carry

We will shake him down on Thursday when he brings all his gear..the food is being provided by the older Scouts for a back packing menu.

will see him thursday night with his ready to go 6:30 PM at the Hut,then at the Hut on friday at 5:00PM in uniform with his back packing clothes in a bag to change into when we get there at the start point.

YiS Dan s

"Delivering the Promise"