Friday, February 27, 2015

Troop News

In preparation for the caving trip coming up during the weekend of March 21, and in order to get an accurate head count of who is going, we need all those who plan to attend the caving trip to be at the Monday night meeting March 2, 2015 for an accurate head count... if the leader or the Scout cannot make the meeting, then please email me or call me.

At this time, with good weather, we will be taking the bus and hauling the trailer (Dr. Brewer).....we will leave around 8:00 AM March 21, stop for lunch along the way, arrive at the incline railroad, take the RR to top and visit the National Park, return to the bus, stop at a Cracker Barrel Restaurant for dinner, then enter the cave at 7:00 PM, camping in the cave, then heading for home stopping for lunch at 8:00 EST. March 22.

The cost is $40.00 per person for the cave; $11.20 adult $5.00 Scout for the Rail Road; $3.00 for for admission to the walking portion of the park (under 16 free); $10.00 for fuel, and meals out of pocket per person. Total w/o meals is 75.00 leader/ 55.00 Scout not including meals (figure about 20.00 for two McDonalds stops and one Cracker Barrel supper).

We will look at the weather for going up on the mountain, If bad we will talk to another activity prior to going in the cave. The cave is dry and always in comfortable temperature.

If the weather is bad, preventing the National Park and RR ride, we could (1) consider the aquarium instead (group rate $27.00 adult /16.00 youth and add $6.00 for the IMAX.... or (2) just leave the Hut later in the day from Bham and arrive at the cave at 7:00 PM.....or (3) leave the Hut earlier and just do a bus tour of the Chickamauqa National Military park and visitor center at no cost before going to the cave of which, except for ice and snow, weather has not bearing.

The Racoon Mtn Wild Cave Tour caving is the best offered for groups in a controlled, safe environment with a professional guide...changing before we go in into our caving clothes, we get real dirty while wearing provided protected headgear w/a light/gloves, knee pads, and tote bag provided for your gear while crawling in old jeans and an old long sleeved shirt, through tight fitting crawl spaces.

We will bring a light weight sleeping bag, water bottle, toothbrush for staying in a sleeping space inside the is more primitive than the Cumberland Cave and Lost Sea Cavern...more exiting, more exerting, and more fun......recommend a pair of rubber boots (not required) to walk in a ankle deep river or a pair of dry socks if you wear a pair of old sneakers so you have a pair of dry socks in the sleeping area at night. Over the years I have acquired a pair to keep my feet dry and get better traction....noticed that the guides wear boots also.

Great trip and you can buy a patch! We get breakfast at the cave in the AM, shower if you want, change back into uniform, and depart.

The Troop has visited all of these caves in the past and the choice for the most fun is the Raccoon Mtn cave (wild tour).

YiS Dan s