Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Troop News

We had a well attended meeting tonight with a strong agenda...thanks to Mr. Ian Thompson and Colin who spoke to Scouting origins, it's current state of the art in the United States due to those origins, and the Scouting Heritage merit badge.....he was followed by a break down and description of the Ski trip this coming weekend by the Ski trip coordinator, Mr. Larry Young. About 37 Scouts and leaders have signed up for the trip.

The cost for the trip remains at $185.00 per individual... for a one or two person family...

if a family of three or more..the cost is $160.00 each.

Participants should dress for the weather, inclusive of insulated caps and cold weather gloves on the slopes. The fee will cover all meals and fuel costs (he should eat breakfast before he arrives Sat morn for departure) and rental fees to and from the destination, but the Scout should bring extra change if he wants to buy more than allotted for meals. We will have a Snow Sports merit badge book on the trip for the Scout interested in completing the badge.

He should bring a day pack for gear on the bus, a water bottle for hydration, and though likely he will have a bunk w/mattress he should bring his sleeping bag and air mattress if necessary in the sleeping huts.

He needs to be at the Hut at 8:00 AM Saturday 18 January, in the Class A uniform...Khaki shirt, scout trousers, belts, and socks. We should arrive back at the hut in the later afternoon, Monday, January 19.

The Troop also voted for a three day canoe trip to Grimes Canoe Base on the Buffalo river in TN in July, 2015, following the Philmont Trip. A final date will be announced and posted.

Finally, Mrs Lewis reminded all members of the Troop of the up and coming Yard sale w/reservations coming on March 7 and Mr. Jones and Mrs Kidd reminded Scout of the up and coming merit badge days that require registration before walking in ( Three Rivers and Shelby County). Mr Jones also mentioned that Scout will have an opportunity to become SCUBA certified with the Troop if they want to take the time once a letter mailed to families announcing the opportunities.

YiS Dan S "Delivering the Promise"