Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Troop News

The attendance at the Hut last night for quartermaster  take down and storage was above average and we had an excellent turn out for the following Committee meeting.


This Saturday, May 26, for those who can make it, we will meet at the Montevallo National Cemetery at 8:45 AM  in the Class A uniform w/sash and Troop neckerchief to assist w/a flag ceremony and the inserting of 1400 individual flags on the burial sites of all the interred veterans.  It should last an hour or so.

As importantly, and more so, we need Scouts in the Class A uniform at 2:45 PM on Sunday, May 27,  at the Veterans Memorial off of the Liberty Park Exit on 459 to assist in a flag ceremony and program for veterans which the Troop usually assists with.  I NEED THE NAME OF THE SCOUTS AND LEADERS TODAY AS A REPLY who can be present for the program outline for Mr. Roger Ethrington by tonight via email so he can make his usual plans with the persons present. Family members are welcome for the ceremony also. This has be come a Troop annual event and the coordinators are starting to count on Troop 21 for their support.

They will be having a larger ceremony on Monday May 28th at the Montevallo National Veteran's Cemetery also at 8:30 AM for those who want to assist in the Class A Uniform. it will last for about an hour.


Thanks to Mr. Cox and all his work, the trip was one of our best, exceeding last years good time and experience.

It was a fun-filled,  high adventure weekend with perfect weather (see web site pictures).

 The only problem we had was that there were fifteen members who obligated themselves to go for planning purposes then did not attend, causing the Troop a loss in funding.   To overcome the loss, the Committee unanimously voted to charge those who were absent to pay for the cost of the obligated canoe and other expense  for the amount of $27.00...the cost of overspending for meals will be absorbed.  The 15 committed but not attending will be asked to pay the amount before the next trip/activity to Mr. Elmore.

As large as the Troop is,  once committed,  the activity fee will have to be paid by the unexcused absentees  to assure avoiding going into the red for the trip/activity.  Emergencies approved by the Scoutmaster or the trip coordinator will be the exception.


If you have not paid the required fees, please plan on doing  that immediately so Mr. Simon can get this behind us.  Please also plan, as stated by Mr. Simon, to assure we have the completed and detailed checked BSA Medical form (2012 is required)  for Camp, otherwise he will have to be returned home after arrival because of failure to provide the required medical/prescription documentation for the staff (page 41) of the Camp Sequoyah Guide for medical prescriptions.

We will be taking nearly 62 Scouts and leaders to Camp this year and will be setting up in two adjacent camp sites: Frontier Land and Boiling Springs (see the Map in the Camp Sequoyah 2012 Guide).  Leader's coming should plan on bringing a vehicle as the bus will likely be full to capacity w/Scouts.  To assist with this will ask a fuel fee per person ($5.00) going to camp  to offset the expense.  It will be payable by check or cash  or WePay to Mr. Elmore the day we leave (June 10).

MR CRABTREE'S WOODBADGE GOALS:  emphasis on an annual newsletter to all Troop 21 Alumni since the Troop's inception since 1918..to begin the process of fund raising for Hut expansion and general donation funds to perpetuate the Troop's legacy into the immediate and near future.  He recommended that leaders who have not attended SMLT and OLS as well as Woodbadge to do so, in order  to encourage  further Troop esprit, continued camaraderie and to provide the Scouts with "trained leaders."



JUNE 7     QUARTERMASTER NIGHT         SPL/ASPLs /Patrol leaders/Ast Patrol Leaders/Patrol Quartermasters and Troop Quartermasters report to Hut on Thursday night at 6:30 PM to load the Frank Tank and Troop Trailer for summer camp.  Uniform not required..should take about an hour to an hour and a half.

JUNE 10:  Arrive at hut dressed in Class B uniform (red T shirt) at 10:30 PM for a 11:00 PM departure.

JUNE 13:  Parents visiting should arrive anytime after 3:30 PM to spend the evening w/the Scout..please bring his favorite meal for supper to eat in the Camp w/him rather than driving out to a restaurant.  Dress for the weather.  If you cannot make it, arrange for another parent to bring his meal and other items.  Parents should plan on visiting...sharing a ride has also worked in the past.

JUNE 16:  Arrive home after brunch at McDonalds.  Should arrive at the Hut at about Noon.

JUNE 18:  Patrol leader's Conference at 6:30 PM and Troop Committee Meeting at 8:00 PM. If you are a new parent, please plan on attending at 8:00PM and participate in the discussion/business.

JUNE 2O:  Sea Base Crew departs for Ismoralda in the Florida Keys until June 26th

JUNE 25:  Regular meeting  Speaker and Troop games (WE NEED A PROGRAM OR A MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER..please call me for an idea)

JULY 2:  No meeting due to the 4th of July holiday

JULY 7-21   "Yellowstone Trip"  Al to Wyoming environs, "Trip of a Life Time,"

JULY 9     Regular Meeting Speaker/program /troop games (WE NEED A PROGRAM OR A MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER..please call me for an idea)

JULY 16   Regular meeting Speaker/program/troop games ( WE NEE A PROGRAM OR MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER..please call me for an idea)

JULY 23   Regular meeting Speaker/program/troop games:  water sports activities guidelines: (WE NEED A PROGRAM OR MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER..please call me for an idea)

JULY 26   Quartermaster night  for preparation for water sports Trip.. uniform not required. About an hour

JULY 27-29   Water Sports at Smith Lake on the Nelms' Property...need ski boats/ski doos/ canoes..potential:
               Nelms, Stubblefield, Brantley, Hardy, Poole, Presely... Troop canoes.....others

JULY 30    6:30 PM Equipment take down and storage/ 7:00 PM Patrol leader's Conference and Troop Committee Meeting

AUGUST 6  Troop Court of Honor for summer camp and earlier rank advancements and merit badges ..Pot luck dinner...details to be announced in last week of July...

AUGUST 17-19   Troop White Water Trip to the Ocee and Nantahalla Rivers

AUGUST 2O  Gear storage, PLC, and committee meeting

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance:

YiS Dan s                                      "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Troop News, Canoe Trip

Several subjects  were covered at tonight's meeting:

Mr. Stocks and all the leaders and Scouts who set up the fence during the last two Saturdays at the Hut were again thanked for all their work.

Mr. Eggers was thanked again for his building from scratch,  three  Troop wash stands for the Troop to use at campouts.

Mr. Cox was thanked for coordinating the Boston Butt sales again this year. Parents are reminded that a great percentage of the sale goes directly to the Scout to assist in paying for high adventure trips and expenses.  Please take a look at the last notice for all the details about the sales and encourage the sales as quickly as possible.

Thanks to S Hardy and E Kidd, we had a basics on canoeing this evening, and thanks to Mr. David Butler, of the Cahaba River Society, we  an excellent briefing on the Cahaba River and it's environs.

Patrol and Troop quartermasters, patrol leaders and Ast Patrol leaders need to be at the Hut this Thursday night (5/17), at 6:30 PM to load for the campout.  It will take about an hour  and uniform  is not required.

He needs to be at the hut at 5:00PM on Friday,  May 18,  ready to go with a bagged supper..if not eaten before hand...we will not be stopping for a snack on the way there (twenty-thirty minutes).  Uniform is the red Troop t shirt, Scout Trousers or shorts, Scout socks, and belt...

What he should bring:

An older pair of sneakers for the river in the canoe,  a pair of shorts, and a "t" shirt to paddle in....

a large mouth Nalgene quart water bottle (with his name on it ) to drink from on the river,

a foam pad to sit on in the canoe for the all day paddle,

a glasses restraint if he will wear glasses or sunglasses,

a hat, and rain jacket if if it rains or rain is expected,

and biking gloves for paddling all day to possibly prevent a possible  blister.

He should not paddle down river in his Scout shirt or green scout shorts as they will get wet and dirty going down the river...he should only wear them on the bus to and from the camp site.

We will be camping in the deep woods as usual, so he needs insect repellant...If he is not a first Class Scout at this time, he needs to bring his Scout book to for the Scoutmaster to take a look at his progress.

He will need dry shorts and dry t shirt other than his Scout uniform to change into once out of the River..

It may be cool in the evening an the early morning hours, so he should bring a long sleeve shirt or light jacket,

Since it is a short distance to the Hut, we will more than likely stop at McDonalds for brunch on Sunday before returning to the Hut.

Thanks for all your support....and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s                             "Delivering the Promise"

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Troop News

Yesterday, Saturday, May 5,  was a busy day at the Hut..with pictures to follow on the Troop web site..

  THE JLT    Thanks to their preparation and teaching skills,  N Bolding, S Hardy, S Hardy, and M Gunn the Troop Junior Leadership training well done with a mix of Scouts attending from the patrols..Each was awarded their BSA" Trained" tab/patch.

I Eggers   C Thompson
C Nelms   N.Johnson
C Horn      J. Branin
J.Morris     W. Griggs

This training was especially important for the Eagles and Crocs and should be planned for in 2013, when announced,  for those who didn't attend.

The  HUT'S  FENCE:  Thanks to Mr. Stocks and Mr. Morris  and all the leaders and Scouts who helped out, more than 20 throughout the day,  all of the Hut's fence posts were dug in and set with concrete behind the Hut with  day for completing the fence to be announced at the May 7th meeting...We are looking at possibly the 12th if we can get enough Scouts an leaders to complete it.

The Hut's  Exterior Lighting (motion detector)  was completed thanks to Mr. Morrow, Mr. Horn and the other leaders who helped out while the fence post were being put up; The hole in the  underside of the  roof  in the vicinity of the Hut Chimney was also plugged

MAY CANOE TRIP:  Owing to changes in numbers and some logistics,  the cost of the canoe trip  (May 18-20) per person has been changed to $40.00 instead of $35.00.   The fee should be paid in cash (in an envelope with party's name on it and who it is for), check, or WePay on Monday, May 14th for our final headcount, meal planning, work assignment sheet....if the Scout or leader is not going to be present on Monday, 14th,  the Patrol leader has to be called and advised to assure we have the final headcount.

CONGRATULATIONS:  to Cathy Kidd, Chris Morrow, and Dan Strunk for being awarded the "Brown Pelican (Religious) Award,"  May 6th at St. Paul''s Cathedral at the annual 2:00PM ceremony w/reception as part of the Catholic Diocese of Birmingham Scouting recognition programs.  There were more than 125 Scouts, Girls Scouts, and Leaders awarded more than 35 categories of the Catholic religious medal/certificates  for personal and community service categories in the community through the Girls Scouts and Boy Scouts throughout the Diocese.  Last year,  as recalled, thanks to especially to Mrs. Kidd and the assistance of  Mr. Morrow,  six of our Scouts earned the Catholic Ad Altare Dei Religious Award, and this year also, thanks to Mrs. Griggs, more than ten  Scouts and leaders  earned the Methodist Religious Award (Court of Honor) w/the Bluff Park United Methodist Church.

The Monday (May7 ) meeting at the Hut will Depart on the Bus and vehicles  for the "O" Scale railroad at about 7:00 PM on Sussex Drive off of Tyler Rd  in the Class B uniform (red Troop t Shirt).  We will return by 8:30 PM.

Before leaving for the RR we will discuss options for:

1.   The  July, 2012  campout as the water sports  weekend/skiing (July 27-29)  has been cancelled due to non-availabilty of the river property this year. We need to discuss an alternative trip for the same weekend.

2.   A time and date to complete the fence raising behind the hut

3.   May 26th, 27th, and the 28th are still options for the Troop to participate in memorial services for our area:

On   Saturday, May 26th  there are  flag ceremonies and recognition  at 9:00 AM at the National Cemetery in Montevallo..Scouts/leaders  will assist with parking, handing out brouchers, the formal ceremony, and placing flags on 1400 veteran's graves at the cemetery.  Those who can should arrive NLT 8:30 AM. (Class A Plus).....Leaders will be assisting, so personal transportation may be our best option for those who can come...if we can get more 15 or twenty Scouts,  we can use the Troop bus with a small fuel fee per person.  I would say that we would depart the Hut at 7:45 AM and return between 10:00 and 11:00 AM.

On the Sunday, May 27th those who can,  will meet at the Liberty Park Veteran' Memorial  at 2:40 PM to assist the Annual  Flag and Recognition Ceremony for  Veterans that the District/Council has supported for years.  The ceremony starts at 3:00 PM in ends in about 45 minutes (Class A Plus)  Personal transportation will be expected..or car pooling from and to the Hut will work.

On Monday, May 28th,  for those who can, they will be having a larger yet ceremony at the National Cemetery at Montevallo....we will need to be there at 8:30 AM also (Class A Plus)...We can count numbers for the bus or personal transportation for those who would care to participate.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance....

YiS  Dan s                   "Delivering the promise.


We are going to meet again this Saturday, May 12th, and try to complete the fence.
The posts are set, now we have to hang the gates and wood panels, and stretch the
chain link.  We hope to have two teams, one on the wood and one on the chain link,
working at the same time, and should be finished by 1:00.

We will need a few shovels and digging tools to level the ground in a few places.  If you
have a good cordless drill, bring it. We will attach the wood panels with screws.  This
should go a lot quicker than last week.

Scouts who helped last week should consider coming back to get a couple more
Home Improvement Merit Badge requirements done.  Please respond to this email if
you can come. Thanks, and see you Saturday.

Greg Stocks and Pat Morris

Yellowstone Trip meeting

For the boys that are going on the Yellowstone trip this summer we will have a planning meeting May 20th at 3:00 pm at Bluff Park Methodist Church in the Fireside room across from the gym. Please park and enter from the parking lot where we park the bus.

We will cover the following items:
Travel Plans/ Accommodations
Patrol Organization
Places we will visit
Proper Attire
Expected Weather Conditions
What to bring
Where you might want spending money
Plus anything Else

Doug Hardy

Boston Butts Sales

Troop 21,

At long last it is finally here. The now annual Troop 21 "Fourth of July Bar-B-Que" Fundraiser.

Fourth of July already!?

Yes, already! We will kick off the sale next Monday at the Troop meeting. The sale will run for 4 weeks, ending on Saturday Jun 9th. Why Saturday Jun 9th. This is the day that the Scouts will depart for summer camp. All orders and monies are due on that day, Saturday June 9th. I will be there to collect all the orders. Make checks payable to Troop 21. We will receive and deliver everyone's order on Monday June 18th at the Hut. This will give everyone 2 weeks prior to the Fourth of July to distribute their orders. I will be sending an excel spreadsheet (order form) that everyone will need to print out to take orders. I will be on hand next Monday to answer any questions.

This year we will be working with Dreamland Bar-B-Que, "Ain't nothing like'm nowhere,"  We will have a couple more items to sell this year. In addition to Boston butts, we will offer slabs of ribs, pecan pie, quarts of Dreamland BBQ sauce as well as some combo offerings. The Dreamland producst come to us freshly cooked, flash frozen, then cryovacked. These product will stay fresh for 6 months in the freezer. Perfect for families who want to order extras.

This is a great way for your scout to bank money for his upcoming high adventure trips. Last year we had several scouts bank over $300.00 in their accounts. Approximately 95% of the all the profits are distributed into the Scouts accounts to be used to offset the cost of high adventure trips like Philmont, Seabase and Northern Tier.

Last year we sold over $7000.00 in Boston butts. We distributed over $4000.00 into the Scouts accounts. This year should be bigger and better, personally I think we could sell over $10,000.

Time to get selling,

Nevin Cox.