Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Troop News

A great Court of Honor last night..in fact one of the best yet. Thanks to all the families, the food was excellent and plentiful. Thanks to Mr. Simon, the evening's pictures are on the Troop Web Site.

Congratulations to Scott Hardy on his assumption his title as Senior Patrol Leader and thanks to Sam Hardy as out going senior for all his work in making it one of our best six months of Troop activities...

Thanks to all the leaders and Parents who attended for the large number of advancements and merit badges earned by the boys.

We had two guests last night: Mr. Roger Etherington representing the District and the Council "Friends of Scouting" annual campaign and Mr. Ben Putnam, Order of the Arrow Nunne-Hi Chapter advisor of the Coosa Lodge, who with Scouts E Kidd, J Elmore, S Hardy, S Hardy, and M Gunn put on a 20 minute demonstration of Native American drum and songs for the Troop. Mention was also made for P Kidd, S Hardy, and M Gunn for also serving on the Chapter's Pre-Ordeal Ceremony Team. N Bolding also a drum team member was absent.

As planned there was special recognition for Dr. Tracy Hamilton (Troop Committee Chairman), Mr. Bert Oliver (Troop Committee Treasurer) , Mr. Mickey Harbin (Troop Eagle Advancement Counselor) , and Mr Steve Frost (Troop Advancement Chair) for their time as Committee members and service with the Troop.

Thanks to Mr. Simon, we had a pictorial review of all activities over the past six months.

In keeping with Troop Goals, 2010, all of the Phoenix Patrol members who attended summer camp (2010) achieved their First Class Rank and we are anticipating their leadership into the coming years. Nearly all the Eagle and Croc Patrols were present to receive their "Scout" rank, Tote and Chip card, Fir'nchip card, and Outdoor Code.

We are missing a water purification kit in small black bag...if found, please bring it to the Hut for the Monday Meeting.

Thanks to Mr. Larry Young, the leaks in the water heater and rear sink are repaired.

The Monday meeting (May 2) will start at 7:00 PM as usual. The Phoenix, Crocs, and Eagle Patrols need to come to the meeting any time after 6:15 PM and before 6:45 PM to help make some wax fire starters to assure we have enough for the Shooting Sports trip in May. We will make the large bulk of the starters for 2011 at summer camp.

If the Scout is going to be attending the Shooting Sports weekend, he is required to be at the Monday meeting (May 2) for a safety and information briefing on weapons and archery. by Dr. Nelson and Mr. Eggers. We also need a head count for purchasing gear required for the trip. We will likely complete nearly all of the merit badges requirements on the Saturday while we are camp, with a make up to complete it sometime in the near future.

Don't forget that we will be having an Eagle Court of Honor for Eagle Scouts N Madison and A Byrd at 2:00 PM on Sunday May, 1, in the Bluff Park United Methodist Church, inside the old Fellowship Hall on the ground floor just located just in and to the left of the new covered church entrance beside the new playground area. Scouts should arrive at 1:45 PM in the Class A Uniform, with Neckerchief and Merit Badge Sash. A reception will follow.

Thanks again for all your support and especially for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s

"Delivering the Promise"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Summer Camp info.

I know it's been a rush with all the change since joining the Troop but thanks to all the parents and leaders, we've come a long way in making the transition over to Scouts from WEBELOS rather well and quickly.

Several things are going to be important in the next few weeks....gearing up for summer camp will be the priority as it will be his first extended camp.

We have several lists in the New Scout Handout about what to bring and there is also a list on the Troop website.

We will be talking to preparation in the coming weeks before we go and will refer to written lists that have been passed out since he joined.

As noted in the last Monday night meeting, some of the boys still need the official green BSA socks for meetings now and they will be required when he wears his uniform at camp..I recommend he have a minimum of two pair. He needs them at all weekly meetings and will wear them for each evening meal at camp along with his tan shirt,red t shirt, and BSA shorts.

He can wear any type of shorts and Tee shirt starting at breakfast and throughout the day at camp until the evening meal, when the uniform is required. He does not need two tan shirts, as he will hang it up on a coat hanger (bring one with him) in his tent when not wearing it. Same for the Scout shorts/pants..and BSA socks (two pair should be sufficient). Most boys bring a least five t shirts and two or three summer shorts and a fresh pair of socks for each days activities. A regular change of underwear, a tooth brush and tooth paste are part of it. He shouold bring an empty plastic garbage sack for keeping his soiled laundry in and separated from the others. You can pick the soiled bag up when you come on Wednesday night to visit, just bring him a new bag to replace it for the last two day and nights.

When you visit him on Wednesday, you can arrive anytime after 3:00 PM. Try to agree on a time before you come so he won't have to wait too long for you to arrive. There is a map to the Camp in the Troop Guide, and we will be staying at Boone's Place. The roads are unpaved so wear foot the appropriate foot gear. If they predict rain....bring an umbrella and rain gear, as it probably will rain. Ask him to give you a tour of the camp, so you can get an idea of the layout and see what he has been doing.

He will normally meet you in the parking lot to help you carry any gear and his meal that night...you can eat as a family, w/other patrol families on a table in the Troop area or anywhere else as a picnic type meal (a fast food or family favorite works).

Cars won't be permitted in the camp area, so travel light. Some boys may ask to return home that night (due to homsickness), one or two seem to always ask, but we recommend that you do not as he likely will not return to the program. We will more than assure him that the remaining two days will be the best at camp. You can rest assured that he is having a good time w/the troop.

We recommend you mark his name on all his articles of clothing so as not to be mixed with his bunkmate or if left outside the tent we will know whose it is.

Summer camp is great experience that we look forward to each year. It is the first time during the year for a new Scout to bond with the Troop, experience group activities on a daily basis and enjoy the camaraderie and esprit that Scouting is all about. Based on our recent trips, the Troop; will be one of the most spirited Troops at camp and based on observed relationships already between the boys, it should be the most fun he has had so far.

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions, and make sure he attends the several meetings before camp to assure he is acquainted with with what it will be.

Don't forget to assure the BSA Physical form is complete..he will have to have it just to be admitted to camp.

Finally, don't forget to make sure he brings his Scout book/guide as we will be marking off nearly all of the Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class requirements while he is at camp along with the four merit badges he will be earning.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Troop News

A warm welcome to B Chaney, his Mom and Dad, Jack and Terri, for joining the Eagle Patrol as a new Scout this evening. We had a great meeting with great attendance and a lot of fun.

The past weekend Trip to the annual Section 9 Conclave at Camp Thunder near Molena. Georgia by the Troop's Order of the Arrow members, Mr. Gunn, M Gunn, N Bolding, P and E Kidd, and J Elmore was as successful as anticipated with their participation and competition in the Drum, song, and ceremony competitions. Once the weather passed on Friday night, the weekend was excellent and a good time had by all with an arrival home late Sunday morning.

Monday, April 25th is the Troop Court of Honor recognizing all the rank and merit badge advancement since October.

Mr. Simon will arrange a slide show of troop activities and the attached agenda serves as the outline of events..

Please make a copy for the Scout and yourself in case one or both of you are asked to speak/present.

This is a three times a year, pot-luck dinner, family affair..please plan on attending...for the opening.there will be a guest speaker presenting a Friends of Scouting presentation and District awards for some of our leaders, as well a drum and singing demonstration by our own Scouts who competed in the annual Order of the Arrow Conclave in Camp Thunder, Georgia this last weekend.

Uniform for the Scout and active leaders is the Class A uniform with the merit badge sash and Troop neckerchief.

The Host Patrol is Phoenix, so they should arrive at the Reid Crotty Fellowship Hall at 6:00 PM to assist with the set up. Drinks and condiments are provided by the Troop.

Each family in the patrol should bring an entre plus a side dish:
Venture Patrol: Entre and a salad
Fox: Entre and bread or rolls
Shark: Entre and a salad
Phoenix: Entre and a desert or a salad
Crocs: Entre and a desert or vegetable
Eagles: Ente and a desert of vegetable

We normally finish up by 8:30 PM.

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Monday, April 18, 2011

Troop News

Thanks to Mr. Simon..all of the pictures taken of the rappelling trip are on the Web Site....a good time by all..If you haven't taken a look yet...the chances are very good of seeing your son in several. Thanks again to Mr. Vander Hill for his expertise, equipment, and patience in making it possible for the Troop to have the opportunity.

On April 15, Friday, we are heading out to Camp Thunder, near Molena, GA, with S and S Hardy, P and E Kidd, N Bolding, J Elmore, and M Gunn to represent the Troop and the Nunne-hi Chapter of Coosa Lodge in the Section 9 Order of the Arrow Conclave.

Thanks to Mr. Gunn we have two vehicles for all..with luck and their acquired skills as singer and drum players on the Coosa Lodge Drum, they should scoop up some honors in the competition.

S Hardy and M Gunn along w/two Scouts from Troop 312 will also be competing in a ceremonies competition..they should also do well...

Both these teams under the tutelage/coaching of Mr. Ben Putnam and Mr. Don Russell (Chapter and Lodge Advisors) have spent many hours for the past six months practicing for this Conclave which will include 12 other Order of the Arrow Lodges representing all the Southeastern State with a tentative count of 700-800 Scouts and Leaders attending. Coosa Lodge 50, which the Troop belongs (Nunne-Hi chapter, is one of the largest and most active Lodges and have played a strong leadership role in the Section since 2000. The Nunne-Hi Chapter has led in nearly all the pre-ceremony and ordeal ceremonies, as well as lodge leadership for years in both Cherokee 50 and the Coosa 50 Lodges.

Behind a long line of Lodge Scouts preceding them, P Kidd and J Kunka have been recent Nunne-Hi Chapter Chiefs, and S Hardy, P Kidd, and B Debalsi remain as Chapter Vice Chiefs of Chapter areas of interest. Many of our Dads and leaders in the Troop now, have earned their member Pocket Flap through the Cherokee Fifty, which was combined, in 2000.

Make plans to attend the Troop Court of Honor on April 25 at the usual place and time at the BPUMC and as detailed in the last newsletter. This is a family affair so bring the entire family.

With more information to follow, we will be having a Troop Eagle Court of Honor on May 1, for N Madison, B Garrett, and A Byrd.

Thanks to Mr. Alvie Allison, Troop 93, and District Training Chair, and Mrs Cathy Kidd for all her coordination efforts several of our Scouts, J Morris, C Morrow, N Bolding, P and E Kidd will be earning the Ad Altare Dei Religious Medal on May 15th, at St. Paul's Cathedral in Birmingham.

A reminder for Leaders again that more than ten of our Troop leaders are attending the Outdoor Leader Training the same weekend as the Troop will be at Camp Sequoyah for our regular camp out...Though you will spend most of your time in the OLS you will be only several hundred feet away from our own camp out..sort of two birds with one stone opportunity.....Mr. Cole, LTCOL Kidd, and Mr.Simon will be serving as instructors while at camp also.

The Scouts will be showing some survival tapes and playing some favorite games during the meeting on April 18th which should lend for a good time for the boys.

May's scheduled Trip to Camp Sequoyah for shooting sports is always one of the most popular. They will be shooting the .22 rifle at stationary targets, 20 and 12 gauge shotguns at moving skeet targets, and will have an opportunity to earn the Archery Merit badge.

Summer camp in June is heading to be our biggest and best in years with over 65 Scouts and leaders attending so far. There will be plenty of potential for the most spirit and fun ever at a summer camp w/the Troop at Camp Sequoyah.

Thanks for all your support...and for encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Monday, April 11, 2011

Troop News

We have never taken as large a group to Bucks Pocket State Park for rappelling...Thanks to all the leaders who were present to assure it's success under great weather conditions and great adventure.

Thanks to Mr.Simon, there are pictures on the Troop Web Site.

All those who were on the this weekend should be at the Hut Monday evening, at 6:30 PM, to take down and store the gear we used and are drying out. Uniform is not required. There will be patrol Leaders conference (uniform not required) starting at 7:00 PM once the gear is stored, for planning May, followed by a Committee Meeting (uniform not required) beginning at 8:00 PM for usual Troop business discussion..New parents and leaders are invited and encouraged to attend.

Regarding summer camp..leaders are welcome to join us at summer camp June 12-18, for the entire week or parts of it (first or second half or both). If you will be a resident, the uniform is required and you will be assisting with our advancement program for the Eagles and Crocs. It is not necessary to attend if your schedule is tight, and instead visit with the Scout (w/the family) on Wednesday night (family night) by bringing him a favorite meal and touring the camp with him. If you intend to attend as a resident, please advise Mr. Simon of the number and what day you will attend. The fee for the week will be $70.00 to subsidize camp meals @ $10.00 per day).

Thanks to Mr. William Kok, the Troop merit badge list and merit badge counselor list is being revised and accuratized in the next few days on the Troop web site. If you see your name on the list, and many of you will, please plan on attending a merit badge counselor 11/2 hour certification course during the next year, if you have not already, to meet BSA requirements and until then, assist the Scouts who seek your counsel to complete the badge.. If you are uncomfortable/unfamiliar with the badge, please refer to the requirements on meritbadge.com or just refer the Scout to another leader or the Scoutmaster. As you know, merit badges are significant part of the core program, and it success is a direct reflection of the Troop's part in assuring the promise for the boys is kept..Thanks in advance for your assistance.

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Quartermaster night tonight 6:30pm

Please remind the Scout that if he is a Patrol Leader, Ast Patrol Leader, patrol quartermaster, or Troop Quartermaster, he needs to be at the Hut at 6:30 PM Thursday, April 7 in order to prepare and load patrol gear for the camp out this weekend, whether he is coming on the trip or not...uniform is not required..we should be done in an hour or so....

Thanks for you support and for encouraging attendance..

YiS Dan s "Delivering the Promise"

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Election, Rappelling this weekend

Despite the weather, and thanks for encouraging attendance, we had a full house for the meeting. Congratulations to S Hardy for being elected new Senior Patrol Leader for May - November, 2011. Thanks to Mr. Loring Jones, Troop 96, we had the Order of the Arrow elections, and trip preparations including meals were completed.

If your son was not at the meeting last night and intends to come on the trip..he needs to call his patrol leader to assure we have tentage and meals for him. If the parent was not present, s/he needs to call Mr. Madison for tentage as well...Parents will normally eat with their son' patrol, so assure the Patrol leader knows you are accompanying your son.

The trip to Buck's pocket is one of our most popular and well attended. Scouts should dress for the weather, inclusive of a rain suit for further insulation if it rains or gets cooler than expected....

If yur son is a Troop or patrol quartermaster, Patrol leader, or ast Patrol leader, he needs to be at the Hut on Thursday night, April 7, at 6:30 PM to prepare and load gear for the Trip. Uniform is not required, and he should be done in an hour or so.

The cost for the Trip is $45.00:

Meals $12.00 (Troop will provide the Saturday lunch meal) so quartermasters only buy Sat Breakfast, Saturday supper, and Sunday Breakfast) Remember no soft drinks or ice tea and no desert for supper.
Camp fees $2.00 per night per person @ 2 nights
Fee for rappelling: $20.00 per person (certified instructors w/equipment)
Fuel for bus Frank Tank and vehicles hauling the trailer and carrying Scouts and Leaders $10.00
Total: $45.00 per person

Leaders: If you are not going to rappell, you will not have to pay the rappelling fee. I need to know this by Thursday night for the instructors. If you don't advise me, we will assume you are going to rappell.

Troop Family Plan: a family need only pay for two persons on the trip, the third person is picked up by the Troop..if there are four persons in the family, then three have to pay the fees.

Normally, the Troop bus, Frank Tank, and one follow-on car is all that is required for a trip. Due to our current numbers, we invite some parents to bring a vehicle to haul an additional trailer or older scouts. We need to know by Thursday at the Hut if you can drive and what you are driving. If you drive, you need not pay the fuel portion of the trip and the Troop will take care of your gas. If you will be driving, please fill your tank prior to leaving as we will not stop until the Collinsville exit north of Ft. Payne on Interstate 59...

Thanks again for all your support and encouraging attendance.

YiS Dan S
"Delivering the Promise" "

Monday, April 04, 2011

New scout patrols, Election and OA Election tonight

New Scout campouts at Oak Mountain are always the most fun and this year's was no exception..thanks to all leaders and experienced Scouts who came out to help, we got all we planned to do done...with the more than 52 Scouts and Leader attending.

The two patrols are called the Crocodiles and Eagles...they painted their chuck boxes set up their tarps tents and prepared their first meals, not to mention completing all the first half of their physical fitness requirements for Tenderfoot and the Tote and Chip and Firem"n Chit Card. The camp fire included skits, thorn and roses and our usual flag retirement ceremonies. After the Chaplin Service with Mr. Lepianka, we returned home on today at about 10:00 AM. Thanks to Mr. Simon, there are pictures on the Troop Web site, with more enroute... Thanks for all your support and for encouraging attendance.

There will be a regular meeting tomorrow, Monday at 7:00 PM...we are going to have Troop elections the Senior Patrol leader and all other elected and appointed positions for the next six months..

We are also going to have Order of the Arrow Election and it is important that more than 50% of the Troop be present(35 Scouts) so please encourage attendance to make sure we can have the election.

We will also be talking to the up and coming rappelling trip to Bucks Pocket State Park this coming weekend..if a leader and/or Scout is coming, he is required to attend this Monday's meeting in order for us to get a headcount to determine the trip's cost (the more who attend, the less the cost) and to plan their meals. This is important.

We know it was the first trip for the Crocs and Eagles as part of the Troop, but we had, as always over the years, a uniform problem we need to overcome...Scout Socks are part of the uniform..they are required to be worn with the trousers/ shirt/belt...wet or dry..please make sure he has a least two pair of green scout socks for wearing on the bus with the uniform at all times..same for the red Troop "t" shirt..he needs a minmum of two for each trip. or he will have to wear it damp/dirty for activities..you may want to consider marking his name on all his clothing parts with an indelible magic marker, on the inside of the material for recognition when they are misplaced.