Friday, November 29, 2013

Troop News

Thanks to all those who set up both lots today..Thanks especially to Mr. Morris for taking the time and effort to patch up the large white shelter blown over two nights's staked  down and operational again.

Thanks especially again to the Youngs for the initiative and follow through and all who supported and buillt the spiked tree stands and combination of scaffolding at the Church lot. The lots have never looked better with more trees drilled and standing alone for shopping.

Both lots were set up today and all signage posted throughout the community...If you had a tree sign for your yard last year, please make sure it is up this year.

All the equipment  that should be secured has sufficient hardware in the form of internal and external locks and chain is in place.    Please make sure all wreaths/sprays/ garlands and other materials are  locked up when securing the lots.  We've had theft in the past once the lots are secured for the evenings.

The lighted marquee in front of the Korean Church will be powered up this Saturday..make sure it plugged in at dusk and turned off (unplugged) when the lot shuts down.

All the trees currently on the ground have to be drilled, then as space opens placed on the tree stands....when not selling trees, the Scouts and leaders need to be drilling the trees for quick set ups for especially busy times.....

String from the trees should be bagged and/or cutting/trimmings from the trees  should be tied with tree string in bunches for easy sales to customers...Customers are invited to take their own tree cuttings,, but should pay the cost for those taken from other trees as listed on the pricing handouts...Scouts should hand the customer the handout when they arrive on the lot so the customer can see what items are being offered and all their prices.

The cash register for the Ross lot will be powered up Saturday.  A roster and  tree sales assignment sheets should be in the lot note book(s) for for reference....

leaders should know who is on their team before they show up on the lot, and have that phone number to check them if they don't or see who they swapped with...this weekend and for the days and weekend ahead will be fast moving and each team member will be counted upon to be present to assist with the staffing on each lot.

Thanks again for all your efforts and time in making our sales as successful as they are.

YiS Dan s