Monday, November 30, 2009

Troop News

We had a great turn out for the meeting tonight and and the speakers were excellent.

We still need the checks for Northern Tier for Mr. Young as stated in earlier memos. We only collected two tonight.

We need to mail in or give Mr. Frost registration fees for 2010 this month either by mail or in person:
$30.00 per Scout and $15.00 per leader. Also..start making plans to update the Scouts and Leader's annual physicals.

We will be passing out our tree lot location leaflets at the Sanford Basketball game this coming Saturday. Uniform is Class A less neckerchief and merit badge sash.. The bus is leaving the hut at 11:30 PM. Need leaders as well. He should eat before he gets there to get on the bus. We should be back at the Hut at 3:30 PM.

The Shark patrol should come to the December 7 meeting at 6:45 or sooner to vote for patrol leadership for the next six months.

We will have a guest speaker at the meeting.

December 14th is the Troop Christmas Party..Details will be coverd by the Senior on the 7th.

Thanks for all your support and encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Meeting tonight

Tonight's meeting has three important speakers that the Scout' need to hear for personal and professional reasons...

One...Chief A.C.Roper, Chief of Police, Birmingham PD. A very successful, hard working, exceptionally professionally qualified executive who lays a framework for personal success in a law enforcement career and the United States Military, where he holds the rank of Colonel in the US Army Reserves.. Chief Roper is the former Deputy Chief of Hoover PD and is a veteran of the Kuwait war.

Two.... Mrs Cindy Berry who, now completing her Doctoral dissertation for her PhD in Nursing through an extremely successful academic and professional career in nursing, while raising Mr. Berry, Joe, and Karl is speaking on latest information about alcohol and driving directly relating teenage Scouts,,,, this is excellent information for the parents for an update on this subject...a don't want to miss program.

and, Three, but not finally, Mr. Ken Madison, our own consummate construction/engineering professional will also speak to sales protocol and "Tips for success" on the Troop Tree Lot with the assistance of the Venture Crew (skits and experience) ---very important for new Scouts and Dads on the Lot.....

Please encourage attendance for this action packed night unforgettable experience in the dynamics of successful career planning, educational resourcing, and taking steps to personal success for the future.

See you there...

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Troop Meeting tonight, Basketball game @Samford Saturday

We have two guest speakers tonight (November 30) and the Venture Crews will be talking to sales protocol and tree sales as well as the salemanship merit badge.

On this coming Saturday afternoon (Dec 5) we will be going to Sanford to the ball game to advertise our trees also...Details tonight on that from Mr. Berry. Please encourage attendance in order to make this work. Uniform will be the class A without the merit badge sash. no jeans or sweats should be worn underneath the uniform for this event.

Tree sales are going great thanks to everyone participating and sharing the work load. Special thanks to Mr. Madison for the cost free scaffolding this year and to Mr. Smith and Mr. Hardy especially for powering up the lot and the Frank Tank.

Remember..once we hit the halfway mark and pay for the trees, those remaining on the lot are our operating budget for we need to sell them all..make sure no one leaves the lot without one.

Mr. Oliver said that he will pick up the sales during the evening before we close. If not, take all in the box home with you, call Mr. Oliver, and bring the cash and checks to the next meeting rather than leaving them in the truck all night, especially after a busy day.

Finally, expect an announcement from Dr. Hamilton about the wreath's arrival.

Thanks again for all your support and encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Monday, November 23, 2009

Picture day at Troop Meeting tonight

Remember..Troop pictures tonight in Class A uniform...Khaki shirt, Troop neckerchief, merit badge sash, Scout belt, Trouser/shorts (no sweat pants or jeans under the trousers or shirts) and socks. Will need a leader/Scout to collect a cash/check from each family for $15 or $25.00, another leader to arrange the uniform before the picture and to help with the preparation and line. Will have a taped activity going on for others to watch as they wait for the picture. If he absolutely can't make it, there will be make up scheduled.

Mr. Smith and Mr. Madison will get the scaffolding this Wednesday...I don't know, as usual who will be coming for the lot set up this Friday so we still need a plan as usual....Mr. Madison..can you bring your large corporate open trailer to haul all our gear from the hut...if not we will have to use the Frank Tank to get it all overthere....then once there we can start the set up....I'll announce tonight for all who are coming to be there at 8:00 AM on Friday...then we will take the Tank over and load it as we get gear down from the ceiling and from the back......Once over there we can set up as usual with everyone else...Thanks to Mr. Smith the Frank Tank is currently re-wired and the insides are bolted tight into the sides..we will also bring the Marquis over for set up the same morning.

Remember..for those of you in town..Scouts and Dads/Leaders need to be at the Parking lot at 8;00 AM the Friday after Thanksgiving (Nov 27) to set up the lot...We need please plan on being there as announce tonight at the meeting. As in loading the trees, the more the merrier and the quicker it will be done.

I think leaflet and banner/sign advertising will still be a key for us this year...more than ever due the economy and to attract resdidents who don't know we are up and selling.

Mr. Young..we still need those flyers put out in the major developments on Shadescrest and down in the Oxmoor Valley...I'll ask for leader volunteers to take Scouts down those roads do that Friday or Saturday the doors of the homes as we did last year....sign/banner sitting implys putting up one or the other and watching it at peal traffic times so no one can take it..then picking it up and leaving.

We also need to hold up our signs/banner to show we are there also..I am sure the sign nazi is still around....(last year they took all we had up) I plan on sitting on the main corners of Alford from I-65 to Tyler and on the intersection/Oxmoor and Valley ..but I will need help..I think the first and second weekend will be enough with some during the week.

We will also plan tonight and ask for volunteeers for the December 5 Samford game for our tree leaflets and chance ticket to the crowd...we will see what we can do for the other Saturdays also with volunteers.

If we Don't see you at the meeting tonight....on behalf of the Troop Committee and all the Scouts and their families..have a Happy Thanksgiving..the best yet!

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tree Arrival change to Sunday 10am

The trees will come in tomorrow on Sunday at 10:00 AM at the Lot. If your son is a patrol leader, have him call all the boys to advise all of the new time tomorrow and not prepared! YiS Dan s

Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Trees Arrive early!

They will arrive 6pm Saturday. Be there to help unload if you are in town.

Troop 21 members elected in OA Chapter

Just wanted to congratulate S & S Hardy, and P Kidd for not only attending the Order of the Arrow Nunne-Hi Chapter meeting last night, but for also stepping out and becoming nominated and elected for Vice Chief of Service, Vice Chief of Inductions, and Vice Chief of North American Indian Affairs and Programs, respectively. Last year both J Kunka and P Kidd held the Lodge Chief and Vice Chief of Service for the Chapter, and with the rest of the team excelled during competition at the Order of the Arrow's National Confernece in Bloomington, Indiana.

Want to thank B Debalsi for also running and narrowly missing by a margin.

Their running and being elected for these positions says a great deal about their demonstrated leadership potential in the Troop and the Chapter, as well as representing the Troop for the next year and the future. We will still be encouraging more of our Troop's Brothers (active members of the OA) to carry on the efforts and legacy of P Kidd, J Kunka, J Ng, J and K Berry with all the great efforts they took in keeping the Chapter's Pre-Ordeal Ceremony team alive and well for the past two years.

Thanks especially to all the parents and leaders, without whose time and support, none of this would be possible.

Thanks again for all your efforts in making us as strong as we are.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Picture day Nov 23

Picture day instruction

Tree Arrival Sunday, Picture day next Monday

Wanted to thank again all of those who went on the Shiloh Trip for their support in making it happen, especially the early party for setting up the camp. Also to Mr. Smith for buying and preparing all our meals during the weekend....Special thanks then to Mr. Turner, Mr. Gunn, Mr. Clark, Mr. Frost, Mr. Smith, Mr. Branin, Michael Frost, Patrick Kidd, Zac Kaiser, Seth and John Clark.

We will be taking a troop composite picture on this coming Monday so he needs to be there in class "a" uniform including his neckerchief and merit badge sash whether he wants a copy of the picture of not.

The cost is $15.00 for just the composite or $25.00 for the composite and individual picture of the Scout also. Bring a check make out to Troop 21 or cash in the day of the shoot (November 23). If he decides he want s a copy of the composite picture of the Troop later, rather than Monday, the cost will be $25.00.

We haven't done this before with each scout, his name and rank on a composite picture, so it will be a first. Leaders are invited to take a picture also along with the Scouts. Scouts in the OA will have a red border around their picture designating the OA.

We will start at 7:00 PM promptly with a program going on simultaneously.

Don' forget that we will be unloading trees at the Tree Lot next to the Church on this coming Sunday at about 1:30 PM or as announce on email and telephone..Please plan on helping out to make it a easy thing for all (about an hour or so).

Don't forget we will set up the Tree lot On November 27th also, the day after Thanksgiving and we will need all the help we can get there also starting at 8:00 AM.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Teen Driving presenation 7pm @BPUMC


Tomorrow night Cindy will be giving a presentation on teen driving for parents at BPUMC in the Faith classroom, next to the room we use for the Court of Honor. It will be begin at 7 p.m.and last approx. an hour. It will provide information parents can use to increase their teen’s safe driving habits. We hope you can attend!

Joe and Cindy Berry

Friday, November 13, 2009

Shiloh trip

Scouts should know to bring their compass with them for the trails they will be hiking..particularly the Sharks who will be completing the compass trail (Trail 4)..other questions on the trail are compass questions also....

Not finally, I am sure...they should bring their own supply of toilet paper for an emergency away from a facility on the trail....

The Advance party is on their way since 8:00 this morning for our set up, when you see then please thank them for their effort and taking the time for the rest of us:

Mr. Smith, Mr Clark, J and S Clark, Mr. Frost, M Frost, P Kidd and Z Kaiser, Mr. Turner, Mr. Gunn, Captain Gandy and Z Gandy.

Looks like a beautiful weekend coming up in Tennessee. Be prepared for the cold.

If your are driving and have not been there before, make sure you have a map to the camp site. We will have them at the Hut tonight if you are leaving early...there are several on the table in the Hut now.

See you tonight at the Hut at 5:00 PM....Uniform is Khaki shirt, shorts or trousers, belt, and socks.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veteran's Day Parade, Shiloh Trip

In the morning, starting at 7:00 AM we split wood at the Hut and when the entire contingent arrived we headed for lunch and the rest of the day. Weather, as you know was great for a parade.

Want to thank all the leaders who joined us and the WEBELOS I, WEBELOS II at the parade. After a lunch at the Golden Corral we went to the Parade Holding site for Scouts an joined the more than 500 there. Each of the Scouts carried an Alabama State flag among the fifty other Scouts who marched and were place as a group in the front of the parade this year. Ms. Alabama stopped by them and had their picture taken with them. All cubs from Packs 321, 312, and 326 marched as a contingent in front of the Bus and Frank Tank.

Remind your son if he is patrol or troop quartermaster he has to be present for tomorrow night to assist in packing for the Trip...from 6:30 to about 7:30. We need help with this, please make sure he attends.

We will meet at the Hut at 5:00 PM on Friday with all his gear (no steamer trunks) and a lunch/dinner ready to go. He will not be allowed to run into Piggley Wiggley to buy his lunch, so please pack one for him or buy it on the way to the Hut. We will be stopping at between 6:30 PM And 7:00 PM for gas, restroom break and food if he want fast food then.

As always, the cost for the trip $30 per person unless you drive your car, then the cost is $20.00 for the driver. All Scouts will ride the bus up and back, except for the early and late parties going up. WEBELOS can ride with their parents up and back .

Except for the drivers of the vehicle, the fee for all leaders, parents, Scouts and Cubs remains at $30.00 per person to help defray fuel costs for the bus, the Frank Tank, the late party and the advance party (fuel and Friday evening meal) for the trip.

Please don't forget to go to the Troop Web site and complete the BSA consent form for him top bring to the Hut as he pays and registers for the Trip at the Hut on Friday.

We expect to return around 1:00- 2:00 PM on Sunday.

See some of you on Thursday night..see all of you one Friday..

I will have Shiloh Maps available to those who want one at the Hut on Thursday and Friday nights.

Thanks for all your support...

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shiloh, Canoe Trip in Jan, CPR

The presentation tonight by Captain Gandy was excellent and attendance was above average despite the weather.

....Everything as described in previous Troop blogs is still updated. We had more than ten visitors (WEBELOS) tonight including the Faulkner and his dad, P Crabtree as potential new members.

....Troop and Patrol Quartermasters need to be at the Hut at 6:30 PM this Thursday for packing our gear for Shiloh....

If your Scout is going on the Shiloh Trip and he wasn't there tonight and you're not sure we (Mr. Frost/Mr. Madision/Mr. Strunk) know he is coming, please reply so we can assure the logistics.

Thanks to Mrs. Eggers the Popcorn results are in with J Ng as first place, Chris Nelms, second , and Brandon Debalsi in third..Thirty -five per cent for their total individual sales meant take thirty-five per cent take home from each of their totals indicated that they all earned their cost of summer camp, plus contributing to the BSA.

Our plan for the weekend of Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday weekend (2010) is to canoe the Okefenoke Swamp in GA along with taking the mail boat from Brunswick GA to Cumberland Island for the day (being set up by Mr. Branin). We would leave on Friday, Canoe Saturday, boat trip on Sunday and come home on Monday...or we can leave on Saturday, canoe or boat on Sunday and return on Monday. We will put it to a vote on November 23 with the Scouts.

There is set date for the Vulcan District Merit Badge O-rama on April 10, where he will have the opportunity to earn two merit badges.

There is a new Website out maintained for Scouters by one of our district members...www.woodbadgeman..some interesting information here for you to look at.

Will be doing a CPR refresher on a Saturday to be announce in November and December. Takes about an hour at the Hut and the $ 5.00 fee is picked up by the Troop.Watch for postings and a request for a reply.

There was an announcement in the last GAC newsletter, the Digital Eagle, that the Birmingham Red Cross is offering the Wilderness Emergency First Aid Course. If you have time you need to take it. The certification is for there years and the course is excellent. One member of each crew on all high adventure trips has to have the certification.

Thanks for all your support.....
YiS Dan S "Delivering the Promise"

Monday, November 09, 2009

More printer friendly Tree Sales Assignments

I have posted a more printer friendly Tree Sales Assignments.

You can print it in one single page in original font size.


Mr. Ng

Meeting tonight - Shiloh trip briefing, Veteran's Day Parade

Regular meeting tonight with an excellent presentation on Shiloh by Captains Gandy and Skinner...attendance required if the Scout is going and we need a definite headcount for meals and tents...if he is not going to be there someone needs to know if he is coming on the trip...same for leaders...WEBELOS are invited to attend.

It looks to me that the weather (Ida) may only be overcast on this coming Wednesday for activities and the Veteran's Day parade..will plan as the weather comes in.....unless it is just a wash out...we will plan to be there as announced.

Please remind the Scout that the uniform tonight and until April for all meetings is the Khaki shirt/trousers or shorts, Scout belt, scout socks...neckerchief and sash are class A Plus an not required.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Merit Badge Info.

There is a new link on our main website

under How To & Requirements > Lots of Merit Badge Info. (

or go to

Troop News

Want to thanks those who came to the Court of Honor for such good attendance( Nov 2).

Congratulations to Senior Patrol Leader P Kidd for his and all the other Scouts volunteering by election and appointment to Troop leadership positions for the next six months. As always, this will be one of our best six month periods in a strong year ahead of us. Pictures, thanks to Mr. Simon and Lepianka are on the Troop web site. Thanks again also to B Garrett and the Scouts who served as leaders for the past six months for one of the best six months to date.

Thanks again to Mr. Simon, the current tree assignment roster for the Troop now posted on the Troop Web site. Please take a look at it and confirm your own times. Remember...if a Scout and parent can't be present that evening or day, they have to arrange with a swap with another family to fill the space while also advising both team leaders of the change as not to cause confusion. Thanks in advance for making this work.

As mentioned, November is a busy month for the Troop. Here are the highlights of what is coming:

November 5 Vulcan District Round Table: 7:00 PM Canteberry United Methodist Church, Mountain Brook..certification course for merit badge counselors and the explanation of the Scout advancement program for leaders.

November 9: Regular meeting. See last Troop Blog on Troop Web Site for details

November 11: Veterans' Day Parade..details on last Troop Blog. Encourage attendance rather than sitting at home.

November 12: Quartermasters at hut at 6:30 to pack for Shiloh

November 13-15: Trip to Shiloh (see last Troop Blog for details) Dress for weather(cold ,wet, or sunny) will hike in unform...water pack for snacks..(Scouts: polypropylene liner socks along with wool socks for the hike (no cotton socks to prevent the potential of blisters) They will be hiking 10-12 miles on asphalt and woodlands. Fill out BSA consent form in advance on the Troop Website and bring for the trip.

Nov 16: Patrol and Troop Quartermasters meet at hut at 6:30 for equipment take down and storage..Patrol leaders Conference and Troop Committee Meeting....Need heavy encouraged attendance to plan for tree sales activities at both the PLC and Committee Meeting..please ecourage attendance.

November 22 Trees are scheduled to arrive and be unloaded at the BPUMC lot. Pleas plan on attending to help out (parents/leaders/Scouts)

November 23 Regular meeting and official Troop pictures at Hut 9see previous blog for details.

December 5 Bus leaves hut with Scouts at 12:00 Noon to distribute tree sales leaflets at Samford University Basketball game

December 7 Regular Meeting with special guest speaker

December 14 Regular meeting and Troop Christmas Party 9 (details to be announced by PLC)

December 20th Tree lot taken down/equipment stored

December 21 No meeting
December 28 No meeting
January 4 No Meeting
January 9 Annual Planning Conference at BPUMC and overnight lockin
January 15-18 Trip to Okefenokee Swamp for canoing and Cumberland Island (GA) hiking (tentative)

Thanks for all your support and encouragement for attendance.....

Yis Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Monday, November 02, 2009

COH Nov 2

Don't forget the Court of Honor is at the BPUMC November 2 as described in ealier blogs. This is a family affair..please try to be there.

Uniform for the Court is Scout Khaki shirt, shorts or trousers, belt, socks, necrkerchief, and merit badge sash. Dinner is pot luck as described in earlier blogs....Sharks are the Host Patrol so they need to be there at 6:00 PM for the set up. Court starts at 6:30 for everyone else.Bring a copy of the agenda and make one for your son to stay abreast of the Court.

The Scout uniform from now until the April time change in 2010 is Scout Khaki shirt, shorts or trousers, sock, and belt.

Don't forge to bring any remaining wreath sales requirements for Dr. Hamilton and all pop corn requirements for Mr. Eggers to the

Thanks for all your support..

YiS Dan s :"Delivering the Promise"